CH 21 A Nasty Surprise

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If I let you live Andre…not only will you lead me to the queen, but you’ll also be exiled from Louisiana. You are never to set foot here…ever again. If you do, you will be killed on site. Is that understood?” Jade said above a whisper.

Lucas was standing behind her in awe. For someone so lethal and powerful, she can be pretty sympathetic and compassionate. He smiled at his old friend.

She is so magnificent.

Andre nodded his head, bowing. “I am in your debt.” Jade rolled her eyes.

Yeah, yeah whatever.” she said walking past him into Fangtasia.


Hadley threw Sookie over her shoulder carrying her over to the car. She opened the trunk and gently dropped her in. She got in and drove off onto Hummingbird Lane onwards to the New Orleans. As she drove she took deep breaths.

Hadley didn’t like what she was doing, but she had to; that is, if she wanted to stay alive. She has her reasons for doing this. Her 4 year old son being the number one reason. As long as the Queen didn’t find out about her son, he was safe. Unfortunately giving up Sookie was her only option to protect him. At least that’s what she tells herself.

Hadley was beaten by a drug dealer, lying in the street a bloody mess when Sophie Ann had found her. She tasted Hadley’s blood and moaned in satisfaction, simply stating her blood was most exquisite. She took her back to her palace, healing her, and cleaning her. Sophie Ann had constantly coaxed Hadley into talking more about her family. Sophie Ann believed that ifHadley’s blood tasted as good as it did, then others in her family should have the same delicious tasting blood.

She didn’t mean for this happen, she didn’t know the queen was going to force Sookie into servitude. The Queen had lied to her, reassuring she was only going to hire Sookie and draw up a contract, but that is not the case. Hadley had to think ofsomething to save Sookie. She was happy that Rasul intercepted her the other night, even if she refused to believe him at first.

Last night…

After taking one last look at Andre and Sophie Ann, she walked down the halls to her room. As she turned the corner she nearly ran into Rasul who had appeared before her out of no where. He gave her a cold stare, glaring with disgust.

How can you do this to your own family?” Hadley only stared at him, confused.

What are you talking about?” Hadley asked. Rasul shook his head; she couldn’t seriously be that stupid.

I’m talking about you giving up your own family to win Sophie Ann’s favor. How do you look at yourself in the mirror?” he sneered. Hadley’s eyes burned with anger.

You know nothing of me! You know nothing of the queen! How could you possibly know anything when you’ve only worked here for only 6 months?!” Rasul scoffs.

Then you must know Sophie Ann plans to enslave your cousin. Not employ her.” Hadley looked at Rasul with shock. He could tell from the look on her face, she didn’t believe him. She was so convinced Sophie Ann was not planning on hurting her cousin.

You’re wrong. You are lying to me!”Hadley yelled. Rasul chuckled darkly.

Then you are a fool. Why do you think the queen turned you? Why do you think she asked so many questions about your family?”Hadley shook her head violently.

She wanted to know more about me. She loves me.” Even in her own ears she wasn’t convincing. Hadley knew deep down, Sophie Ann did not love her. It was Andre who really loved her. She thought about Andre and how he looked at her with so much longing and hurt after deciding to let the queen make the decision of who should turn her. She could see it in his eyes, he wanted her to become his and vice versa.

She shook her head, dismissing that thought.

You know deep down Sophie Ann does not care about you or your cousin. All she wants is more power. And she is willing to do anything to get it.” Rasul paused and Hadley only stared. “It seems that I can’t get through to you. I hope you come to your senses and soon.” he said walking past her disappearing around the corner. Hadley continued on to her room, ignoring his words.

It was just a few hours ago when the queen commanded to fetch Sookie by any means necessary. Hadley hid her surprise and hurt until she left the building. She was hoping Sophie Ann closed her side of the bond so she could freely feel what she was feeling without alarming the queen.

