CH 12 The Dark Side of Jade

 I don’t own characters of SVM or true blood. All goes to CH and AB.

Warning: There will be some sexual abuse and torture in this chapter. If this bothers you, then skip it.

BTW: There will be NO romantic or sexual relationship of any kind between Jade and Eric. They’ll love each other as siblings, like Nora and Eric (except they won’t have sex with each other) or mother and son (like Godric and Eric).

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“I take it you haven’t exterminated him yet?” Jade wasn’t surprised to find it was Longshadow. She was suspicious of him when Eric first hired him.

“We were waiting for you to return from the queen’s.” Eric replied.

“What do you need me for? You usually do the interrogation and torture thing.”

“I’m not the sheriff. Only you would be able to give him the true death. I didn’t want to be brought up on charges by the magister. You just ordered me to find the thief and nothing else.” Eric explained. Jade was pleased by this and smiled at him. Thank goodness he saved him for her. She needed something to rip apart. She was on edge and needed an outlet to take her anger on. She took out a cigarette and lit it. Jade sighed deeply and stared off into space.

“There’s more isn’t there?” Jade looked at Eric.

“Pam, Carrie, leave me alone with Eric.” Jade said with a pained look on her face.

Pam and Carrie left the room, leaving Jade and Eric alone. They were both silent. Jade continued smoking her cigarette, closing her eyes. This is not going to be easy at all, Jade thought sadly. She sighs to herself.

“Jade what’s wrong? You seem troubled by something.” Jade snorted and barked a laugh bitterly.

“What gave me away?”

“You always smoke when something is bothering you.” Eric shrugged. Jade blew out a puff of air.

“I’m not going to mince words with you, Eric. After I saw the queen, Vera and the Ancient Pythoness summoned me…”Jade trailed off. Eric’s head snapped to attention. He tensed and looked fully alert now. He knows every single time the AP and Vee calls for her it turns out to be bad news. Eric closes his eyes and sighs.

“Eric, your maker is coming to Louisiana.” Jade said, looking straight at Eric; who now looked back up at her and had a frightened look on his face. A look Jade has always hated seeing on him. She spent centuries trying to get him talk about everything Appius did to Eric, even more so trying to heal him. A few centuries after they met, a nerve was hit when he saw a man attack a woman in a dark alley and nearly raped her. Jade stood in the shadows of the alley watching Eric tear the guy limb from limb; with so much rage and violence. In which worried Jade. She already knew what happened to Eric; getting him to talk about it was more of a method to get him to open up to her and release all his feelings. She was pulled out of her thoughts by Eric’s sudden reply.

“When?” Eric asked through gritted teeth.

“I don’t know. I just know he’s coming. Something tells me soon too.” Jade said. He stared off into space and stood completely still. He was trying to reign in his intense anger and hatred for his maker.

She could tell he was bottling up his emotions. All the shame, anger and regret just kept building up; rotting within the very core of his body. Another few centuries he would have turned into a cruel monster with no remorse for killing innocent people. Jade was lucky to have found him before it was too late. After she made Carrie, Appius showed up again trying re-instate his control over Eric. He never forgave himself for letting Appius get the best of him; Jade was trying to convince him that it was not his fault and there was nothing he could do.


“Child, you will get on your knees and service me!” Ocella growled. Eric shook his head violently. He tried to fight the urge to go over to his maker, but it was getting to be painful. He finally conceded and fell to his knees, defeated. He bowed his head in respect and closed his eyes. Ocella smiled an evil smile; feeling smug and pleased with his child.

“That’s a good boy. Now lift your head up and open your mouth.” Eric did what he always did when he was about to service his maker…shut himself off and not react to anything. He raised his head and opened his mouth, waiting for what was about to come. Ocella opened his pants and thrust into Eric’s mouth. Eric closed his eyes and went into downtime…

30 minutes had passed and Jade returned with her newest child Carrie after teaching her to feed on a human. She was surprised, yet proud Caroline learned how to feed without draining the human. Jade could tell Carrie was going to be her most successful creation yet.

They were about to enter the home when she stopped and her eyes widened. Carrie watched in fear and awe as her maker’s eyes glowed and turned to a red color; she could feel vast amounts of rage washing over her in the maker/child bond. Jade swiftly disappeared into the house. Carrie quickly followed behind her.

