Hey Peeps!

I didn’t expect to get another chapter out so soon. But here ye go! And enjoy! Plus, I’m almost finished with the third chapter of Stranger’s Next Door. I can’t wait for ya’ll to read that! 🙂 Sorry, I don’t have much more to say. Link to chapter at the bottom. Set in Motion Remember […]

New Chapter of NBD!

 Hey everyone! Been a while since I’ve updated this particular story. Updates on this will be pretty slow…at least until I’ve finished the others and that depends on how much my muse graces us with it’s presence and how busy I get this spring and summer. I know everyone wants answers to their questions regarding […]

Long time, No post!

Hello everyone! Good to see that I have a little over 10,000 hits on my wordpress! On top of that I’ve been nominated for a couple awards in the TB/SVM Fanfic Awards! Which, by the way, surprised the hell out of me, I just wasn’t expecting to get nominated! Anyways, I know I said I wouldn’t […]

2 New chapters and Bad News.

Hello Everyone! Happy Holidays! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and a great week. I really haven’t posted in such a long time and I’m sorry for that. I have some good news and I have some bad news. Good news is I have two chapters of Destiny written, the third chapter of […]

Update and New Look!

Quick Author’s Note: Hey all! I am absolutely sorry for the unexpected hiatus, but my job and other responsibilities have kept me busy for quite a while. I had no time whatsoever to write more for the stories I’ve written. I promise by this weekend you should have Chapter 7 of I Know, You Know, […]

New Chapter!

  I’m still in the process of finishing up Chapter 12 of Big Mistakes which is Sookie’s and Eric’s first date, plus we’ll find out what happens to Bill and Yvetta. I’m not going to give you a definite time, but will post whenever I can, after editing  and stuff. Well, what can I say […]

New chapter! Squeee!

Well, what can I say except “sorry”? There’s no excuse in the world for my lateness of updating my stories! Not one bit! anyways, there’s not much I have say except, I’m gonna try and update the others as soon as possible. Just know I have all other chapters of other stories written. I just […]