Chapter 4

A short chapter…sorry about that peeps. Future chapters will be longer, so don’t worry.

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Mr. Compton…join me at my home.” he says holding his hand out. “I’ll explain everything.” Compton stared at the King, pondering everything that has happened. He was hesitant to leave him, not knowing what to expect. He only stared at his hand.That was an order.”he said in a menacingly quiet voice. Bill looked at around pondering and finally made his decision. He grabbed Russell’s hand getting on the horse behind him. The horse turned and galloped away back to the King’s mansion. What have I got myself into?

Silence fills Fangtasia and Eric was staring at Sookie with concern. He could tell she’d been crying before she got here. He hated seeing her cry; it made him feel and he hated feeling anything other than anger or lust. There was this strong urge lurking inside him that made him want to grab her and hug her tight. He wanted to kiss all over her face, running his hands through her hair, telling her everything is going to be okay. He resisted his urges though, knowing Sookie would have a fit. He chuckled to himself, loving that she’s such a spitfire. They’d make a great couple…just imagine the things they could do together…in bed, that is.

He had to admit it, but he wanted with Sookie what Bill and Sookie had; minus all the lies and deceit, of course. He is no Bill Compton. Eric could never be like him. Bill is a man pretending too hard to mainstream and appear human. But his past with Lorena shows he is a different man. He tries hard to fight against his nature. He likes to think himself better than that. Eric shook his head at the ridiculousness of Compton; incompetent and stupid. What did Sookie ever see in him?

Sookie sat in her seat staring hard at her hands; unwilling to look at Eric. She could feel his gaze on her. She could already picture that stupid, smug look on his face; a smug look that she wished she could slap off his handsome face! But how could she? No woman can resist that face! Not even her. She has eyes…she knows Eric Northman is a gorgeous man! But then she remembers she hates him…well maybe hate is too harsh a word to use. She doesn’t exactly know how to feel anymore. Bill lied to her from the beginning of their relationship. Who’s to say he hadn’t lied about Eric as well?

What surprises her is that she doesn’t feel heartbroken. She was more angry than hurt. She did cry earlier, but it was only a few tears. For once in a long time since she has met Bill she can think clearly. It was like a cloud had been cleared from her mind feeling like her normal self.

Her thoughts turned back to Eric. She had to face the fact that she was horrible to Eric. How she was childish and immature to him; calling him names and flaunting Bill before his very eyes. What makes this even worse, was that she let Bill talk her into hating Eric. How could she let Bill’s opinion of Eric cloud her judgment? Instead of getting to know him on her own terms, she let Bill convince her that Eric was a monster. That Eric wasn’t worth respect or fairness.

After everything that has happened in Dallas, Sookie was absolutely sure Bill was wrong about Eric. He does have emotions other than lust or anger. He is most definitely capable of loving. Why else did he care so much for Godric? Why was he willing to sacrifice himself for both of them at the FOTS church?

Now that she’s had time to think about everything, she understands why Eric did what he did to Lafayette. She may have been angry at him for what he did, but he was within his right to do what he had to do. Lafayette was fully aware of what he was doing and the consequences that came with it if he got caught. And he continued to do it anyway. Well he got caught and paid the price for his crime. Sookie just hopes Lafayette doesn’t do it again.

Eric Northman is no saint, certainly not. But he doesn’t pretend to act humane to gain favor with Sookie. He doesn’t need to. He’s comfortable with who is and Sookie admires that about him. He’s comfortable in his own skin and he cares nothing of what other think of him. What else was Bill wrong about?

“Are you okay, Miss Stackhouse?” Eric asks cutting off her train of thought. He looked sincere in his concern. She gave him a small smile.

“Ask me again tomorrow. I don’t know how I feel now.” she replied softly. Sookie heard a door open and turned to see Ana walk into Fangtasia looking relaxed.

“Sorry about that. That was my superior. He has informed me that the King of Mississippi had sent wolves to capture Bill Compton.” Ana explained.

“Wolves?” Sookie asked with a shaky voice. Ana looked at her and nodded her head.

“Yep, wolves. You didn’t think telepaths and vampires were the only beings that existed did you?” Ana raised an eyebrow at Sookie. She shrugged her shoulders in return.

“What does Russell Edgington want with Bill Compton?” Eric asked.

“We’re going to find out soon enough.” Ana sighed. “I’m going to need both of your help with this. I was hired by someone to investigate both Russell Edgington and Sophie Ann LeClerq. They have broken a number of laws placed by the Vampire Authority and he needed me to gather enough evidence to take them up before The Council.”

“What happens when your investigation is over and Edgington and Sophie Ann are arrested?”

“They’ll go to trial and if they’re found guilty, they’ll meet the true death.” Eric nodded his head. But something has occurred to him.

“Which pack of wolves did the King of Mississippi send to kidnap Compton?”

“My source had informed me that these werewolves carry a symbol burned into their skin.” She pulled up the picture on her phone and showed it Sookie and Eric. “It stands for Operation Werewolf. Some kind of Nazi secretive force during world war II…” Eric’s eyes widened when he saw the symbol on her phone.

It couldn’t be…

Ever since writing AFFTP, my muse has returned for this story. Now I know where I want to go with this…

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