The scene Jade saw before her broke her heart. She saw Eric naked, bent over the table looking lifeless, while Ocella was thrusting hard into Eric and growling loudly. She clenched her fists, tight enough to hear her knuckled pop and draw blood. She ran over to Appius, grabbed him by his hair and threw him against the wall. She quickly sped over to him before he could get up, grabbing his head roughly and banged his skull against the wall repeatedly. When she heard a crack she stopped instantly. Appius was on the floor, healing and looking straight at Jade with hatred. But it quickly changed to fear and shock when he how her eyes looked.

Her eyes were shone a bright red. She stood over him, looking down at him with so much disgust, anger and pity.

“This better not be what it looks like…THIS BETTER NOT BE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! Because if it is, then I’m entirely sure you were just forcing yourself upon Eric like a pathetic fool! You mother-fucking piece of shit! I KNOW you’re not in my house…raping a dear good friend of mine…and thinking you’re going to get away with it! Because if you are…you are sorely mistaken and fucking out of your goddamn mind!” She yelled.

“This does not involve you. I should kill you for interfering between me and my child!” he growled.

Jade wrapped her hand around his neck and held him in the air. She bent him over the table in the same place Eric was and broke the leg off a chair. She started to push it into his ass roughly…making Appius squeal and scream like a little girl.

“Does this please you? Do you like this Appius? Oh right…you do. I BET YOU’D LOVE IT SO FUCKING MUCH IF I GLAMORED SOME FILTHY DIRTY HUMAN OFF THE STREETS INTO STICKING EVERY OBJECT UP YOUR ASS! NO? HOW ABOUT I JUST RIP FUCKING DICK OFF AND FEED IT SOME HUNGRY ANIMAL ON THE STREETS? WOULD YOU FUCKING LOVE THAT? YOU PATHETIC COWARDLY, SAD EXCUSE FOR A VAMPIRE! Do you want this, you dirty fuck?! Do you?! Fucking answer me! Do you want this?! DO YOUUU!” Jade screamed with so much rage as she was thrusting the broken chair leg in his anus. Appius screamed and had blood tears running down his cheeks, he was trying hard to escape Jade’s wrath. Resistance was futile…he wasn’t going anywhere. She pushed the leg harder into him, making him feel every bit of shame, pain and anguish he made Eric feel. Ocella sobbed in pain. She was ripping the insides of his anus to shreds.

Suddenly Jade stopped and pulled it out. There was blood coated on the broken chair leg. Jade threw it over her shoulder and turned her back to him. Everyone stood still. Everything was silent; you could hear a pin drop. She was closing her eyes and taking deep breaths; clenching her fists. It’s been a long time since she’s lost her control to blood lust. Luckily she stopped before she could kill him, or otherwise she would have to face dire consequences. She broke the silence by speaking in an eerily calm voice.

“If I were you…I’d disappear…and you had better run fast and far, because if I find you…you won’t be so lucky next time.” She turned to face Ocella, who was trying to stand up and get out of there as quick as possible. “If you ever go near Eric again, I will fucking torture you for centuries…and make you beg constantly for final death. Are we clear? Do you fucking hear me?” Ocella only stared at her…finally seeing the error in underestimating her. She will pay for this! No one touches me! No one takes my child away from me, Ocella thought to himself with rage.

“This isn’t over. You all will pay for this! I will be back! Mark my words, Valentine…mark my words…” he trailed off in a dark eerie voice. He sped out the door, disappearing into the night. Jade looked at Eric and saw he was looking at her shock, surprise and gratitude. Jade cleared her throat.

“Excuse me.” Jade said walking away, leaving Eric and Carrie alone with each other. Carrie didn’t dare say anything; she feared all hell would break loose if she did. Eric walked away a moment later leaving Carrie alone. Wow, Carrie thought.

End of flashback.

It was then from that moment when Eric realized just how loyal Jade truly is and what she is willing to do to protect her friends and loved ones. He hadn’t left her side at all and he didn’t feel the need to. As long as Appius was still alive, he would never be safe on his own. But that wasn’t the main reason he stayed with her. There was more to it than that, but he couldn’t explain what it was that kept him close to her. And now his worse fears are bubbling to the surface; his maker is about to return to him. He looked back at Jade who had a pained look on her face.

“There may be a way to prevent him from forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do…but it’s risky and may kill you.” Jade said in a small voice.

“What? Please, tell me. I’d do anything to relieve myself of that torture. And…fuck, Sookie! I don’t think…I can’t…I can’t display to her that kind of cruelness.”

