I’m giving you the sequel now because I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to do any writing! I already had this chapter finished, so I thought why not throw ya’ll a bone? The last two chapters of INB are being written, slowly but surely. We also learn a little of the bad blood between the Magister and Jade.

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It’s night time. The moon was in full in the sky, its light shining down on Jade. The sound of insects and birds surround her. She felt a hard surface beneath her, making her feel uncomfortable. She suddenly felt this tickling sensation on her toes having an urge to start giggling.

Jade’s eyes pop open. She looks around, confused about her location. She lifts herself from the ground, noticing she is lying on a road in the middle of nowhere. All she can she see are woods and an endless road. She looks at her feet and notices a rabbit nibbling at her feet. She giggles a little, feeling it tickle her.

“Hey, stop that!” she says, trying harder not to giggle. The rabbit suddenly stops, then hops into her lap. Jade strokes its pearl white coat of soft fur and smiles to it. She remembers she had a rabbit when she was a little girl, then one day it vanished and never came back. She was devastated.

The rabbit hops away from her going down the road. Jade gets off the ground looking at where the rabbit was going. The rabbit stops looking back at Jade with an expectant look. Jade walks after it. It hops faster further down the road, making Jade run after it. The rabbit stops, and Jade catches up with it facing a sign.

Welcome to Dallas, Texas.

In Chicago

The city looked beautiful with the moon shining bright and full in the sky. Most nights like this he likes to just stand there or sit in his chair and stare out the window. Searching. Looking. Waiting. He had his hands entwined together behind his back standing in front of the window looking out at the city of Chicago. The lights were turned off and complete silence filled the room. The day is coming really soon. He isn’t referring to the rumors about Sophie Ann losing her throne…no, even bigger than that. He smiled to himself.

Ever since he got the call from the Ancient Pythoness, he’d been trembling with excitement. She informed him that the time to reveal himself to her was coming. As usual she spoke in a bunch of riddles leaving him with more questions than answers. Why can’t the old crone just tell him exactly what’s going to happen? Why does everything have to be complicated? He sighs to himself.

It had been so long since he has seen her. And he missed the hell out of her. Fuck, he loved her so much. It killed him to let her go all those centuries ago. It kills him even more that she doesn’t even remember, thanks to the power of fate. But soon, all the bullshit, the lies and the deceit will be revealed. He just had to be patient. Things will fall in place, and the magical veil on her mind will unravel. As it should have a long time ago. He just wonders how much longer will he have to wait? How much more can he handle? He became the King of Illinois to distract himself and it had worked…for a short period of time.

This is fucking torture!

If he waits any longer he’ll lose his mind. He rubbed his temple, finding himself sighing again. He’d been doing that a lot lately too. Is it even possible for a vampire to get a migraine? It didn’t matter. He was getting tired and time is about to run out. He hoped the Ancient Pythoness was right. They are each other’s mate, and it was meant to be.

With his Maker/Child bond he could feel Delilah approaching his office. He groaned to himself. He could feel her primping herself and lust flared into the bond as well. He shook his head at her ridiculousness. He quickly clapped his hands and light filled the room. He turned from the window going to sit in his chair behind his desk. As he booted up his computer, Delilah enters through the door.

He’d been trying to conceal his emotions from Delilah; knowing she wouldn’t understand what was going on. Plus, her jealous streak was 1000 miles wide. He chuckles to himself; picturing his beloved and Delilah meeting face to face. Their heads will certainly butt. Delilah and his beloved were polar opposites of each other. He grinned internally. Everything his beloved believed in, Delilah was against.

Oh yes, their meeting will be a site to behold.

He looked up from his computer with an expectant look on his face, but otherwise was also blank. Delilah handed him a stack of papers.

“I have the Area’s weekly reports you requested, Master. Plus your 10 o’clock meeting is here.” she flipped her red hair. “Is there anything else you need of me, Master?” She asks, batting her eyelashes and leering at him. He didn’t even bother to look at her as he was reading the Area reports. Delilah maybe his child, but that part of their relationship died several centuries ago. She had tried for a long time to attempt a relationship with him, but failed.

He wondered why he had turned her in the first place. Oh yes, that’s right. She’d been near death and begged him to help her. She was stabbed multiple times by her husband; who was drunk and started beating on her. Imagine Delilah’s luck when he stumbled onto the scene.

She was lying in a corner with bruises all over her, and a wide eyed horrified look on her face. Needless to say before her husband could continue beating on her, he snapped his neck and tended to Delilah. The rest they say is history. And because of his moment of heroism she is now unnaturally infatuated with him. It’s been more of nuisance than he realized. He just wondered how was this going to affect his relationship with his beloved. He groaned to himself, rubbing his face.

