Chapter 3

Why would her dream lead her into Dallas, Texas? What is in Texas? She couldn’t come up with an answer, but something told her she would find out soon enough. She shook her head tapping her fingernail against the desk. She sat in the silent office of Fangtasia, reflecting many things; especially Carrie. Jade took this opportunity to think about how they met in the first place and how it led to the bad blood between Jade and the Magister.

Her life had been quite tragic, and she had suffered a lot long before Carrie had met Mark. Her home life was horrible, considering her father gave her away to brothel to pay off gambling debts. Carrie was absolutely lucky Jade had found her when she did, otherwise she would be many of unlucky vampires stuck with a cruel maker. She slipped into downtime as she waited for everyone to arrive for the state meeting.

Jade walked inside the house to the smell of blood and arousal. She noticed Eric feeding on a woman straddled on his lap, moaning and writhing in place.

“Who’s this?” Jade asked amused. Eric pulled his fangs from the woman who huffed.

“This is Carmen. I found her at a brothel a couple of blocks from here.” He licked her neck, purring. “Fuck, her blood is exquisite. Would you like a taste?” Eric purred, smiling a fangy, bloody smile. Jade walked further into the room, giving him a blank look.

“No.” She simply said.

“Suit yourself.” He said, sinking his fangs back into her neck. She stood in front of him staring at the woman in his lap, feeling something creep up her spine. She shook her head, shaking off the feeling.

[Quick AN: There is a point to this flashback. I will get to it next chapter.]

She snapped out of downtime suddenly, her senses telling her she wasn’t alone in the office. She smelled something sweet and looked up, gasping, eyes widening in shock and disbelief.

“Fintan?!” she whispered. She thought it was impossible, seeing one of her dearest friends in front of her and alive. “I thought you had died in the war?!”  She said, raising her voice as he sat down in front of her.

“No, old friend…just hiding in the shadows until it was time to reveal myself.” He replied. Jade raised an eyebrow at him.

“You’re here for Sookie.” She said as a statement, then a question. He felt surprised for a moment, then smiled.

“I’ve forgotten you were psychic.” He chuckled. “And yes, I am here for Sookie. She is my granddaughter.” Jade nodded her head, expecting that.

“Are you’re here to claim her?” Jade paused, “No, wait. You can’t, you’ve been hiding for centuries and…my progeny has claimed her.” Fintan sat down.

“Eric Northman.”

“The one and only.” She replied with a smile.

“I didn’t come here to claim her…but I did come here to meet her. Can you sense…” Jade interrupted, knowing what he was asking of her.

“Yes, Fintan. Sookie possesses the essential spark. It’s strong and she’s capable of great power, if she can learn how to wield it properly. You must be revealing yourself because…she’s reaching Fae maturity.”

“Yes. It’s important that she learns how to use her power before my father realizes I’m alive and she exists. I have been keeping a Fae with the essential spark hidden and my father will see that as a betrayal.” Jade stiffened, staring at Fintan with impassivity. She knew Niall Brigant and what he was capable of. After all this time she still hadn’t understand how he became Prince of the Sky Fairies. He craved all the power he could possibly imagine, and didn’t care who he hurt in the process. Jade Valentine still had her own score to settle with him, considering he’s the reason why she lost her mother so long ago.

As Jade went silent, Fintan noted the look on her face. He figured she still held a grudge against his father, even after all these centuries. It was rare for someone like Jade to hold a grudge at all, but then again…this is very much personal to her. It had confused him so long ago why she decided to save his life, considering her disdain for fairies.

“You still hate him after all this time?” Jade suddenly raised her head, staring at her oldest friend.

“You know the answer to that question, Finn. It’s because of him why I lost my mother at such a young age. I needed her for all the things a daughter needed her mother for…and he took her away from me…all because he wanted to strengthen his numbers.” Jade said in a calm voice. Fintan shivered, knowing that tone very well. He could see it very clearly in her eyes; the rage she held on to for so long, the rage that rivaled that of a goddess…and all of it aimed at his father. He really couldn’t blame her…not really.

“Which is why it is very important that you keep my father away from her, until she reaches Fae maturity.” Jade looked at him confused.