“Eric you can’t keep this kind of thing from her. She needs to know this…everything. Or otherwise she could get hurt and it’ll be too late to save her. Besides, I think she’d understand. You both have more in common than you think, Eric.” Eric looked up confused and hesitant. What does she mean by that, Eric thought to himself? Jade sighed.

“You don’t have to tell her everything he did to you, just explain what’s going on so she’ll know what to expect and can be prepared for it when the time comes.” Eric nodded his head and stood up from his chair. “Let’s go and see her now. I need to talk to her about the contract anyway.” Jade continued picking up her car keys.

Let’s go.”

It was close to midnight when Sookie made it home from Merlotte’s. She was exhausted after working a double shift and even more displeased when Bill Compton came back to ask her out again. Throughout most of the evening he sat in the same booth and watched her from afar. His gaze on her unsettled her; she was beginning to really hate this vampire that couldn’t seem to take a hint. What was even weirder was that she could feel this pressure brushing against her brain trying to penetrate her mind. It was weird, because she felt the same thing when she met Jade for the first time. Speaking of which, she still hadn’t read over and signed the contract.

She went to her bedroom, took of her Merlotte’s uniform and changed into some pajamas. She grabbed the stack of papers off her nightstand going back downstairs to the kitchen to make some tea. Before she even had a chance to sit down, she heard the rumbling of a car pulling in front of her house. Sookie went to the front door looking out to see Jade and Eric approach the steps. Feeling excited she yanked the door open charging for Eric and jumped into his arms. He caught her spinning her around and chuckling. He kissed her deeply and passionately, realizing just now how much he missed her. Sookie leaned her forehead against his grinning like a madwoman.

“I’m sorry if I had not been able to see you lately. Things seem to get out of hand when Jade leaves the area. Did you miss me, lover?” he asked her. Sookie giggled.

“Of course I did, silly! And I understand if you were busy, Eric. I know you both have responsibilities. It’s OK. I’m sure you had better things to do than hang out with a backwoods, trashy waitress anyway.” Sookie replied shyly. Eric shook his head at her.

“You are not trashy. Why would you even say that about yourself? Lover I assure you I would rather spend my time ravishing and worshipping you than spending my time at Fangtasia.” He said huskily. Sookie blushed and buried her head into his shoulders. Jade tried to stifle her chuckles, but it sounded more like she was coughing.

“So what brings you both here?” Sookie asked, looking at Jade.

“We came here to talk about a few things…important things.” Jade said seriously. Sookie nodded her head noticing Eric stiffened. She looked back at him with a questioning look, but he had a thoughtful expression on his face. He shook his head snapping out of it and carried Sookie bridal style into her farm house. Jade followed behind only to stop in the doorway. She cleared her throat.

“Uh Sookie? You need to invite me in.” Jade said smiling. Sookie giggled to herself.

“Oh right. I’m sorry. Would you please come in, Jade?” Sookie asked sweetly. Jade chuckled. Eric sat on the couch, pulling Sookie into his lap. Jade sat across from them crossing her knees together. She tented her fingers on top her of knees; changing her expression to a serious one.

“First things first; the contract. Have you looked it over and signed it?” Jade asked.

“No, I haven’t had the chance to lately. I’ve been working more double shifts lately.” Jade shook her head. She had a feeling the shifter was deliberately putting Sookie on double shifts to keep her away from the vampires…more specifically Eric. She noticed times before how Sam could see how intimate Sookie was with Eric. She needed to pay a visit to him anyway.

“Yeah, that simply won’t do. You need to read and sign those papers ASAP! Trust me, I feel they’re going to be needed. Given what’s been happening.”

“Why? What’s going on?”

“You remember when I explained the Vampire Hierarchy to you? The kings and queens; the sheriffs and states divided into areas?” Sookie nodded her head. “Well Louisiana has a queen. Her name is Sophie Ann. She sent a vampire to my Area to procure a human. In other words, kidnap a human and bring them into her court. Make them her pet. The vampire she sent is Bill Compton.” Sookie’s eyes widened and she stiffened in Eric’s lap.

“Isn’t that against the law? Can she do this?!” Sookie asked in panic.

“Technically, no, ever since vampires came out of the coffin it’s has been against vampire protocol to harm a human in anyway. But of course, like many vampires today, Sophie Ann ignores protocol. She thinks because she’s queen she can do whatever the hell she wants…and get away with it. She’s been having Bill Compton procure special humans for the past 85 years. Now he’s looking for a human in my area. I’ve intervened and prevented this from happening.”

