CH 14 A Funny Uncle

I have big plans for Jade, Eric, Sookie, and some other characters. Jade is a lot more powerful than I let on; she’s a mixture of things, for now you know she’s slightly a faerie and psychic. For those of you who have seen the sneak peek of the Eric/Jade flashback…well let’s just say there’s more to her complicated past. 😉

Okay, let me end this author’s note before it takes up the whole story. You know the dealio, I don’t own characters of SVM or true blood. All goes to CH and AB.

Enjoy and Review!

Eric sighed deeply. He really didn’t want to tell her any of this; fearing that she may go running for the hills. But Jade was right, Sookie needed to know this; she needed to be prepared for whatever may happen.

“There’s more I need to tell you. Jade’s recently discovered that my maker is coming to Louisiana, I assume to re-claim me. As long as I’m still tied to him I am still a slave…his slave. And there’s nothing I can do about it.” Eric growled. She wanted to make the fucker pay for all he put Eric through. She wanted to desperately find a way to protect him from any more harm. The problem was that she didn’t know how. There’s a chance she may lose him after just finding him; she felt nauseous all of a sudden.

She was fearful. He could make Eric do anything he says without resistance. He could make Eric kill her…or worse. She had tears in her eyes. She hated this, and she was going to hate sitting around waiting for him to show up. To distract herself from talking more about Eric’s maker, she decided she was going to tell her story. It was only fair since he shared the demons of his own past. She sighed and looked away. He grabbed her chin, gently pulling her face towards his.

“What’s the matter Sookie?” Eric asked softly. She felt the tears rolling down her cheeks; the feelings of guilt, shame and anger bubbling back up the surface. She fooled herself into believing she was over it and moved on…but right now just proves otherwise.

“When I was little…I had a funny uncle…” she said trailing off. Eric looked confused for a moment, and quickly figured that she wasn’t talking about comedy ‘funny’. He urged her to continue.

“Go on.” He said, barely above a whisper. Her breathing was becoming shallow and she felt like had a pill stuck in her dry throat.

“It was after my parents died in a flash flood, and my gran took me and my brother in; took care of us. My gran’s brother was my great uncle who molested me. I tried so hard to…he’d take any chance he get alone with me, touching me in places no adult man should ever do to a child. It went on for a couple years until I turned 10.” She trailed off. She could feel herself shaking, and tears were sliding down her cheeks. She sobbed.

“One night my grandmother was making dinner and she was missing an ingredient. She left for the store and my brother was his best friend’s house for a sleepover…” Sookie sobbed harder, pulling her knees up to her chest wrapping her arms around them; she started rocking back and forth, not noticing Eric’s cold hard stare. “I was hiding in my bedroom in the closet, hoping he wouldn’t find me…I could see inside his head what he wanted to do to me and I was horrified. The closet opened abruptly, he grabbed my arm and dragged me over to my bed.” She closed her eyes and continued sobbing. Meanwhile, Eric was rubbing her back in comfort; he looked calm and collected but beneath the surface was rage, anger, and vengeance. He wanted to slowly kill her great uncle Bartlett.

“He was trying to hold me still on the bed while I was screaming for help, hoping desperately for someone to help me. He unbuttoned his pants, pulled them down…I-I pleaded…n-no begged him not to do this. H-he threatened to kill me if I ever said anything. Just as he was about to push in, my gran walked in. He was so busy trying to rape me he hadn’t noticed Gran had come back because she forgot her purse…”


“Sookie sweetie, have you seen…” Adele stopped and looked in on the scene in Sookie’s bedroom and dropped her car keys. What she saw had shocked her…so much that she was completely frozen.

Bartlett had looked at his sister, trying to think of a lie and quickly. “Adele…this isn’t what it looks like. Sookie…she had a…she had a…I was…” He stammered out. He couldn’t think of plausible lie. He was staring off at her, expecting anything while still holding down Sookie. At Some point his grip on Sookie’s wrists had loosened.

“Help me please…GRAN PLEASE HELP ME!” Sookie said, sobbing, pleading for her grandmother to save her. She got from under her uncle, crawling in a corner of the room with her knees against her chest, and her arms wrapped around them; trying to shield herself.

