Update and New Look!

Quick Author’s Note: Hey all! I am absolutely sorry for the unexpected hiatus, but my job and other responsibilities have kept me busy for quite a while. I had no time whatsoever to write more for the stories I’ve written. I promise by this weekend you should have Chapter 7 of I Know, You Know, […]

New Chapter!

  I’m still in the process of finishing up Chapter 12 of Big Mistakes which is Sookie’s and Eric’s first date, plus we’ll find out what happens to Bill and Yvetta. I’m not going to give you a definite time, but will post whenever I can, after editing  and stuff. Well, what can I say […]

New Chapter and New Banner!

I’m not very sure when I’ll update this again either, but just know that I will and won’t give up on this story or forget it. I get side-tracked by school and everything. Anyways, check out what I’ve done: 1. New chapter of Destiny. 2. New Banner for Un-foolish! Click on the image above for […]

New Story! Destiny Updated!

Happy New Year! How’s everyone? I hope everyone had fun over the holidays! So far, I’ve been distracted yet again; I’ve started a new semester in college and I finally had time to post this! I’m sorry if I took an unexpected hiatus. Hows everyone lately? I meant to post this long ago, but I […]

I Know, You Know Updated!

Wow! Two updates in one day? I’m on a roll here. Destiny will be updated soon and Big mistakes…I’m not sure when I’m gonna get that done. So here’s what I’ve done so far: I Know, You Know – Chapter 4 You know the drill, click on the photo below to read the chapter.

Destiny Updated! New Video!

Hey there! Good morning, afternoon and evening! Hows everyone lately? I meant to post this long ago, but I got side-tracked. Sorry if its been a really long time since I’ve updated this story. Real life can be a bitch sometimes and can get in the way of everything. Just so you know, I will […]