“Who is he looking for?” Sookie asked. The whole room went silent. Sookie could feel Eric stiffened under her. Jade looked regretful and stared back at Sookie.

“Me? Why would she want me? I’m nothing special. How did she even know about me in the first place? I don’t go around telling the world of my disability. So I don’t understand how she could have known.”

“Sweetie, you’re telepathic and telepaths are a rare thing in the supernatural world. You have no idea how valuable you really are. I take it you’ve met Compton recently?” Jade asked, raising an eyebrow. She glanced at Eric and noticed he looked pissed off. Sookie nodded her head.

“He’s been coming to Merlotte’s every night trying to ask me out. He watches me like a hawk and tries to start a conversation. He’s creepy. It’s starting to make me nervous.” Eric tightened his arms around Sookie. Jade only stared at Sookie and smirked to herself. She knew Bill wasn’t going to do what he was ordered to do. Looks like Longshadow is gonna have company soon. But this time when Jade confronts Bill, and she’ll make sure Bill, and the queen know that she is not playing games with them.

“I’m glad you told me this. Looks like I need to pay Compton a visit. Anyways, there’s more we need to tell you. But I feel Eric should be the one to tell you this. It’s his story after all. And Eric… two things, one: take a couple weeks off from Fangtasia; Pam, Carrie and I can handle the bar. Two: I think you two should exchange more blood…you know why Eric.” Jade explained, looking straight at Eric. Eric nodded his head. Sookie looked between them confused.

“I’ll leave you both to it and take care of my business. Eric, remember what we talked about. It’s important she knows what going on so she can be ready. Are we clear?” she said standing up.

“Yes.” He replied.

“Good. You both enjoy your night and spend as much time together as you can. Okay? See ya!” Jade said, running out the door at vampire speed.

They both watched as Jade ran and disappeared into the night. Eric sighed to himself. This is not going to be pleasant for her to hear. I wish I could shield her from this part of our world, Eric thought with sadness.

Sookie continued to look at the front door in the foyer. What’s going on? What did Jade and Eric talk about? What does Eric have to tell me, Sookie thought to herself? She noticed Eric looked thoughtful again.

“What are you thinking about?” Sookie whispered.

“There’s something I need to talk to you about. But first things first, I haven’t seen you in a couple of days and…I want you.” He said in a husky voice, nuzzling into her neck. He turned her around making her straddle his thighs. He grounded her against his cock. Sookie moaned. He grabbed her hair gently pushing her head to his pressing her lips against his. He sucked on her bottom lip groaning. She parted her lips letting his tongue slip into her mouth. He wrapped his arm around her waist standing up and she automatically wrapped her legs around his hips.

He carried her upstairs to her room and laid her in the middle of the bed. He pulled back and stood in front of her. He very slowly took off his clothes starting with his t-shirt and threw it somewhere across the room. He stared straight into her eyes running his hands through his hair and sliding it down his neck, his chest, his abs and down to the V that leads to his cock.

“Do you want me Sookie?” He asked huskily, with his eyelids hooded. Sookie was panting and nodded her head. Eric grinned and only stared at her.

“Say it Sookie. I want to hear your voice.”

“Yes. I want you Eric. Please…” she pleaded. It was all Eric needed to hear, so he quickly took his pants off standing in all his glory; his cock fully erect and ready to penetrate her pussy. “It’s your turn lover.” He purred. He was desperate to be inside her. He wanted to pound into her relentlessly so much that she’ll end up waking up sore. But he wanted to draw this out. He wanted to savor this moment.

She got off the bed and Eric took her place lying on his back with his hand behind his head. She released her hair from the pony tail whipping her hair around making it look messy. Eric grinned at her. She smiled shyly.

She grabbed the hem of her shirt, swaying her hips seductively; turning around slowly. She heard the snick of his fangs popping out. She was wondering to herself why she felt so bold tonight. It didn’t matter, she was gonna take advantage of this feeling of confidence and have some fun tonight.

She pulled the shirt over her head and threw it over her shoulder.

“Fuck.” Eric muttered. Sookie giggled again. She reached behind her back, and unhooked her bra, slowly sliding it off her arms.

“Turn around Sookie.” Eric purred. Sookie did as she was told and smirked at him. She ran her hands through hair, sliding them down her collar bone and cupping her breasts. She pinched her nipples and twisted them. Very quickly, Eric jumped off the bed grabbing Sookie, and lying on his back with her on top. He grabbed her hips lifting her up, and entered her swiftly.

