CH 24 The Plan Pt. 2

I’m sorry if I’d been MIA for a while, but I’ve been busy and I have no other explanation than that. This chapter is bit of a filler; just a peek into everyone’s heads. Not everyone, just Jade’s, Sookie’s and Eric’s. It’ll also explain what Jade’s plan is, plus a little of how her interaction with QSA has gone in the past. So this won’t be a very exciting chapter. I’m saving all the awesomeness for the final chapter.

She has a Plan A, Plan B; which are explained. If all else fails, she still has her magic to fall back on. Remember that.

Enjoy and Review.


Umm, sure? Won’t you get in trouble for helping me?” Sookie grabbed his hand, him pulling her off the floor. He shook his head at her smiling. “I’m sorry, where are my manners? I’m Sookie. And you are?” she asked.

I’m Rasul. Pleasure to meet you. Why don’t you get settled? I’ll take Hadley, and be back to guard the door.” he bowed to her, then vamped over to Hadley, throwing her over his shoulder and walking out the door closing it behind him.

Sookie blew out a puff of air. So she’s safe… for now.

Instead of going home, Jade decided to stay behind at Fangtasia, using one of the coffins in the basement to rest for the day. It was 20 minutes past dawn and she was replaying the plan over and over in her head. Sophie Ann is much younger than her, more petulant and impatient. If Sophie Ann is as arrogant and stupid as Jade thinks she is, then she won’t expect a surprise attack…especially so soon. She also won’t have any reinforcements to protect her. Jade smiled internally; using character flaws is her greatest weapon against her enemies. All it took was time, patience and observing from afar.

The soon to be former queen doesn’t realize how hated she is among her subjects and underlings. Her children are the only ones who will give their life for her. No one else wants to risk their ass for a queen who wasn’t equipped to be queen in the first place. So by the time this battle ends, she’s going to realize just how alone she is. This is what happens when you care more for power and money than you do for your own people. And Sophie Ann is in for a rude awakening.

Sophie Ann was turned as a teenager, so she never had the chance to mature into a respectable young lady. It didn’t help her case when her maker was indulging her every whim. So now, like a spoiled adolescent, she liked causing trouble in order to keep her boring life interesting; like a teenager. As if being the Queen of Louisiana wasn’t interesting enough. Her underlings hate her even more for her childishness. Needless to say if it hadn’t been for the incident at Sophie Ann’s recent party, perhaps Jade would have shown some lenience.

But Sophie Ann likes to try her luck and often takes it too far.

During the beginning of Sophie Ann’s reign, she wasn’t off to a bad start; she was actually turning out to be a decent queen. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long. Her head got too big and she got too greedy. Last summer, Sophie threw a party. All sheriffs and second-in-commands were required to attend. Ever since Jade had became sheriff of area 5, it’s been one attempt after another to find ways to make Jade swear fealty to Sophie Ann…officially. For some reason, Sophie Ann was intrigued by Jade; she wanted to know everything about her. Jade knew why, she didn’t even have to ask. It was all about manipulation and control.

Jade laughed to herself.

Sophie Ann wanted to find a way to control me. A way to get inside my head and fuck with everything. Newsflash doll face: I CAN’T BE CONTROLLED!

Anyways, Jade and Eric attended the party as promised, and everything was going well until, Wally, the queen’s most recent progeny decided he wanted to get in Jade’s face and try to provoke her.


The party was in full swing. Jade watched as vampires and donor surround Sophie Ann adoring and doting her. Jade shook her head, annoyed with everyone attempting to kiss her ass in order to keep her happy. She looked around for Eric, noticing he was no where to be found.

He must be off somewhere feeding and fucking a donor. Ever since arriving at this party, there was a stiffness in her spine, and it had not gone away. She felt eyes on her, glaring at her from a distance with coldness. She searched the room, then the pile of people around the queen, nothing. She knew something was going to happen, but didn’t know when and that’s what worried her. Jade didn’t even know what to expect.

