CH 19 Bad Vibes

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“Are you staying here for the day?” Sookie asked. Jade nodded her head.

“You got a light tight space somewhere?” Sookie nodded her head and went over to her Gran’s closet. Jade quickly noticed a trap door under the floor boards.

“I just need to clean it out…some of my Gran’s stuff is still in here.” Jade continued to rock back and forth in the chair watching over Eric and smiling to herself.

Yeah, I got a feeling we’re gonna have a lot ahead of us, Jade thought smiling.


Sophie Ann licks her newest child’s juices from her fingers purring in contentment. “Mmmm, Hadley you are truly magnificent!” She said as she caressed Hadley’s inner thigh. Hadley sighs to herself. She’s tries not to notice the look on Andre’s face as the queen fucked her into oblivion.

Andre was sitting in a corner, sulking and grumbling to himself as he watched his queen devour his Hadley. He hated it…he hated her. It should be him devouring Hadley and making her scream his name in bliss. It should be him licking her juices off his fingers and purring with happiness. Him…not his beloved queen!

Her plan to send Hadley out tonight is extremely flawed. What makes Sophie Ann think that Jade’s not going to figure this out? Does she know she’s signing her own death warrant in trying to procure the telepath? Andre had to think of a way to ensure his own survival. He was not going to die because his queen is too stupid to realize who her betters are. He could offer to escort Hadley to Bon Temps as protection and talk to Jade. He was pulled from his musings by the queen who was clapping her hands in amusement.

Hadley was sent away to clean herself up and prepare to see Sookie again. She was so excited to see her again. It had been years since they’ve seen each other. She was worried that she may be mad at her for up and running away with Gran’s checkbook. She hoped not. She had done a lot of things she regretted doing; all of which she wished could take back. But she was going to try and beg for forgiveness.

“Tonight is a night of celebration! Tonight is the night I get my telepath! Hadley will go to Bon Temps to visit her precious cousin and she will bring her here, where she will become mine! Yes, tonight feels like a glorious night.” Hadley returned to the sun room, all cleaned, dressed and ready for further instruction.

“Excellent. Now tonight is important Hadley. Tonight is the night you prove your loyalty and worth to me.” The queen paused for dramatic effect as Hadley waited with a baited breath. “Tonight you will procure your cousin by any means necessary. As your maker, I command you! You are dismissed for the night.

Before Hadley could leave the room, Andre quickly cut in.

“Your majesty, if I may make a suggestion?” Andre asked. The queen nodded her head. “I thought maybe I could escort Hadley to Bon Temps as a security precaution? We don’t want to run into any trouble while procuring the telepath.” he replied smoothly. The queen thought about this, the room silent for a moment.

“You’re right, my child. That is very practical of you. You will be rewarded for your quick thinking.” she said gleefully. “Hadley, Andre will go along as your protector. Now bring me my telepath!” She screeched while saying the last part.

Both Hadley and Andre simultaneously bowed to their queen disappearing from the room instantly.

Tonight, I will have my telepath!

Appius stood in the parking lot of the mini mall complex across the street from Fangtasia, smirking to himself. There was no way he’d be able to abduct Eric with Jade in the way. So he needed a little help. He took out his phone from his pocket dialing a number.

His had a friend who was old enough to take on Jade and keep her distracted long enough for him to get Eric and disappear. He chuckled to himself. Oh yes, my child…you will be mine very soon. He was hard at the thought of Eric tied and bound with silver, completely naked at his mercy. He shivered in anticipation.

The phone was ringing on the other end until a click that indicated the call has been answered.

“Lucas.” The deep voice said.

“Hello, Drake. Long time, old friend. Remember that favor you owe me? It’s time to pay up.” There was silence on the other line and then a deep breath.

“Appius. Haven’t heard from you in 4 centuries. What can I do for you?” Appius smiled to himself.

Drake Lucas was just a little older than Jade and only in Baton Rouge which was convenient.

“I need you to kill someone for me…”

While sitting in her office at Fangtasia, Jade was doing some paperwork. She smiled feeling Eric’s emotions. He’s sitting on his throne watching Sookie as she sits in his booth and reads for any kind of trouble. She’ll be done in about half an hour.

It’s been quiet this past week since Jade became Eric’s maker. So far, Eric has felt content and at peace. She doesn’t know why, but he acts as if the things Appius did to him never happened; like Appius never even existed.

She doesn’t see the shame or fear that always used to linger in his eyes when she looked at him. It was strange. As soon as he became hers, he just let go all his pain and anger. She could remember the night he woke up, looking like his old self, but more relaxed and refreshed.

Eric’s eyes popped open as he instantly raised himself off the bed. He looked around until his eyes landed on Jade and Sookie. They were looking at him, expecting something, anything. He closed his eyes and took a breath.

How do you feel?” Jade asked. “Do you feel weird? Different?” He opened his eyes with a smile. He quickly picked up both Jade and Sookie spinning them around the room. He had never felt such joy or freedom since being turned by Appius.

“Yes. I feel happy…good…freer.” He said, closing his eyes and smiling. Jade smiled at him, the joy she felt in the bond was practically making her feel giddy. She laughed to herself.

She’s never felt him feel this happy before.

She looked at the picture of her and Eric. In the picture she was making a goofy smile while Eric looked as serious as a robot. Yeah, she could definitely see the difference in his eyes. He looked a lot less haunted and a lot more relaxed. Suddenly a violent shiver ran through her spine. No, not a vision…but a vibe. Like something horrible was about to take place. She looked at her watch and realized that Sookie had left about 20 minutes ago, the bar should be closed by now. She instantly got out of her seat going into the bar area.

He wasn’t on his throne nor anywhere else in the building. She had a sinking feeling in her stomach. She instantly left out the front entrance of Fangtasia. She looked around in the lot and noticed his corvette was gone.

Too busy to notice anyone else in the area, Drake Lucas grabbed her instantly snapping her neck, her body going limp and unconscious. It would be a while before she would wake up.

He carried her off into the night with a smile on his face.

Sookie drove on hummingbird Lane on route to her house. She tapped her fingers against the steering wheel to the music on her radio. As she pulled in front of her house, she stopped cold and in shock. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Hadley was sitting on the front porch, smiling and a vampire.

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2 thoughts on “CH 19 Bad Vibes”

  1. Nooooo, jade. I’m so worried. I loved seeing Eric so happy. I’m worried for Sookie too. Appius is here, yikes. What a chapter.

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