“You…You monster…It all makes sense now, Aunt Linda…and Hadley. Oh my god…” She had tears in her eyes, and covered her face with her hands. Now she understood why Hadley was so troublesome and why Linda always had always been so distant and deeply depressed. Once the shock had worn off, rage burned in her eyes. Sookie had never seen her Gran so angry before. Gran screamed with anger, ran to her closet and picked up the shotgun; frantically filling it with bullets.

Once Bartlett saw what she was doing, he quickly pulled his pants up. “Wait a minute…Adele…I can explain…” he was trying to rip the shotgun from her, but Adele was too angry and adrenaline was running through her body; she was shaking to the point where she felt like she could collapse to the ground at any time.

They both struggled with each other; Bartlett trying to take the gun away from Adele and Adele holding on and gripping the gun as hard as she can. It all happened so fast, but at some point Gran put her finger on the trigger and the shotgun went off on his kneecap. Everything stopped, everyone was silent. Bartlett dropped to the floor holding his knee, groaning in pain. Then Adele started hitting him with the shotgun; yelling at him.

“You bastard! You’ll burn in hell for this! You listen and listen good, you’re no longer welcome in this home, you hear me? If you ever come back, I swear to god I’ll go to the police and report you; make sure you rot in a prison cell. Now get your stuff and get out!” Gran sobbed with anger and disgust. Bartlett grabbed his clothes and ran out. Jason, Sookie and Adele never saw him again.

End of flashback.

“Since then, my Gran has protected me and taken care of me…now she’s gone and I’m all alone.” She straddled Eric’s thighs and wrapped her arms around his neck leaning her head on his shoulder. Sookie was in Eric’s arms sobbing. He was completely frozen; he was automatically rubbing her back and kissing her neck with light, comforting kisses.

“You are not alone…you have me now to protect you and take care of you. I am so sorry you had to go through that, lover. It amazes you’re still here, strong as ever, and not letting the darkest of your past cripple you and nearly destroy you.”

“I don’t feel very strong. I don’t know how you can stand to look at me.” She said in a small voice.

“Knowing this happened to you does not disgust me and make me think of you as weak. It only makes me realize that you are incredibly strong and makes me think of you as more. You’re the most strongest and beautiful woman I’ve ever met; it rivals Jade’s strength and beauty.” Sookie had to disagree with him on that. Sookie most definitely admired Jade’s beauty and strength, but for Eric to think she’s just as beautiful as Jade is…is just ludicrous. She remained silent.

“It’s almost dawn and you’re tired. Let me hold you while you sleep, and I’ll leave just before the sun comes up.” Sookie nodded her head and got off of Eric’s thighs. He turned the covers over getting in the bed and Sookie got in going straight into Eric’s arms. She leaned her head on his chest instantly falling asleep. Eric ran his fingers through her soft hair

Sookie did not know at all the murderous thoughts Eric was having. He was going to stay with her tonight and comfort her as much as he can, but tomorrow night, he’s going to hunt down the sick bastard and make him wish he never hurt Sookie.

He swore on his blood Bartlett wouldn’t live to hurt another innocent living soul again.

The next morning, Sookie woke in bed; her eyes fluttered open and sunlight was pouring through her window filling her room. It may be a beautiful morning, but Sookie felt tired. After sharing her story with Eric last night she felt both light and exhausted; getting that off her chest made her feel better, but the emotions overwhelming her exhausted her. She was glad she didn’t have go into Merlotte’s until 5, because she wanted to spend the whole morning and afternoon relaxing. Her time to relax was unfortunately cut short by her phone ringing. She sighed in frustration and begrudgingly answered the phone.

“Hello?” She asked in a sleepy voice.

“Cher? I hope I didn’t wake you.” Sookie looked at the clock; it was 8 in the morning.

“No, I actually just woke up. Is something wrong Sam? Do you need me to come in early?” She asked sitting up against the headboard. She really hoped that wasn’t the case.

“No actually. I need you to do me a favor and go to Dawn’s and wake her up. Her shift started 45 minutes ago.” He asked. Sookie felt tempted to say no, knowing dawn didn’t like her very much.

