Warning: This contains explicit detail of sexual abuse.

Fear grips him like a chain around his neck. He was short of breath, blood over his body, feeling sore in places he’s never been before. He curled into himself on the cold, damp ground. A hand grips his hair harshly, pulling his head off the table. Most of his nights were filled with this: misery, pain, torture and agony added with words that’ll haunt him forever.

“You are mine, boy. You belong to me! Your only purpose is to serve me. I AM YOUR MASTER.” He hisses into his ear. He grips his cock, rubbing it at a frantic pace. A whimper escapes him, making Appius chuckle darkly. “Yes, that right, my boy. Do you like this, my pet? Beg me to finish you!” Appius had one hand in his hair, the other on his progeny’s cock.

“Please,” he whimpered again. “Don’t…stop, please.” He gasped out. He wasn’t sure which way to go; either for him to continue or to stop what he was doing…he just didn’t know. Appius chuckles darkly. His hand moved faster on his progeny then at vampire speed. He released all over Appius’s hand, panting his mouth forming an ‘O’. That didn’t stop his maker, though. He kept stroking him at vampire speed gripping him tighter to the point of it being painful.

“YOU ARE MINE, GODRIC!” He hissed inside his ear.

His eyes snapped open, realizing it was just a dream. He looked around disappointed. He was still in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun church, all alone…and ready to die. He lay back on his cot, staring coldly at the ceiling. He felt exhausted, weary. This was meant to be…2000 years is a long enough life for him.

And he couldn’t live it any longer…

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