Sookie grasped his shoulders, riding him hard. Sookie moaned. He could feel her pussy clenching around his cock as she moves up and down on him. Eric moans.

“Yes…that’s it lover, ride me. Oh yes! Fuck!” Eric shouted. Eric raises himself into a sitting position. Eric runs one hand up the back of her neck to run his fingers through her hair; he leans into her neck and moans into her skin. Sookie leans into his neck and suddenly bites his shoulder, hard enough to drawing blood. She was drinking his blood, moaning, while continuing moving in time with Eric’s thrust.

Eric fangs snap out; he licks where he wants to bite and slides his fangs into her neck; sucking her blood. Her pussy clenches around his cock, milking his release. Eric detaches from her neck, gasping out a deep moan as he cums inside of her. Sookie cries out her orgasm. He licks her bite wounds shut, holding her upright against his chest. He sighs. He could feel her exhaustion, and her happiness.

She instantly fell asleep in his arms.

Jade drove into the Merlotte’s parking lot, pulling her car into a dark space where no one can see her. She decided to wait until closing to talk to Sam Merlotte. She sat in her car watching and listening to everything in the bar. She suddenly turned her head towards the woods and sensed a vampire hiding in the trees. Jade smiled to herself.

Bill Compton…how typical, Jade thought with amusement. She sat and waited for him to go inside. Moments passed when finally Bill walked out the woods and went inside. She got out her car and followed after him.

I’ll deal with Sam a little later. She sat in a booth further away from him, effectively blocking his view from her. Bill sat in Sookie’s section, even though Sookie’s shift ended hours ago.

A woman with dark brown hair approached Bill’s table. Jade listened closely to their conversation.

“Good evening, my name’s Bill Compton.”

“I’m Dawn your server for tonight. What can I getcha?” she asked.

“Is Sookie working tonight?” Dawn huffed.

“She got off a few hours ago. Did you want to leave her a message?” she asked exasperated.

Sounds like someone doesn’t like Sookie very much, Jade thought. Bill looked disappointed if not a little angry. Bill looked into Dawn’s eyes; glamoring her.

“You will tell Sookie what handsome man Bill Compton is. You will convince her to go out on a date with me.” Bill said in a smooth voice.

Ha, ha. Really?! Seriously?! My god you are pathetic Bill, Jade laughed.

“Bill Compton is a handsome man. Sookie should go out with him.” She said in a daze. Bill broke his gaze on Dawn and left her standing there. Jae chuckled to herself.

I see we are gonna have many problems with Compton. Jade ran out of Merlotte’s catching up to Bill. She zoomed in front of Bill, grabbing him by his neck and holding him in the air.

“Bill Compton…the queen’s little butt-boy. Still in my area I see. I thought I told you to leave my area and send a message to the queen?” Bill remained silent and scowled at Jade. Jade chuckled.

“You know you’re in deep shit right? Sookie told me how you constantly come here, asking her out and all that jazz. You do know that she belongs to another vampire right? Well, of course you do, you just didn’t care. Disobeying a direct order…and harassing a human in my area is a big no-no. Which means I have every right to punish you…isn’t that right Billy boy?”

“You should not involve yourself in affairs that don’t concern you.” Bill snapped.

“Hmph, interesting…I was just thinking the same thing about you. Great minds? Ah, no not really. Your mind ain’t so great, Billy. You really shouldn’t involve yourself in matters that go beyond the queen. Trust me…your involvement screams BIG TROUBLE.”

“The queen will have your fangs for this!” Bill hissed.

“So you say, but that doesn’t make it true does it? You and the queen oughta back off the telepath or things will get ugly. And I don’t mean butt ugly I mean blazes of hell, blood, guts and wars, ugly. You get me, Bill?” Jade growled into his face. He nodded his head.

“Goody.” Jade replied cheerfully. She let go of his neck dropping him on the ground. She laughed at Bill, ran to her car and drove off in the direction of Shreveport.

Ah, I love being me, Jade thought.

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  1. Poor Eric. I’m glad he has Jane. I think Sookie will understand. I’m glad they connected again. Yeah, they have bonded 2x.

  2. I was hoping she would chain Bill up in the basement with Longshadow…I hope Eric tells Sookie about his maker, can’t keep her in the dark..

  3. Poor Eric. Glad Jade is in his corner. Hope he tells sookie soon so it doesnt blind side her. Ugh Scumbill is so pathetic. Wish Jade would stake his arse.

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