Wally was across the room, glaring at Jade. He fucking hated her; acting like she’s better than everyone, standing off to side coolly. Anyone who didn’t worship at the queen’s feet was despicable in his books. He decided he was going to win the queen’s favor and force Jade to worship the queen…as she should. He pushed through the crowd making his way across the room, baring his fangs at anyone who got in his way. By the time he approached her, Jade was giving him an amused look.

Who do you think you are?” Wally hissed. Jade raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

Jade Valentine, the Sheriff of Area 5.” Jade replies with a smirk. Wally makes a sound of disgust.

You may be older than the queen, but she is your better in every way. You should be on your knees worshiping her!” he growled in her face. Jade was trying too hard not to laugh and ruin this little moment he was having.

The audacity of this moron. Jade was amused. She clapped her hands.

Uh uh. That’s beautiful! Great. Awesome.” She said as she clapped her hands. She even gave him a thumbs up, mocking him. Wally hissed at Jade in an attempt to intimidate Jade, but he was in way over his head.

Hey, I have an idea! Why don’t you go over there to your ‘belovedqueen and kiss her ass like the rest of the adoring masses. The order was to attend the party…she didn’t say anything about me having to converse or admire her.” Jade smirked as she finished.


Things went to hell after that. Sophie Ann being the idiot queen that she is, has tried everything she could to manipulate Jade, costing her one of her children. Ever since that night she hadn’t thrown another party. Jade had lost whatever little respect she had for Sophie Ann. The Queen finally learned that fucking with Jade Valentine is not a good idea. But obviously she hasn’t sunk in her head. She chuckled, shaking her head. Jade cringed at the memory of ending Sophie Ann’s youngest, Wally. Every vamp at that party had seen Jade lose it; giving Sophie Ann exactly what she wanted. Jokes on her anyway, since it ended with Wally meeting the true death.

Wally. Slimy, son of a bitch thought he could force me to submit to the queen. That arrogant, little shit should have learned to respect his elders. Being one of the queen’s children does not give you free reign to do whatever you want.

The situation worsened when, Sophie Ann included the Magister into the mix (whom is Sophie Ann’s maker). This complicated things because he hated Jade Valentine. Even before Sophie Ann was made vampire, the Magister still despised her. Jade didn’t really care much for his hatred of her; as long as he stayed out of her way and didn’t threaten the life of her progenies, there was no reason to worry. Of course all that changed when said Magister tried to bring up charges against her for attacking one of the queen’s children.

Jade was amused with his boldness, but miffed nonetheless. The Magister may have been between 800 and 900 years old, turned sometime during the Dark Ages but he really was utterly clueless. Apparently, the old fashioned bastard is still living in the Dark Ages. After this battle with Sophie Ann is over, he’s going to pay a visit to Jade; no doubt. Now that will be a challenge.

Sophie Ann would attempt to make this as difficult as possible. She doesn’t know that her most loyal and faithful progeny, Andre, is helping them…which brings to some extent, yet another element of surprise. Jade laughed to herself. Oh, who is she kidding?

It is very possible she’ll expect me to be alone without any backup! She believes I’ll be out-numbered, only needing her children to protect her.

But this won’t be the case. Little did Sophie Ann know that Jade was going to have a small army of vamps. She was surprised when Eric informed her that all surrounding Areas of Louisiana will fight beside her.

Seems I had more followers than I realized.

It didn’t matter why they were siding with Jade. What only mattered was that she had more than enough backup to get her through the night. Jade thought about the plan once more, going over every step. So the plan is as follows:

1. There are Weres guarding the palace grounds outside, Lucas will alert them and lead them off in the woods into a trap, where they’ll be led into a ditch filled with C4. Whatever is left, Lucas will eliminate any weres remaining then give everyone else the signal to proceed as planned. Jade and Eric will keep Sophie Ann distracted long enough while everyone else is blocking the exits surrounding the palace.

