Seven Days Teaser

The moment Sookie and Eric entered another realm, her tie with Bill disappeared. He gasped feeling nothing of his tie from Sookie. He rose from his chair and began to pace in his office, panicking and thinking. How was he going to get her to fall in love with again? How was he going to convince her to take his blood? He thought that after Sookie returned from wherever she was, she would be as good as his again. Clearly, this was not the case.

He was disappointed when she felt nothing but fear and distrust in Bill’s presence. She was still wary of him. As soon as Eric showed up, Sookie was filled with love, trust and relaxation; making Bill angry at this. He hoped she still wanted nothing to do with him. Again, not the case. He had to find a way to change that; make her trust him and hate Eric. Like he did the first time.

She’s simple and naïve, so it shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish. Right?

He sped out his house heading straight to Sookie’s property, when unexpectedly he hit against a barrier that prevented him from going further. He tried to push against the barrier, but it wasn’t budging. Bill took a few steps back, then rushed ahead using his vampire speed, only to get thrown back into the cemetery that separated their properties.

What the hell has happened? What happened to Sookie? I bet Eric had something to do with this!

He got back up, this time slowly approaching the barrier. He pressed his palms against it, then banged against it with his fists, it still refused to let him through.

What the fuck was going on?

Feeling angry, he sped back to his home going straight into his office. He stopped in his tracks noticing a pretty blonde sitting at his desk with her feet propped up. She had her hands tented together, giving him a smirk.

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