The Rabbit

Welcome to the sequel to In the Beginning! There’s going to be a lot of things going on in this story! We have new characters, new adventures and Godric! Are you as excited as I am? I certainly hope so.

I meant for this chapter to be the state meeting, but this came out instead! So the State meeting will come when my muse permits it.

Warning: This contains explicit details of rape and sexual abuse.

Enjoy and Review!

Chapter 1

New Character POV

I entered into the room and notice the Ancient Pythoness has not arrived yet. I was in the middle of a meeting in New York City when I received a call from Pythia. As soon as the call ended, I sped out of the city and got on plane to meet up her. She told me that it was urgent. I looked around the hotel room, and a fire has been made. I walk over to the couch and use the moment to collect my thoughts.

It has begun. Sophie Ann LeClerq has met the true death and things have been set in motion. Too bad there’s no going back now…for any of us. What to do? The Coronation is in two weeks, and if I knew him at all, he’s going to make his move there. If it weren’t for the curse placed on Jade Valentine, she would know instantly what’s what.

Great…just great.

The Coronation will be the place the bastard makes his move and he’s going to fill her head with lies and false memories…big surprise there. I feel as if this is going to be like old times; he and I fighting each other for Jade’s affection. I already have a feeling of anticipation, yet dread rising in me.

Some things never change.

But, no matter, I got through to her before and I can do it again. It’s going to take some time though, since she is after all under a veiled curse. This curse is going to be hard to break, as it’s a curse over the mind. The curse prevents her from remembering things. Does she realize this?

There is so much she doesn’t remember, I wonder if she realizes the key to her curse has been close to her the whole time? It doesn’t matter at the moment. What matters is what leads her to the answers she seeks. The Ancient One won’t be any help; the famed King of Illinois is no help either. He only wants what he always wants…power, even if it meant killing her in the process.

So much for his undying affection.

He would say the same of me, of course. We have had this feud going on ever since I first set foot in their village eons ago. I promised her a long time ago that I would never let anything happen to her…and I have broken that promise many times over, but no more. I will not stand by and let that poisonous snake fill her head with bullshit. How can I stop this from happening?

How can I convince her that this man…and I use the term loosely, that he is no good for her? That he only wants her because of the power she possesses. Little does he know that she is meant for more. This goes way beyond what he can understand.

I’ve always known she was meant for greatness. That she was a strong and powerful woman. She doesn’t see that though, she doubts her ability to be in control, her ability to rise above the evil that lurks about in the shadows. The future of the entire race of all species is in her hands, and I for one, can’t wait to see how this pans out.

Great power comes with great responsibility. She has to sacrifice so many things, things that she holds dear to her. Would she be able to pay that price? Would she be willing to hold the pain of losing everything she holds close to her heart? I don’t know the answer to that. I just wish that I could take that kind of pain away from her. Not that I don’t think she can’t handle it, just the thought of her in any kind of pain makes my heart hurt.

What can I do to prevent this? What can I do now to protect her, so this never happens? How can I help her get past this?

I don’t know the answer to these questions, but mark my words…I will have them.

I’m pulled from my musings by Pythia, who just entered the room. I rise from the couch crossing my hands in front of me. I watch as her handmaidens lead her over to the armchair and help her sit down. I wait until she is seated and comfortable. I sit back down waiting for her to talk. She stares into the fire for a moment, silence filling the room; she finally looks over at me then speaks.

“I’m sorry for pulling you away from your affairs on such short notice…” She starts, sighing, then continues. “But a matter has come to my attention. Several matters actually.”

“Is there something wrong?” I respond. She wouldn’t have called me here if it weren’t important. I wonder what would be so important?

“A position has just opened up, I need you to accept it when my progeny offers it to you?” I was confused, I opened my mouth to speak, but Pythia held her hand up interrupting me.

“I know Mark is the Magister…but soon he’ll cease to exist.” She says. I raise an eyebrow…then thought about it. I smirked. It was no secret that Mark wanted Jade dead; especially for killing a member of his bloodline: Waldo. Not that he was a great loss, even to the magister…but it was more about pride with him. Which, I knew was going to get him killed.

“When should I expect his call?”

“In a week. During that time you should deal with any business that needs to be done. When you get the call you’ll know what to do next.” I nodded my head.

“What is the other matter you wanted to discuss?”

“The King of Illinois.” Pythia said. I stiffened, a look of impassivity showing on my face. I shrugged my shoulders.

“What about him?” I asked with a detached tone. On the surface, I looked calm and didn’t seem to care, but beneath was a rage flowing through my body. My blood lust just skyrocketed, my skin felt warm and I knew my eyes would be blood red right now…being what I am has made it impossible for me to be too emotional, mainly since my blood lust feeds off of the most passionate emotions I could ever have. The next thing I know I wake up somewhere covered in blood with a corpse lying next to me. I sighed. Just talking, hearing or speaking about the King of Illinois incited an animosity that would rival a demon’s.

Although, Pythia was blind she could tell what was going on with me, inside my head. “I know how you must feel about all this…” I interrupted her.

“Do you really, Pythia? Do you really know or is it just your sight? Did you somehow gain the gift of empathy?” I hissed the last part. I was annoyed with the fact that she assumed she knew how I felt about all this. She didn’t and I did not hesitate to tell her that.

“Do not presume you know how I felt about that treacherous swine.” I growled. “I have to sit by idly, and let him once again charm her with lies and bullshit. I lost her once before…I don’t intend to let it happen again!”

