Chapter 2

After watching the new season of true blood, this pretty much flowed outta me; I was quite angry with Sookie and channeled it into this chapter. I’m quite surprised that I got this done sooner, but who’s complaining?

Characters belong to CH and AB! Review and tell me what you think!

 Eric narrowed his eyes at Ana. “Why do you need to talk to Sookie?”

“Like I said, she’s in danger. She needs to know some things about her ‘savior‘ Bill Compton.” Ana said with a sneer. Apparently where Bill Compton is concerned the feelings of dislike were mutual between Eric and Ana. Eric chuckled while getting his cell out of his jacket, dialing Sookie’s number. She sat down in Eric’s booth hearing it ring on the other line. Finally Sookie answered the phone.

“Hello?” Ana could hear Eric purr with satisfaction upon hearing her voice.

“Miss Stackhouse.” He purred into the phone with a small smile on his face.

“Eric.” She breathed. “Did you find Bill yet?” She asked raising her voice in alarm. He ignored her question.

“There is an important matter I need to discuss with you. Can you come down to Fangtasia?” he asked.

“Why? Did you find out what happened to Bill? Did you find out who took him?” Eric sighs in annoyance.

Ana could tell the telepath was attracted to the Viking and vice versa. Her only problem was Compton, whom she was blindly devoted to. And mistakenly so. She doesn’t know that Bill had not been truthful with her since the very beginning of their relationship. Sookie doesn’t even completely believe in Eric’s feelings for her. She believes he only wants her as a pet and use her for blood and her telepathy. Not to mention she hates him and believes him to be a monster.

But that’s gonna change tonight. Ana thought to herself.

“Miss Stackhouse, I need you down here to talk about Compton. There’s something you need to know.”

“Is he okay? Did you find him? Did you find out who took him?!” She said sounding frantic. Eric sighs in annoyance.

“Miss Stackhouse, no I haven’t found him nor have I found out who took him. I just need you to come down here. Someone else may know what happened to Bill. How soon can you get down here?” He asked.

“An hour. I’m on my way out the door now.” She said hanging up before Eric could reply. Eric put his phone back into his pocket, while rolling his eyes.

“Forgive her; she’s unnaturally attached to Beehl. If you plan on telling her bad news about Bill she’s likely to deny it and insist he’s honorable.” Eric sneers.

“Well, she can’t deny it if there’s evidence. She’s not gonna like the things I’m gonna tell her. So I need to slip something in her drink. A potion so to speak. I certainly expect her to refuse to see the truth, so I’m going to give her a concoction I got from a witch. It won’t harm her, but it will make her see the truth in my words. Does she drink anything in particular?”

“A gin and tonic. She’ll try to accuse you of manipulating her.” Ana smiled at him.

“She won’t know it’s in her drink. It’s tasteless and colorless. She won’t even realize it.”

“You came prepared.” Eric stated.

“Well yeah. I have a game plan in mind. It involves you and Sookie, but I’m not at liberty to say. Just know for now, these situations will be rectified. You and Sookie will be better off soon.” Eric nodded his head at her; stopping himself from asking more questions.

An hour later Sookie came bursting through the entrance of Fangtasia. She was dressed in a white button up shirt with jean shorts. Anna got up and approached her with a smile on her face.

“Good evening Miss Stackhouse. My name is Ana.”

“How do you know my name?” She asked with a hint of nervousness.

“Mr. Northman took the liberty of telling me who you were. I came in here looking for Bill Compton, only to discover last night he was kidnapped. An associate of mine had informed me around sunset the whereabouts of Mr. Compton. I assume you’re here to hear about Bill?” Ana asked. Sookie nodded her head.

“Let’s have a seat over here.” Ana said, gesturing towards a booth. “Would you like anything to drink?”

“I’ll take a gin and tonic.” Ana nodded her head, walking behind the bar and picked up a glass. She made her drink and discreetly pour the potion in Sookie’s drink. She mixed it in good so the results were effective.

She picked up Sookie’s drink carrying it over to the booth, placing it in front of Sookie. “Thank you.” She said. Anna slid into the booth in front of Sookie while placing a thick folder in front of Sookie.

“Miss Stackhouse, I had Mr. Northman call you here over an urgent matter. I want to talk to you about Bill Compton. Has he ever shared anything of his past with you?” Ana said. Sookie shook her head, taking a sip of her drink.

“How well do you know Bill?” Ana narrowed her eyes at Sookie.

“He used to fight in the civil war, some 200 years ago; he was taken away from his family and turned into a vampire by Lorena. He moved back here to be close to his ancestral home.”

“Is that all you know about Bill Compton?” Ana asked raising her eyebrows. Sookie didn’t bother to reply, but only looked down at her hands in her lap. Ana continued on, “You don’t know who he works for and why? You don’t know of the life he had with his maker?” Sookie stared back at Ana in sadness.