2. Carrie and her group will take the west side of the building barricading the doors.

3. Pam and her group will take the east, doing the same.

4. Andre and his group will take the north.

5. After Lucas is finished dealing with the Weres, he’ll take his group and barricade the south doors.

6. After the whole palace is blocked, making sure no one gets in or out other than the front doors, they will have the queen trapped within the palace leaving her with no where to go. Once Jade gives the signal, all vampires are to attack and leave the Queen to Jade. If that plan doesn’t work, Jade will go in alone, subdue the queen and give the signal for everyone else to attack.

The whole point is to trap Sophie Ann like a rat in a cage. With most vampires residing in Louisiana fighting alongside Jade, she can set an example for those foolish enough to cross her. She’d kill two birds with one stone. Jade smiled to herself. If the queen has backup and she won’t, then everyone will kill anyone in the way of getting to the Sophie Ann.

Tonight should be easy as pie…as the humans say.

Jade closes her eyes letting death take her for the rest of day.

The sun came up and Sookie could not sleep. Even though Rasul was guarding her door throughout the night, she still didn’t feel safe. What about during the day? Won’t someone just barge in and try to hurt Sookie? The door was locked from the outside, so she had no way of getting out. Or no way of knowing if it was locked from both sides.

She couldn’t even calm down completely, she was stuck in a unfamiliar place with a queen who wanted her as a pet. But she could allow herself to calm down some, knowing Eric and Jade will be here first dark to kill the queen. Yeah, she could feel sorry for the petty queen, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She brought this on herself, trying to play game that’s only for the big boys. You know, little fish in a big pond…

Sookie laughed bitterly. How could her life change so drastically in a matter of a couple of months? She was, for lack of a better word, content with her boring, mundane life. Then comes along, two vampires who hires her to be their lie detector…a job in which she hasn’t even started yet. She still hadn’t signed the contract. But after tonight she will…for sure.

And then there was also those women who were strangled for associating with vampires. The murderer is still on the loose and no one has found him yet. But fortunately, there had been no killings since the death of Maudette and Dawn, so the citizens of Bon Temps could breathe a little easily. Sookie stopped for a moment; it didn’t occur to her that she may have been a target this whole time. The killer may be planning on coming for her next; but it’s been quiet. Why haven’t the cops found the culprit? She meant to inform Eric, but forgot about it completely because she was too excited for their supposed romantic night alone. So much is happening at once. Sookie wonders what lies ahead of her in the future? Sookie shook her head, stifling those thoughts.

No, I can’t think like that. I can’t live my life wondering what the future is gonna be like. I’ll just drive myself insane. Live in the now…

Sookie sat upon the bed, bored out of her mind. All she could do was just lay there and stare at the ceiling. She got up off the bed and started pacing. If she keeps pacing like this, she could wear a whole in the ground leading all the way to China.

He couldn’t keep his mind off Sookie being stuck at the queen’s mansion, in danger.

If a single hair is harmed on Sookie, there will be hell to pay! Eric roared internally.

He may have been calm on the surface, but inside he was enraged and constantly worrying about Sookie. He needed to calm down, or else he was going to lose sight of the situation. And you can’t walk into a battle with your emotions clouding your judgment. Mistakes can be made this way, and could bring about your death. Eric decided to let his thoughts drift to the relationship between the soon to be former queen and Jade.

Why had Jade put up with Sophie Ann for so long? And considering all the drama Sophie Ann caused over the years, Eric was surprised Jade waited this much. He marveled at Jade’s patience. Possibly, deep down Jade had hoped Sophie Ann would heed her warnings. Of course, that never happened.

Jade could have did the world a favor and obliterate her a long time ago, but waited till Sophie Ann kidnapped his lover.

He cursed himself for not bonding with Sookie sooner.

Here’s chapter 24. What do ya think? As I said this is sort of a filler. Next up: The battle. I’m working on 25 right now. I’m hoping I can get it in by tomorrow.


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