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When they came down from their orgasmic high, Eric took a deep breath. It was too late for him to stop her from biting him and drinking his blood. He had to explain to her what she’s just done. But if he had to be honest with himself, he was extremely happy that he was now tied to her. He could feel her emotions and she felt happy, content, and satisfied. This put a giant grin on his face; he chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” Sookie said, also chuckling herself.

“I just feel so happy right now. No woman I’ve met has made me feel this way. I don’t know what this feeling is, but I don’t want it to stop.” Eric said, sighing contently. Sookie giggled nervously.

“Come on! You can’t expect me to believe that do you? I’m sure you’ve had hundreds of gorgeous women with way more experience than me!” Sookie said, looking down.

“It’s true, I’ve had hundreds of women…but none of them were as beautiful or magnificent as you. That’s the honest truth. No woman has ever been able to fully satisfy me, until you.” Eric said seriously, staring into her eyes intently. Sookie looked away. All of his praising made Sookie blush the color of a tomato. He grabbed her chin and turned her head towards his. He smiled.

“Mmmm. I just love it when you turn that color. It makes me want to fuck you and rub myself all over you.” He purred, nuzzling her cheek. Sookie giggled. Throughout the rest of the boat ride he held Sookie in his arms, smelling her sweet scent. And Sookie felt content feeling his cool skin again her warm body.

On the ride home, Eric was smiling to himself. He noticed Sookie was fidgeting in her seat; he could also smell her arousal…again. He was relieved that he wasn’t the only one easily affected by the company. He knotted his fingers with hers and she instantly relaxed. He loved how she instantly relaxes when he touches her.

“Sookie, do you remember what happened during the boat ride when you climaxed?” Eric abruptly asked. Sookie looked at him in confusion.

“Yeah…I bit your finger…” Sookie trailed off, confused. She blushed when she thought about the amazing orgasm Eric gave her and bit his finger to prevent her scream from being heard and the intensity of it. That’s when she realized why he was bringing this up. She remembered a sweet, thick liquid in her mouth. It was his blood.

“Will your blood turn me into a vampire?” she asked, with a slight panic to her voice.

“No, you would have to be nearly drained and drink more of my blood to be turned into a vampire. But I think we might have accidentally created a blood tie.” Eric replied. Sookie sighed in relief.

“What’s a blood tie?” Sookie asked.

“A blood tie is when a vampire gives blood to a human. The vampire can feel the human’s emotions and locate them; and maybe control the human to some extent. Depends on why the blood tie is created.” Eric explained.

“Are there side-effects of vampire blood?”

“Yes, humans may experience erotic dreams of the vampire. If you feel some kind of attraction to said vampire, the blood amplifies the attraction; but doesn’t create feelings of attraction or love. The vampire may even be able to affect your emotions. Like if you feel scared or panicked; I could send you calm waves through the tie.”

“Will I be able to feel your emotions?”

“No, in order for that happen, we’d have to have a lover’s or eternal bond.”

“And what is that exactly?”

“A lover’s bond is made between two individuals with mutual feelings of affection or love. It only takes one exchange and then shortly after you consummate the bond; completing it. We’d feel each others emotions, track each other and we would crave each others company. An eternal bond is like a marriage but more intense and lasts till death, if one of us dies, the other dies or vice versa. It takes 3 exchanges, a ceremonial knife, and a goblet. These bonds are rarely used by vampires, mainly because vampire blood is sacred and we don’t usually share our blood.” Eric explains.

“I’m sorry if I took your blood…it was an accident. I was…” Sookie said, panicking.

“Calm down, lover. I’m not angry. If I were to be honest I’m relieved and happy I’ve given you my blood. I wish it were under different circumstances though.” Eric stated interrupting Sookie, and smiling. He pulled in front of her house and stopped the car. By the time Sookie had her seat-belt off he was already on her side, opening the door and holding his hand out to her. She grabbed it and stepped out of the corvette.

She started towards the house with Eric behind her. When they approached the steps, Sookie turned around and faced Eric. Eric stared deep into her eyes. Sookie saw an emotion in eyes she couldn’t detect, but could certainly feel the intensity of his gaze. It made her shiver. He pressed his lips on hers and slid his tongue on her bottom lip asking for entry into her warm mouth. She parted her lips and let him in. It felt like they’ve been kissing for days and Sookie didn’t want it to stop; but she had to…she had work in the morning. Sookie pulled away and Eric whimpered at the loss of contact.

“Thank you for a lovely night. But it’s late and I have a shift in the morning.”

“Yes, you’re right. We must stop. Otherwise I won’t make it back to Shreveport before dawn and I’ll end up keeping up all night. But make no mistake we will finish this, lover. You can fucking count on it.” Eric promised huskily as he leaned into her neck to kiss the spot under her ear. Eric groaned, he leaned his forehead against hers and kissed her nose.

“I will see you tomorrow. Have pleasant dreams of me lover.” He said, quickly turning away; getting into his corvette and driving away.

Sookie stared off into the darkness and sighed to herself. She couldn’t wait to see him tomorrow night.

After Jade left the palace, the queen quickly got out of the pool. She picked up a vase and threw it against the wall. She let an earth-shattering scream that could compare to an Eagle’s bird call. She was all wet, pissed off and paced back and forth; trying to figure out a new strategy. She wanted the telepath and will get her. One way or another; NOTHING was going to get in her way.

All her guards, including Andre, kept their distance away from her. When she was in this emotional state, she was lethal and deadly. It was best not be in her way. She suddenly stopped pacing and smiled evilly. She had a plan and it included getting Northman away from the telepath. And she knew how she was going to do it.

“ANDRE!” she screamed. Suddenly he was in front of her, with his head hung low.

“Your majesty. How can I be of assistance?”

“Bring me Hadley. And call the king of Greece. I’m hungry and need to make some calls.”

“As you wish, my queen.” Andre replied, grabbing her hand and kissing it. He quickly vamped out the room and returned instantly a petit blonde girl also known as Hadley. Hadley stood in front of the queen and got on her knees. Andre left the room to call Amelia Broadway, the queen’s assistant.

“My queen.” She said, bowing her head.

“Hadley, my dear, I know you’ve been bugging me about wanting to see your family. I know how much you miss them. So I’ve decided it’s time for you to visit your family.” The queen said feigning sincerity. Hadley looked up at the queen with tears in her eyes and gasped.

“You…you really mean it?” she asked in a small voice.

“Yes. And I’ve also decided to give another you wanted since I’ve found you…” the queen said, trailing off. Hadley widened her eyes in shock. She didn’t expect this to happen so soon. But she was happy nonetheless. The queen sat down in her throne and crossed her legs. She crooked a finger at Hadley.

“Come here, Hadley.” She said seductively, her fangs popping out. Hadley stood up and sat in the queen’s lap. Sophie Ann pushed her hair to the side and stroked her neck. She kissed her pulse joint and suddenly bit into her neck. She kept drinking and drinking until she was almost drained.

She was making her a vampire tonight. Yes, she will definitely get her telepath one way or another.

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  1. This chapter was amazing as well. I’m glad Eric explained things to Sookie. I’m loving the passion.

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