“You will calm yourself.” She says, raising her voice. “If you believe in her, then all your doubts and worries are not necessary. Remember, it’s been 4 millennia…a lot has changed and people change.” She pauses. “She has bonded herself to the Norsemen, soon everything she has ever forgotten about herself will return to her and all your concerns will be naught.” I blew out a puff of air. She was right. I’m worrying over nothing and letting the past control the outcome of the future. A lot can happen and change in four thousand years.

“You must let Cross do what he must, for it is his destiny…as it is hers and yours. You will let things play out until it is time for you to reveal yourself. In the meantime, prepare and finish your business in New York…In a week’s time we’ll meet again and discuss the next steps.” I nodded my head, rising from the couch. I bowed to her, and she chuckles.

“Come now, you know that’s not necessary…It is I who should be bowing to you!” I chuckle in return, running out the door at vamp speed. For the first time in a long time, I felt hope filling my heart.

Soon, my love…soon.

Fear grips him like a chain around his neck. He was short of breath, blood over his body, feeling sore in places he’s never been before. He curled into himself on the cold, damp ground. A hand grips his hair harshly, pulling his head off the table. Most of his nights were filled with this: misery, pain, torture and agony added with words that’ll haunt him forever.

“You are mine, boy. You belong to me! Your only purpose is to serve me. I AM YOUR MASTER.” He hisses into his ear. He grips his cock, rubbing it at a frantic pace. A whimper escapes him, making Appius chuckle darkly. “Yes, that right, my boy. Do you like this, my pet? Beg me to finish you!” Appius had one hand in his hair, the other on his progeny’s cock.

“Please,” he whimpered again. “Don’t…stop, please.” He gasped out. He wasn’t sure which way to go; either for him to continue or to stop what he was doing…he just didn’t know. Appius chuckles darkly. His hand moved faster on his progeny then at vampire speed. He released all over Appius’s hand, panting his mouth forming an ‘O’. That didn’t stop his maker, though. He kept stroking him at vampire speed gripping him tighter to the point of it being painful.

“YOU ARE MINE, GODRIC!” He hissed inside his ear.

His eyes snapped open, realizing it was just a dream. He looked around disappointed. He was still in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun church, all alone…and ready to die. He lay back on his cot, staring coldly at the ceiling. He felt exhausted, weary. This was meant to be…2000 years is a long enough life for him.

And he couldn’t live it any longer…

After the battle with Sophie Ann’s retinue, things had slowed down to a stop, which almost disappointed Jade…almost. She had many things to sort out with the state of Louisiana, the first thing being the coronation…and the after party. Actually, the after party wasn’t necessary, but considering how many had coveted Louisiana, this party was definitely necessary. This was her first plan as the Queen; weed out your enemies and plant your allies. If Jade was going to be a good Queen, she needed to know who to watch for, and who she could trust to help her move forward with the plans that have been forming in her head.

The supernatural world is in pieces, and I have a plan to band us all together for a more peaceful and brighter future…first things first, shed some light on thy enemies and eliminate them.

But, I can’t just decide to attack them…not yet.

Jade smiled to herself as she wrote out her to do list for Louisiana, after the coronation of course:

1. Sort out Sophie Ann’s finances.

2. Look for a new base as Queen.

3. Appoint new Sheriff of Area 5 and Area 1.

4. Hire bodyguards.

She could check the second off already because she had found the perfect place to be her palace. She was going to need to phone Herveaux and Sons Construction to do the renovations. Not only does the Packmaster owe her a debt, they’re the best candidates for the job. She also knew who to appoint Sheriff of Area 5; Eric Northman…considering the fact he plans to bond to Sookie Stackhouse, then propose to her eventually…he’s going to need the power.

She dropped her pen for the moment to think about the recurring dream she’s been having lately: Welcome to Dallas, Texas and the rabbit. Over the years, she had helped others with interpreting their dreams. She found analyzing dreams fascinating and helpful, especially with her gift of sight. Jade decided to use this moment to figure out what her dream means. What did the white rabbit mean?

The meaning of the rabbit in her dream could mean many things. The color of the rabbit also plays a part in its meaning. If it were white, it could symbolize faithfulness in love, which didn’t make any sense to Jade at all. Who was she in love with to be faithful to? She laughed and shook her head at that thought moving on.

The rabbit could also symbolize magical power, success and luck; she stroked her chin at that and thought a little longer on that.

That would make sense. I need luck, I have power and I’m successful…sort of. She needed luck to deal with Sophie Ann’s debt and issues…she left a huge mess for someone else to clean up. Jade scoffs at Sophie’s inability to pay her damn bills and her greed. As for power and success, well she has that by the butt load; she’s ancient, magical and strong in her own right; so scratch that.

Jade stopped, and stared into space. Another meaning of the white rabbit would be that it could also serves as a guide to steer you toward the right direction…like say, a destination perhaps? Jade had an aha moment.

She needed to go to Dallas, Texas…for what, she didn’t know. What reason could she possibly need to be in Texas?

So there you have it, the next chapter of FTRTD. Sorry, no Sookie, Eric or action for that matter. Like it? Love it? In between? Tell me what you think.

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  1. Wow….I hope Jade figures out Godric needs help. I don’t know who the mistery man is but it sounds like there is to be a great battle for Jades mind. Good story so far.

  2. Questions, questions, questions! I look forward to finding the answers in future chapters. Thanks for an intriguing story.

  3. Hmm…curiouser & curiouser! I love it! Who was it in the meeting with the AP? I’m trying to narrow down the players here, wondering if we’ve met this one yet. Jade’s interpretations of her dream were interesting! I wonder if she’ll take Sookie & Eric to Dallas? Can’t wait for more of this! Terrific chapter!

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