She broke out of her thoughts, gripping the steering wheel; her eyes pooling with blood. She felt angry with Sophie Ann, but most of all with herself. How could she let the queen coerce her? How could she believe a single word she had said? Sophie Ann’s words of comfort were nothing more than lies and tiny falsehoods. She clenched her eyes shut, feeling a wave of guilt overwhelm her.

What would Gran say to her for her betrayal?

He had a bag of silver weapons hanging on one shoulder and held Eric over his other shoulder, chuckling darkly. Feeling too impatient to leave the country he stops at an old abandoned mansion on the edge of Shreveport; it was in the middle of no where which was perfect. He stood in front of the abandoned mansion, nodding his head. He was content that this place was far enough away from Jade, so she can never find him. He shivered with pure satisfaction.

I can’t wait to have my fun. I will punish him for siding with that bitch, Valentine, then I will take him reasserting my control showing him who he belongs to. Yes…I will break him and he will obey me this time.

He carried Eric up stone steps through giant glass double doors. He was standing in a foyer with a high ceiling and two stair cases that curved inward towards a wide doorway that led to a ballroom. He dropped his bag near the doorway, spotting a table in the middle of the room; he sped over to it placing Eric on his back. Appius walked back over to his bag crouching down searching through it for silver handcuffs, not noticing Eric had just slipped off the table quietly.

Eric had been conscious for quite some time. After Appius had snapped his neck he passed out for a bit. Moments later hewas stirring and found himself over his former maker’s shoulder. He feigned unconsciousness, formulating a plan while he had some time. Eric had a feeling Jade wasn’t going to get to him in time, so he was on his own.

Perhaps this is for the best. It’s time I end this once and for all. Only one will leave here alive.

He felt Ocella put him on a table. He cracked one eye open watching as Ocella turned away looking through his bag of instruments. He took the opportunity to slip away and find somewhere in the dark shadows of the mansion to hide. Eric was grinning menacingly; loving the idea that he had the advantage of being able to stay out of sight.

Ocella turned around and noticed Eric was gone. His angry growl echoed through the house. He wasn’t going to play this with Eric, not now while he was aching and painfully hard. He was grinning like a madman, thinking he had the advantage of knowing where his child is hiding. He opened the bond, closing his eyes feeling out for Eric. He furrowed his eyebrows feeling an empty space; a void. He tried harder to feel for Eric only to come up with nothing.

“What the fuck?” he hissed. He heard his child chuckling some where in the mansion.

“Finally noticed that, did you? Took you long enough. Quite frankly, I was surprised you didn’t notice the moment you set foot here in Louisiana.” Eric’s voice echoed against the walls. Ocella could hear the amusement in his words.

“How are you blocking the bond?” He questioned angrily. Eric laughed.

“Oh, I’m not blocking the bond. I had a little help from dear friend of mine. You might know her.” Eric replied cheekily.

“That fucking bitch!” He spat. “I demand to know what she did to you!” He yelled. Eric scoffs.

“You really know nothing of her, do you? All those centuries spent bitching on how she was a waste of space…a person so undeserving the gift of immortality. You talked about her as if you knew everything about her…but you know nothing. I’ve learned that unless she wants you to know about her, you will know…other than that, you remain as clueless as everyone else.” He explained, feeling proud of being the adoptive child of Jade Valentine.

“What do you know of her?” Ocella sneered looking around. Eric sighs rolling his eyes.

“She taught me many things…a task you have failed to do. I know that she is a very powerful being and that’s all you need to know.” he said coldly. Enough of Eric’s bullshit, he picked up the table throwing it across the room, roaring and angry.

“As your maker, I command…” he was interrupted by Eric’s full blown laughter. “What is so funny?” He spat.

“You’re wasting your time.” He paused. “All ties between me and you are broken.” He said.

“As your maker, I command you to get down here on your knees and beg me to take you!” He yelled to the high ceilings. Eric stayed where he was hiding; he felt no painful compulsion to go to him and to do as he says. He grinned and laughed again. Ocella’s eyes widened in shock. He felt panic overwhelm him.