He’d explained to Delilah over and over that he wasn’t interested to start a relationship and left it at that. He couldn’t tell her that his heart had belonged to another woman for thousands of years. She wouldn’t understand the depth of connection he had with his beloved. He tried not to roll his eyes.

“No, Delilah. That will be all, thank you.” He said, dismissing her. “Oh, and send the Sheriff of Area 1 in.” she pouted, turning away and stomping out the office. He sighs with annoyance, knowing he was going to pay for it later. He looks up as Indira walks in. He leans back in his chair, smiling at his old friend. She’s had his back for centuries, and now by order of the AP she is needed in another state. She nods with a smile in greeting.

“King Alexander.” She said. He smiled nodding back to her. He rarely ever lets anyone call him by his title; it was either your majesty or master.

“I take it the Ancient Pythoness has contacted you with a new assignment?” He asked as he leaned on his desk with his hands tented together.

“Yes, she has. I’m requesting to be relieved of my duties as Sheriff.”

“Granted. Where will you be reporting to?” He asked. Alex already knew the answer to that.

“Louisiana, majesty.”

“Have you found a replacement?” Alexander asked.

“Yes, I have asked my second to take over for me. As you know he is good choice for the position, he’ll do this job well and will not disappoint you.” Indira assured her former King.

“Good. You are dismissed.” Indira goes to leave, but stops right in front of the door. She turns, facing King Alexander. He had his chair turned towards the window.

“Everything we ever hoped for is finally coming, isn’t it?” She asked softly. He smiled to himself, understanding what she’s referring to. He answered her without turning his chair.

“That, and so much more, old friend. Best of luck to you in Louisiana. I’ll see you at the Coronation.” he replied softly. She nods her head, even though he isn’t looking at her.

“It’s been a pleasure serving you, Alex.” She says, then running out his office at vampire speed. Alex sighs to himself internally. King Alexander Cross has been waiting for this day for centuries. He couldn’t wait for this day to come. He continued looking through the double-panned glass, looking out into the city again.

This is going to be an interesting year.

May 2006

Jade opened the envelope, taking the letter out and started reading it. She groaned as she finished reading the invitation. She wanted to savagely rip it up and throw it in the air. She slapped her face with her palm, sliding it down her face roughly in anger and frustration. Eric looked up from his laptop, raising an eyebrow at her.

“Something wrong?” he asked. Jade sighed, rubbing her neck.

“Sophie Ann is throwing another one of her dreadful parties. As usual, we are required to attend. I really don’t want to go…especially knowing what’s in store for me.” Jade leaned back in her chair, her head leaning on the headrest. “Now, why do I get the feeling this is another one of her petty attempts to rile me?”

“Sophie Ann is a child who likes attention…whether it’s good or bad. You refuse to participate in the festivities; standing in corner all alone, just observing everyone. She doesn’t like the fact that you ignore her.” He was right. Jade goes to these parties, dressed like royalty, looking like a trillion dollars only to stand quietly in a corner. Not conversing with anyone, not feeding on the donors or kissing the queen’s ass. Jade laughed internally as she sat at her desk.

Poor bastards, they feel they have to impress her to keep them from losing their heads.

Jade shook her head.

There was one thing that Jade hated…and that was a phony; Sophie Ann being one of them. Everyone in the ballroom gathers around Sophie Ann acting like phonies. They pretend to respect her and admire her, when truthfully, they all hate her. It’s only because of her connection to the Magister that they all kill themselves to stay in her good graces. They avoid pissing him off at all costs. One infraction against the queen, and the Magister was knocking at your front doorstep ready to behead you. And why?

Sophie Ann is the Magister’s progeny. It was obvious to Jade, but she wasn’t sure if anyone else could see it. Jade snorts at that thought. Ever since she became a sheriff in 1905, the Magister has despised Jade. She was one vampire who didn’t bother wasting her energy on Sophie Ann. The Magister didn’t like that. Jade tried not gag at the relationship between Sophie Ann and him. Like a father over-indulging his daughter. Like a father who’s aware that his child is a spoiled brat but ignores it completely, insisting she’s a princess. Jade rolls her eyes.

“I just hope the Magister isn’t going to be there…” Jade trailed off, trying not let anger bubble to surface.

“I still don’t get why he despises you so much.”

“There are reasons. There’s a lot of bad blood between he and I, and it was long before Sophie Ann was born…It stems back to Carrie.” She said, flatly. Eric raised his eyebrows, very curious.

“Carrie?” He never knew the details of how Jade found Carrie and why she decided to turn her. “I never bothered to ask…but where did you find her?” He asked with narrowed eyes.

“I found her in a brothel…against her will.” Jade growled. “I can’t tell you the details of what she’s been through; it’s her story to tell.”

