CH 20 An Old Friend

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Lucas had Jade over his shoulder carrying her into an abandoned warehouse down the street from Fangtasia. When Appius called him to cash in his favor, he stiffened in his seat. He had called to demand that he kill Jade Valentine. If Lucas weren’t so frozen with shock, he’d have gasped. He’d known Jade since a little after she was turned. His feelings towards her were not hostile, but friendly and platonic.

It is because of her why he remains alive today. She saved him from the true death by stopping a couple of werewolves from attacking him. He’d been indebted to her forever. He didn’t mind. Not one bit. He was grateful and honored to know such a warrior. She was beautiful, honorable and capable of such compassion for others. It astounded him.

So imagine his surprise when Appius called for his favor, and he had a sinking feeling. So Lucas decided to go and see Jade, talk to her…warn her. He needed to do this without prying eyes…preferably Appius’s eyes. He had to be quick about capturing her and attempt to make it look as if he were going to go through with this. He won’t torture her…he sure as hell won’t kill her, no, she’s family.

He went through the doors of the warehouse spotting an overturned table in the middle of the room. With one hand he flipped it over gently placing Jade on her back. He took a step back, watching her with rapt attention waiting for her to regain consciousness. He smiled at his powerful, beautiful friend.

So strong and so brave…how can so many vampires believe she’s a menace to the vampire race?

Most vampires say she doesn’t deserve to be a vampire, but they’re wrong. He could boil it to down to plain ignorance, but no, they just simply didn’t know Jade. They don’t understand what she’s capable of, they don’t realize how smart and intelligent she is. One minute you think you understand her, but truly, you really don’t. She did a lot things…great things. One such as Appius should cower in fear when they hear her name…especially when they’re in the presence of such a warrior.

Lucas had heard rumors of an upcoming takeover in Louisiana. He shook his head. Someone finally got tired of Sophie Ann’s reign. Why the council would let someone so young rule over a state, is beyond him. When he heard exactly who was taking over, he laughed in glee. He wasn’t surprised. Jade is an easily irritable person. How she managed to put up with the petty queen for a century is lost on him.

Lucas was interrupted from his musings by Jade rousing from the table. He watched her as she rose up, stretching her neck. She looked around probably already knowing where she is. Her eyes landed on Lucas and she smiled.

“Lucas…long time, no see my friend. Where the hell have you been?” She said as she swung her legs over the table. “I haven’t seen you for a few centuries.” He grinned at her.

“Working for the sheriff of Area 3. Word has it that you’re planning on overthrowing Sophie Ann…is this true?” he asked crossing his arms over his chest. Jade shrugged her shoulders.

“If Sophie Ann keeps playing these games with me, then yes, it is true. Now why are we here? No wait, let me guess…Appius called you here unaware that you and I already know each other…to distract me long enough to kidnap Eric and disappear off the radar?” Lucas only stared at Jade. He then nodded his head after a minute. Jade sighs.

“I thought so. Too bad he’s in for a nasty surprise. Unfortunately before now, I didn’t know he was going to call you. I should have known…” Jade trailed off.

“Don’t do that, Jay. I know you’re a psychic…but you can’t see everything. Sometimes, there are just some things you can’t know.”

“I know, Lucas…I know.” Jade replied sadly.

“What are going to do about your viking?” Jade grinned to herself.

“He’ll be fine without me.”

“How do you know?”

“I just know.” Jade said, smiling. “Lets go.” she was definitely intending on getting to Eric. She just wasn’t going rush herself. She was absolutely sure he was going to be fine.

Tonight was the night Eric and Sookie would bond with each other. Eric had been waiting for this night for a long time. He was in his corvette riding down the highway to Sookie’s. He would’ve flown, but he needed the time to think things over; about Appius specifically. If he bonds with Sookie he’ll be able to protect her better and any vampire who dare touches what is his would die by his hands.

But most of all, Eric is bonding with Sookie because he loves her. He desperately wants to feel her,  consume her, protect her and ravage her; all these feelings drive him insane. But he likes it. He likes how much it changed him; from the brooding, moody bored vampire to a man happy in love. Love? Is that what he feels? No. Love cannot describe the depth of his emotions for Sookie Stackhouse. It is too tame a word to use.

That pull in his chest was getting stronger everyday, to point of it getting too painful to endure. He doesn’t know how he’s even been able to tolerate it this whole time. Tonight’s the night he feels they both are ready to bond with each other.

For some reason since the dawn, he’d been feeling strange. He couldn’t help but feel off. Something was nagging at the back of his head. Lost in his thoughts he did not notice Appius in the tree line watching him. Before he lost the moment, he tackled Eric to the ground, snapping his quickly before he could push him off.

