CH 5 The Queen Pt. 1

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Sookie woke the next morning feeling excited. She was lucky to have the day off, which gave her enough time to prepare for her date and night at Fangtasia.

Last night Eric had escorted her home. She smiled to herself remembering the conversation they had before she went off to bed last night:

They both sat in her old rusted car in comfortable silence. It was nice to just sit down and not have to struggle to keep her shields up. Sookie sighed happily. She noticed Eric kept stealing glances at her or stare at her through the corner of his eyes. She tried not to let it show on her face how happy she was to be alone with him. Finally they made it to the farmhouse. Eric was out the car and on the other side opening the door for Sookie before she could even take off her seat-belt. He held his hand out to her and Sookie grabbed it.

He walked her to the front porch and stood at the bottom of the steps. She faced Eric looking into his cerulean blue eyes and finds that she wasn’t ready for Eric to leave just yet. Instead she walked over to the porch swing and patted a seat next to her, motioning for Eric to join her.

He sped over to her and sat next to her instantly. He grabbed her hand and entwined his fingers with hers, enjoying the connection he feels with her when he touches her.

“So where are you taking me tomorrow night?” Sookie asked, smiling.

“It’s a surprise.” He said softly smiling back.

“Then how am I supposed to know what to wear?” Sookie asked, giggling. Eric smiled at her, yet again for the umpteenth time. He was doing that a lot lately.

What was it about this woman that has me all smiles and grins.

“Wear something casual. A sweater and jeans will be just fine.” He said, getting closer to her.

“Okay, then.” Sookie replied. She stood up, took her keys out her purse and unlocked her door. Before she turned around, she could feel Eric’s chest against her back. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and bent to nuzzle her neck. He couldn’t resist the urge to smell her and kiss her. Whenever he was close to her, he felt this need for physical contact. It overwhelmed him…but not in a bad way.

He trailed kisses down her neck and then back up to her jaw. He spins her around then captures her lips in a passionate kiss. Sookie gasped when he grabbed her thighs and wraps her legs around his waist; further deepening the kiss. She could the bulge in his jeans and she groaned. He massaged her tongue with his and wrapped his hands in her hair. He pulled away and brushed his lips against her ear.

“This is…amazing. When I am with you I feel such pleasure, such contentment. I have not had these feelings for centuries.” Eric smelled her hair deeply. “You smell like…pure sunshine, wheat…and honey. I can only imagine what you taste like.” He whispered in her ear. Sookie shivered in pleasure. Eric chuckled.

His hands gripped the sides of her face as his lips met hers again. His tongue demanded entrance, and she eagerly let him in. Her mouth tasted sweet, and it was just as soft as a rose petal.

Gods, I could never get enough of kissing Sookie. This time was better than the last, and yet I desired so much more.

Eric felt his fangs suddenly pop out and he quickly yet reluctantly pulled away from her.

Sookie watched in awe as Eric’s fangs glistened in the moonlight and she touched one fang with her index finger; sliding it up and down. Eric shivered. She accidentally pricked her finger and a drop of blood pooled on the tip of her finger. He took her finger into his mouth and sucked on it lightly. Sookie was nearly breathless as he released her finger from his mouth.

She unwraps her legs from his waist and took a step back. They stood there, inches from each other, staring into each other eyes hungrily. Sookie shook her head to shake the lust from her mind…or otherwise she would’ve jumped Eric.

“It’s getting late Eric. I’m really tired and should head off to bed.” Sookie said softly, sighing sadly. She really didn’t want him to leave. Eric retracted his fangs and smiled.

“Sweet dreams, my Sookie. Until tomorrow night, lover.” He grinned. He then shot up into the air and disappeared into the night; leaving Sookie speechless and gaping in shock.

Sookie smiled to herself. She had gone to bed that night with the goofiest grin on her face. She could barely get to sleep because she was so excited and could not stop thinking about Eric.

He is so gorgeous and sexy. How could he have any interest in me? I’m a telepathic country bumpkin from Bon Temps.

She quickly shook those thoughts out of her head and took a shower. She spent the whole day preparing herself and looking through her closet for an appropriate outfit for her date.

She then came across something and grinned broadly.

Perfect, this will do just fine.

It was around seven and the bar wouldn’t be open for a few hours.

But tonight they had to open later and close earlier than usual due to the incident with the thief who was stealing money from Fangtasia. Forty-five minutes had past and Jade sat in her office in silence, working out many game plans to take Louisiana from the Sophie Ann. She knows for a fact the queen will do anything to obtain what she wants. If Jade played her cards correctly, she could do this with her hands tied behind her back. Suddenly the phone was beeping, meaning Carrie was calling her. Jade pushed a button and listened.

“Jade, the queen is on line 2.” Carrie said through the intercom. Jade put the phone on speaker and pressed a button to put the queen online.