“Just before…not after?” she asked him.

“Yes. I assume she will bond to the Norsemen?” Jade nodded her head.

“Good. Her bond with Northman will protect her from Niall, as no supernatural can interfere with a bonded couple; either party will have the right for retribution. And Niall will not risk the wrath of Northman…or you for that matter.” Jade knew this much already. Fintan continued.

“Once she reaches maturity, no other fairy will be able to influence her as they would a human. Niall will be unable to coerce her into leaving her home and entering the Fae realm. Plus, Fae have an alluring attraction that pulls humans in to their web.” Jade nodded her head and finally realized what he was getting at. Sookie reaching maturity will make her more supernatural than human, thus making her immune to Fae allure. As long as Sookie is claimed by Eric, and fully bonded, Niall cannot take her away. Having a bond with a vampire and then crossing over into Fae realm would kill them both.

“You’re the only one I know who’s powerful enough to keep Sookie hidden and stop Niall from causing more trouble.” Fintan was right. Niall may be Prince of the Sky Fairies and known to be very powerful…but he was no match for a Sorcerer, no fairy was. A Sorcerers powers are produced by the gods; both of light and darkness. Whereas Fairies are only of light. A fact in which Niall had despised.

“Does anyone know you’re among the living?”

“No, and I prefer to keep it that way…for now. My goal for the time being is to help my granddaughter learn more about her powers and her lineage.”

“Speaking of lineage…can I ask you a question?” He nodded his head. “I have two as a matter of fact. Why did you leave her to fend for herself as a kid with her telepathy and where does her telepathy come from? As far as I know, that is not a Fae trait.”

“I figured keeping my granddaughter out of supernatural politics would protect her and keep her as safe as possible…” Jade interrupted.

“Sheltering and keeping her in the dark would only render her defenseless. She’s also a sweet smelling telepath…sooner or later someone would have discovered her and taken her away from her life by force. By keeping her hidden, you were only prolonging the inevitable. You’re lucky I got to her before Sophie Ann did.” She didn’t want to beat around bush or tread lightly just because his father is Prince of Sky Fairies or because they were old friends. Fintan appreciated that quality in Jade.

“Indeed. I guess I let my love for my family cloud my judgement.” He sighs.

“Don’t beat yourself up, Finn. It’s all in the past and there’s nothing wrong with having love for your family…perhaps you could have left someone you trusted to teach her and protect her, so she could be prepared for any possibility.” Fintan nodded, but remained silent. “Where does her telepathy come from? I know it’s not a Fae trait. The only Supes that I know of that has this gift is Daemon, Elf and Angel. So, which is it?”

“Daemon.” Was all he said. Jade smiled, already knowing whom.

“Desmond Catalaides?” Fintan chuckled.


“Makes sense. He’s an attorney who represents the state of Louisiana. I believe he’s been a family friend of the Brigants for centuries?” He nodded his head.

“Hmmm. What’s his role in Sookie’s life? I feel there is more to this than just the telepathy.”

“He is Sookie’s Godfather. If anything should happen to me, he has instructions to contact her, and transfer all of my possessions to her.” Jade thought about his request, then made a decision.

“I take it you know of my new position?” He smiles at her. Jade chuckled at him. “Of course you do…Now that I’m Queen of Louisiana, I can protect her and give her a good job to keep a close eye on her. But if I’m to protect her from your father, I’m going to need Cataliades help…and yours.” Fintan only stared at her, then widening his eyes with acknowledgement. He gave a single nod.

“What do you need from me?”

Jade smiled, knowing shit is about to hit the fan.

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5 thoughts on “Fairies”

  1. I’m so glad you are back writing and working on this story, looking forward to future updates. Please please say you are keeping Godric alive and not letting him meet the sun.

  2. Happy to see you and this update! Glad Sookie has Eric and Jade on her side, sounds like some changes are headed her way.

  3. Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que he leído esta historia. Es una pena que vayas a poner esta historia en ‘espera’.
    Supongo que Jade va a generar un gran revuelo y espero (por el bien de Sookie) que Sookie esté bien informada para cuando aparezca Niall en escena o formará parte del programa reproductivo de éste como incubadora.

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