Set in Motion


“I take it you know of my new position?” He smiles at her. Jade chuckled at him. “Of course you do…Now that I’m Queen of Louisiana, I can protect her and give her a good job to keep a close eye on her. But if I’m to protect her from your father, I’m going to need Catalaides help…and yours.” Fintan only stared at her, then widening his eyes with acknowledgement. He gave a single nod.

“What do you need from me?”

Jade smiled, knowing shit is about to hit the fan.

Chapter 4

“I need you to teach your granddaughter about the Supernatural species; their ways, their rules…everything. She will not survive this world if she remains ignorant. You know as well as I do that her need to be a normal human will only hold her back. Teach her to accept herself. Once she reaches this level of peace within herself, she can thrive and be feared by many.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes, when Niall finds out about you and Sookie, and he will, things are going to get complicated. I assure you there’s going to be an all-out war between myself and the Sky Fairies. He will not give up without a fight. I need you to be prepared for any and all possibilities.” He knew what that meant and nodded his head. Jade continued.

“I’ve had Catalaides write up a contract to employ her as my personal assistant…and don’t worry, I’ll make damn sure she is protected at all times and treated with respect. Being my assistant and Northman’s soon-to-be bonded should make her untouchable. But…there are a handful of vampires that ignore these rules…especially the old, sacred ones.”

“You still think someone is going to try and take her?” Jade nodded.

“On one hand I can name which vampires are dumb and arrogant enough to believe they’re above the law. Which is why I have planned a party after my coronation.” Fintan smirked.

“This party is a ruse to draw out your enemies.” He didn’t even need to ask. Fintan knew how her mind worked, how she strategizes…Unlike most vamps, Jade is more about psychological warfare than anything. She likes to draw them out and then expose their weaknesses.

As she says, a vampire’s greatest weakness is not their emotions, but their arrogance and need to be superior. And Jade very easily reminds her enemies how easy it is to reach out and break them; that they can be brought to their knees and beg for mercy. She reminds them that they are very much weak and inferior.

She’s had many centuries to perfect all her strategies and calm facades; and not once has she faltered. This is why Fintan believes Jade Valentine is meant for more power than anyone realizes. She’s a great strategist and has a mind for the behavior of her enemies. She knows when attack, when to sit back and observe, and when to provoke. She’s a predator who hunts other predators.

Jade smiled. “Yes it is. But this party is not just to unveil my enemies, but also to know which vampires I can count as allies. A storm is brewing…and I need to know who I can trust and who I need to annihilate.” Fintan smiled.

“So when can I meet my granddaughter?”

“You can meet her as soon as tomorrow night, or the weekend at the latest. There’s going to be a lot going on and it might be much later than that. Is there a way I can reach you?” He handed her a piece of paper with his contact information. Jade nodded, placing it in the drawer.

“I’ll talk to you soon. Have a nice night, Miss Valentine.” He said as he popped from the room. Jade looked at her watch.

Everyone should be arriving soon.

She stood from her chair and walked into the bar. She went straight for the throne and sat down.

Yep. Shit is most definitely about to hit the fan.

The Ancient Pythoness stared out the window into the night sky. She sighs to herself, thinking about things that are going to be set in motion after tonight. So many things are happening at once and there’s no way she can interfere…but there is a way for her to tip things in her favor.

“You know better than to sneak up on a vampire, Niall.” The Ancient Pythoness spoke, she stood in front of the window, her back at Niall. He chuckled.

“My apologies, your grace. I did not mean to sneak up on you.” He feigned regret. Pythia scoffs, knowing his bullshit.

“Why have you so foolishly come here?” She had some idea of why he was here. She dreaded the question and dreaded what his answer was going to be. She could hear him take a step closer to her.

“I think you know why I’m here.” He responded. She sighs, her breath fogging the window.

“Niall, I know what you’re about to ask me…and I’m telling you to let it go. Go back to your realm and rule as you have been for centuries. Because if you do what I think you’re about to do, then there’s no way you can be saved.” Niall fails to realize the consequences of his actions, and often lacks conviction; this will be his downfall. As she is sure he will realize when it’s too late.

If he heeds the Ancient Pythoness’s words, then he gets to keep his life and his throne. If not, he will lose everything and be left with nothing. The dangers of his need to remain powerful and desperate attempts to strengthen his numbers will awaken a powerful force he has no comprehension of. There are powers and beings that are beyond his control. He must let this go.

He ignores her words, rolling his eyes. She was a decrepit old woman running out of time. It was only a matter of time before she withers away and disappears. She has to choose her successor to take over the Council, and Niall was fighting tooth and nail for the position. Oh, the things he could get accomplished as ruler of the Supernatural Council; starting with the elimination of the vampire species.

But that’s an explanation for another time.

Now that things are coming to an end, the old seer was stalling and refused to name him as her successor. He needed to know why, he would get to that later though. Right now, he needed to know a few things that has come to his attention.

“Is it true?” he asked.

“Is what true?” He glared at her back, clenching his hand into a fist. He swallowed the urge to push her out the window, knowing she knew what he was asking.

“My son…” He spat. “He’s still alive?” He gritted through his teeth. The Ancient Pythoness sighed. She knew it. She knew where this conversation was going and knew once she gave him the answers he needs, that a shit hurricane was going tear its way through Louisiana. She had known all along that Fintan Brigant was still alive, and had been hiding for centuries. Although, his whereabouts and the identity of Fintan’s partner were unknown.

“You know the answer to this question, Fairy…or else you wouldn’t be here and very angry.” She replied in a flat tone.

“Have you known this whole time?” He growled. She didn’t bother answering, her silence gave him the answer he needed. “Where is he?!” He needed to know why his son played dead all this time.

“The affairs of Fairies do not concern me. Do not come here demanding answers because your son decided to get away from you.” She didn’t want to answer, but knew he would figure it out.

“Why would my son need to get away from me? No one would dare do such a thing against me unless…” He stopped and froze, finally realizing the truth behind his son’s fake death.

He smiled to himself.

As Jade waited for the vamps to arrive she slipped back into downtime. Remember when she met Carrie for the first time. It wasn’t a happy first meeting.

The scent of blood hit her nostrils, then looked around trying to find the source of the smell. She walked into an alley, and could smell the scent getting stronger following it to a female who laid unconscious and half-naked. It was the same female Eric was feeding from the other night, she could feel something about this young lady but ignored the feelings. Was she meant to be her progeny? It didn’t matter in the slightest.

She could hear a faint heartbeat, knowing the young girl was still alive. She looked as if she was beaten and brutalized in every manner. Jade picked her up bridal style and sped away out the alley into the night.

She was going to do more than save this girl’s life.

Jade was taken out of downtime by the sound of Eric, Pam and Sookie entering into the club. Familiar feelings of sadness and disgust flooded on her side of the bond, she instantly closed her side to prevent worry from both Eric and Carrie. Jade sighs to herself, something she has been doing a lot lately.

Like it? Love it? In Between? Let me know what ya think! Still more to this flashback. Stay tuned…State Meeting next chapter for sure…LOL

3 thoughts on “Set in Motion”

  1. Please tell me that Eric and Sookie have at least stored there bond and have done at least one if not two equal blood exchanges, and that Sookie has signed a contract with Jade already. I am biting my finger nails and pulling my hair in anticipation of what the next chapter will hold.

  2. So hoping Niall gets put out of our misery, he’s a selfish, greedy bastard. But as he is going to ignore the AP’s advice it sounds as if he will lose everything.

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