Chapter Three


He couldn’t believe after all this time of searching he had finally found her. The moment he walked into the Shifter’s bar, he had found what he was looking for. All the way from Europe he felt something pulling him to the United States. Almost immediately, he grabbed his friend and dragged him into America. He couldn’t understand what it was, but now watching her from the darkness of the trees… he did understand.

She was meant to be his…his progeny…his child.

Eric watched as Jade took off all her clothes then changed into some pajamas without a shower.

She must be exhausted working that lowly waitress job and for that shifter, no less.

He sneered to himself as he thought of the Shifter. He noticed how he kept his eyes on Sookie the whole time she was working…and they were full of lust. He chuckled to himself when he saw she had no romantic interest in him whatsoever. This pleased him greatly, the less competition the better; although, the Shifter is hardly competition for him. He even noticed Jade shielding Sookie from Merlotte; which makes him believe she’s aware of his not so honorable intentions. He smirked to himself.

He sped his way across the cemetery feeling confident that he will have everything he wants. He found both the perfect lover in Miss Stackhouse and the perfect progeny in Miss Valentine. He couldn’t deny he felt inexplicable connections to both the young ladies…but for completely different reasons. Jade, he could see as his pupil, protégé, or student; someone he could identify himself with. He felt there was more to the girl, something hidden beneath her mask of happiness. Especially seeing how she very quickly put the shifter in his place when he was about force her to cover for one of his waitresses.

Good girl. Not only is she smart, but she’s protective of herself and her friend.

A sudden thought made him stop in the cemetery. Joseph has an interest in Valentine, which is problematic. He feels the pull towards Miss Valentine to make her his progeny, but Joey wants her to be his. He could tell from his short interactions with the girl. How in the hell is he going to plead his case to him? Eric shook his head and continued across the cemetery.

He walked through the double front doors where he found Joey feeding on a human. He was moaning while the human was moaning and writhing beneath him, probably trying to find some release. He looked up noticing Eric had walked in. Joey pushed her off him, his mouth and fangs stained with blood. He gave his friend a fangy smile.

“Where you been, man?

“Out enjoying the night.” He didn’t elaborate. They may have been stuck together for centuries, but that didn’t mean Eric trusted the vampire enough to know his habits and whereabouts. Joseph chuckled.

“Ah yes.” Joe pondered. “You must have been checking out the cute little blonde from the Shifters bar. She looked positively delicious. They both did.” He licked his fangs clean then snapped them back in. Eric ignored him going to stand next to the fireplace. He clenched his fists fighting the urge to choke him till his head popped off. How in the hell did he get stuck with this motherfucker? Oh yes, that’s right…he let his anger and pride cloud his judgment.

He was scum, vile and Eric absolutely hated him. Many times, Eric wanted to end him, and be done with it, but this curse prevents him from doing so.

They literally are stuck with each other.

And Joe was the worst kind of vampire…the worst kind of predator. He was someone who pretended to be humane, charming, alluring and the moment you fell for his trap you’re fixed to his will forever. Eric was no saint, but he didn’t pretend to be nice to lure those to his bed or to feed on…nor did he have to glamour them. Everyone already wanted him. Then, just before he met Joseph, he was foretold of a prophecy by the Oracle…one that shook him to his very core.

“You will meet a woman who practices magic. She will fall for you, plead to bond with you, but you will adamantly refuse her resulting in her fury. She will provoke another into attacking you and you will retaliate unaware that this man is not who he seems. He is no ordinary man, and he is no coward. He is a trickster. He will challenge you and you will have no choice but to accept unknowing that you will lose and seal your fate of becoming shackled to his very existence.”

But that was just the beginning of his prophecy. The Oracle had more to tell, but refused to tell him anymore until he got rid of Joseph. That’s easier said than done. If Joseph knew what was in store for him, he would stop at nothing to prevent it from happening and kill all who would get in his way. Her next words however, surprised Eric:

“As long as you remain his prisoner, you will be led down the path of destruction. You will never know what truly lies in the future for you…of what you could become without his influence. You will learn more about him than anybody ever has, and when the moment comes you will understand…you will understand Viking and then you will be free of him.”

He remembered that conversation very well and cursed his himself for letting his pride and need to fight cloud his judgement. Now he is imprisoned by Joseph without knowing how to get rid of him. The curse prevents him from ending him so he had to find a way break the curse. Eric planned to claim the blonde as his lover and her friend as his child without risking the wrath of Joseph Aires, whom was no fool and in no way going to release him. He was very dangerous and often unpredictable.

And Eric Northman had no intention of crossing him.

The next morning Jade woke up to an empty house…and it didn’t surprise her. She was just glad she didn’t have to suffer any more embarrassment from her drunk ass mother being carried home by Sheriff Dearborne. It was her and Sookie’s day off; she could imagine what Sookie would do.

Sunbathe, and read smutty novels of course.

Jade chuckled to herself. Okay, she really needed to get Sookie out the house more. How can she ever learn to have fun, if she spends it indoors most of time? Jade nodded her head to herself.

I’m going to take a shower then head over to Sook’s and we’re going to have BF’s day out!

She felt excited about today already. She had taken her shower, gotten dressed and headed out to see her best friend. She pulled up in front of the farmhouse, enjoying the way the sun shined on the property. She smiled to herself. Out of all of Bon Temps, this was the only place she could call home, the only place where she could revel in the peaceful atmosphere and relax. This was Jade’s only place of solitude, where she could escape her mother’s constant pathetic and embarrassing presence.

