CH 16 Sorceress

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“I feel sorry for you, Merlotte. You deluded yourself into thinking you had a chance with her…well you are sorely mistaken. You fucked up by not telling her what you are and refused to encourage her to be more than a waitress! Are you really her friend, or are you out for your own interests? Do you really care for her? I think not. And by the way, you should know better than to think you could attack me and succeed…I wouldn’t let it happen again. Next time, I won’t be so generous. You’re still alive out of courtesy to Sookie; you best remember that… shifter.” Jade spat at Sam. She stepped back from Sam, brushing dust of her shirt. She walked up to the door, stopped and turned around.

“If we have to have this conversation again…you and I will have bigger problems. Have a nice night, Mr. Merlotte!” She said,saying the last part cheerfully. She ran out of Merlotte’s and back to Shreveport.

A week later

Jade unfortunately had throne duty for tonight. As she sat in the chair looking at the crowd of vamps and fangbangers, she stiffened in her chair and gasped. She automatically closed her eyes anticipating the vision that was about to reveal the future. It was almost like she was physically there. She saw as Sophie was impatiently waiting for Appius to show up, but what surprised her was the look of annoyance on Andre’s face and it also looked like…angersomething for Jade to ponder later.

The rest of the vision goes straight to the part where Sophie Ann tells Appius to get Eric out the way. Jade snorted. You stupid, stupid queen; it isn’t Eric you have to worry about… its me! The vision ends with Appius cursing Jade and the queen and running off into the night. She gripped the handles of the chair tightly; nearly breaking them off. She was beyond enraged. How could Sophie Ann bring that sadistic psycho into this?

But it doesn’t matter, Sophie Ann has made her move and now it’s time to do something about it before things go to hell. Jade knew why the queen bought Eric’s maker into this; she wanted him to take Eric away since he can still command Eric to do what he wants. Not this time, Appius. You’ll be in for a very big surprise when arrives here. And she knew exactly what to do, but first she had to explain some things to Eric.

Jade stood up from the throne and ran at vamp speed into Eric’s office. As she stood in the doorway, she watched silently as he filled out paperwork. She didn’t think she had to tell him, but given the circumstances, it was now time he knows moreabout what Jade is. She knocked on the doorjamb. He looked up at Jade and noticed the look on her face. He frowned.

“Is something the matter?” he asked. Jade nodded her head. She walked into the office and sat in the chair in front of the desk.

“Eric, we need to talk.” Jade replied sullenly. “It’s coming close to the day your maker will make his presence known…really close. I had another vision…”Jade trailed off. Eric’s eyes widened, he sucked in a breath that almost sounded like sob.

“What? Tell me?!” he exclaimed. Jade took a deep breath.

“I now know why Appius is coming…Sophie Ann called him here. She figures since he never really released you, she can use him to command you to give up Sookie.” Jade said with blank face. Eric took the computer monitor from his desk and threw it across the room against the wall.

“Motherfucker! I need to get Sookie out of here. I cannot subject her to my maker’s wrath. I couldn’t bear to see her in pain. Please tell me you have a plan.” Eric pleaded. Jade looked at him.

“I do. But first things first…” Jade said as she glanced at her watch. “Close down Fangtasia for a few days and have Pam and Carrie meet me at Sookie’s in 30 minutes. It’s just 5 hours until dawn, which is all the time I need to prepare. Have you bonded with Sookie yet?” Jade said, getting up.

“No. I planned for a romantic evening for Sookie and I tomorrow night…Prepare for what?” Eric asked. Jade looked at him, picking up her jacket from the coat hook and putting it on.

“There are some things I haven’t told you about me yet. I’ll explain in a bit, right now, do as I say and you’ll know more.” Jade said running out of Fangtasia at vamp speed. Pam suddenly appeared in the office; she was at the door checking ID’s when she felt Eric’s emotions. Carrie stood beside her feeling Jade’s emotions as well.

“Eric what’s going on? Is everything OK? Jade emotions are all over the place.” Carrie said.

“Master…I have not felt these emotions from you before. What’s going on?” Pam asked, up until now Pam felt concern for her maker.

“I’ll explain later, right now. Clear everybody out of here and close Fangtasia down, then meet meat Sookie’s in 30 minutes. Understood?” He asked Pam sternly. Both Carrie and Pam nodded their heads running out the office. Eric put on his jacket and left out the back entrance. He shot up into the sky flying to Sookie’s instead of driving.

He hoped he wouldn’t get a repeat of what happened the last time Appius showed up.

Jade ran to her safe house. She went straight into the basement where all her important stuff was placed. She never thought she’d had to use this after 2000 years, but it was advantageous. She opened a trunk that was filled with books, candles, herbs and all the ingredients needed to cast a spell. She found a duffle bag hanging on the wall and went to grab it. She filled it with candles, a spell book and some herbs. She also picked up her father’s dagger, knowing this knife is needed to complete the spell.