“NO! That’s impossible! It can’t be…” He stammered. He couldn’t command him…and he couldn’t find him. Eric chuckled darkly.

“That’s right, you fiend. You can no longer control me. Not anymore.” He said. Ocella shook his head refusing to believe it.

“You will get down here and beg me now!”

“Nope. I think I’m just gonna stay here and relax. The view is good up here, I adore how the moon shines on his mansion…such a beautiful night it is…” Eric trailed off wistfully.

“Hmph…” Appius grunted. Eric continued ignoring him. He listened to Ocella’s slow footsteps. He could hear him coming up the stairs. He chuckled to himself, Ocella was far from finding him.

“I promise you here and now, only one will leave this mansion.” Appius laughed.

“You think you can take me, child? I am 1500 years older than you. How can you possibly beat me?” He replied arrogantly. Suddenly the whole mansion was getting thick with fog. Appius was having trouble seeing ahead of him. He looked around wondering where the fog was coming from. It was a clear night tonight, so how this came to be he did not know.

Eric was quietly wondering on how he was going to best someone older than him. All he could think about was making it harder for Appius to see; hard enough that even 2500 years of his vampire abilities couldn’t help him. He noticed the mansion was filled with fog, wondering where it came from. He used it to his benefit. With Eric’s ability to fly, he levitated over the old floorboards not making a sound. He sensed Appius on the second floor of the mansion and made his way there. He was right behind Appius, close enough to smell his disgusting scent. Appius turned his head, looking over his shoulder feeling something behind him. He spun around only to find nothing. He took a few steps forward, the wooden floors squeaking under his feet.

Eric levitated above his head. He stood in the fog staring at Appius waiting for him to turn around. He lowered himself to the ground. As Appius spun around Eric punched him in the nose hearing a crack. He sped away disappearing in the darkness and fog.

Appius looked around frantically. For some reason his senses were failing him. He couldn’t even see Eric. He felt something hit his nose hard, but could not see what it was.

“Show yourself, child! Face me, you coward!” Appius yelled to the ceiling, his eyes darting all around the room. He could not see a thing, and Eric was no where to be seen. He was gradually getting angrier, and impatient; something Eric was deliberately making him feel. He was taking his sweet precious time. He was toying with his former maker and enjoying himself. He was going to draw this out slowly, until the time comes to finish him off.

This time he landed softly on the ground not making a sound. He was slowly sneaking towards Appius behind him. Appius whirled facing Eric. Appius was looking right at him, but not seeing him stand there or attacking. He just looked off in other directions.

Why can’t he see me? 

Apparently, Ocella could not see him; despite the fact he was standing in front of him. Was he invisible?

“Me? A coward? The only coward here is you. I’m not the one abusing the maker’s command to force women or men into pleasing me; that I don’t have to do. I don’t pick up little boys and take their innocence away. I’m nothing like you. I’m not a monster. That being the biggest difference between me and you.” Eric said. He ran up to Ocella at vampire speed kicking him to the ground going downstairs. Appius yelled in frustration, punching his fists through the wooden floorboards. Eric chuckled to himself.

“WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!” He yelled angrily. He felt Eric run past him, but not before he kicked him knocking him over. Appius followed him downstairs noticing his bag of tools was gone. The mansion became eerily quiet; all he could hear was the wind blowing. The fogged cleared up and he could see the room in the dark, but he could not see Eric standing right beside him. Eric sniggered.

Now I wonder why he can’t see me?

Could it be perhaps because of Jade’s blood? Did some of her magic transfer to him? If so, then he’ll think on it later. He has bigger fish to fry and his name was Appius. He wrapped his hands around Appius’s neck holding him up in the air. He grinned madly, enjoying the fear in his eyes.

