New Chapter!

Thought I abandoned I Know, You Know, did you? Well, I didn’t! I know my track record of updating is shitty, but at least I’m trying. Anyways, thanks for your support and reviews, it adds to my motivation to write fan-fiction. I’m surprised my muse for this came back, randomly , I’m not complaining! Thanks […]

New Teaser!

Happy holidays everyone! I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas! And hopefully ya’ll will have an awesome New Year! I’m happy to say that I’ve been writing more for my stories lately.But as soon I start school in February, the writings will be less and less. As you all know I’ve started the sequel to […]

Good News!

Hello everyone! Hope your week is going well. Mine is so far, since I’ve had a pretty slow week. Luckily I got some more writing done, in that case I have good news: The 10th chapter of I Know, You Know is close to completion. I promise you it is! Since I took so long […]

New Chapter of COY!

New Chapter of COY! Finally! A new chapter of Counting on You! Thank you all for the reviews. It has been a very long time since I’ve updated this! I’m sorry for that! I had lost my muse for a while, but I got it back! Anyways, I’ve decided to use the Sanguinista/Lilith storyline in this […]

New Chapter!

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! I hope everyone’s week is starting off okay. I’m sorry if I’ve been MIA, I’ve been busy. One, I didn’t think I could get this chapter in as soon as a couple of months, but I did. I’m so happy you all like this! So thank you for your reviews! So […]

New Story…well, sort of.

Good day everyone! Hope ya’ll are having a good day so far…I know I am! Okay, its probably not a good idea to start a new story again, but technically this story isn’t new. A long time ago, I wrote a story called Big Mistakes and this was the first fanfic I ever wrote! You […]

New Updates

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a good summer so far. I haven’t posted an update in a long time, and it’ll probably be like that every now and then. I’m sorry for the delays, unfortunately RL gets in the way of the very thing I enjoy doing…and thats making fanfics and fanvids. Hopefully […]