Once she was satisfied she had everything she needed, she closed the trunk, locked everything up and ran off to Bon Temps.

Eric dropped in front of Sookie’s house jogging up the porch steps. He lightly knocked on the door. Suddenly it opened and Sookie jumped in his arms crashing her lips against his in a passionate hello kiss. Eric moaned and nearly lost himself in her sweet scent. He came back to himself remembering why was here. He can make love to her later. He pulled back setting Sookie down on her feet, pushing a lock of her hair behind her ear.

“I thought you said you weren’t coming until tomorrow night?” she noticed the pained look in his eyes. “What’s the matter? Is everything okay?” she asked him concern clear in her tone.

Sookie I really need to talk to. It’s very important.” He said. She nodded her head motioning inside.

“Come on in.” she said leading him into the living room. He sat down on the couch pulling Sookie into his lap. He needed to feel her and smell her; he found comfort in holding her and her sweet, intoxicating scent. He nuzzled her neck, taking deep breaths and relaxed instantly.

“Sookie, I’m afraid we’re going to have to put our evening together on hold. Something’s come up.” Eric said. Sookie was disappointed. She was really looking forward to tomorrow night; the night where they were finally going to bond with eachother.

“What is it?” she asked panicked.

“Jade has informed me that Appius will be coming soon…really soon. She, Pam and Carrie should be on their way by now.”

“What is she going to do?” Sookie asked. She hoped to god Jade had some kind of plan. She didn’t want to lose Eric. She was falling hard for him, and she was planning on telling him tomorrow night, now she didn’t know when she was going to be able to tell him. Eric turned his head toward the door sensing Jade’s arrival. He heard her knock on the door and Sookie went to answer it. She opened the door for Jade waving her hand motioning for her to come in.

She noticed Jade was carrying a duffel bag, of what she didn’t know. “Has Pam and Carrie arrived yet?” Jade asked. Sookie shook her head. “When they get here then I can explain what’s in this bag.” Jade went straight to the living room and placedthe bag on the coffee table. She sat at the couch and went into down time.

Eric looked at Jade wondering what was going on inside her head. He wondered what she had planned. He knew for a fact it was a good plan. Even if she weren’t over 4000 years old, it’d still be a great plan. He felt Pam and Carrie arrive on the Stackhouse property. He went to open the door and Sookie came down the stairs freshly showered with clean clothes.

“Did you do everything I ask?” Eric asked Pam.

“Yes, Master. The whole club has been cleared and closed. I left a note on the door explaining it will be closed for renovations until further notice.” Pam replied. Eric turned to Sookie who appeared beside him.

“Sookie, can you invite Pam and Carrie in?” he asked. She nodded her head.

“You both can come in.” she said. Carrie and Pam walked in straight into the living room following behind Sookie. Jade stood from the couch having heard her child and Pam arrive.

“Good everyone’s here. Let’s all go, sit down and I’ll explain everything.” Jade sat back in her spot on the couch, Eric sat down next to her pulling Sookie onto his lap. Pam sat in the armchair and Carrie sat on the arm next to her. After everyone was seated Jade took a deep breath preparing herself to explain a long story, but since they didn’t have time she went with the short version.

“I bought you all here because there is an urgent matter that needs to be discussed. I had vision just over 45 minutes ago…Appius will be arriving in Louisiana soon; when he arrives all hell will break loose. Sophie Ann called him in order to command Eric into giving up Sookie. How he plans to do that with me around, I have no idea. But I’ve figured out a solution to this problem, before I do that I need to explain something about myself…” Jade trailed off.

“Before I was turned into a vampire I was a sorceress.”

“You were a witch?” Pam asked with disgust.

“No. Witches are a perversion…a watered down sorcerer, if you will. I am much more powerful than just a simple witch. You can say my powers are near godly. I inherit all my magic and powers from my father, Ron. He was an agent of the gods so to speak; Norse, Greek, Celtic, so on and so forth.”

“An agent of the gods?” Sookie asked confused.

“Yes. Let me break this down. You have the CIA and FBI agencies, and their agents whom investigate matters in national security; what they do is to make sure terrorists, criminals and such are caught and put to justice. Basically, my father did something like that, keeping the peace between Supes and humans. He was a respected leader, sorcerer and soon became well known throughout villages and such. He did this for a long time until he met a woman named Adina…my mother who was a full fairy. They met, fell in love and eventually got married.” Jade said; remembering the story of how her father met her mother.

“So let me get this straight, you’re a sorceress, part Fae and vampire? How is this possible?” Carrie asked.

“It is possible to be a mixture of creatures; it’s more common for a human, but a rarity for the undead. Anyways, let me get back to why I’m telling you this.” Jade turned to Eric and Sookie. “Eric, I’m telling you a little about my family history so you can understand what I’m about to offer you.” Eric looked at Jade waiting for an answer.