“I remember that. You disappeared for a few nights…I had thought you left me behind.” Jade turned to look at him, and saw him staring at the floor, like he was embarrassed to admit that.

“I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong idea, Eric, my turning of Carrie happened randomly. I found her unconscious in an alley half naked.” Jade paused, shivering. She ran her hands through her hair. “Mark was the owner of that brothel I found her in and she was…one of his.” She hissed, abruptly standing from her chair and started pacing. He waited for her to finish her story, but Jade remained pacing and silently fuming to herself.

“Needless to say, I took Carrie from him, and turned her…afterwards I burned down his brothel and released all the women he imprisoned there.”

“And you gave Sophie Ann the true death.” He finished. Jade nodded her head.

“So pretty soon, he’s going to pay me a visit.” She chuckles bitterly. “He doesn’t like that fact that I’m more powerful than he is…and I’m just a sheriff. Plus, my connection to the Ancient Pythoness and the Authority gives me a higher standing in our world than him.” Eric looked up at Jade. He knew of her connection to the Ancient Pythoness, but not to the Authority. He raised an eyebrow at her.

“What connection?” he asked. Jade gave him an apologetic look, shaking her head.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t disclose that to you.”

“Why?” he demanded.

“One, I was sworn to secrecy, I promised that I would keep it to myself and I intend to keep that promise. Two, it would be too dangerous for you to know anyway. The last thing I want is for you to get mixed up in anything dealing with the Authority.” Jade gave him a stern look, her eyes explaining the importance of keeping this secret. Eric nodded his head, letting it go.

“When do we leave for the party?” Eric asked. Jade picked up the invitation, reading the date of the party.

“The party is on the 12th which is a week from now. We’ll leave the night before that. The sooner we get this over with the sooner we can get out of there.” Eric nodded his head. He was dreading that night as well. He was tired of Sophie Ann’s incessant flirting. She’s been trying to convince Eric to bed her, and he has refused her every time.

“I might as well forget hiding in a corner and avoiding her.” Jade rolled her eyes. She desperately wanted to avoid that god awful party altogether, but that would lead to consequences she didn’t want to deal with. She likes the quiet and the little slice of power she has. Granted, she has more power than that, and for once after 3000 years she has enough power to keep everyone from fucking with her, yet not enough to draw attention to herself.

The Ancient Pythoness foretells Jade taking over the Council one day. Anxiety, and unease rose in Jade; there’s no way she’ll be able to run an entire race of Supes. She couldn’t think about this now. She is not even ready for that kind of power. When that day comes Jade will hopefully be ready, but until that day comes, Jade wants to be left alone.

And when that day comes, being left alone will no longer be an option, Jade thought to herself bitterly.

Jade blinked her eyes, snapping out of downtime. She sat on her bed, pondering certain moments that meant nothing before, and now, they mean a whole lot of hoopla. It had been a strange week. She’d been having many flashbacks lately, which have kept her distracted from her duties. Why all of a sudden is she remembering her past? Not to mention, the vision she had a few months before; she was in the sun, feeling the heat on her skin, watching as Eric swam around basking in the sun. Then, two strong, muscular arms wrap around her waist.

A pair of lips trail kisses up and down her shoulder. A voice whispering I love you in her ear. That particular vision had left Jade confused, even a little turned on. What disturbs her even more is her dreams about a rabbit. The dream starts with her chasing after the bunny straight into Texas, then the dreams ends. She shook her head, clearing her thoughts.

That was the weirdest dream I’ve ever had. What does it mean?

She got up from her bed standing in front of the mirror.

It’s time to get busy.

Jade stared at her reflection. Tonight is the night she starts her new job as the Queen of Louisiana…unofficially, of course. She had a lot to do; a lot to plan and prepare. Luckily, she knew exactly where to start: The Coronation, which will be held in a week. It is her official initiation as the Queen of Louisiana. That alone was going to be hell to plan, but that’s what Pamela is for. She also has a mansion to renovate and restore. She can call in a favor from Alcide Herveaux.

Plus, she can take a look into Sophie Ann’s books and see how much tribute she owes to the Authority and the Council. She just knew it was going to be an outrageous bill to pay, but it honestly wouldn’t even put a dent in Jade’s bank account.

Jade smoothed down her business suit. She was wearing a satin, dark gray vest, with a matching skirt reaching half way down her thighs. Under her vest, she wore a skin tight black t-shirt. Her shoes were open-toed black pumps with an ankle strap. She smiled at her reflection, she felt like a professional, especially after years of wearing boots, jeans and leather jackets. Chuckling, she picked up her jacket and shrugged it on her shoulders.

It’s time to shine.

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