Hey Peeps!

I didn’t expect to get another chapter out so soon. But here ye go! And enjoy! Plus, I’m almost finished with the third chapter of Stranger’s Next Door. I can’t wait for ya’ll to read that! 🙂 Sorry, I don’t have much more to say. Link to chapter at the bottom. Set in Motion Remember […]

Hello! Been Waay Too Long!

Hey everyone! It’s been well over 6 months since I’ve updated any of my stories; I have no excuse for this. However, I’ve finally found the time to update this story. After this chapter, I will put it on hiatus and focus on another story. I was thinking maybe, A Face from the Past and […]

Hello everyone!

Hey! I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. Sorry, no update today…but there will be one soon. I’m posting today to give you a little info on Follow the Rabbit the Dallas. I urge you all to reread both chapters as I have made changes to the prologue. I’m sure a couple […]

New chapter!

Hey everyone! How’s everything going with ya’ll? I’ve been doing a bunch of writing lately, which is awesome! I’ve been writing some for A Face from the Past, here and there…slowly but surely. Now, what was I posting for? Oh, right…Lol. I have completed and posted a new chapter of Follow the Rabbit to Dallas, […]

New Teaser!

Hey, what’s up, Peeps?! How is everyone lately? Hope things is going well for everyone. I haven’t exactly gotten to the last two chapters of In the Beginning, instead I’ve been writing for other stories that i have written. Yeah, my muse is running on high…but for the wrong stories! LOL Anyways, I’ve started a new teaser […]

Update and New Look!

Quick Author’s Note: Hey all! I am absolutely sorry for the unexpected hiatus, but my job and other responsibilities have kept me busy for quite a while. I had no time whatsoever to write more for the stories I’ve written. I promise by this weekend you should have Chapter 7 of I Know, You Know, […]

New Chapter!

God…he looks so hot! I just wish he really did exist. But that sounds crazy right? I don’t really have much to say except the same excuse and yadda yadda yadda. All I can say is I’ve been busy lately and have luckily found some time to write more. I can’t guarantee when Big Mistakes […]