“How would you like me to be your maker, Eric?” Jade asked.

Another week later

“What’s taking him so long? He was supposed to be here by now!” The queen shouted, pacing inside the sunroom. Andre was sitting on a lounge chair shaking his head at his maker. He wondered how she became the queen of Louisiana; she was incredibly impatient and petulant. Although he would never say that out loud to his maker and queen. He was wondering how he was attracted to her in the first place. He loved Sophie Ann and is grateful for giving him a chance to live again and livebetter life, but he’s finally realizing after all these centuries what a fool she is.

How could she believe she could best Jade Valentine? How could she be stupid enough to make any demands to the ancient vampiress? She was over 4000 years old with so much wisdom and experience in the art of combat and ruling. He wasn’t at all surprised when Jade showed up, making demands and not taking the queen’s threats seriously. Jade could kill Sophie Annwithout blinking an eye, which Andre was certain of. If he was honest with himself, he was counting on it. Sophie Ann was absolutely stupid for calling the Roman vampire and involving him in this situation. He had a feeling this was going to be a bad idea and she was going to pay dearly for it. He sat silently in the lounge chair watching his queen pace; growing more irritated for having to wait.

They were currently waiting for Appius to arrive at her palace. When she called him a couple of weeks ago, she presented a proposal that would benefit them both. She was delighted that he eagerly agreed; knowing his child resided in Area 5. Even if he hadn’t seen his eldest child for many centuries, he had been keeping tabs on him. He spent so long planning his revenge on Valentine and his child. Now was the time to initiate said revenge and the queen just gave him a window of opportunity.

“Your majesty, your guest has arrived.” Sigebert said, bowing to his queen. She nodded her head, motioning for him to wait a moment to fix herself up. She waved at Andre to move from the lounge chair and he stood to stand beside her; with his posture straight and a look of indifference on his face. The queen sat with her legs tucked in under her, her hands placed on both arms of lounge chair, attempting to look elegant and professional. She cleared her throat.

“Send him in.” She said as she jutted her chin. Sigebert opened the doors and Appius walked through with an air or smugness and arrogance around him. He bowed to Sophie Ann feigning respect.

“Your majesty…forgive my tardiness, but I had business to attend to.” He said coolly. He purposely made her wait just to annoy her. Watching her have her famous tantrums was always amusing. He chuckled to himself. When the queen called with a beneficial proposal, he knew it had everything to do with Eric. He wondered why Jade was foolish enough to let him live all these years, only to figure out to late he was going to kill her.

“Ocella, darling I hope all is well with you. Come, we have mutual matters to discuss.” She said, getting up without waiting for his reply. She went straight to her office and went to stand behind her desk. Appius walked through the doors and went to stand in front of the desk. He folded his hands behind his back, waiting for the queen

“Please, make yourself comfortable.” She paused, thinking about what she wanted to say. She didn’t want to disclose whatshe has revealed in Area 5. Knowing of Appius’s reputation it would be unwise to lay all her cards on the table. She spoke carefully.

“I’ve discovered a valuable asset in my state and I want it. Unfortunately your child is in the way and I need you to command him to give it to me.” She said, getting straight to the point. Appius raised an eyebrow at her.

“Oh really? And what pray tell is this asset my child is refusing to give up?” he asked. Sophie Ann snorts. Like she was going to tell him that! Did he make her to be a fool?

“That doesn’t concern you. All I need is him out the way and the asset in my court.” Sophie Ann replied in a stern voice.

“And what do I get out of this? I’m going through all this trouble to help you retrieve this…asset. You know for a fact that Jade Valentine is the sheriff of your area 5, so I know without a doubt she is still protecting him.” Ocella explained. After what happened the last time he had a run in with Jade, he was more cautious to try anything with Eric.

“This is where you come in. You are Northman’s maker after all…surely you can still control him?” Sophie Ann replied, challenging his control on Eric. She tried not smile at the look of anger on Appius face.

“Watch it, your majesty. You may be a queen, but I’m still 1600 years your senior and you will not disrespect me. He is my child and he will do as I say.” He spat angrily.

“Then you shouldn’t have a problem getting him out of my way.” Sophie Ann replied sweetly. Appius growled at the petulant queen; not appreciating her tone at all. She continued on. “Once you have Eric secured, you will return here for a reward. You are dismissed.” The queen said, waving her hand, motioning to the door. He glared at her, but turned around walking out not saying anything.

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6 thoughts on “CH 16 Sorceress”

  1. Oh I love it! Wow. I thought she would break the maker command but didn’t guess she would be his maker. What a chapter.

  2. Would Eric become a newborn if Jade became his maker?? Wondering how that would work.. I’m all for it if it keeps Appius from commanding Eric anymore.He’s been tortured enough. I hope you will be continuing the story soon. Anxious for more….Love it so much…

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