“Good evening your majesty.” Jade said to the phone.

“Good evening, Sheriff. I’m calling to inform you that your presence will be required in New Orleans tonight. There is a pressing matter I need you to investigate.” The queen said. Jade rolled her eyes, she knew for a fact this was some kind of fluke, which means the queen got her message that Jade gave to Bill Compton to send to the queen. Jade decided to play along, this will be her chance to put the queen in her place.

“Of course, your majesty, I should be at the palace around midnight. See you soon.” Jade said.

“See you soon Sheriff.” The queen purred and then hung up the phone. Jade hung up and sighed. Yes, she knew for a fact that Sophie Ann was definitely not going to give up. Of course, she could just easily kill her and become queen of Louisiana herself, but she wasn’t in the mood for more power. Yet. She had a strong feeling that was going to change really soon.

She got out of her chair and walked on the dais, where Eric was sitting on his throne. She called Carrie through the Maker/Child call and she appeared instantly by her side.

Jade turned to Carrie. “Tell the DJ to cut the music. I have an announcement to make.” Carrie nodded her head and headed toward the DJ. Suddenly the music stopped and the whole bar went silent.

“Can I have everyone’s attention please? I have an announcement.” Jade said, as she waited to get every vampire’s undivided attention. “The queen has called me for assistance in a matter in New Orleans, so I’ll be gone for a few days. While I’m gone I expect everyone to stay outta trouble and follow rules to the T! Eric, stand up.” Jade said. Eric stood up.

“While I’m gone, Eric Northman will be in charge of Area 5. That means I expect you to do as he says, when he says, no question. If he tells you to jump off a cliff, jump off. If he tells you to eat a hamburger, eat it. If he tells you to fuck a hobo, fuck it! Do I make myself clear?!” Jade shouted in a firm voice.

“Yes sheriff.” The whole bar said in unison.

“Excellent. Y’all have a good night now.” Jade said with southern drawl, jokingly. The DJ restarted the music and Jade went back to her office. Eric, Carrie and Pam followed behind her.

As soon as they were all in the office, Carrie closed the door.

“I take it the queen contacted you.” Eric said.

“Yup she did. She expects me in New Orleans by midnight. If I leave now, I can make it there before then.”

“You do realize she’s gonna try and kill you.” Pam said.

“Yes I do. I also know she’s going to try and buy Sookie from me. Or come up with some ridiculous plan to turn her against us or something.” Eric growled at that.

“Sookie is MINE!” he growled. Jade chuckled.

“I know that old friend. And she will remain yours. I believe this is whole thing with the queen is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure we’ll have more trouble coming our way and soon.” Jade said.

“What are we going to do about the thief?” Carrie asked.

“Simple, proceed as planned. Close down early. Sookie is supposed to be here soon. Eric will basically take care of things from here.” Jade turned to Eric. “If the thief is a human, you will turn them into the police. No torturing, leave that for the vampires.” Jade said. Eric and Pam didn’t look very pleased but stayed silent. Carrie however nodded, knowing what to expect from Jade; especially being her child for four hundred years.

“OK, I’m off.” Jade stopped at the door and turned to the three vampires. “Remember what I said.” She said as she disappeared at vampire speed.

Eric sat in his throne so the vermin could admire him. He didn’t particularly enjoy doing this but if he wished for this business to maintain popularity he would just have to deal with it. He was utterly bored and the only thing that kept his mind occupied was the thought of the sweet southern belle that seemed invoke feelings he’s never felt before. Her image was still fresh in his mind; her blonde hair that was almost in loose curls; her bright blue eyes, her beautiful body.

Damn, that body was fucking perfect. She was fucking perfect.

How could he feel this way in such short time?

When he first saw her he was completely enthralled with her. Before Sookie, he’s fucked women and got rid of them; only after a few hours he gets bored with them and let them go. They just didn’t satisfy him like they used to. After a while he just stopped paying fucking them. All he did was fed on them, and let them go. He didn’t even bother having sex. It seemed each day that went pass by he became more and more complacent; almost like he just existed. Eric just became lifeless.

He became crankier, meaner and more aggressive. It worried Pam and Jade. Jade being Eric’s best friend tried everything she could to make things like they used to be when they first met. She tried cheering him up so many times only to be disappointed when he ignored her attempts. Ever since the night they met, they haven’t separated from each other. They had so much fun together; laughing and enjoying each others company.

Pam being Eric’s child, tried bringing him random fangbangers for him to fuck. But he dismissed them. The two female vampires didn’t know what was going on with him. And then suddenly, a couple days before Carrie gave Jade some info on the queen and what she planning, everything changed right at that moment as soon as he laid eyes on Sookie.

Suddenly Eric smelled the air; he smelled something sweet.

My beautiful Sookie has arrived.

