CH 13 Another Vision

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“The queen will have your fangs for this!” Bill hissed.“So you say, but that doesn’t make it true does it? You and the queen oughta back off the telepath or things will get ugly. And I don’t mean butt ugly I mean blazes of hell, blood, guts and wars, ugly. You get me, Bill?” Jade growled into his face. He nodded his head.“Goody.” Jade replied cheerfully. She let go of his neck dropping him on the ground. She laughed at Bill, ran to her car and drove off in the direction of Shreveport.Ah, I love being me, Jade thought.

“Eric what’s going on? What do you need to tell me?” She asked softly. He sat back against the headboard of the bed and sighed. He held Sookie between his legs her back against his chest. Eric nuzzled into her cheek, purring softly like a contented cat. He dreaded telling Sookie about his dark past. The last thing he wanted to do was upset her.

“I was turned over a thousand years ago by Appius Livius Ocella. He was a sadistic cruel creature with no mercy for any life form human or supernatural. The things I’m about to tell you will upset you…you may even be disgusted and never want to see me again…” He trailed off, looking towards her window. She grabbed his chin and gently turned his face to hers.

“It’s ok. You can tell me Eric. I’m sure I need to hear this. Go on.” He blew a puff an air and prepared himself.

“When I rose as a vampire, I was confused…disoriented. I was worst of all thirsty. I didn’t know where I was or what even happened to me. I looked around and saw the world with new eyes, heard things with new ears. It was really intense. When my eyes landed on my maker I didn’t know what to think. He explained what happened to me and how I was given the gift of immortality. He told I was made to serve him, do as he says and pleasure him as he wishes. He could do whatever he wanted with me and there wouldn’t be a thing I could do to stop him. He took me away from my family, my life and nearly broke me. During my first couple centuries as a vampire, my maker did things to me I won’t ever to you explain in detail. He would force me with the maker’s command to do things I didn’t want to do. I tried so hard to fight against him, but he was more powerful than I was. He taught me nothing but only to serve and obey him. When I tried to fight against him, or escape him, he’d torture me for hours and then he would force himself on me again…repeatedly. It went on and on until I learned how to shut myself down and just be numb. By the time he was bored with me, he released me. I went off on my own; not knowing how to feed properly, not knowing anything about vampire politics. For about a hundred years I killed and killed, not learning to control my urges and impulses… until I met Jade. She found me, took me in as her one of her own and took care of me. She taught me everything she knew about being a vampire.”

Tears pooled into her eyes. Sookie was saddened by Eric’s story. She was so sorry he went through such a traumatizing time. She wanted to so badly console him and comfort him…make all his pain go away. She couldn’t help but fell empathetic, because of what she went through as a little girl; although it wasn’t nearly as horrible as what Eric went through. But she could feel his pain.

“Oh lover, please don’t cry. I didn’t tell you this to upset you. Please stop crying. I hate seeing you upset.” Eric pleaded. He hated seeing her so hurt and sad. Eric could also feel through their blood tie feelings of guilt, shame and hurt. He wondered why she was feeling this way. He looked at her and it pained him to see her this way. He wanted to make the pain go away and see her smile again.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I wish there was a way I could go back in time and kill the fucker before he could even have the chance to hurt you.” She said angrily. Eric only stared her in shock. He was happy to see she truly cared for him enough to protect him. He instantly stiffened under Sookie, knowing he was gonna tell her worse news.

“There’s more I need to tell you. Jade’s recently discovered that my maker is coming to Louisiana, I assume to re-claim me. As long as I’m still tied to him I am still a slave…his slave. And there’s nothing I can do about it.” Eric growled. She wanted to make the fucker pay for all he put Eric through. She wanted to desperately find a way to protect him from any more harm. The problem was that she didn’t know was also fearful. He could make Eric do anything he says without resistance. He could make Eric kill her…or worse.

Bill Compton was going to be a problem. He won’t stop snooping and stalking Sookie until the queen ordered otherwise. Jade decided to back off and keep a close eye on Compton until circumstances changed. She was driving down hummingbird road, anticipating the queen’s next move; until she felt it. She felt something in the woods while driving. Jade stopped the car and parked on the shoulder. She got out the car closing the door, walking straight for the woods. She kept walking and felt the feeling stronger than before.

