CH 6 The Queen Pt. 2

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The queen looked at Jade disdainfully as she entered the sun room. She motioned to Jade to take a seat but she remained standing.

“I will come straight to the point Valentine. This is not a social call. I am led to believe that you have something of mine.”

“Oh, really? And what might that be?” Jade asked coyly. The queen growled, baring her fangs at Jade.

“The telepath.” the queen said hotly. Suddenly all the queen’s guards surrounded Jade. Jade laughed.

Jade’s hands turned into fists and started to glow white. She raised her hands up making a V and suddenly the queen’s bodyguards were airborne. She very quickly lowered her hands, slamming them down to ground. Her hands stopped glowing; she turned and faced a wide-eyed queen. Jade snorts.

“You know, this is extremely amusing. If you seriously think all your precious children can stop me from killing you, you seriously have gone mad. I’m over four thousand years old! I could take you all out with my hands tied behind my back. If I were you, I’d rethink your so-called plan of action to take me out. TELL YOUR GUARDS TO STAND DOWN…and then we could get down to business.” Jade said, saying the last part calmly.

“YOU WILL NOT ORDER ME AROUND, I AM YOUR QUEEN. YOU OBEY ME!” The queen shrieked. Jade rolled her eyes.

“I’m sorry doll-face, but I do not take orders from a child!” Jade laughed.

“I AM NOT A CHILD! I am your queen!” the queen growled. “And you have something that belongs to me!” she continued.

Jade played like she was mystified.

“You are not stupid, so please do not insult me with your feigned ignorance. I am informed that your second in command has a new human companion, the telepath Sookie Stackhouse.”

Jade maintained her silence; looking at the queen with a stoic neutral face, knowing it would annoy her and force her to tell Jade more.

“She is mine, I have made arrangements to ensure it and somehow you have ruined them, and beat me to the punch.”

“Yours? Arrangements? If I recall, I don’t remember you sending out an edict to me personally for the girl. You should have informed me if this affected my area.” Jade said, nonchalantly.

“I did not see fit to share them with you.”

“No, you actually did not ‘see fit‘ to tell me because you knew I would get her before you did. You also know I have a ‘No Poaching’ policy in my area, so of course you knew I’d interfere and stop you from kidnapping a human in my area. I am quite hurt you didn’t expect more of me, Majesty.” Jade said, placing a hand on her heart and playfully sniffling.

“I will not tolerate your insolence. Do not play games with me. I know you covet my position. If I had alerted you to the telepath you would have made sure you claimed her for yourself.” Jade laughed.

“Yes you are right, I would have. The last thing any human wants is to be forced into slavery. Although…I don’t tolerate people who think they’re entitled to what they want just because of the position they hold. The title means jack shit if there’s nothing to back it up. I this it pathetic. If I wanted to be queen of Louisiana, you’d be looong dead. You always seem to forget that I’m much older and stronger than you and can take the position of queen from you anytime I want. There wouldn’t be a thing you could do to stop me.” Jade explained as she stood up circling around the queen.

“YOU WILL GIVE ME THE TELEPATH!” The queen roared. Jade ran at vamp speed in front of Sophie-Anne face to face.

“You dare… order me around like I’m one of your underlings! What part of 4000 years old are you not getting? I don’t owe you anything, least of all respect! Ha! You act like a spoiled little child; you never have and never will earn my respect!” Jade growled. She then grabbed the queen’s neck, raising them both in the air. She held the queen so close to her face their noses were touching.

“Well I hate to burst your plan…But I refuse to give you permission to talk, look or even think about Sookie. So here’s the deal, IF YOU EVER…AND I MEAN EVER FUCK WITH SOOKIE, I’LL SHOVE MY FOOT SO FAR UP YOUR ASS I’D KICK YOUR HEART OUT. I WILL FUCKING CRUSH YOU! I will give you a fate worse than death and that my darling Sophie Ann is a promise.” Jade then dropped Sophie Ann into the pool, gently lowering herself to the ground in front of her.

“Now that we both understand each other, I’ll be off. Toodles!” Jade said, running out the sun-room at vampire speed. By the time she got to the gate, her cell phone rang. When she looked at the caller-Id she stiffened. It was the Ancient Pythoness. She then suddenly felt her maker was nearby and calling her.

This must be important, Jade thought. She knew then her life and everyone else life was about to drastically change. Jade sighed.

This couldn’t be good.

Sookie sat in the passenger’s seat of Eric’s corvette thinking about the contract. She sat and pondered about how much her life has changed in a matter of days.

“How are you feeling?” he asked softly. Sookie took a deep breath.

“I feel fine.” Sookie admitted.

“Then what’s on your mind?” Eric asked curious.

“I’m thinking about how much my life has changed in such a short time. And I’m wondering what the vampire world is like? Will I be safe, at all?” Sookie replied.

“I won’t lie to you Sookie, but there will be more vampires out there who will want you for themselves and try and kill me just to get you. You’re the most valuable asset and a rare one. Anybody would do anything to possess you. If I could I would just scoop you up and hide you from the world. But I have a feeling you wouldn’t like that.” Eric explained, seeing Sookie nod her head at him.

“I know I’m new to your world and still have a lot more to learn, but I ask you to please not to sugarcoat the truth or keep me in the dark about anything…even if it is horrifying or nasty. Can you do that for me Eric?” Sookie asked softly.

