CH 15 Trust

I need to get this story moving along to the good parts. Remember, I do not own TB or SVM series or its characters! Enjoy and Review!


“She shot a gun at you and you came back to apologize?!” she asked incredulously.

“Sook…I didn’t do this! You gotta believe me!” he replied.

“Well…I’m callin’ the police!” she said rushing out the house.

“CALL EM!” He yelled, throwing the flowers across the room. “I had nothing to do with this!” he said storming out the room. Sookie looked back at Dawn and walked out.

This day is about to get worse, Sookie thought.


It had been a few days since Sookie discovered Dawn’s body in her home. That night, she’d spent as long as she could with Jason before they locked him up. At sunset she made it home just in time to be with Eric. By that time, the shock had worn off and she cried on Eric’s shoulder all night. All Eric could do was rub her back and whisper sweet nothings in her ear, calming her down.

He had been silent the whole time and Sookie watched him stare off into space with the same look on his face. She was curious to know why Eric seemed more distant than usual and less than affectionate.

Sookie was cuddled close to Eric on her bed feeling warm and safe for the first time all day. But something was bothering her…something had been nagging at her since she woke up this morning. There was something weird about Eric since last night; not only had he been completely silent but he also looked a little distracted. There was a hard, determined look in his eyes and it gave Sookie the chills.

“Are you okay, Eric?” Sookie asked softly. Eric looked down at her with a blank look on his face.

“I’m fine.” He lied. Truth was he was far from okay. He wanted to hunt down Bartlette and kill him…very slowly, but he had Sookie to think about. She needed to be consoled after discovering a corpse; no one so innocent should see such monstrous things.

It was a few days after Jason being locked up in jail when he couldn’t take it anymore. It was driving him crazy. He needed to avenge his lover and he was going to do it tonight. Eric took his arms from around Sookie and stood up from the bed. He put on his t-shirt walking out the bedroom. Sookie followed him out.

“Eric…Where are you going?” Sookie asked. Eric paused at the front door and looked back at her with a blank look.

“I’ll be back…I have some business to take care of.” He said. She figured he had business to take of at Fangtasia, but little did she know that was not the case. Eric didn’t know where Bartlette lived so he had digging to do. Unfortunately, it was almost dawn by the time he got what he needed to find the bastard. He went to his own home to rest and planned the demise of Sookie’s sick uncle Bartlette.

The sick fucker was going to get his comeuppance.

The next day Sookie woke up feeling off. Something was bothering her and she still didn’t know what it was. She went off to work as she usually does. As the hours went by as she was working at Merlotte’s, the feeling got worse. As soon as she got off work, she went home looking for Eric only to find he wasn’t there. Suddenly she had this overwhelming urge to go to Fangtasia to see Eric.

As she drove down the highway to Shreveport, she thought about Eric’s maker Ocella. She wished she could go back in time and kill the bastard herself, but she was no match for him. What could she do against a psychotic vampire with a tendency to overpower everything theoretically weaker than him? Sookie got angry.

Her mind was a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. After Eric telling his story of his abusive life starting out as a vampire, she couldn’t seem to find words to describe her feelings towards this; other than feeling incredibly angry. She went through the same thing albeit it was not as intense as Eric’s situation. What scared her more was that he was coming…and soon. What could be done to save Eric?

Tears pooled into Sookie’s eyes. She’s upset Eric had to go through that and at the same time pissed off her Viking suffered at the hands of a psychotic control freak. She wanted to rip Appius limb from limb, make love while bathed in his blood. Hold up a minute…where the hell did that come from? She was just thinking violent thoughts about someone. Sookie has never been violent or cruel, regardless of how evil a person is, she would never stoop to their level.

But she couldn’t help it. She felt oddly possessive of Eric. Every single time she thinks of Eric with those pathetic fangbangers she would feel a surge of jealousy or fury; feeling a strong urge to barge into Fangtasia and stake her claim on Eric; angry jealous women be damned.

Should she just follow her feelings or ignore them? So far lately the pull to drink more of Eric’s blood intensified. She felt like she should just go with it like she promised herself in the beginning. Feeling determined and finally making her decision, she decided she was going to claim her Viking…in front of witnesses. Her Gran would certainly roll in her grave knowing what she was about to do, but the feeling was too intense to ignore.

She pulled into the Fangtasia, but she had to stop a moment to take a breather. Was she really gonna go through with this? Was she about to do something she never did before? Was she about to make herself an enemy of all those women? The answer was yes…to all the above. And she was feeling absolutely terrified too. She suddenly got out her car and walked near the entrance. She paused, staring at the door.

“Sookie?” She heard a voice. Sookie looked up to see Jade checking ID’s for tonight.

