Thought I abandoned I Know, You Know, did you? Well, I didn’t! I know my track record of updating is shitty, but at least I’m trying. Anyways, thanks for your support and reviews, it adds to my motivation to write fan-fiction. I’m surprised my muse for this came back, randomly , I’m not complaining!

Thanks goodness my muse is slowly returning to me. Click on link below for next chapter:

IKYK Chapter 10

Happy New Year!

The Viking Trubie

New Teaser!

Happy holidays everyone!

I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas! And hopefully ya’ll will have an awesome New Year! I’m happy to say that I’ve been writing more for my stories lately.But as soon I start school in February, the writings will be less and less.

As you all know I’ve started the sequel to In the Beginning, the aptly named: Follow the Rabbit to Dallas. I’ve already posted the Prologue, that pretty much introduces a brand new character…and many more after that. Jade has led quite an interesting life. All of which will be revealed throughout the series.

I’m sure you all have guessed what its going to be about…Yes, that’s right, our beloved Godric! He is finally going to be added into the series as Eric’s brother! One quarter or half of the story will be Jade preparing to be sworn in as the Queen of Louisiana, and the second half: Godric, Jade and Eric!

We’re going to find all about how Godric and Jade met, some flashbacks here and there. I’m excited to be bringing him into the story since I don’t think the writers of TB did enough with his character. But oh well, what’s done is done! I’ve decided to give you all a little teaser…and I’ll warn you, it’s not happiness and roses. It’s explains explicit sexual abuse, and I’d rather not upset anyone. So, if this bothers you don’t read this, please? Click on the link below for the teaser:

Follow the Rabbit to Dallas Teaser

Happy New Year to you all!


Good News!

Hello everyone!

Hope your week is going well. Mine is so far, since I’ve had a pretty slow week. Luckily I got some more writing done, in that case I have good news:

  1. The 10th chapter of I Know, You Know is close to completion. I promise you it is! Since I took so long with updating this story, I decided to add a lemon to the end of the chapter. *wink wink*
  2. I’m starting a new story (I really shouldn’t be starting another one since I still have so many other fics to finish), called The Strangers Next Door. Don’t worry its another Eric/Sookie Fic. This time it’ll be part fluff and drama. Not very much action, but enough to keep you hooked. Also, I’m bringing in Jade Valentine from In the Beginning into the mix, but not as a vampire sorcerer…as a psychic human. Sookie and Jade will have been BFFs since they were in pre-school. And two new vampires are moving next door to them. I’m already half way through writing it.
  3. I have A Face from the Past written, I just need to edit, proofread and yadda yadda yadda. You get the picture! 🙂 Give me a little more time with this, though. I know I keep saying that, I know, but my muse for some freakin reason won’t let me finish it! It’s frustrating as hell! It’s like trying to squeeze one full cup of fresh orange juice from one orange!

All I ask is that you be patient with me…I won’t make any promises, but shit happens and could cause even more delay!

Everyone have a good week!


New Chapter of COY!

New Chapter of COY!


A new chapter of Counting on You!

Thank you all for the reviews. It has been a very long time since I’ve updated this! I’m sorry for that! I had lost my muse for a while, but I got it back! Anyways, I’ve decided to use the Sanguinista/Lilith storyline in this Fanfic! Matter fact, I’m going to work the witches into the Lilith storyline.

Sadly, I have nothing more to say. Other than enjoy and tell me what you think.

Have a nice week,


P.S The link for the new chapter of COY >>>> Chapter 10

New Chapter!

Hey everyone!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone’s week is starting off okay. I’m sorry if I’ve been MIA, I’ve been busy.

One, I didn’t think I could get this chapter in as soon as a couple of months, but I did. I’m so happy you all like this! So thank you for your reviews! So few people do remember this…which means they all know how horrid the original version was. LOL. I must say I like this version too.

Two, the chapters for this particular story will be coming in at a slow pace, only because I have a lot of editing and proofreading to do. But I think with all the changes I’ve made, this story will turn out pretty good.

Three, I have finished the first chapter of Follow the Rabbit to Dallas, which is the sequel to In the Beginning. And yes, Godric will definitely be making his appearance in this story. Two or three new characters will also be introduced, but only one will make a cameo appearance. Let’s just say they both have significance to Jade’s past. *wink, wink*

Have a good week. Till next time!


P.s The next chapter of Big Mistakes >>>> Chapter 2

New Story…well, sort of.


Good day everyone!

Hope ya’ll are having a good day so far…I know I am!

Okay, its probably not a good idea to start a new story again, but technically this story isn’t new. A long time ago, I wrote a story called Big Mistakes and this was the first fanfic I ever wrote! You remember, right?

It’s okay if you don’t.

Eric was married to Yvetta, Bill was after Sookie and slept with Yvetta? If you don’t, then that’s okay. If you do, you’ll notice that I’ve changed the story completely.

One: Eric is not married to Yvetta anymore. He’s married to Nora.

Two: Amelia is not Sookie’s best friend. Tara is.

So far, I think that’s all I changed. I’m sure there will be more to come. Stay tuned. I have twelve chapters in total in edit.

Enjoy and tell me what you think! Click on the image above for the link.

Hey everyone!

Hope you all are having a good summer so far. I haven’t posted an update in a long time, and it’ll probably be like that every now and then. I’m sorry for the delays, unfortunately RL gets in the way of the very thing I enjoy doing…and thats making fanfics and fanvids.

Hopefully everything will slow down to a point where I’ll have more time to post and update. So there’s a new chapter of DestinyNever Back DownCounting On You. Go and read if you haven’t already! 🙂 The top pic is NBD. The second is COY. Lastly, the third is Destiny.

Click on the images below for access:

Eric-Northman257 Eric-Northman253 Eric-Northman255

And remember to leave a little review while you’re at it…if you can, that is.

