CH 11 Your Mentor

So in this chapter, well learn more about how Jade and Eric first met and how it escalated from there. I hate to sound like a douche, but this is my story, if you don’t like this story or whatever, don’t read it! Just throwing that out there. Some of you may not like this chapter!

Remember, I do not own characters of True Blood. Review and Enjoy!

Jade was driving in her car on the highway towards Shreveport. These past few days have been taxing and Jade was anxious to get back and warn everyone of the shit storm coming their way. She was more anxious about telling Eric his maker is making an appearance soon. No one could be able to describe how Jade felt right at this moment. 600 years they’ve known each other…stood by each other and have been inseparable. Ever since they first met, Jade had this overwhelming feeling to take Eric under her wing.

He had so much potential, but most of it would have been wasted away on unnecessary cruelty and violence. He would have spent an eternity hurting innocent people and torturing himself. Luckily he was still young and discovering the world. In which gave me the opportunity to undo the damage Appius has caused, Jade thought sadly.

She instantly thought back to when they first met and smiled.


She stood on the rooftop, watching him taking a stroll on the streets under the moonlight. He had a thoughtful look on his face. Jade could see a lot of anger and pain within his very soul. He seemed pretty guilty and haunted by something from his past. That’s when it happened; his whole life flashed before her eyes; indicating she knows every bit of him. She was surprised to know that his maker was Appius Livius Ocella. That sadistic, cruel, worthless excuse of a vampire…or man, Jade thought with aggravation.

Once she found him, he was lost; a shell of who he used to be and a broken man. She first saw him and knew his perception of humanity was warped. His whole essence of self was distorted. He was convinced by his maker that it was in a vampire’s nature to be cruel. That a vampire’s main purpose in life was to fuck, feed and dominate the weaker species.

When Eric met Jade at first, of course like any typical male, he wanted to fuck her. But after she got him to think about it for a few moments…he didn’t seem to want to anymore. Eric gazed at her curiously, trying to figure out what was so familiar about her. Jade seemed so motherly and warm to Eric, it was almost as if they were related. Jade smiled at him knowingly, she knew what was going on in his head and couldn’t be further from what she was thinking as well.

Eric also felt there was something different about her, that she wasn’t quite a normal vampire. He cocked his head to side, narrowing his eyes. Jade cocked her eyebrow at him and chuckled.

“I bet you’re wondering what I am?” she asked with a small smile on her face. He nodded at her in awe.

“You don’t seem like a typical vampire. You seem so…tranquil and…” he trailed, at a loss for words. She shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know what to tell you. Mostly any other vampire I’ve met don’t really like me all that much. They were always cautious and tense around me. Probably because of I can do and what I’m capable of.” She replied, crossing her arms over her chest.

“And that is?” Eric said arching an eyebrow.

“Well I’m pretty well known amongst supes. Mainly because of how many times I’ve saved humans and spared their lives.” Eric eyes widened in shock, then quickly schooled his features and bowed his head in respect.

“Ahhh, so you have heard of me?” Jade said, smirking.

“Aren’t you Jade Valentine…the human sympathizer? You’re pretty notorious.” Eric replied nonchalantly, raising an eyebrow.

“Let me guess…Ocella told you who I was, yes? He also told you I was pathetic and a disgrace among vampires and shouldn’t have been given the gift of immortality?” Jade laughed. Eric only stared at her; a flash of fury flickered in his eyes. Jade wasn’t sure where his fury was pointed to, her or his maker.

“How do you know who my maker is? Did you know him?” Jade narrowed her eyes at Eric.

“I do know him. Ugh, I met him once. Didn’t like him…no, I hated him. If there was anyone on earth who didn’t deserve the gift of immortality it was him. He seems to think dominating the weaker species, being cruel and violent is the way to survive.” Jade asked ignoring Eric’s question. Eric only stared at her in awe. He shook his head, bringing himself back to the female vampire.

