Chapter 3

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Ana picked up a folder and placed it in front of Sookie. “This here is a file on Bill Compton. Everything you need to know about him is in there. What he does, who he works for…everything.” Sookie grabbed the file hesitantly and stared at it. Ana looked at her watch and noticed it was a couple of hours before dawn.

“It’ll be dawn soon and I need to go to ground. You take that home, read and study it thoroughly. What you’re gonna read in there is stuff that’ll hurt you, and disgust you. There’s nothing I can say to prepare you for what you’re about see…all I can say is I’m sorry. Come back here tomorrow night and I’ll explain more about this situation. Good night Miss Stackhouse,” Ana said in a soft voice.

She stood from her chair walking away, leaving a shell-shocked Sookie. Sookie didn’t know what to think. All she could think about was getting home and getting to sleep. Then she would spend all morning reading that file.

Her instincts told her she needed this.

Sookie used that whole morning to read the file that Ana gave her. She even called into Merlotte’s so she could take the day off. She was pretty surprised he hadn’t fired her for taking so much time off working for vampires. Sookie would make it up to him whenever she could.

She made herself a cup a coffee, grabbed the file and went into the living room to get comfortable and start reading.

She had her back against the armrest, and placed her coffee cup on the coffee table. She opened the file and instantly saw his picture from when he was a human veteran apart of the civil war. She started reading the print:

William Thomas Compton

Born: April 9, 1835

Turned into vampire: 1865

Origins: Bon Temps, Louisiana.

Human age: 30

Age: 175

Current occupation: Royal Procurer

Maker: Lorena Krasiki

Grand-sire: Istvan

Vampire sister: Elizabeth Connor

Progeny(s): Jessica Hamby

1861- 1862:

Compton lived with his wife and two children. The civil war began. Bill Compton served as the First Lieutenant in the 28th Louisiana Infantry.


Bill was made vampire by Lorena, the supposed widow who aided him. Unable to return to his previous life with his wife and children, he did not return to Bon Temps until the death of his son Thomas in 1868.


Bill and Lorena settled in San Francisco for a time, and frequently visited the Com stock Brothel. The pair delighted in torturing and slowly draining the prostitutes there. But their disgusting monstrousness didn’t just stop there. Bill and Lorena have preyed on dozens even hundreds of innocents; draining them and leaving their corpse to rot all over the west.


Bill and Lorena settled for a bit in New Orleans, LA. Having grown tired of his murderous lifestyle, Bill begged Lorena for her to release him. When she refused, Bill admitted that he never really loved her, even retorting that she had been and always would be a sad and lonely creature. When Lorena’s anger flared up, Bill threatened to stake himself. In tears, Lorena finally relented and let Bill go. To celebrate the release from Lorena, Bill stops in a bar for a drink.

He noticed a beautiful young woman with brown hair sitting at the bar alone. Not knowing she belonged to Queen Sophie Ann, he approaches her and offers to buy her a drink. She accepts with reluctance and takes him to room for a private drink. Pretty soon they’re naked and he is feeding from her, not able to control himself he drains her completely. Panicked, he quickly dresses and attempts to leave, but before he could walk through the door, a female vampire with red hair barges in. Bill Compton made the mistake of draining Queen Sophie Ann’s favored pet. Instead of killing him, she forces him to work as her royal procurer.

Late 1930s:

Bill had a sexual encounter with the vampire Diane.


Bill Compton was feeding outside of a pub in London, England. Bill Compton meets PR Nan Flanigan.

There was also clippings of newspaper articles that talked about deaths and bodies Lorena and Bill left behind. Most of the people they targeted was prostitutes or aristocrats. There were a lot of gaps, huge gaps over the centuries; they must have been lying low from the humans.

Sookie swallowed her disgust. No way after a few decades Bill just decided to give all that up and turn into a mainsteamer.

It makes no sense. Is Bill the man she thought he was? Or was it all a facade to trick her? What was his purpose in Bon Temps?

