CH 17 The Spell is Cast

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So let me get this straight, you’re a sorceress, part Fae and vampire? How is this possible?” Carrie asked.

It is possible to be a mixture of creatures; it’s more common for a human, but a rarity for the undead. Anyways, let me get back to why I’m telling you this.” Jade turned to Eric and Sookie. “Eric, I’m telling you a little about my family history so you can understand what I’m about to offer you.” Eric looked at Jade waiting for an answer.

How would you like me to be your maker, Eric?” Jade asked.

Eric eyes widened in shock and silence filled the room. He stared off into space. Jade stayed silent to let him process this information. Eric blinked his eyes turning his attention back to Jade.

“Explain. How is it possible you can become my maker if I already have one?” Eric asked.

“I use a blood reconstruction spell. Humans have their own blood types, so when turned into a vampire you still retain some of your very own blood that’s left in your body after being changed. What this spell does is search through your blood cells looking for your own blood, latching on to it burning all of Appius’s blood from your body. Then you’ll turn into a human for a short period of time destroying every drop of his blood. I’ll have about 1 minute to give you my blood using my father’s dagger to cut through my wrists. His dagger is highly magical and is used for creating bonds or breaking them. A simple witch couldn’t pull this off without killing you.” Jade explained.

“Is this a painful process?”

“Its painful when it begins to rid all of Ocella’s blood from your body, and bringing you back to life… but temporarily. After my blood has entered into your body you’ll enter into a trance like state; almost like being in a coma. You’re being turned all over again, except the transformation takes only 2 nights.”

“Will Appius feel any of this?”

“Since he’s all the way in a different country, he shouldn’t. But if he were within the state of Louisiana, he most definitely would. I don’t think we have anything to worry about until he actually sets foot here.” Eric nodded his head.

“So what do ya say?” Jade asked. Eric looked out the window. Why do I feel the need to think about this?! I shouldn’t have to think about this! She’s been teaching me how to survive for over 7 centuries. She’s always been a maker to me…Yes, this iswhat I want. Eric faced Jade again, breathing deeply.

“Are you absolutely sure he won’t feel any of this happening? I’d rather he not show up and fuck everything up.”

“I’m positively sure. He will, however, feel his bond with you is gone when he’s nearby. So be prepared if he plans to find another way to force you to comply with his wishes.” After a few moments of silence, Eric nodded his head. He could do this.He wanted to do this. He needed to do this. If there was anyone in the world who was a true maker to him, it was Jade. Why not make it official?

“I’ll do it. I won’t be able to live with myself knowing I have a reminder of him coursing through my veins. I don’t want his blood in my body any longer. I need this…I need to take back what he took from me a thousand years ago. The time is now, before he makes me hurt someone I care about.” Eric said. Jade nodded her head, glad that he’s finally taking some control back. But that’s just the first step. He was still gonna have to face him.

“Are you absolutely sure you wanna do this? Once you do this, there’s no going back. I can only do this spell once.” Jade gave him an out by giving him a choice. She didn’t want to force this.

“I’m sure of this. I can’t be his slave any longer. I can’t have his blood inside me reminding me of everything he did to me. How soon can we do this?”

“Right now if you want…or we can wait until tomorrow at dusk. It’s your choice, Eric.” Jade replied.

“I want to do this now.” Jade nodded her head.

“Okay then. Sookie?” She turned her head from Eric’s shoulder looking at Jade. ” I need you to clear up the floor in the kitchen. Move your table and chairs into another room.” Sookie nodded her head, getting off of Eric’s lap and going into the kitchen.

“Carrie, go and help her.” Carrie nods her heads and whisks away into the kitchen.

“Pam, you’re gonna need to drink a little of Eric’s blood after the spell is complete. It’s quick, painless and you’ll be able to maintain your maker/child bond. Help me place these blood red candles on the floor in the kitchen. Eric, sit tight. I’ll call you when I have everything ready.” Eric nodded his head. Jade picks up her duffel bag going into the kitchen. She unzips the bag taking out 4 blood red candles and salt.

“Pam, place these candles on the north, south, east and west corners of this room.” She watched as Pam put the candles in the corners of the room.

“Done.” Pam said. Jade takes the salt and makes a giant circle in the room. It was big enough to reach the candles that were placed in their corners. Jade closes her eyes doing a quick spell in her head lighting the candles without using a lighter.

“Eric.” Jade said without raising her voice. Eric zipped into the kitchen doorway looking down at Jade. “Take off your shirt.” As Eric takes off his shirt, Jade steps out the circle next to the back door. “Now lie in the middle of this circle. Be careful not to disrupt the circle.” Eric walks into the circle and lays down. “Spread your arms and legs out a bit.” He did as she said and took a deep breath. “Relax, Eric…you’re in good hands.”

Jade sat on the floor Indian style in front of Eric’s head. She took her father dagger and cut an incision above Eric’s Heart letting it bleed a little. She grabbed both sides of his head leaning her forehead against his. She starts to whisper a chant:

Circulus Mitte (The circle is cast)

Sic fiat (So mote it be)

The circle surrounding Eric lights up looking like a force field. She starts to chant louder:

Quaerere impendo (Search and Expand)

Solvite, et destruet illustratione (Destroy and neutralize)

reformabit (Transform)

She closes her eyes repeating these words even louderEric starts to grunt and squirm. As Jade repeats these words again Eric roars in pain, he arches his back raising his hips off the floor, his hands clawing trying to grab on to something. Suddenly a golden light surrounds Eric’s body and he roars even louder than before. All of this went on for 10 minutes, then he calms down panting heavily; feeling like he just ran a marathon.

Eric had his eyes closed feeling tired suddenly. He could feel his heart beat for the first time and it was racing. His lungs expanded at every breath he took. His throat felt like it was burning and he felt tingly all over. It was a strange sensation.

Sookie was gripping the arm rest on the couch trying to fight the urge to soothe Eric’s pain, but he stayed in place.

Pam shut her eyes tightly feeling her bond with Eric break. It took everything in her not let blood tears pool in her eyes. It was only temporary, but that didn’t make hurt any less.

Jade opens his mouth a little. She takes her father’s dagger cutting a long, deep incision into her wrist. She puts it in front of Eric’s face letting her blood drip into his mouth. Eric starts to lick at the blood on his lips; instantly grabbing Jade’s hand and sucking at her wrist hard. He moans deeply; enjoying the taste of her blood.

He continues to suck until he passes out completely. Jade now starts to chant again:

Muta ista et sanguinem (Change the blood)

Benedictus Sanguis eius (Bless his blood)

Et datum est cantus (The spell is cast)

Sic fiat (So mote it be)

The light surrounding the circle went out along with the candles. Eric was unconscious on the floor looking paler than before and dead. Jade was relieved. She kissed his forehead whispering so one else could hear.

“Welcome to the family, my child.”

What did ya think? Like it? Love it? Good? Bad? In between? Did any of this make sense? Next up: Back to Present day.

3 thoughts on “CH 17 The Spell is Cast”

  1. Wow, that was good. I think it will be worth the pain. I wonder if Eric will gain new abilities?

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