“I think you know a little too much for someone who has met him only once. Care to explain?” Jade grinned. If she weren’t a psychic, she wouldn’t know he was going to follow her and spy on her. He was drawn to her in a way he couldn’t describe…not romantically, but something akin to a maker being drawn to a human he or she wants to turn. Eric wanted to know why he felt this way and he wanted to know more about Jade.

She was pretty mysterious and doesn’t seem very fazed by their meeting, almost like she was expecting it. Jade was smiling at him and staring at him with a knowing gaze. She turned away, getting ready to leave when she stopped and looked over her shoulder.

“I don’t think you are ready to know of the things I can do. Not yet, maybe some other time in the distant future. I’ll be seeing you around…kiddo.” Jade said and continued to walk away. She disappeared, leaving Eric staring in shock with his mouth wide open.

For months, Jade traveled around Europe. She was familiarizing herself with different cultures and learning new languages. Every now and then she would run into trouble or save some innocent human from a fate worse than death. She could always feel Eric following her nearby, watching in curiosity and fascination. Finally by the time she made it to England, she disappeared and he lost her completely; almost as if she disappeared into thin air. How did he lose her? Where did she go?

It was a couple of hours before dawn and he went back to the room he was staying in. When he walked into his room, he was completely shocked to find her sitting on the couch with a grin on her face. She had her legs crossed, and her arms spread out on the back of the couch. He may have gasped, but he was too frozen and shocked to notice. Jade finally broke the silence.

“Surprised to see me?”

“Where did you…” Jade interrupted.

“I know you have been following me. Why?”

“I don’t know. For some reason, I feel drawn to you. I can’t really explain it.” Eric was still in a state of shock. He still hadn’t move from his spot in front of the door.

“This pull you feel towards me…it isn’t romantic but something…that feels more familial?” Jade questioned raising an eyebrow.

“Yes…that’s actually one way to explain it. How did you…” Jade interrupted him.

“I feel it too, Mr. Northman. Do you know why I’m here?”

“Because you discovered I was following you?”

“Well, that’s part of it. But do you know the real reason why I’m here?” Eric shook his head.

“If I had to guess, I’d say we were meant to cross paths. Fate has decided you needed a companion…a real one, I don’t do this very often…well not at all.” She placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him to sit on the end of the bed. He looked up at her curiously. She stood in front of him with her hands behind her back. Jade had to carefully say what she was thinking without revealing her extra abilities.

“Mr. Northman, I know of the things your maker did to you. Matter fact, I know of every single thing Appius has done in his past. He’s cruel, sadistic, and a child molester…a true monster. He has done things that will certainly disgust you. He didn’t just become cruel when he was turned into a vampire; he was cruel as a human as well. Vampires like him do not deserve to live. He thinks being a vampire makes you who you are…when in fact it’s who you are that makes the vampire.” Jade explained. He could tell she was an old vampire and could see the experience and wisdom in her eyes. He listened to her with rapt attention.

She grabbed his hands and pulled him to stand in front of her. She cupped his face with both her hands and looked into his eyes. When Eric looked into her eyes, he could see warmth, comfort and her silently telling him: I am here to help you. She looked into his eyes, like a mother would to her son. Warmth washed over him and he instantly relaxed.

“You have potential to be truly powerful Mr. Northman. Being a vampire is not what makes you strong. Being cruel and violent does not serve its purpose for survival. It takes pure instinct, and common sense to survive. Qualities your maker lacks. Being a vampire only enhances qualities you already have. I can teach you things your maker has not. I can show you how to truly be a vampire and how to survive. Do you want my help or not?” Jade said. Eric only looked at her with a blank face.

He knows nothing of this vampire, yet he strongly feels he can trust her. He could see and feel she was being truthful. Is this what he’s been looking for? Is this the reason why he’s been traveling everywhere and searching for something and not knowing what it is? Is this what he needs?

The answer is yes…to all questions. He was definitely looking for someone like her; someone to teach him to be stronger. Someone who isn’t a cruel son a bitch; someone who’s more interested in preparing him to survive on his own than trying to dominate him. Eric was lucky Appius got bored with him and released him, or otherwise he wouldn’t have lasted any longer. He knew this was risky, but he was willing to take his chance with this vampire, and trust her, who’s much older and wiser than any other vampire he’s ever met. He nodded his head at her, and she smiled back at him.