“Jade? What are you doing out here checking ID’s? Aren’t you the one in charge here? Shouldn’t you be ordering vamps around or something?” Jade smiled, she could see she was nervous about something; her accent was more pronounced than usual.

“I’m doing it because I’m bored. Plus our bouncer for tonight has the night off. Why are you here? Is there a problem?” Jade asked raising her eyebrows in concern.

“Everything’s fine…no wait, wrong. Something is really bothering me and I don’t know what it is.” Jade only looked at her.

“Hmmm, I see the pull’s intensifying.” Jade said, with a knowing look. She continued, “And…you’re bothered by his past, if not pissed off he went through such an ordeal. It bothered you that much, huh?” Sookie’s mouth gaped opened in shock. Jade chuckled.”Hello? I’m a psychic. I know these things whether I want to or not…just like you hear thoughts whether you want to or not. Don’t be so surprised.” Jade laughed. Sookie chuckled and instantly relaxed.

“A little humor always helps calm the nerves. Go on in, Sook. He’s probably enthralling the humans or in his office.”

“Thank you.” Sookie replied with appreciation. Jade smiled and nodded her head at her. Sookie continued on in, spotting Pam behind the bar. She noticed that Eric was not sitting at his throne, so she approached Pam.

“Hey, Pam.” Sookie asked taking a seat at the bar.

“Well if it isn’t sweetness. What can I do for you cupcake?” Pam purred at her.

“Have you seen Eric, Pam? I really need to talk to him.” Sookie asked. Pam shook her head.

“Eric’s in his office, but he hasn’t come out since he got here to enthrall the vermin.” Pam explained. Sookie nodded her head and went off to his office. She walked through the door and looked around; Eric was not in here either.

Sookie wondered where Eric was. She went and sat on the couch quietly thinking to herself. Jade suddenly walked in knowing she needed to someone to talk to. Sookie looked up and noticed Jade looked concerned.

“Have you seen, Eric?” Sookie asked in a somewhat small voice. Jade nodded her head.

“It just came to me a few minutes ago.” Jade paused unsure of how to bring this up. “Eric is at your Uncle Bartlette’s.” Jade said carefully. Sookie looked at Jade in shock and then in anger. She stood up and started pacing.

“How could he do this?! I told him because he should know! Not so he could go and kill him! I trusted him with a very dark secret!” Sookie yelled with tears in her eyes. She trusted him with a very dark secret and he went off on a mission to go kill him…without even telling her. How could he? Jade blew out a puff of air. She took Sookie’s hands and pulled her down next to her on the couch.

“Please, calm down Sookie. I know you don’t want anyone dying because of you…So I will try to make it there in time to stop him…if I can. He can be pretty hard to stop when he’s in this state mind. He’s done this before though…only it was for a stranger.” Sookie looked back at Jade in shock. Sookie took a deep breath.

“Please…you have to stop him. I couldn’t handle if I had someone’s death on my mind…even if it was his.” Sookie pleaded. Jade nodded her head at Sookie and hugged her.

“I will try, but I couldn’t stop him before. I doubt I’ll be able to now.” Jade sighed to herself. Sookie only stared at Jade. What does that mean, Sookie thought to herself?

“In the meantime, why don’t you stay here and chill out? I’ll be back with Eric soon.” Jade said. Jade got up, put on her jacket, left Fangtasia and sped off to Monroe to stop Eric from making a big mistake. She shook her head at that man. Instead of just sitting down with Sookie and talking about it, he goes running off without telling anyone.

Doesn’t he realize he’s about to lose Sookie’s trust? Jade hoped she could catch him in time. He doesn’t realize how much shit he’s in.

Eric was flying to the address Pam gave him. He landed in front of an old run-down home. He sped up to the front and rang the doorbell. He heard movement inside the house and then the door finally opened showing an old man in a wheel chair.

“Yes? May I help you?” he asked. Eric tightly balled his fists, drawing blood.

“Good evening. I’m having trouble starting my car and I was wondering if you would let me use your phone, please?” Eric asked in a fake southern accent. The old man rolled his chair away from the door letting him in.

“Of course you can. Come on in.” Bartlette replied. Eric smiled.

“Why thank you, kind sir.” Eric said feigning gratitude and walked through. He closed the door behind him and turned back to Bartlette. He only stared at the pathetic old man and chuckled darkly.

“We are in for a long night, Mr. Bartlette.” Eric said in a dark voice. He bared his fangs at Bartlette, quickly wrapping his hand around his neck squeezing hard enough to crush his windpipe. “You make a sound or say a single word I’ll rip your fucking balls off.” Eric growled in his face. Bartlette’s eyes widened in fear. He nodded his head slowly. Eric grinned and dragged him in the living room.

