The First Meeting

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 She turned her attention to Eric who had his eyes glued to something. Jade could tell by the lustful look in his eyes, it was a woman. Jade turned her attention in the direction of Eric’s eyes and smiled broadly.

Just the girl I’ve been looking for.

Jade chuckled. How predictable Eric, Jade thought to herself. She could feel in her very soul she was Sookie Stackhouse. She didn’t know how she knew, but she did. She also had a feeling her and Sookie would turn out to be great friends. And if Jade is mistaken, she thought she could see Sookie’s eyes glued to Eric as well. Jade smiled broadly.

Jade was broken from her thoughts when the petite blonde woman approached their table with notepad in her hand, a pen and a bright smile on her face.

“Hello, I’m Sookie you’re server. What can I getcha?” She said with excitement in her voice.


When Jade took a good look at Sookie, she felt that shiver down her spine she usually gets when she’s about to have a vision of someone’s past. She saw Sookie’s whole past flash before her eyes, from when she was born to now.

Jade discovered Sookie grew up as an outcast, and had trouble controlling her telepathy around her family and friends when she was a child. She was even molested by her Uncle Bartlette, who right now is still alive.

Not for long. 

Jade was pissed and disgusted by these small-minded folk who classified vampires as monsters, yet they think its okay to shun a child because she could read everyone’s mind.

Hypocrite much?

Sookie would fit in fine in the vampire world, although it might take some time for vampires to adjust to a fairy-hybrid working along with them in their world. Jade knew by the way they were staring at each other, that that wasn’t going to take long at all. Jade cooked up a plan inside her head, and it involved bringing these two together.

“Hello Sookie, I’ll have a true blood, A negative. Eric, what would you like?” Jade asked, looking at Eric. She noticed Eric hasn’t answered her yet, and was still staring at Sookie like a love-sick teenager. Jade snapped her fingers in front of Eric’s face, and nudged his leg with her knee.

“Hello?! Eric?!” Jade exclaimed. Eric shook his head and snapped out of it.

“What?!” Eric snapped. Jade nearly rolled her eyes and chuckled to herself.

“Would you like a true blood?” Jade asked, grinning at Eric. Eric glared back at Jade with a menacing stare.

“No thank you.” Eric said, not looking at Jade and continuously staring at Sookie. Sookie smiled and jotted down Jade’s order.

“I’ll be right back with your drink.” Sookie said, glancing back at Eric while walking away.  As Sookie walked away Eric was staring at her ass really hard. That woman is a fucking goddess, beautiful and curvy in the right places. I don’t know what it is, but I feel some kind of pull drawing me to her. Can she feel it too? I must have her and she will be mine, Eric thought to himself.

“It’s her.” Jade said.

“What’s her?” Eric asked.

“Sookie Stackhouse, the woman that just took our order.” Jade said, narrowing her eyes at Sam Merlotte, the shifter talking to Sookie. She could hear the conversation they were having.

“Cher, you need to be careful around those two. They’re dangerous.” Jade heard Sam say.

“How is that so Sam?” Sookie’s asked.

“Do they need a reason? They’re vampires, they are always dangerous! Just be careful.” Sam said.

“Sam Merlotte! Just because some vampires are evil, doesn’t mean they’re all that way! I thought you supported the VRA?” Sookie exclaimed.

“I do, it’s just…never mind. Just be careful, Cher.” Sam said, walking away in the back. Jade smiled to herself. As long as she and Eric played it cool, she’ll be able to recruit Sookie apart of her area in no time.

Eric was quite pleased he was going to see Sookie more often. She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. She will be magnificent, Eric thought with a smile.

Jade noticed the satisfied, smug look on his face and nearly burst out laughing. He is so predictable these days, Jade laughed.

Jade was broken from her thoughts when Sookie approached the table with her true blood and a napkin. She turned around, began to walk away until Jade’s voice stopped her.

“Excuse me, Sookie?” Jade said, loud enough for Sookie to hear. Sookie turned around, and looked at Jade expectantly.

“Yes?” Sookie replied.