“No.” she replied in a small voice. Ana shook her head; unimpressed with Miss Stackhouse’s lack of common sense.

“Gee, wow…how disappointing. As soon as I saw you I figured you for a smart person. Not some blonde ditz completely unaware of whom and what her boyfriend truly is. I mean…how in the hell do you deal with all his secrets?” Ana asked Sookie. Ana was determined to chastise her for her lack of thinking and the cause of it. She was determined to make her see reason and understand the severity of this situation. Sookie looked down at her hands again, not bothering to respond to Ana. Sookie bristled and gritted her teeth.

“Look, I don’t need to sit here and listen to this! You know nothing of Bill! I love him! What goes on between Bill and I is NONE of your business!” Sookie snapped. Ana laughed at the blonde spitfire.

“You know, for someone who thinks they know someone they’re in love with…you really know nothing at all. Pretty, damn clueless. How can you love someone you barely know? Hmm? Can you answer me that Sookie?” Sookie was about snap back at her, but Ana interrupted. “Better yet, how do you hate someone you barely know? Doesn’t this contradict what you were taught Sookie?” Sookie’s eyes widened. She immediately knew who she was talking about. Ana continued.

“Oh yes…you know exactly who I’m talking about. Eric Northman, but we’ll get back to him…You’d have to know a person, inside and out before you can love or hate them. I must say, I’m quite disappointed. I expected someone smart and strong. But really…”

“But Bill told me…”

But nothing…You’re a telepath! You’ve spent you’re whole life listening to one thing in people’s head and hearing them say another. I’m sure you’ve learned nine out of ten times no one says what they’re truly thinking. You should never trust what a vampire says…especially when you barely know them! You barely knew Bill, yet you trusted every single word that came out of his mouth. All because you think you’re in love him! How very foolish of you Miss Stackhouse.” Ana shook her head in disappointment, feeling utterly sorry for Sookie.

Sookie’s cheeks turned red in anger. She bit the inside of her the inside of cheeks, stopping herself from losing her temper. She was about to snap a retort, but Ana slammed her hand on the table. Sookie flinched and kept her mouth shut. Ana glared at her.

“Don’t even back-talk me! You try and say another word I’ll staple your mouth shut. You WILL listen to every single word I have to say.” Sookie sat silent and expectant. She had to admit, Ana was right, much to her chagrin. She had been foolish. She got into a relationship with Bill without truly getting to know him. Every time she’d asked him a question, he’d either changed the subject or just say ‘it’s complicated.’ She was quite frustrated with him. Sookie grabbed her gin and tonic and downed her whole drink.

Ana smiled internally. The potion was beginning to take effect. She could see the recognition and realization in Sookie’s eyes. It pissed Sookie off so much that she knew nothing of Bill. It pissed her off that Ana was most definitely right.

Maybe now she’ll listen, and use her head for fucking once, Eric thought as he was behind the bar doing the books. He had to admit, he didn’t like the way she was speaking to Sookie. He wanted to stake Ana right where she was sitting. But he restrained himself. He distracted himself with doing the books, but couldn’t even concentrate on that because he was staring at Sookie.

She is so beautiful, and her legs look fantastic in those shorts. Eric struggled to keep his fangs in check. He couldn’t help the images in his mind of her body, naked and writhing beneath him. He wanted her to scream his name, wrap her legs around his waist and beg him to fuck her harder. He sighed deeply. He really needed to get himself together.

Ana picked up a folder and placed it in front of Sookie. “This here is a file on Bill Compton. Everything you need to know about him is in there. What he does, who he works for…everything.” Sookie grabbed the file hesitantly and stared at it. Ana looked at her watch and noticed it was a couple of hours before dawn.

“It’ll be dawn soon and I need to go to ground. You take that home, read and study it thoroughly. What you’re gonna read in there is stuff that’ll hurt you, and disgust you. There’s nothing I can say to prepare you for what you’re about see…all I can say is I’m sorry. Come back here tomorrow night and I’ll explain more about this situation. Good night Miss Stackhouse.” Ana said in a soft voice. She stood from her chair walking away, leaving a shell-shocked Sookie.

Sookie didn’t know what to think. All she could think about was getting home and getting to sleep. Then she would spend all morning reading that file.

Her instincts told her she needed this.

Like it? Love it? Neutral? Next up: Sookie finds out the truth about Bill. Eric pays her a visit and Bill Compton is captured by wolves for King of Mississippi.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 2”

  1. with beehls blood in her will she still love him? with all the blood she swallows she always forgives him.

  2. Good Start. While I agree Sookie needs to listen and be more level headed, not sure Ana screeching at her is the best way to go about it. Ah well what do I know

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