Instead of driving to Merlotte’s, Jade decided to run at vamp speed back to Bon Temps to find Eric. She had to find him and fast or he would be in big trouble. If it weren’t for Sookie she would’ve just let him have his fun. But no, Sookie is partially human with morals. Even if her great uncle did all those horrible things to her, she’d still let him live. She basically didn’t want to feel guilty.

As soon as she stopped in the middle of parking lot of Merlotte’s, she knew exactly where he went. She ran west towards the city of Monroe and stopped at an old house next to a creek. She blew out a puff of air and sighed in relief. He is scent is here and still strong. She zoomed up to the house and instantly smelled blood; she could still hear a heartbeat but it was gradually slowing down. Jade was just about to knock when the door suddenly opened with Eric dragging Bartlette out by his leg.

“Please, don’t hurt me!” he pleaded. Not noticing Jade, Eric threw Bartlette in the middle of lawn and ran up to him at vamp speed kicking him in the ribs. Jade ran to them, standing in between Eric and Bartlette.

“Eric, what are you doing?” she asked narrowing her eyes at him.

“What does it look like?” Eric snapped, walking around Jade and grabbing Bartlette by his neck. He hung in the air fearing for his life; hoping to god this woman will save him.

“Eric…put him down. You’re going to make a very big mistake in killing him. You go through with this and Sookie will never trust you again with any of her secrets. She may even never forgive you. DON’T. DO. IT.” Jade said, putting her hand on his shoulder. She prayed to the gods that he’d see reason. Eric growled.

“He deserves to be punished. He took the childhood away from an innocent little girl for his sick desires. HE MUST DIE!” Eric snarled. He despised any person who was sick enough to make a child do things they didn’t want to do. Little children are meant to be free to grow up, play and have fun.

Jade couldn’t disagree any more that this sick bastard deserves to die. But was he really ready to lose the one woman he could ever love, over revenge and vengeance? Sookie knows what happened to her wasn’t her fault; she couldn’t stop it from happening, she was young and powerless. Regardless of what happened to her, she didn’t want any blood on her hands.

“Eric, think about what you’re doing. Yes, he deserves to die, but Sookie would not want you or anybody else killing for her or over her. Right now she is upset and needs you…Go to her, comfort her…be with her.” Jade whispered. She could tell she was getting through to him because he was stepping back from Bartlette.

“I know how you feel, Eric. I get it. Look at him…he’s in a wheel chair and dying. He’s suffering for his sins already. Most importantly of all, think about how Sookie feels. You know she wouldn’t like this.” Jade sighed taking a deep breath, she continued. “Go to her, Eric…she needs you now.” She repeated quietly. They only stared at each other, not saying anything, Eric nodded his head; finally agreeing.

“You’re right. I wasn’t really thinking. I was just so angry…I hate that this happened to her. I hate that I didn’t know her long ago to prevent it from happening. I wish I could protect her…” he said, trailing off sadly. Jade nodded her head. He nods his head once more at Jade and ran off disappearing into the night. Jade puffed her cheeks and blew out a puff of air. She turned her head towards Bartlette and walked over to him at human speed.

“Thank you so mu…” he stopped when he saw the disgust and hatred on her face.

“Oh no…don’t thank me. You haven’t got off scott free.” She snarled pointing her finger at him. “You are absolutely lucky I didn’t let him torture you and finish you off. You’re even luckier that you didn’t have to deal with me…because I would make you beg me to kill you. You don’t deserve a quick death…you deserve to live off the rest of your pathetic life suffering, you sick son a bitch! And let’s make sure that this happens, shall we?” she grinned evilly at Bartlette, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and staring straight into his eyes, glamoring him

“For every single little girl you ever violated, you will feel excruciating pain. For hurting Sookie, you will feel regret and extreme guilt. Every single time you think of a little girl you will feel as if your dick has been chopped off. Finally, till the day you die you will sit in that house and think about every single sick thing you’ve ever done and beg…beg anyone to take your life away. You will suffer as long as you are alive, Mr. Hale. You will not remember seeing me or Eric here.” By the time she finished glamoring him, she stood at the porch in front of the door. She gave him one last look before she just threw him inside, closing the door and running off to Merlotte’s.

She still had some unfinished business with the shifter.

She stood in front of Merlotte’s staring off into space. She was trying to analyze how much of a problem the shifter was going to be, but she couldn’t come up with anything. She sighed yet again. She seems to be doing that lately, despite the fact she doesn’t need to breath. She ran into the shifter’s restaurant pausing in front of the bar. She looked at everyone in hatred.

Nothing but a bunch of small minded hicks!