“I was wondering when you have a little time that I could talk to you about something important, about a job offer?” Jade asked. Jade started to push her influence into Sookie’s head and instantly felt her glamour broke, she also noticed that Sookie cringed slightly and lightly rubbed her forehead.

Interesting, she can’t be glamoured. But just to make sure, Jade thought. Jade tried again and pushed harder into Sookie’s head and failed.

“Umm, yeah sure, just give me ten minutes.” Sookie said. Jade nodded her head and smiled, and then Sookie walked away.

After a few moments of silence, Jade spoke again. “She can’t be glamoured.” Jade said simply. Eric looked at Jade and his eyes widened slightly in shock.

“Really? That’s interesting. She must not be fully human if she can’t be glamoured.” Eric replied nonchalantly. Jade looked at Eric and nodded her head at him.

“Yep.” Jade said.

“It’s gonna be much difficult to coerce her into working for us.” Eric said.

“Not really. Trying to manipulate her would just make things complicated. We’ll have to play this by ear. Tell her exactly what we want and why and let her come to her own conclusion. You may want to manipulate her, but I don’t. I want her to be able to trust us and come willingly without any form of influence from anyone. That way she’ll comply with our wishes.” Jade explained.

“You want the direct, honest, approach? Are you sure that’s a good idea? You know how humans are.” Eric said.

“With her specifically, yes. She’s been living in the south her whole life believing only humans existed…until now. We’re gonna have to be patient with her. One wrong move and she’ll get frightened, and it’ll take even longer to gain her trust.” Jade said. She was quite confident her method would work. Jade knew Sookie was a true southern belle, which means Sookie has very strong beliefs, morals and values. She knew the direct, honest approach would be the best policy.

Jade was broken from her thoughts when Sookie approached their table. “Eric, scoot over. Take a seat, Miss Stackhouse.” Jade said. Sookie looked startled that Jade knew her full name, but sat down next to Eric anyway.

“How do you know my name?” Sookie asked with a little tremble to her voice.

“Don’t be afraid, Miss Stackhouse. Neither one of us are here to hurt you. We’re here to offer you a job actually.” Jade said, leaning forward and entwining her fingers together.

“A job? But I already have a job.” Sookie replied.

“We know that. And we’re not asking you to quit this job and work for us. We’re only asking you to come and work for us part-time and make a little extra money.” Jade said. Sookie stared at Jade and then at Eric.

“Just what exactly kind of work will I be doing for you?” Sookie asked.

“You’ll be a human lie-detector for us finding out secrets that are vital to our business and area 5.” Jade replied.

“A human lie-detector? How am I supposed t’know if someone’s lying?” Sookie asked incredulously. Jade noticed her accent was more pronounced now that she was getting nervous.

“Well you see…” Jade leaned in closer. “We know that you’re a telepath.” Jade whispered. Sookie’s eyes widened. She quickly started to get out the booth.

“Listen, I don’t know what you’re talking…” she said, as Jade gently grabbed her wrist, stopping her from walking away.

“Please, sit down, Miss Stackhouse. I promise you’re safe with us. Do you know what we are?” Jade asked narrowing her eyes at Sookie. Sookie slowly sat back down and nodded her head.

“You’re vampires.” Sookie said in small voice.

“And how did you know that?” Jade asked, genuinely curious.

“You sort of glow, but it’s faint. I’m surprised no one else noticed.” Jade’s suspicions were confirmed. Sookie was not completely human. No human is supposed to be able to see a vampire’s ethereal glow. Jade smiled.

“Miss Stackhouse, I’m going to leave you my card. Whenever you’re ready and want to accept my offer, just call me, let me know and I can draw up a contract.” Jade said, taking her business card out of her jacket pocket and placing on the table in front of Sookie. Jade, Sookie and Eric stood up; Sookie stood to the side as she watched Eric walk out of Merlotte’s. Jade followed behind him, and then suddenly stopped at the door, looked back at Sookie and smiled.

“Think about my offer Miss Stackhouse. You have until Friday.” Jade said running out of Merlottle’s at vampire speed.

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  1. Jade’s ability is beyond awesome. I like that they went with the direct approach. I’m curious when Sookie will come around.

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