Appius struggled in his grip, clawing at Eric’s arms and trying to free himself from his grip, but his struggle was futile. From Ocella’s eyes he was being held in the air by an invisible force. He could not see who was holding him. Eric couldn’t understand how this was happening, but he didn’t care. If it can help him kill his maker, then who was he to complain.

Still holding Ocella in his grip, he slammed his skull into the wall and threw him down the long hallway. He ran up to him before he could get up kicking him out the window. The force of the kick surprised Ocella, he flew through the window, shards piercing his skin. He dropped two stories down falling into a water fountain…with no water in it. He felt his ribs break and right shoulder dislocate.

Eric looked out from the second floor window watching as his maker fall into an empty water fountain. He levitated in the air and lowered himself all the way down standing in front of the fountain. He stood quietly as he watch Ocella attempt to get up, but his broken ribs and disjointed shoulder made it harder for him to even flinch.

“Three fucking centuries you spent raping me, torturing me and finding all kinds of ideas to humiliate and break me! Well no fucking more! I’m taking back what you took from me 1000 years ago. My will to do whatever the fuck I want, when I want and not giving a shit of what other vampires think. I’m Eric fucking Northman! No one rules me!” He roared. Despite the fact his face was disfigured, he still was able to talk. He chuckled at Eric.

“You think Jade Valentine gives you free reign to do whatever you want? You think she found you all those centuries ago to save you? She, just like me, wants to control you! Only I have the balls to acknowledge it! You think she can admit the same?” He sneered, cackling loudly, his laugh echoing in air. Eric glared at Appius, not liking how he was comparing himself to Jade. She was nothing like Appius. 

When she found him, he was undisciplined; out of control and lost. He needed someone to set him straight…or else at some point he would’ve killed a lot of innocent people and someday someone would have managed to send him the true death. He was 100 percent aware of the fact that Jade was a control freak. However, she didn’t force everyone to believe what she believes and do what she does. She’s enough of a control freak to keep everything and everyone from becoming chaotic…but not enough to impose in their lives and affect the choices they make.

Eric sped over to Appius, grabbing him by the neck, holding him in the air face to face. He clenched his fist hearing it crack; he punched his face repeatedly, watching as his masters face deforms into a pile of dog poo. It looked like Appius face was crushed and squished by tons of crates, his face being barely recognizable. Eric stopped punching his face, dropping him to the ground. Blood started oozing out of his skull pooling around Eric’s feet.

Eric ripped a branch off a tree, speeding over back to Appius straddling his legs. He gripped the branch with both hands holding it over Ocella’s heart. He took a moment to relish the fact he was about to end Appius’s pathetic life. He raised the stake up and then plunged it into Ocella’s heart. Blood splashed from his chest, splatting on Eric’s face.

He got up quickly and watched as his maker melt and implode into a puddle of blood, guts and clothes he was wearing. He threw the stake away, staring at the pile of vampire goo that was once his maker.

He walked away standing in front of a gate staring out at the lake. He placed his hands into his jean pockets, closing his eyes, sighing. It was a beautiful night. The moon was out; it’s light shining on the lake and the house.

“Beautiful night, isn’t it?” Jade voice asks. He nodded his head not needing to turn his head. Jade stood next to Appius remains, looking down, nodding her head. She wished she could have been here to watch Eric obliterate him. She walked up next to him looking out at the lake.

“You okay, Eric?” She asked in a quiet voice.

“Yes.” He whispered, with a nod of his head.

“Good.” He glanced at Jade.

“Sookie was abducted.” He said as statement than a question. He knew why she was here. Jade sighs, nodding her head.

“It begin’s.” He said.

“Lets go.” Jade said, walking away. Eric followed behind her. 

Time to plan a takeover.

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  1. That was beautiful! Too bad he couldn’t bring Appius back to life so he could do it all over again!

  2. Yeah has met his true death. I’m glad Eric was the one to end him. His new powers are very curious. They are very bad ass. They need to rescue Sookie ASAP.

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