She spotted Sam behind the bar filling a pitcher of beer. She sat in front of Sam giving him a coy, innocent smile. Sam looked up at her in annoyance, knowing her smile was anything but.

“Evening shifter, having a good night, I hope?” she asked casually, smiling. Sam huffed and handed the pitcher off to a red head.

“What do you want? Sookie’s not here.” He said in exasperation, ignoring her question. Jade looked bored.

“Yeah…I know. I came here to talk to you about Sookie anyway. Is there a place we can talk in private?” Jade asked. He rolled his eyes walking out. Jade followed him to his office, closing the door behind her.

“You know I don’t appreciate you trying to prevent Sookie from working for me, shifter.” Jade said turning around. Sam huffed and balled his fist; his face red in anger. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

“Why can’t you just leave Sookie alone?! You bloodsuckers ain’t nothing but trouble! Your world is too dark and dangerous! Sookie’s too sweet and kind to be exposed to it! All she’s doing is setting herself up to get hurt!” Sam yelled angrily.

“Well, gee, a great friend you are indeed. It’s nice to know you actually have faith in her!” Jade said with sarcasm. “Maybe perhaps you’re not a very good friend after all. I mean, how long would it have taken for some other supe, besides a vampire, to discover what she is? But, oh, that’s right…you are a supe! Then again, she doesn’t know what you are…even though she should have known. After all, you are in love with her!” Jade said circling around Sam and then going to sit behind his desk. Sam bristled in anger and glared at Jade with hatred. Jade smiled.

“You hurt a single hair on her head, I’ll have a stake with your name on it!” Sam said, gritting his teeth. Jade scoffs at him.

What could he do, except piss on my shoes? Jade laughed to herself.

“Pfft, what could you do? If you’ve heard of any rumors about me, you’d know I would never hurt a human…I’m sorry, innocent and harmless humans, but a fellow supernatural? That’s a different story altogether, and I will kill any shifter or were who I deem a threat to me and mine.” Jade said sternly looking straight into his eyes with fire. Sam gulped; her threat was not lost on him. Jade grinned.

“See, you claim to love Sookie and yet, you haven’t even told her that you’re a shifter. Shame…it almost seems you were deliberately keeping her in the dark about Supes. I already know you’ve been purposely giving her double shifts to keep her away from vampires. Now why would that be, Mr. Merlotte?” She asked. Sam remained silent. He had no definite answer to that question…or he did know and he just didn’t want to acknowledge or admit it.

“No, wait…I’ll answer for you!” Jade said getting out the chair and appeared in front of Sam without moving. “You deliberately kept her in the dark about what you are so you could keep her all to yourself in the hopes of convincing her to become yours. I guess at some point, you fall in love, get married and have puppies. But too bad that’s never going to happen.” Jade laughed.

Foolish, little shifter…I feel absolutely sorry for him.

“You are extremely naive, Sammy. Tsk, not very smart either. Sookie’s not gonna be happy once she finds out one of her trusted friends kept a secret from her…especially since you’ve always known of hers. What would this look like to her?” Jade said in coy voice. Sam acted in anger and pulled the pencil from behind his ear about to stake Jade, but she was faster than him and had Sam on his back against his desk, with her hand around his neck. Jade bared her fangs at him.

“I feel so sorry for you, Merlotte. You deluded yourself into thinking you had a chance with her…and you are sorely mistaken. You fucked up by not telling her what you are and refused to encourage her to be more than a waitress! Are you really her friend, or are you out for your own interests? Do you really care for her? I think not. And by the way, you should know better than to think you could attack me and succeed…I wouldn’t let it happen again because next time, I won’t be so generous. You’re still alive out of courtesy to Sookie; you best remember that… shifter.” Jade spat at Sam. She stepped back from Sam, brushing dust of her shirt. She walked up to the door, stopped and turned around.

“If we have to have this conversation again…you will have bigger problems. Have a nice night, Mr. Merlotte!” She said, saying the last part cheerfully. She ran out of Merlotte’s and back to Shreveport.

Like it? Love it? Neutral? Next up: A two month time skip.


5 thoughts on “CH 15 Trust”

  1. Love the way you had Jade handle Bartlett! Great job! 👍 Hope you are still able to read this after all these years you’ve been done with this story….

  2. I’m so glad jade was able to stop Eric. I’m glad Barlett will suffer. I don’t think Sam will listen. I so wanted her to kick his sorry ass.

  3. I’m glad Jade was able to stop Eric and talk some sense into him..Jade’s glamor was so much better than just killing Bartlett. I loved it..
    Did Sam really think he was fast enough to stake Jade with a pencil?? I wonder if she will say anything to Sookie about it..

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