BTW, I’ve also very recently made a new video starring Eric Northman. Go to the “Video” tab to check it out! I’ll be making one for Sookie pretty soon, and then Pam. So on and so forth.

Have a nice weekend,

TheVikingTrubie 🙂

Update and New Look!


Quick Author’s Note:

Hey all!

I am absolutely sorry for the unexpected hiatus, but my job and other responsibilities have kept me busy for quite a while. I had no time whatsoever to write more for the stories I’ve written. I promise by this weekend you should have Chapter 7 of I Know, You Know, Chapter 15 of Destiny, and Chapter 3 of Un-Foolish. But since you all waited a loonng time for me to update, I’ll give you all sneak peeks of the chapters I’m writing. That is if you like spoilers! 🙂

I Know, You Know CH7:

She popped in a room and saw her mother looking out the window again. Nowadays, that’s all she does…her time is almost at an end and she had a lot to answer for and a lot of wrongs to fix. She sighed deeply. Jenna approached her mother putting her hand on her shoulder comforting her.

“I’m back.” she said in a small, quiet voice.

“Did you do what I asked?” she asked in tired voice. Jenna nodded her head. “Did you succeed?” Again, Jenna nodded. She was concerned about her mother’s gradually dying health and she was desperate to find a solution to it. But deep down there wasn’t one and even if there was, her mother would not accept it.

I’m paying the consequences of the choices I made, child. It’s time we just accept the inevitable. The least I can do is prepare her, warn her and make sure she doesn’t make the same mistakes I made. I promised this to Fintan and I plan to keep that promise. She held back her tears as much as she could. She was desperate to save her mother, but there was nothing more she could do, except grant her last requests.

“Are you well mother?” she asked softly. She ignored her daughter’s question and turned away from the window.

“Prevent the queen and Compton from interfering with the Viking and the Telepath. Without each other they will not survive.” She sighed and nodded her head.

Destiny CH15:

Sookie was cuddled close to Eric on her bed feeling warm and safe for the first time all day. But something was bothering her…something had been nagging at her since she woke up this morning. There was something weird about Eric since last night; not only had he been completely silent but he also looked a little distracted. There was a hard, determined look in his eyes and it gave Sookie the chills.

“Are you okay, Eric?” Sookie asked. Eric looked down at her with a blank look on his face.

“I’m fine.” He lied. Truth was he was far from it. He wanted to hunt down Bartlette and kill him…very slowly, but he had Sookie to think about. She needed to be consoled after discovering a corpse; no one so innocent should see such monstrous things. He had been silent the whole time and Sookie watched him stare off into space with the same look on his face. She was curious to know why Eric seemed more distant than usual and less than affectionate.

Un-Foolish CH3:

Ana sensed Sookie’s arrival. As an empath she could tell Sookie was upset and pissed…but not heart broken or in any pain. Interesting, Ana thought, I don’t feel any pain from her whatsoever. She smiled to herself. The potion actually worked, and Ana sighed to herself in relief. Now all she had to do was get her to give Eric a chance to win her heart…but that’s easier said than done.

She looked up as Sookie stormed through the entrance of Fangtasia, her face red and eyes burning with fury. Eric looked at Sookie with a blank stare; getting ready to hear a tongue lashing Ana’s about to get. He sat down next Ana, stretching his legs out and entwining his fingers over his stomach. Ana looked at him amused and chuckled a bit.

Sookie stopped in front of them, took a deep breath and calmly sat in a chair in front of Ana and Eric. Eric noticed the engagement ring was not on her finger anymore and smiled internally.

“I was wrong about Bill and I want him to pay.” Sookie said calmly but cold tone. Ana smiled at Sookie.

Now we can get down to business, Ana thought gleefully.

Counting On You CH10:

Eric may have been unconscious and couldn’t move but he was aware of everything happening around him. Right before he was going to save Pam, the witches cast a spell and he passed out. But he could still hear everything around him…like being in a coma. Just before the witches were about to abduct him and his child, another vampire came in and took them before the witches could. Gracie Law; he knew who Gracie Law was and what she was capable of, but he wondered what she was doing here.

She used to work for the authority as a spy until out of nowhere she went rogue. As a spy for the authority, she was known to interfere in affairs that could threaten the race of humans and vampires. Ever since the mainstreaming movement was created, she worked behind the scenes to make sure the great revelation went smoothly. If a vampire ever threatened the existence of vampires, Gracie would eliminate the threat and report back to the authority.

And then a powerful old vampire, Russell Edgington ripped a man’s spine out on National TV. Initially she was ordered to kill the king of Mississippi, but she was reassigned. After a while, she grew to despise the authority because there are vamps apart of it that are against mainstreaming. Gracie knew exactly who they were. Once they discovered that Gracie knew their plans, they attempted to assassinate her. That’s why she’s been hiding for so long.

A/N: So what do you think? Good? Bad? Like it? No? Neutral? Tell me what ya think? Hope you all like the new page.

New Chapter!



I’m still in the process of finishing up Chapter 12 of Big Mistakes which is Sookie’s and Eric’s first date, plus we’ll find out what happens to Bill and Yvetta. I’m not going to give you a definite time, but will post whenever I can, after editing  and stuff.

Well, what can I say except “sorry”? There’s no excuse in the world for my lateness of updating my stories! Not one bit! anyways, there’s not much I have say except, I’m gonna try and update the others as soon as possible. Just know I have all other chapters of other stories written. I just need to edit and proofread and they should be ready in a week or two.

So here’s what I’ve done so far:

1. Counting On You – Chapter 9

2. Unfoolish – Full chapter

Click on the image above for the chapter! Enjoy!

So, I hope you all have a  nice rest of the week and a nice weekend.

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