“I won’t make any promises, but I’ll do the best I can.” Eric said. She truly believed him.

“Thank you.” Sookie gave Eric a grateful smile and he smiled back in return.

Sookie was looking out the window, watching the trees pass by; lost in her thoughts. She felt the pull in her chest getting even stronger than it was before. She didn’t know what it was, but she felt like she had to do something to Eric. Something was telling her to connect herself to Eric…but she didn’t know how or even where her feelings and thoughts were coming from. She sighed internally.

Eric gripped the steering wheel. Her scent was driving him up the wall. He had a strong urge to stop the car, throw her on the hood of the car and fuck her senseless. He absentmindedly placed his hand on her thigh; rubbing up and down, each time inching closer to her pussy. He felt the pull in his chest getting stronger; he felt he had to connect himself to her by giving her his blood. Eric didn’t know where the thoughts or feeling were coming, but he wasn’t going to ignore it. He’ll have to talk to Jade later about this; make sure he isn’t losing his mind.

Suddenly the car came to a stop and Sookie gasped in surprised. What are we doing at a carnival, Sookie asked?

“Eric what are we doing here?” She asked curious. Eric grinned at her, got out the car and was at her side before she could even blink.

“This is our date. Does this not please you?” Eric asked, concerned.

“No its fine, It’s just the last place I’d expect a vampire to take me…especially on a date!” Sookie replied, excited.

“Tonight is their last night and then they’re moving off to Baton Rouge. I thought we could have our first date here.” Eric said grinning like a madman. Sookie only stared at him and then grinned along with him. She put her hand on his neck and then kissed him deeply. Eric eagerly returned the kiss. They pulled from each other.

“Come on, let’s go!” she said, pulling on his arm towards the carnival. Eric chuckled at her excitement. It did things to his chest and he felt tingly all over seeing the look of happiness on her face. He sighed to himself in contentment.

So they spent the rest of the night going on rides, playing games and enjoying each others company. When Sookie got hungry, Eric took her to food stand and ordered her food. They sat at a picnic table next to a lake. Sookie was eating a slice of pizza and Eric was nursing a true blood.

“Having fun so far?” Eric asked her.

“Yes! I haven’t had this much fun since I was kid. Today was just…perfect. Thank you.” Sookie said, smiling broadly.

“You are welcome. We have one last ride to go on.” Eric said, with a mischievous glint in his eyes. He grabbing her hand and lead her over to a romantic boat ride.

“Ride on the tunnel of love with me?” asked Eric. Sookie nodded her head eagerly. They got in line and Eric wrapped his arms around Sookie. He nuzzled into her neck; she felt the tip of his tongue lick up and down on the shell of her ear. Sookie shivered and moaned. When it was their turn to get in the boat, Eric got in first, and Sookie got in next; sitting in between his legs. The boat started to float away.

Eric pushed her hair to side and started kissing her neck. He then bent her knees and opened her legs. His hands were sliding up and down her thighs. They slid up under her dress as they floated into a tunnel with dim lights on the sealing and waterfalls off to the sides. Sookie felt wetness between her legs. Sookie groaned; unintentionally moving against his hard cock making him hiss in pleasure.

“I can smell your arousal and it’s driving me crazy.” he whispered with his lips right against her ear. Sookie squirmed because it tickled. Eric’s hand had somehow slipped under her panties and his fingers were exploring her folds. Sookie’s mind was telling her to stop him, but her body was telling her different. She wasn’t going to let his experience go to waste. The boat continued through the tunnel and she rocked back even closer against him. She could feel his hard cock against her back even through his jeans.

Sookie gasp as she felt him, he felt huge against her back, confined by the pants; she could imagine feeling that inside her and it made her even wetter. She reached behind her and palmed his cock making him moan softly. He grinded against her hand lightly.

“Mmmm, your so wet.” he said quietly. His fingers continued to move, first on her nub, then sliding into her wet pussy. The rest of the outside world had disappeared to Sookie. She was more focused on Eric’s fingers exploring her insides. He then started thrusting his fingers in and out; he started stroking a spot that drove Sookie wild. She started to pant. She rubbed against his jean-clad cock harder, making him grind against her hand. He moaned.

“Harder.” He said, breathless. She rubbed faster and harder against his jeans and Eric was moving just as fast. Sookie felt his whole body tense and crush his face in the crook of her neck; muffling his roars of pleasure.

Eric brought her over the edge with an orgasm. A bright light flashed behind her eyes as she came. Using her free hand she quickly grabbed Eric’s from her breast and bit his finger hard enough to draw blood. She felt the liquid hit her tongue and she moaned loudly. She didn’t realize she was drinking Eric’s blood. And Eric was still coming down from the orgasmic high; he didn’t even realize what just happened.

They were finally connected to each other.

4 thoughts on “CH 6 The Queen Pt. 2”

  1. Freckin perfect chapter, loved it. I like where he took Sookie on their date. The ending was perfect. I’m so glad they are connect more now. The whole pull is really interesting. I’m interested in jade seeing the AP too.

  2. Loved it and how Jade handled Sophie Anne, and dropping her in the pool.. Can’t wait to find out why the AP called and why her maker was near by..

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