Chapter 5

Thank you all for the reviews! They truly make me smile! I’m using material from the TV show, but once I’ve reached a certain point into my story, everything will be all my own idea and I will not need the plot lines from the TV show any longer.

I’m using certain parts of the TV show to piece the story together. If you’re not pleased with what I’m writing then don’t read it…it’s as simple as that.

I own nothing. Enjoy!


What happens when your investigation is over and Edgington and Sophie Ann are arrested?”

They’ll go to trial and if they’re found guilty, they’ll meet the true death.” Eric nodded his head. But something has occurred to him.

Which pack of wolves did the King of Mississippi send to kidnap Compton?”

My source had informed me that these werewolves carry a symbol burned into their skin.” She pulled up the picture on her phone and showed it Sookie and Eric. It stands for Operation Werewolf. Some kind of Nazi secretive force during world war II…” Eric’s eyes widened when he saw the symbol on her phone.

Back in Mississippi:

Russell galloped on his horse with Compton sitting behind him, approaching his mansion. As they stopped in the front yard, Russell and Bill climbed down from the horse and walking through the double doors as they were opened by two guards. They entered the mansion stopping in the foyer where there were two sets of stairs where a dark male with black, curly hair was slowly walking down the steps in a robe. Bill looked around, scanning the place. He wondered if he were ever going to get back to Sookie.

This must be Russell’s royal consort.

“You’re late.” He says as he reaches the bottom step. Bill stopped with the king standing next to him.

“Talbot. William Compton.” The king says gesturing to Bill.

“Welcome to Mississippi, Bill.” Talbot replies. “Sorry, I’m not dressed, but we were expecting you last night.” He says coolly.

“There were some complications with his escorts.” Russell rolled his eyes at the incompetence of his wolves.

“Fucking werewolves!” Talbot exclaimed with disgust. “Let’s get you to your room and get you all cleaned up.”

“My room?” Bill questions as he turns to the king. “Majesty, you promised me an explanation.” Russell stands in front of Bill with a cold smile on his face, as two guards bare their fangs standing into defensive positions.

“I have no intention of letting you leave without one.” He says giving Bill a firm look. Bill looked around noticing the threat in the king’s eyes.

“I just redecorated the guest room!” Talbot says enthusiastically as he grabs Bill to take him upstairs. Bill stood silently next to Talbot as he went and explained the history of the mansion and his interior decorating skills. By the time they reached his room, they walked in. Talbot turned and pointed to the door.

“Now, be careful with the door, Bill. It’s 100 percent sterling silver from Morocco. It’s light tight, of course, bathroom’s through there.” he says pointing to the left. “And if you need anything, anything at all, someone will always be outside your door. Just ring the little bell.” Bill looked around the room cautiously.

“You’re only making matters worse for yourself by holding me captive.” Bill says, with a slight warning to his voice.

“Ooh, no one’s holding anyone captive. We’re, uh, we’re conducting business. You’re a guest in my home.”

“Guest are invited. Guests can leave at their own accord.”

“Once you’ve heard my proposal, so can you…if you choose.” Russell says calmly.

Enough business,” Talbot starts, turning to Russell, “Time to rest. You’ve had the bleeds twice this week.” he says putting his hand on the king’s shoulder. Russell winks at Compton.

“We’ll talk over dinner.” he said as he turned away walking out.

“So nice to meet you, Bill. Enjoy the bed.” Talbot follows behind his king, one of the guards closes the door behind them, leaving Bill alone. Bill plumps onto the bed, annoyed.

What does the King of Mississippi want with me? He could hear them talking outside.

“He’s a challenge.” Talbot says.

“We might have to bring in the girl.” Russell says. Bill’s eyes widened as he heard that. They were going to attempt to use Sookie to coerce him to comply with the King’s wishes.

Bill had to think fast. How was he going to get Sookie to the Queen now?

Right before Ana had came to Louisiana, she did some research on everyone involved with Sophie Ann in her retinue. Surprisingly, she didn’t need to do much digging on Eric. Her boss had sent her to Godric, whom had informed her of Eric’s history right before the whole incident with the Fots.

Ana’s boss was devastated when he could not save Godric from himself in time. Instead, he decided to honor Godric’s last request to help Eric out in any way he could. Christian was Godric’s brother, and Ana’s maker and boss. He eagerly agreed and that’s how Ana was tasked with this mission. Once she had learned of Sophie Ann’s dealings with V, she and Christian had came up with a plan to trap Sophie Ann. But she needed to warn Eric about her, before it was too late.

Ana stared at Eric. She could see the look on his face as she mentioned Operation Werewolf.

“You recognize this symbol, Eric?” Ana asked, holding up a card. She handed it to him. Eric looked hard at the symbol, almost glaring at it. It was the same symbol he saw that was branded into a pack of werewolves that massacred his family. There was no way in hell he could have forgotten the very thing he’d been searching a thousand years for. Century after century, he and Godric had searched every country, only to find nothing. Eventually, they gave up their search and parted ways.

He threw it across the table back at Ana.