“Okay then. Let the mentoring begin! Follow me.” she said, releasing his face and walking away. He stood in silence and closed his eyes. I hope I know what I’m doing,Eric thought to himself. He then walked out the room at vampire.

Jade grinned and laughed.

God, he was like a little boy meeting his hero for the first time; curious, fascinated, and innocent-ish. I guess in a way I do see him as my son. He could’ve left my side at any time after I felt he was ready to be on his own…but no, he stuck by me instead. I wonder why? I know him well enough to know that he doesn’t like talking about emotions…period. I think Miss Stackhouse may change that very soon. He knows without a doubt, I’ll always have his back, Jade thought.

She pulled into the parking lot of Fangtasia when she suddenly had an intense vibe, which means something bad has happened since she’s been gone. She got out her car and walked into the building. Just as soon she entered into the bar, everyone became silent. She stopped in her tracks and spotted Eric sitting on his throne, looking bored…as usual.

“Carry on.” She told the whole bar, and then everyone continued on as if nothing happened. Eric nodded his head at Jade, and she jutted her chin towards his office. Jade walked through the hallway with Eric following behind her. Carrie suddenly appeared; Jade could feel her child’s excitement and anticipation through the bond. She chuckled at her and Carrie grinned. Eric sat in the chair in front of the desk, Carrie sat on the couch, and finally Pam joined them sitting next to Carrie.

“How did it go with the queen?” Eric asked. Jade sighed.

“As expected. She tried to demand me to give up Sookie.” Eric growled at this. “But of course I said hell no. She tried to pull rank on me and I basically put her ass in her place. That should hold her off for a while. You know how the queen is…impulsive and impatient. I’d give her at least 3 weeks until she decides to make a stupid move and cross me in the process.”

“She has no idea what kind of shit she’s putting herself in.” Carrie said. Pam chuckled.

“Course not cupcake. The little bitch is milking all that power for all its worth. Too bad pretty soon it’ll come to an end.”

“So what do we do now?” Eric asked.

“We sit and wait. I won’t make my next move until she does. Has Sookie signed the contract yet?” Jade asked to Eric.

“I don’t know. I haven’t actually seen her in the last couple of days. Ever since you left, things have been a little hectic. It seems just because you leave for a few days vampires can do whatever the hell they want!” Eric huffed, annoyed.

“Maybe they just don’t like you.” Jade joked, chuckling. Carrie and Pam snickered. Eric scowled at Jade.

“Ha ha. Chill man, I was only kidding.” Jade laughed.

“Ha ha. Funny.” Eric replied with sarcasm.

“So what’s been going on here that’s been hectic? What have I missed?”

“We found out who’s been stealing from Fangtasia.” Carrie said.


“Longshadow, the cheating bastard cunt.” Pam piped in. Jade nodded her head.

“I take it you haven’t exterminated him yet?” Jade wasn’t surprised to find it was Longshadow. She was suspicious of him when Eric first hired him.

“We were waiting for you to return from the queen’s.” Eric replied.

“What do you need me for? You usually do the interrogate and torture thing.”

“I’m not the sheriff. Only you would be able to give him the true death. I didn’t want to be brought up on charges by the magister. You just ordered me to find the thief and nothing else.” Eric explained. Jade was pleased by this and smiled at him. She was on edge and needed an outlet to take her anger out on. She took out a cigarette and lit it. Jade sighed deeply and stared off into space.

“There’s more isn’t there?” Jade looked at Eric.

“Pam, Carrie, leave me alone with Eric.” Jade said with a pained look on her face.

Like it? Love it? Okay? No? I’m really sorry that I haven’t updated in a while, school and all that jazz. So what do ya think?

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  1. I am really enjoying this. I think Jade and Eric’s backstory is fun. I hope Eric sees Sookie soon.

  2. Loved the back story on Jade and Eric. Besides Longshadow, what else happened?? Other than Sookie meeting creepy Bill, glad she saw through him..

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