I didn’t expect to get another chapter out so soon. But here ye go! And enjoy! Plus, I’m almost finished with the third chapter of Stranger’s Next Door. I can’t wait for ya’ll to read that! 🙂

Sorry, I don’t have much more to say. Link to chapter at the bottom.

Set in Motion

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Hey everyone! It’s been well over 6 months since I’ve updated any of my stories; I have no excuse for this. However, I’ve finally found the time to update this story. After this chapter, I will put it on hiatus and focus on another story. I was thinking maybe, A Face from the Past and Big Mistakes.

Depends on what my muse is telling me.

AFTP has been put on hold long enough and I hated disappointing everyone. Anyways, here’s the next chapter of FTRTD…and still not the state meeting, lol. Next Chapter for sure. 

I’m almost finshed with the third chapter of The Strangers Next Door. It’s coming soon.Anyways here’s the next chapter of Follow the Rabbit to Dallas. Click on the link below! Have a nice read, peeps!



I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. Sorry, no update today…but there will be one soon. I’m posting today to give you a little info on Follow the Rabbit the Dallas. I urge you all to reread both chapters as I have made changes to the prologue.

I’m sure a couple of you were confused by the two new characters  I have introduced into the series..and just know there will be more new characters to come. Let’s start with the Prologue: King Alexander Cross. He’s an ancient vampire much like Jade but younger, and then the new character in the second chapter? He’s not the same person from the first chapter; he’s another ancient vampire, but older than Jade. These are two different characters and both have known Jade from her days as a human.

I know some of you were hoping I would pair Jade up with Godric…and I’m sorry to say that’s not going to happen, but he will be apart of the story. There is a lot of Jade’s past to uncover and so much for her to remember. There’s going to be a long road ahead of her.

I have so many plans for all the characters and I can’t wait to show you all! Thanks for your support…it’s what keeps me writing and motivated to entertain you all!

Have a good weekend!

The Viking Trubie

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Hey everyone!

How’s everything going with ya’ll? I’ve been doing a bunch of writing lately, which is awesome! I’ve been writing some for A Face from the Past, here and there…slowly but surely.

Now, what was I posting for? Oh, right…Lol.

I have completed and posted a new chapter of Follow the Rabbit to Dallas, which, in case some of you don’t know is the sequel to In the Beginning. And guess who will be making an appearance?…if you guessed Godric, then DING DING DING!

Sadly, I have no prizes for you, but I do have the link. Why don’t ya click on it and check it out?! Here ye go:

The Rabbit

Do enjoy yourselves and tell me what you think!

Whats up, everyone!

I’m very surprised to say that I have another chapter of the Strangers Next Door out! But, hey I’m not complaining, the more chapters I get out the happier everyone will be, right?

Thank you all for the reviews and likes of INB, and your responses to Longshadow and Hot Rain had me laughing so hard! They really were stupid weren’t they? As usual I’m appreciative, even if I don’t say it very often! It makes me happy that I was able to get these chapters out so quick! After so much brainstorming and thinking I finally know where I want SND to go, and how I want it to progress…

So stay tuned and continue reading and enjoy yourself! BTW, here’s the next chapter of SND:

Chapter 2

Do enjoy yourselves and tell me what you think! Audios!

New One-shot!


Eric: Back so soon, sweetheart? I figured you would have been gone for months before posting again.

Me: Yeah, well I had some time on my hands and more coming up, plus I write a lot during my breaks at work. I did promise I’d have this one out soon.

Eric: And what about In The Beginning? There’s some things you added in the story but didn’t address again after that: Like the murder of those fangbangers? Bill Compton? And Longshadow? What do you plan to do about that?

Me: (Sighing) I know. Bill Compton and Longshadow are put aside till the threat of the Queen is taken care of.  As for The Fangbanging murderer? That will addressed in the last chapter of INB. Don’t you worry none, Northman…I have plans for Compton and Longshadow will be taken care of soon enough. Muwahahaha! >:D

Eric: (giving me a bored, annoyed look) Are you done yet? And what are you going to do with my character in the Destiny Series?

Me: I’m not going to tell you that!

Eric: (scoffing) Why not? It’s my character! I have a right to know.

Me: Why? So you can go blabbing to all the readers how you’re the son of…Oh shit, now look what you made do! I just gave away the most important part of the story (pouting, as Eric looks smug)!

Eric: (Chuckling) Who’s the blabber mouth now?

Me: (Glaring at Eric) It’s your fault! You were the one asking too many questions. Remember what Doc Brown said in Back to the Future? No one should know too much about their destiny.

Eric: Pfft! Oh please, that’s pure poppycock! If he we’re not supposed to know about our destiny, then why did he know he was going to get shot in the back by Tannen in the BTF 3?

Me: Good question. But, technically that was 70 years into the past…not the future. That was the exception to the rule.

Eric: (giving me a look) Really? Seriously?

Me: Don’t look at me like that! I don’t know any-friggin’-thing about time traveling! Now can you sit tight for a moment? I need to tell my readers to click on the image above for Never Again.

Eric: Don’t make me wait too long (giving me a seductive look). We have much to discuss about my role in all your stories (grinning).

Me: Dude, just disappear from my imagination will ya?

Eric smirks as he disappears, leaving me alone in my thoughts.

Ok, sorry about that peeps! LOL, Eric decided he wanted make an appearance in my thoughts as I was posting my new one-shot called Never Again! I hope you found our convo somewhat amusing! LOL. Click on the image above for the link!

Enjoy and tell me what you think!


Hey everyone!

Hope you all are having a good summer so far. I haven’t posted an update in a long time, and it’ll probably be like that every now and then. I’m sorry for the delays, unfortunately RL gets in the way of the very thing I enjoy doing…and thats making fanfics and fanvids.

Hopefully everything will slow down to a point where I’ll have more time to post and update. So there’s a new chapter of DestinyNever Back DownCounting On You. Go and read if you haven’t already! 🙂 The top pic is NBD. The second is COY. Lastly, the third is Destiny.

Click on the images below for access:

Eric-Northman257 Eric-Northman253 Eric-Northman255

And remember to leave a little review while you’re at it…if you can, that is.

BTW, I’ve also very recently made a new video starring Eric Northman. Go to the “Video” tab to check it out! I’ll be making one for Sookie pretty soon, and then Pam. So on and so forth.

Have a nice weekend,

TheVikingTrubie 🙂

Another New Chapter!


Another chapter so soon? Excellent, at least I’m getting shit done, right?! I’ll have an update for Destiny tomorrow night and an update for Un-Foolish Monday night and possibly an update for Counting On You Tuesday night. I have nothing more to say other than click on the image above for the link to IKYK.

Hope you all have a great night and weekend.


New Chapter!



I’m still in the process of finishing up Chapter 12 of Big Mistakes which is Sookie’s and Eric’s first date, plus we’ll find out what happens to Bill and Yvetta. I’m not going to give you a definite time, but will post whenever I can, after editing  and stuff.

Well, what can I say except “sorry”? There’s no excuse in the world for my lateness of updating my stories! Not one bit! anyways, there’s not much I have say except, I’m gonna try and update the others as soon as possible. Just know I have all other chapters of other stories written. I just need to edit and proofread and they should be ready in a week or two.

So here’s what I’ve done so far:

1. Counting On You – Chapter 9

2. Unfoolish – Full chapter

Click on the image above for the chapter! Enjoy!

So, I hope you all have a  nice rest of the week and a nice weekend.

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