As Sookie read on she was getting angrier with Bill and how he tried to convince her that Eric Northman was a monster and that he couldn’t be trusted. When all along he was just like Eric, except he couldn’t be trusted at all. Ana was right, though she had foolishly trusted this man and ignored the warning bells that were telling her to stay away from him. No, not only she ignored her instincts, but she didn’t even bother trying to get to know him. She just chalked it up to him being too distraught totalk about his painful past.

What makes matter’s worse is Bill’s job; Royal procurer. What does that even mean? Sookie went to look for a dictionary to look up the word. When she found it, she closed her eyes and sighed. Now that she knows what the word means, she knows he came Bon Temps not for his ancestral home…but for her. Who is the Queen of Louisiana? Why does she want Sookie? How did she even know she existed? Bill told her nothing of vampire monarchy or the structure. His explanation had only been ‘it’s complicated.’

By the afternoon, Sookie was feeling fully pissed off and she wanted more answers. And Ana had them. She decided to go and get ready…sun was almost down.

She had a vampire to look for…

The sun went down and it was almost time for Compton to rise. As soon it was dark enough for him to move about he dug himself out the ground. He hated resting in the dirt. He was pretty pissed that mangy Weres spoiled his time with his Sookie; all he needed was a little more time to convince her to marry him and he would have had her in New Orleans by the end of the week.

He proposed to Sookie and she declined, running into the bathroom angrily. He had to find a way to get her to accept. He was sure his blood would influence her to accept the proposal and by next morning they’d be in Vermont, officially married. And when the time was right he would put her to sleep and take her straight to the queen.

This night couldn’t get any worse. Of course, things just seem to keep getting in the way. Moments after Sookie ran into the bathroom, and werewolves ambushed him from behind wrapping a thin silver chain around his neck dragging him out to his car; he blacked out completely. He unfortunately wasn’t old enough resist even the thinnest of silver chains, so he woke up in the back seat of his car with three other weres who were hollering and shouting out the window. They tortured him and drank his blood, and he would wait until they were high enough to crash the car and escape.

He undid the chain from around his neck and crawled out from under the car that was now totaled. He looked around not knowing where he was. He ran off hoping to find a human to feed on and a phone so he could contact the queen. Bill found a house in the middle of nowhere which pleased him. He approached the door and knocked loud enough for the owner to hear him.

He waited a few minutes when an old lady opened the door. “Stanley, is that you my boy?” The old lady said. He tried to look as weak and frail as possible.

“Ma’am, my name is Bill Compton and I am in badly need of assistance.” Bill Compton said.

“You’re not my son!” she replied with disappointment.

“No I am not, I’m sorry.” He said. The old lady looked him over looking appalled by what she saw.

“You look hungry.” She said to him. He nodded his head at her.

“I am.” He said hoping she would let him in.

“Well come on in.” she said turning around going towards the kitchen. Bill stepped over the threshold following behind her.

“May I use your phone?” he asked.

“I don’t have one.” She said looking over her shoulder. “I had to choose between my oxygen and my phone. And since no one calls me anyhow, I chose my oxygen.” She said. Bill was behind her staring at her with a predatory gaze. He waited for the rightmoment to pounce and get his fill of blood he badly needed.

“So, what can I getcha to eat?” she asked, turning around as he bared his fangs and instantly latched onto her neck.

Ana sensed Sookie’s arrival. Being empathic she could tell Sookie was upset and pissed…but not heart broken or in any pain.Interesting, Ana thought, I don’t feel any pain from her whatsoever. She smiled to herself. The potion actually worked, and Ana sighed to herself in relief. Now all she had to do was get her to give Eric a chance to win her heart…but that’s easier said than done.

Eric Northman was as stubborn as Sookie was. 1000 years of acting like a vicious, cold hearted monster and caring of no one other than himself makes it harder for him to see that he has feelings for her. Of course, he foolishly believes he cannot fall in love…with a human, no less. Like my mother used to say when I was human: No one is immune to love. Love is powerful enough to change even the most monstrous person, Ana thought as she heard her mother’s voice in her head. But then again, Eric Northman is no monster…even if he likes act like he is.