She remembered how she came to have met the Stackhouses. It was awesome because they accepted her instantly with open arms…especially Sookie. Somehow, she knew there was something different about Jade; as Jade knew there was something about Sookie. They were both quite young, so not much was said. They just started playing with each other, and that was that.

Jade smiled at the memory.

Three houses surrounded the Bon Temps cemetery. There was of course the Stackhouse property near Hummingbird Road, the Compton property far across the cemetery, and the Valentine property adjacent to an old pond behind the Stackhouse property. Adele Stackhouse checked her mailbox and realized she had received a piece of mail belonging to Katherine Anne Valentine. It was a 3rd notice from the electric company. Adele gasped to herself.

She went and took her own mail inside and placed it on the table in the kitchen. Jason suddenly walks in going straight for the refrigerator.

“Jason, I’m going to take this to our neighbors behind the creek. Look after your sister while I’m gone. I should be back soon.”

“Yes, Gran.” He nodded, his mouth filled with food. Gran chuckled at her grandson. She picked up her keys, then slipped on her tennis shoes. She walked out closing the door behind her and made toward the path to the house by the pond. It was built a decade ago, although no one had ever moved in until five years ago. It was a family of three, a husband, wife and their daughter; known as the Valentines. Adele had barely heard anything about this family. Even Maxine didn’t know much about these people.

No one in Bon Temps knew who they were. She found that very odd; with this being a small town and all.

She was pulled from her musings when she reached the property. She gasped. It was an undeniably perfect place to put a house. It was a modest cottage with dark grey roofing and off white yellowish walls. It was a breathtaking vision. It was quiet here, all you could here was the wind blowing, and the many insects.

There was a creek beneath a wooden bridge that led to the pond, she could hear the rush of water and smiled at peacefulness of this property. She walked across the bridge onto the property. She looked around for any indication of the family living here, there were none. She turned her attention toward the house where she saw movement in the window.

Adele didn’t get a good look, but she swore she saw a little girl looking at her out the window. She continued towards the house, approaching the front door. There was rolled up newspapers, and mail covering the welcome mat. Adele knocked on the door and waited. She looked at the window again and saw a little girl peeking through the curtains.

Jade takes a good look at the old woman, she could sense something about her and it made her curious as to what it is. She approached the door, unlocking, and opening it a smidge. She looked at the woman, then opened the door wider.

Adele gave a smile, taking a good look at her. She wore a periwinkle dress with a black sash around the waist and some sandals; although it looked a little dirty. She wore her hair in one braid with a bow on the end. She even looked like she hadn’t eaten in a while.

“Hello young lady, are your parents home?” Jade stared stoically, then blinked. She shook her head. Adele frowned, wondering if she was here all alone. “Is there anyone here to care for you?” Again, she nodded her head. Jade suddenly heard a strong voice in her head; it told her to trust the woman. She finally spoke in a small voice.

“My mommy’s been gone since last night.” Tears pooled in her eyes, then rolled down her cheeks. She was scared and all alone. She didn’t know who to call or what had happened to her father or mother. Adele gasped, then felt anger.

Who would leave a poor, innocent child all alone to fend for herself? Where is her mother?

“Would like to come back with me? You can wait with my family until your mom comes home?” She had every intention of calling around town, and even the police to find her mother.

Jade nodded her head, the need to have contact with someone filling her. Adele smiled. “Let’s clean this up, then get you cleaned up and some food into your stomach. I’m sure you must be starving, child.” Jade picked up all the mail, while Adele pick up the newspapers.

After cleaning off the front porch, Adele carried Sookie back to her home. Jade looked around the property in awe. It was beautiful. She instantly relaxed, laying her head on Adele’s shoulder. She could feel a presence within the house; she couldn’t understand this feeling rising in her. This feeling made her believe they were going to be friends.

As she approached the front door, she placed Jade back on her feet, and pushed the door open. When she stepped over the threshold, she felt safe.

Jade couldn’t understand why she felt this way in a stranger’s house. The moment Jade saw Sookie in the kitchen coloring, she knew instantly that was what she was feeling. They took one look at each other and knew. They just knew. Gran smiled, spotting her granddaughter in the kitchen coloring.

“Sookie, look who I have with me! I bought you a new friend! This is…” She stopped, not knowing the girl’s name. “I’m sorry dear, but I never asked your name! Where are my manners?”

“My name is Jade, ma’am.”

“This is my granddaughter, Sookie, and my grandson is around here somewhere. You can call me Gran…everyone does. Why don’t you join sit here at the table with Sookie and play?” She said, as Jade went to sit at the other end of the table. “I’ll see I can find you something clean to where while I was your soiled clothes, then I can get started on lunch.” She walked away, leaving them to it.

Sookie stopped coloring, sliding some crayons and another one of her coloring books towards Jade. “You can color in this one.” Was all she said. Jade reluctantly picked up the crayon and just began coloring. Nothing more was said.

Jade smiled at the memory. From that point on, Jade knew everything her mother told her was wrong. Her mother always told her no one would care about her, and would only think she is crazy.

But she was very much wrong and it filled Jade with hope.

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  1. Loving this story, just have a few questions. Who is Eric’s maker in this one? Is this going to be a few short chapters or a long multi chapter story. I like both so it really doesn’t matter. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  2. Just read all 3 chapters. Like this story and am looking forward to finding out more about Eric and Joseph along with the girls.

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