He smiled broadly. Pam suddenly appeared next to Eric. She noticed through the bond that he was giddy and happy. She quirked an eyebrow at him.

“Master, there is a woman named Sookie here to see you.” Pam said as she indicated her head towards the bar.

“Pam, bring Miss Stackhouse to my office.” Eric instantly got out of his chair and walked to his office.

Sookie leaned against the bar, when a vampire who looked Native American with long black hair approached her with his fangs out fully.

“Hello pretty lady. What can I get you?”

“I’ll take a gin and tonic.”  She replied. Sookie was nervous about her date so she decided to go for a little liquid courage. He placed a gin and tonic in front of her. She started to get money out of her purse, but Longshadow quickly interrupted her.

“The drinks are on the house. Compliments of Northman.” He said, walking away. Sookie shrugged, grabbed the drink and gulped it down. She put the glass down and waited. She then noticed Pam had returned to her.

“Eric is waiting for you in his office. Follow me.” She said with a bored expression. Sookie got off the bar stool and followed Pam to the back in a hall with doors. They finally stopped at the last door. Pam knocked and waited.

“Enter.” A deep voice said. Pam opened the door and waved for Sookie to go in. Sookie walked in and went to sit in a chair in front of his desk. Eric had his legs crossed at the ankles and raised on top of the desk. He stared at her hungrily. She was wearing white dress with red flowers on it. It was pressed against her breasts deliciously and she just looked…fucking sexy. Eric’s fangs popped out and he grinned at her. Sookie gasped.

“Sookie, you look very much delectable.” He said huskily. Sookie blushed and looked anywhere but him. He enjoyed when her face turned that delicious color. He hardened at the image.

“Look at me, Sookie.” He said suddenly. Sookie looked back at Eric shyly.

“You are beautiful and…sexy. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.” He growled, still looking up and down her body. Sookie trembled in lust and shivered. How could he make her feel this way? Instead of feeling like a little lady…she felt like a woman. She smiled at him. He smiled back at her. She felt empowered and sexy.

“Now, let’s get down to business, shall we?” he said raising an eyebrow.

“Where’s Jade? I thought she’d be here.” Sookie asked.

“Unfortunately she was called away for business by the queen. She won’t be back for a few days. So I’m in charge until she gets back.” He replied. Sookie nodded her head. Eric pulled out an orange envelope from his drawer and handed it to Sookie.

“She left me this in my drawer for you to read and sign. Make sure you read it thoroughly. And if there’s anything you don’t agree with, simply write some notes and we’ll go over it tomorrow night.  Speaking of which, the accountant of Fangtasia has informed me that 80 thousand dollars has gone missing. So far, our attempts to find the culprit have failed. I need you to come back tomorrow and read the staff.” Eric explained.

“Have you tried that hypnotizing thing ya’ll do?” Sookie replied. Eric chuckled at her southern accent.

“You mean glamor? Yes, we have. But like I said, our attempts to find out the truth have failed.”

“What time should I be here tomorrow?” she asked.

“You can be here around 9pm. Is this acceptable?” Eric asked. Sookie nodded her head. Eric then stood up and instantly stood in front of Sookie. He held his hand out to her.

“Now that the business portion of the evening is finished, we can now move on to more pleasurable things.” Eric replied, smirking. Sookie wanted to lick that smirk and she grinned. She grabbed his hand and they walked out of the employee entrance to go on their date.

As Jade drove to New Orleans, she thought about how she was going to overthrow the queen. Although, she’s anxious to just kill her and get it over with, that’s not what she initially planned. The queen is impatient and petty, therefore, tonight she will attempt to pull rank against Jade and demand she give up the girl.

But this time, Jade vowed she will not let the queen push her around just because she is the queen.

The queen is lucky I’ve allowed her to stay queen this long, without any interference from me. Of course now it’s time for me to remind her who she’s dealing with and why she’s still queen.

When Jade arrived at the queen’s palace, she parked further away from the palace and hid it behind an abandoned old house to make sure no one tries to bug her car or hide a bomb to kill her.

She got out the car, locked it and sped over to the palace. In a matter of seconds she was in front of the gate, where she was greeted by Rasul.

“Good evening, Sheriff. The queen’s expecting you. I trust all is going well for you?” he asked. Jade said nothing but nodded at him and continued to walk through the gate as it opened.

The queen looked at Jade disdainfully as she entered the sun room. She motioned to Jade to take a seat but she remained standing.

“I will come straight to the point Valentine. This is not a social call. I am led to believe that you have something of mine.”

“Oh, really? And what might that be?” Jade asked coyly.

“The telepath.” the queen said hotly. Suddenly all the queen’s guards surrounded Jade. Jade laughed.

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  1. Another exciting chapter. I like that Sookie wore the white dress with red flowers. I’m curious how Jade will handle the Queen.

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