The heart and mind is a powerful thing in any being. In his conscious mind he thinks it’s just infatuation and that he’ll get over it once he indulges himself. But subconsciously, he knows within his very being he’s head over heels in love with her. But he’s not ready to know it or accept it. So that little fact will remain in the back of his head till then.

He keeps trying to fight against his own feelings and it’s only making things worse for him. Ana chuckled to herself.

Silly Viking, you can’t escape from what you feel. But being the typical, prideful male, he’ll keep trying until it’s too late and the opportunity to be completely happy will have passed him by.

Ana shook her head at the Viking’s ridiculousness.

Sookie is no different than the Viking is. She’d rather play it safe and be miserable than just go with what you feel and be happy. Her Gran coddled her too much, that’s her problem. She convinced her to hide her gift instead of encouraging her to embrace her uniqueness. Stifling her abilities and pretending to be something she’s not is not doing her any good. If she even realized her true potential…

She looked up as Sookie stormed through the entrance of Fangtasia, her face red and eyes burning with fury. Eric looked at Sookie with a blank stare; getting ready to hear a tongue lashing Ana’s about to get. He sat down next Ana, stretching his legs out and entwining his fingers over his stomach. Ana looked at him amused chuckling a bit.

Sookie stopped in front of them, took a deep breath and calmly sat in a chair in front of Ana and Eric. Eric noticed the engagement ring was not on her finger anymore and smiled internally.

“I want…no, need to know more.” Sookie said in a calmly but cold tone. “I need to now what else he’s lied to me about.” Ana smiled at Sookie, nodding her head.

Now we can get down to business.

After having his fill of the old lady, he carries her to the couch. Moments later, she starts to stir; opening her eyes. Bill immediately locks his eyes on her glamoring her.

“Who are you?” she asks in a dazed voice.

“That doesn’t matter. What’s your name?” he asks.


“That’s a lovely name. Now listen, Olivia…I was never here tonight. You will have no memory of me or what I have done to you.”

“What did you do to me?” she asks. Bill smiled, feeling satisfied.

“Good girl.” He coos. “Now before I go can you tell me where I am?”

“In my house.” She answers.

“And what parish do you live in?”

“Hollyhock Papaya County.”


“Yes.” She says, as Bill turns his head toward the window. He heard howling outside, meaning wolves were nearby. He quickly took some cash out his wallet and put it into the Olivia’s hand.

“I want you to have this. It’s from Stanley. He came to see you.” Bill said.

“He did?” she said with excitement in her eyes under Bill’s glamor.

“Yes, he wants to give it to you to show you how much he appreciates everything you’ve done for him.”

“He’s a good boy, my Stanley.” He heard the howls again.

“I have to go now. Take care of yourself, Olivia.” He said, releasing her from his glamor. He ran off at vamp speed before Olivia could even realize what had happened.

As Bill ran through the woods, he could smell the wolves were getting closer. He suddenly stopped to find one wolf was right in front of him. Soon more wolves started to surround him. He had no way out. He bared his fangs standing in a defensive stance; ready to kill anyone who stands in his way.

“I should warn you…I’ve fed.” He growled, speeding towards his first victim.

Let’s hope she’ll finally realize her feelings for Northman. Maybe I can use them both to find Bill Compton. I could kill two birds with one stone by pushing them together and expose Sophie Ann and Edgington; completing my mission.

She brought her attention back to Sookie and Eric.

“Okay, Sookie. I take it you still want to find him?” Ana asked as Sookie nodded her head slowly. “Alright, then I…” Ana was interrupted by her phone ringing. She held up a finger, telling her to wait a minute. She went outside to take the call, leaving Sookie and Eric alone.

She closed the door behind her, holding the phone to her ear. “Yes?”

“Ana…” The voice purred. “Is everything going according to plan?”

“Yes sir, it is. The telepath has been informed of Bill’s treacheries and Northman as you predicted is indeed head over heels in love with her. He also wasn’t happy about Queen Sophie Ann’s betrayal. I’m worried he might do something stupid.” Ana explained.

“About Compton, I’ve been informed recently that he’s been taken by werewolves to the king of Mississippi.” The voice said after a moment of silence.