She pushed through some bushes and saw a large eyes widened when she saw that it was glowing. But it was a faint glow. She walked out of the bushes approaching the pond. She thought of something suddenly. She took her shoes off and rolled the end of her jeans up to her knees. She took a step into the water until her feet were completely submerged under felt warmth wash over her. She sighed in bliss. Jade could feel the shiver down her spine triggering another vision:

It was day and she was standing in pond; feeling the wind blow in her hair with her eyes closed. The sun was out and shining brightly in the sky. She sighed. The sun felt warm against her skin and her nerve endings were tingling. She was going to enjoy smelling the sun constantly on her skin now.Suddenly someone shot out of the water. He was tall and he was blonde. She immediately recognized him as Eric. He came up to the surface right in front of jade. He appeared to be smiling with so much joy…childlike joy. It made jade smile like a loon…seeing him happy and relaxed completely.

“What are you waiting for?! The waters great! Don’t just stand there!” He shouted with happiness. Jade smiled and laughed at him. He looked so joyful and at peace. Jade couldn’t help but feel the same way. Eric looked past Jade and grinned.He zoomed out at vampire speed noticing Sookie was watching them with a smile on her face. He grabbed her around the waist lifting her, and she automatically wraps her legs around his hips.He crushed his lips against hers, pulling her into a passionate kiss. Jade stood and watched them, smiling at their happiness when suddenly strong arms wrapped around her waist from behind. She felt warm lips press against her shoulder.

“You look so beautiful in the sunlight.” He whispered into her ear. Jade smiled and leaned her head back onto his shoulders.

“Thank you. So do you.” He chuckled at Jade.

“Let’s go for a swim.” The voice whispers, brushing his lips against Jade’s ear. Jade giggled. She felt kisses being trailed from the spot behind her ear to her neck to her shoulders.

“God…your lips…” Jade moaned.

“What about them?” He whispered huskily. He suckled and nibbled on her earlobe.

“They feel so warm…” Jade trailed off.

“Mmhmm, yes. It feels good to have you in my arms again, Jade.”

“It feels good to feel your lips against my skin again.” Jade whispered. He picked her up and carried her into the water. When they were in the water deep enough Jade moved in front of him; her chest pressed against his. She wrapped her arms around his neck her forehead leaning on his shoulder; her hand running through his dark brown hair from the nape of his neck. He groaned into her neck rubbing her back up and down slowly.She couldn’t see his face. It was fuzzy. She couldn’t tell who the male was. All she could see was his brown hair and a small tattoo of a Phoenix on his chest.

“I love you…” The male voice whispered into her neck.

When she came back to herself she was clutching her heart. Despite the fact she was dead, her heart was fluttering furiously. She couldn’t see who he was, but did recognize the symbol on his chest. She knew only one man who possessed that tattoo. She gasped. No, it couldn’t be, she thought. It was someone who she presumed dead, but her vision told a completely different story. Her visions always came true and every single little detail was always 100 percent accurate. She shook her head in disbelief.

She’ll think about it for later, right now she had to figure what was special about this pond. Why it pulled her here and why it glows. What was the significance of it?What also surprised her was she and Eric was in the sunlight. Not burning or in agonizing pain. How can this be? She wondered how it was possible or rather how it came to be. Jade immediately thought of Sookie. What is she? She almost smells like a fairy, but not quite. More like a hybrid of sorts. She decided she was going to investigate more on Sookie’s heritage later and deal with the queen. Her fae status may play a major part in the queen’s obsession.

So much to deal with and so much to think about, she thought.

Her instincts told her Appius’s upcoming arrival and Sookie’s heritage is important at the moment than the petty queen. She won’t do anything for a while, which she gives her enough time to deal with Appius and the jade knew of two fairies who owned a strip club in Monroe. She sat on the ground with her feet still in the water. She sat and planned.

This is gonna be an interesting week, she thought with amusement.

The queen and Andre were pacing back and forth; impatiently waiting for Hadley to rise as a vampire. She was tapping her fingertips together and gritting her teeth.

“What is taking so long?!” The queen whined. Andre ignored the queen and just continued pacing. The ground shifted and a hand arose above the surface, sticking out. Andre quickly grabbed it, pulling Hadley out the ground. He held her into his arms looking into her eyes.

“Welcome to your new life.” He whispered to her softly. The queen looked down at her new child with so much pride and happiness she grinned.

“Welcome to your new life, my child. You will simply be magnificent, Hadley…truly.” She said, caressing Hadley’s cheek.

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8 thoughts on “CH 13 Another Vision”

  1. The visit to the pond was interesting. I’m wondering if it was Godric whose face she couldn’t see.
    I’m with Sookie in going back in time and killing Appius before he could hurt Eric..
    Can’t wait to see what they are going to do with Hadley…Love the story..

  2. Great chapter. Thank you for the update. Have a happy Mother’s Day. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

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