He laughed to himself feeling a sense of satisfaction. Little did Appius know that his bond with Eric was long gone.

Boy is he in for a surprise.

Sookie stood at the bottom of the porch steps staring at Hadley with wide eyes. It had been years since Sookie has seen Hadley. Everyone presumed she was dead. But to see her here in the flesh and undead…was a big surprise, not unwelcome though. Sookie smiled at her cousin. The hairs on the back of her head were standing up. She felt something was wrong.

“Hey Sook. It’s good to see you again.” Hadley said hugging Sookie.

“Hadley where have you been all this time? We all thought you were dead!”

“I’ve been away…trying to get my life together…” she paused, looking around nervously. “Where’s Gran?” Sookie’s heart clenched as she thought about Gran. Even though it happened a couple of years ago, the pain still felt fresh in her chest. She swallowed.

“Gran’s… gone, Hadley. She died in her sleep.” Sookie said close to a whisper. Hadley had blood tears pooling in her eyes. She closed her eyes and swallowed.

“So she died peacefully?” Sookie nodded. “That helps a bit.” Hadley paused. “Sookie I need you to come with me.” She said in a robotic voice. Sookie looked at Hadley with a blank stare. She had a sinking feeling in her stomach.

“Why? What’s the matter Hadley? Are you in trouble?” Sookie asked, panic rising in her voice.

“No Sook…You’re the one in trouble.” she said as she punched Sookie in the face. Sookie fell the ground unconscious and Hadley felt instantly guilty. She didn’t want to do this, but her queen commanded this of her.

She could not obey her queen.

Andre stood in the empty lot of Fangtasia wondering how he was going to approach Jade without pissing her off. He paced back and forth, smelling a familiar scent here; Appius, which must mean he got what he came for. He’d known that Jade cared deeply for the Norseman and would kill anyone who hurt him. Andre hoped that Jade would let him live and he was willing to bargain for his and Hadley’s life hoping his love for Hadley will appeal to Jade.

Jade Valentine is an honorable vampire. That much he known was true. He never knew whether or not Jade liked him or not. He was going to find out soon enough. He felt a two vampires fast approaching Fangtasia. He closed his eyes and prayed to his god she will at least hear him out.

“You’re a fool to be here, Andre.” Her voice said coldly. He sighs to himself.

“I know…but I needed to see you.” he said, turning to face Jade. “I come in peace. I’m not here to cause trouble or kill anyone.” He said with pleading eyes. Jade stared at Andre trying to get a read on him. She stared into his eyes and saw sincerity. She didn’t feel like he was a threat, so she relaxed a bit.

“Okay then, Andre. I’ll humor you. What do you want?” she asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I know you know the queen sent Appius to distract you so she could kidnap the telepath. Miss Stackhouse is being taken to New Orleans right now as we speak by her cousin. She is to complete the task as her last test to prove her loyalty to the queen…” he trailed. Jade hissed and cursed.

This is not good. Eric is going to be pissed!

“This is a battle Sophie Ann will not win. She is foolish to think she could win this game against someone as ancient and powerful as you.” Andre paused bowing in respect. Jade chuckled darkly.

At least someone in her queendom is smart.

“Try not to kiss my ass Andre…that flattery shit won’t work on me.” She replied in a harsh tone.

“All I ask for is when you overthrow the queen, that you spare my and Hadley’s life.” Andre pleaded. Jade raised an eyebrow.

“You’re asking me to spare your life?” He nodded his head at her. “Hmmm, interesting. If I let you live, how will I know you won’t just double-cross me?”

“I can give you anything you need to get to the queen…anything.” He replied. Jade stared blankly at Andre.

“You love her.” He knew who she was speaking of, so he nodded his head slowly.

“Yes, I do. I was supposed to be her maker, but the queen got greedy and took that privilege away from me. She has caused me a lot of heartache for over 3 centuries; taking everything I hold dear away from me. It is time I pay her back for it.” Nodding her head, she walked up closer to Andre, close enough to smell his cheap cologne.

“If I let you live, Andre…not only will you lead me to the queen, but you’ll also be exiled from Louisiana. You are never to set foot here…ever again. If you do, you will be killed on site. Is that understood?” Jade said above a whisper.

Lucas was standing behind her in awe. For someone so lethal and powerful, she can be pretty sympathetic and compassionate. He smiled at his old friend.

She is so magnificent.

Andre nodded his head, bowing. “I am in your debt.” Jade rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, yeah whatever.” she said walking past him into Fangtasia.

So what do you think? Yes? No? Maybe? Like it? Love it? In between? Review! Next up: Sookie meets the queen. Eric confronts his maker. Appius acknowledges a nasty surprise.


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