“Never seen it before…sorry.” He said with a cold, nonchalant tone. Sookie looked at Eric curiously wondering why the sudden change in his mood.

“Why do I get the feeling you’re blowing this off?” Sookie asked, giving Eric an annoyed look. “What do you know about werewolves, Eric?” She asked him. He looked back at her, then at Ana; who was giving him an expectant look.

“Can I get a minute alone with Sookie?” Eric asked Ana. She nodded her head, picking up her manila folder and walking out the bar. Once they were alone, Eric shot up from his chair and started pacing. He looked agitated. Sookie looked at him waiting for him to speak. After a few more moments of silence, he faced her.

“Here’s what I know about werewolves.” He growled, starting to pace again. “There’s a reason their existence remains nearly a myth to humans for thousands of years.” He paused, sighing. “They’re territorial, vicious…pathologically secretive.” he explained, standing back in front of Sookie.

“Where does that sound familiar?” Sookie sassed. He leaned down against the table folding his arms.

“And here’s what I know about you. You’re so determined to find Bill Compton you’re likely to run through the streets screaming werewolf bait, alerting whoever has Bill that we’re on to them or getting yourself killed.”

“You think I’m that stupid?” She asked annoyed.

“No, I think you’re human.” He countered.

“Don’t underestimate me.” Sookie snapped.

“Don’t underestimate yourself!” He snapped back, pausing. “Your life’s too valuable to throw away.” They stared at each other, Sookie looked shocked and saw embarrassment flash in his eyes; he turned away before Sookie could confirm it. Suddenly, she heard the door open, she turned her head to see Ana walking back in.

“Miss Stackhouse, it’s getting late. Why don’t you head on home and get some sleep. Eric and I will meet back at your place tomorrow evening to discuss some more details.” Ana said. She noticed Eric was turned away; Ana glanced at him knowingly having heard the whole conversation they were having.

Sookie nodded her head, grabbing her purse, standing up and walking out of Fangtasia. Ana looked at Eric and approached him.

“I don’t know why you constantly do this to yourself.” Eric turned around and looked at Ana. He gave a quick look of recognition, then turned away again.

“I don’t know what your talking about.” he said coldly, walking away back to his office. Ana followed behind him.

“Yes, you do. You have feelings for her. I know you do. I can see it in your eyes, and see it in your body language. Dude, no matter how hard you try to fight it, or deny it, you have feelings for her!” At vampire speed, Eric stood in front of Ana with his fangs bared looking furious.

“Stop talking or I’ll…” He hissed angrily.”

“Or you’ll do what tough guy? Kill me? Torture me? Yeah right. Get one thing straight, Viking, I’m just about a century or two older than you and that means I’m faster and stronger you.” Ana hissed baring her fangs back at him.

“Emotions make you weak…and I am not weak.” Eric hissed through gritted teeth.

“Says who? Godric?” Eric inched closer to her, growling at the mention of his makers name. “As far as I’m concerned Godric never said emotions make you weak. Don’t tell me you buy into that cliché bullshit that vampires don’t feel, don’t love…because its crap and you know it. I, personally don’t buy into that shit!” She hissed, she popped her fangs back in taking a step back from Eric.

Gods, these two were made for each other.

“For someone who sits on that fucking throne not caring what one thinks of you, you sure seem to care of others thinking you weak.” Eric remained silent, not coming up with anything to say. Ana blinked her eyes, leaning her ear towards him. “I’m sorry? No smart-ass comment, Mr. Northman? No counter-arguments?” she crossed her arms over her chest. Eric popped his fangs back in and stepped back.

“You want to know what I think?” she paused as Eric looked up at her. “You’re a fucking coward. You can’t even admit you having feelings for a woman, period. You stand here pretending like you don’t care acting like some big-shot, fucking pathetic, desperate ass fangbangers and you think that makes you a man?!” She said incredulously. Eric glared at her.

“I AM NOT A COWARD!” Ana raised an eyebrow.

“Oh really? Prove it then.” Eric raised an eyebrow. “Go to her. Tell her how you feel. Tell her the truth. PROVE IT.” Ana was deliberately pissing him off, saying things that are no where near true, but she needed to give him a little push. He was unnecessarily making this more complicated than it should have been.

Why must everyone make everything harder? What was the point of fighting against the inevitable?

“You got five hours till dawn, you have more than enough time to tell her everything.” Ana finished.

“Fine, then.” He said with a dark look. He sped away and Ana smirked. Hook, line and sink. Her words may have been harsh and over exaggerated, but it was exactly what he needed to hear to make his move.

Ana just hoped Sookie wouldn’t turn him away so quickly, despite the circumstances.

So what do you think? Good? No good? Don’t fret, my peeps. Once they’re all in Mississippi I’ll be using the show less and less. Review and tell me what ya think!

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  1. LMAO! Ana telling off Eric in that way was priceless! Now he’s going to do the very last thing he really wants to do, but he’s so stubborn, that he’ll do it anyway! HA! Viking, you’ve just been played and so well, too!

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