CH 18 Seeing Red

There will be a sequel and many more after that, so don’t fret!

After this chapter, we get to the good parts; you know all the fighting, blood, and gore.

I do not own SVM or TB.

Jade sat on the floor staring at Eric as he lay there completely still and pale. She sighed deeply. She could feel within herself their bond forming. The fact that she’s so old and powerful will work in Eric’s favor against Appius, because her ancient blood will amplify his 1000+ plus strength. He’ll be stronger than ever. Jade got off the floor patting herself down, dusting dirt off her pants.

“Carrie.” Jade said. Her youngest child appeared before her in the doorway with an expectant look on her face. “Carry Eric to a bedroom upstairs.” She says as she walks back into living room where Sookie and Pam were waiting. As she entered into the room Sookie stood up and Pam looked at her; expecting to hear bad news.

“The spell was a success. He’s gonna be okay.” Pam nodded her head, leaving the room. Sookie sighed in relief that almost sounded like a sob. “Is there a room we can put him in while he changes?” Sookie nodded her head.

“Yeah, he can use my Gran’s room.” Carrie picked up her newest older brother carrying him over her shoulder following Sookie up the stairs opening the door to her Gran’s room. She puts him on the bed, adjusting his body so he’ll be comfortable when wakes up. Jade walked into the room instantly noticing a rocking chair in the corner next to the window. She went and moved it next the bed so she could watch over Eric. She stared over Eric with awe and curiosity. She wondered what fate has in store for him.

Sookie could tell from the doorway that Jade really cared for Eric as she watched him over in her Gran’s rocking chair. Sookie knows that Jade would do anything for Eric and vice versa.

“How do you know the spell worked?” Sookie asked breaking the silence. Jade looked over at Sookie standing in the doorway.

“I can feel the bond forming inside of me…growing…tying us both together for an eternity.” Jade says softly. “I’ve never been more proud of him coming this far and facing some of his demons. In my eyes…he’s a good man; strong, honorable, noble and brave, he’s like the son I always wanted when I was human.”

“Well, he had you to teach him and guide him. He turned out to be a great vampire…” Sookie trailed off as the room became silent.

“No. It had nothing to do with me. I gave him the choice to let me guide him and to trust me. He didn’t trust me completely at first, which I understood. Eventually he did trust me 100 percent when he finally realized that I was willing to do anything to protect him.”

“What made him trust you completely?” Sookie asked as she sat on the edge of the bed next to Eric. Jade sighed deeply, notreally wanting to tell the story nor remembering it.

“I wasn’t meaning on showing him a side of me no one’s seen before. I have a very dark and violent side that I keep bottled up. But that night…that night I nearly unleashed it. It was nasty…but I lost it when I got home after making Carrie and Appius was in my house with his pants around his ankles holding Eric down on my dining room table…” Jade started to choke on her own rage and felt blood tears pooling around her eyes. She closed her eyes holding back a sob. She breathed heavily, blowing out a puff of air. Sookie stiffened. She could already tell where this was going. But she didn’t want to think about it.

“I saw nothing but red…the room was spinning and I felt hot all over. I didn’t even realize I was attacking Appius until the red cleared from my vision. I could feel my power building up on the brink of exploding…so I stopped. My emotions are tied tightly to the magic that lies within me. I can’t get too emotional or bad things happen. By the time I was done with him…I threatened him to never come near Eric again and like a coward he went running off with his tail between his legs.” Jade ran her handthrough her hair.

“By the time Appius was gone I looked over at Eric and saw the look in his eyes…I’ll never forget it. It was fear and awe. I pretty much walked out and didn’t come back until two nights later. I was standing outside looking up at the moon and he approached me. He didn’t say anything, we just looked at each other…we didn’t even have to say anything. Words were spoken through our eyes and we came to an understanding. That was when he realized he could trust me completely. And that’s that.” Jade leaned back in the rocking chair, going back and forth the movement comforting her.

“Why didn’t you kill him? A vampire of your age and power would’ve been able to get away it.”Sookie asked. Jade smiled.

“He’s been asking me that for centuries. I let Appius go because I was already on the edge of losing my control…I would’ve caused more damage that night if I had just let it go. So I released him. I knew he’d be back, it’d be a long time but he would have came back. And when he did, I’ll lock him up in a dungeon and let Eric unleash all his anger, hatred and resentment on Appius. I’ll sit back silently and watch him work his magic. I let Appius live mainly because Eric is going to need the closure to move on and let the rest of his shame and guilt go. He needs to face that demon and realize that none of the things that happened to him weren’t his fault.” Jade shakes her head.

“Are you staying here for the day?” Sookie asked. Jade nodded her head.

“You got a light tight space somewhere?” Sookie nodded her head and went over to her Gran’s closet. Jade quickly noticed a trap door under the floor boards.

“I just need to clean it out…some of my Gran’s stuff is still in here.” Jade continued to rock back and forth in the chair watching over Eric and smiling to herself.

Yeah, I got a feeling we’re gonna have a lot ahead of us, Jade thought smiling.

What do ya think? Good? Bad? Like it? Love it? Neutral? No? The next chapter will go back to present day afterAppius walks out of Sophie Ann’s palace with a promise to get revenge.

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  1. I like how jade is watching over Eric. It is fun to read about their relationship and see how much she loves him.

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