“Werewolves? Why would he use werewolves? Surely he can find someone much less unhinged and stronger to track a vampire?”

“You know what the rumors are about, Ana. Edgington has been suspected of giving his own blood to wolves in order to do their dirty work for him. Last night proves the rumor to be true.”

“What will you have me do? The girl still wants to find Compton and Northman is itching to hunt down Sophie Ann.”

“Edgington has been asking for an alliance with Sophie Ann. He may already know Compton possesses a telepath and could attempt to use Compton to organize a takeover. Send the telepath to Mississippi, but stay close to her and make sure she stays out of trouble.” The voice commanded.

“And what of Northman?”

“Guide him to Mississippi as well…but send him in there to gain Edgington’s trust. Keep a close eye on both of them and make sure they are not interfered. Understood?” the voice replied softly.

“Understood, sir.” Ana said back.

“Be careful, Ana.” The voice softly, hanging up the phone.

“I will.” She whispered to herself.

Bill tumbled and rolled with the wolf, he grabbed onto his ear with his teeth and ripped it off spitting out. The wolf shifted back to a human screaming.

“Uhrrrggg! My ear! My fucking ear!” he shouted cupping his missing ear. Bill got off the ground circling around the wolves looking as they writhed and moaned on the ground from getting their limbs torn off or drained. A dark gray wolf stood a few feet away from Compton growling menacingly. Bill Compton glared at the wolf; his face was covered in blood, while blood was oozing out of his mouth. He hissed at the were.

“You’re next.” He hissed threateningly. Just before Compton could attack the wolf, he heard galloping and neighing. Suddenly the King of Mississippi appeared on a horse.

“Heel!” he yelled at the werewolf. He stared at Compton expectant.

“Your majesty!” he said as he bowed down in front of Russell Edgington. The king smiled, pleased with his show of respect. He looked back at the weres and glared.

“I said escort him. Not hunt him like an animal!” The king shouted in annoyance. The were shifted to his human, standing naked before the king.

“He is a goddamn animal!” he growled. “He killed three of us and ripped off Louis’s ear! You’re bout’ to get deader! Dead ass motherfucker!” he said to Bill.

“Cooter!” The king yelled, capturing his attention. “Back off.” Bill chuckled out loud.

“Cooter?” he asked with amusement. “Seriously?” He laughed. As Bill laughs, Cooter is inching closer to him.

“Call me that again! I fucking dare you!” He growled.

“Forgive him…he’s a little sensitive about his name.” Russell chuckled. “And the destruction of his friends. For future reference Coot, I’m not a fan of improvisation. When I give you an order, I expect it to be followed exactly.” Cooter lowered his head in shame. “You understand?” Cooter nodded his head, grumbling.

“These wolves do your bidding?” Compton asked with an incredulous face.

“Well, unfortunately not as well as I’d hoped. I’m terribly sorry Mr. Compton.” The King said with a nonchalant tone. Bill scoffs.

“You’re sorry? You’ve had me abducted by werewolves! Dragged across state lines! They took silver to me and fed on my blood!” Bill yelled in anger. Russell turned his attention to Cooter, glaring and hissing; his fangs popping out.

“You drank…from my guest?” The King growled. He pulled a gun from behind him and pointed it at Cooter. Cooter shook with fear expecting his death. Suddenly Russell pointed it at the other wolf and shot him in the head. His brains splattering on the ground, leaving a hole in his head. Cooter let out a breath of relief and Russell looked back at Compton smiling.

“Mr. Compton…join me at my home.” he says holding his hand out. “I’ll explain everything.” Compton stared at the King, pondering everything that has happened. He was hesitant to leave him, not knowing what to expect. He only stared at his hand.

“That was an order.” he said in a menacingly quiet voice. Bill looked at around pondering and finally made his decision. He grabbed Russell’s hand getting on the horse behind him. They horse turned and galloped away back to the King’s mansion.

What have I got myself into?

I’ll stop here for the moment and let you stew over this chapter. What do ya think? Good? Bad? In between? Who do you think was the mystery male voice on the phone?

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