“Can’t you get someone else to do it?” Sookie pleaded. She really didn’t want to do this, Sookie wanted to stay in bed and sleep past noon.

“I would if the bar weren’t so busy at the moment. Please Cher, for me?” Sam pleaded. Sookie sighs and gets out of bed. She was feeling exhausted after last night and didn’t feel like bothering with Dawn.

“Fine, Sam. But I get to leave work early tonight!” Sookie huffed.

“Deal.” He said. They exchanged goodbyes and hung up the phone. Sookie took a quick, shower, ate a small breakfast, and was on her way to Dawn’s.

Her car pulled up in front of Dawns house. She got out of her car and started towards the porch. She stopped suddenly; feeling like someone was watching her. She looked around and saw nothing. She shrugged her shoulders continuing up the porch in front of the door.

Sookie hit the door only once and it slowly swung open. She slowly eased her way into Dawn’s house a bad feeling creeping up her spine. She looked around and nothing looked out of place, but everything was dead quiet. Sookie had a really bad feeling.

She went to Dawn’s room and saw it was closed. Sookie lightly knocked on it for a few moments. “I’m coming in dawn, you better be decent!” When she walked into the room she froze and stiffened. The image before her gave her chills and goose bumps; Dawn was laid face down on the bed with her head twisted where Sookie was standing, she looked a blue-ish color and had two bite marks on her neck, but there was also a red line around her neck; she looked like someone choked her.

Sookie screamed. “HELP! Somebody please!” Sookie put her hand on her jugular and checked for a pulse, but she knew from the way Dawn looked that she was dead. The question was how long?

“Good lord in heaven…Sweetie, what did you get yourself into?” Sookie whispered. She may not have liked Dawn very much, but that didn’t mean she wanted her dead or would wish this upon her. She felt nauseous all of sudden putting her hand over her mouth like she were about to vomit.

She heard footsteps behind her and then a glass shatter startling her and making her jump a centimeter into the air. She turned around and saw a pale Jason who just dropped a vase of daisies. He stared at Dawn’s body with wide eyes. He couldn’t breathe anymore. Sookie quickly walked to Jason and put her arms around his neck.

“Oh my god, Jason…Oh my god.” Tears pooled into Sookie’s eyes as she laid her head on her brother’s shoulder. He was on autopilot rubbing Sookie’s shoulder; he couldn’t stop looking at Dawn’s corpse on the bed.

“It’s okay.” Jason said.

“Like hell it is! Look at her, she is definitely not okay!” she said hitting her hands on his chest. Sookie was completely freaking out and Jason was trying to calm her down.

“Well, beating on me not gonna change nothin’!” Jason said, holding a distraught Sookie at arm’s length.

“Dawn! I head yellin’.” An older woman walked in, stopped to look around and gasped. “Good lord in heaven.” She said putting her hand on her chest. She walked further into the room as Jason stared down at the ground and Sookie was staring at Dawn’s body. She glared back at Jason and pointed at him.

“What did you do?”

“Me?!” Jason exclaimed.

“I found the body Ms. Lenore…he just…he just got here.” Sookie said. She ignored Sookie and continued on.

“I saw you here last night, Jason Stackhouse! I heard ya’ll fightin’, then she took a shot at you and then you ran off! And now she’s dead!” she yelled. Sookie looked at Jason in shock.

“Jason?” Sookie asked. Jason was gripping the flowers in his hand tightly as he tried to explain himself. This looks really bad.

“Yeah…we had a fight. But I came to apologize!” he said raising his voice.

“She shot a gun at you and you came back to apologize?!” she asked incredulously.

“Sook…I didn’t do this! You gotta believe me!” he replied.

“Well…I’m callin’ the police!” she said rushing out the house.

“CALL EM'” He yelled, throwing the flowers across the room. “I had nothing to do with this!” he said storming out the room.

Sookie looked back at Dawn and walked out.

My day’s about to get worse, Sookie thought.

Like it? Love it? Neutral? I’m sorry if I hadn’t updated this in a while!

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  1. I’m glad Sookie told Eric everything. I’m curious how the murders will fit into this story?

  2. Jason going to be blamed for both the girls now..Guess he should change his ways and settle down with one..Both Eric and Sookie’s stories were so upsetting…

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