CH 27 Loose Ends


Finally, Eric swung the sword on Sophie Ann’s neck cutting her head off clean. Silence filled the room, Jade looked around at everyone with a blank face. Soon, all the vampires were kneeling.

“All hail the new Queen of Louisiana.” All say simultaneously.

3 Nights Later

These last three nights have been hell for Jade. Right after Eric took Sophie Ann’s head, Jade’s phone was blowing up with calls from vamps all over the states and even Europe from vamps who want residency in Louisiana. As everyone was cleaning up bodies of dead weres, and vamps, Jade was sitting on the floor against the wall on her phone returning calls, and sending text messages.

She only returned calls from vamps who resided in the US. Everyone else went home. After an hour, her brain was hurting from all the fake and phoniness of vamps. Jade scoffed at her phone…most of them were just fishing for info.

And now, three days later she’s still answering calls as she sits on the throne at Fangtasia. She looked up as Eric was approaching her.

“Perhaps you should take the weekend off?” Eric looked at Jade, who gave him an impassive stare. He raised an eyebrow at her.

“Why?” He narrowed his eyes at her. Jade shrugged.

“I know you’ve been itching to spend more time with Sookie. Right now, you feel a need to be close to her…I can feel you now, remember? So go ahead, take the weekend off. Things have cooled down and I won’t need you till Monday anyway. We’ll meet back here by then to discuss plans. It’s required of everyone to attend, so be sure to tell Pam to send out an email, and close the bar down. Other than that, have a good weekend, Eric.” He only stared at her, and then nodded his head. He walked up to the door and stopped, turning back to face Jade.

“Before I forget, we found the one that has been stealing from us.” Jade looked at him, expectant. “Longshadow.”

“Well, gee…big surprise there.” Jade says with sarcasm.


“You remember what I told you when Pamela hired him? I said it didn’t feel right…he wasn’t right. My suspicions only grew over time.” Eric hummed in agreement.

“He’s waiting in basement for punishment.” He smirks, knowing what’s in store for the treacherous vampire, and vamps away. She chuckles at him.

Jade wasn’t surprised it was Longshadow. From the moment Pam hired him, she did not trust him. He often came off as sketchy and smarmy. But it was Eric’s bar, so it was his decision. Jade couldn’t interfere unless Longshadow had done something to piss her or Eric off…and boy did he just fuck himself straight to hell. She sat in the chair grinning, finally able to smoke the fucker. She stopped smiling suddenly. Hot Rain, she forgot he was still among the undead.


If she kills Longshadow then she’ll have to pay retribution for his death. So she stood from the chair and paced the bar, thinking of a way to bypass that, then she smiled. Longshadow’s sudden entrance into Pam’s life was…strange at best. Why would Longshadow want to be a bartender? He was an arrogant little fucker who expected respect and prestige…but with Jade and Eric around, the most he could get was a little respect, if that. Jade felt there was more to his appearance then he was willing to reveal. And she was about to find out what that more was.

Thankfully, Hot Rain’s maker isn’t among the undead anymore. That could make Jade’s plan quick plan much easier to execute.

I could kill two birds with one stone.

I think it’s time to have a little chat with Longshadow and his sorry excuse of a maker. Jade smirked and vamped downstairs into the basement. She pulled out the coffin Longshadow was in and opened the lid. He looked up with fury at first, but it quickly changed to fear. At vampire speed, she grabbed his neck and vamped to the silver hooks, and hung him on the wall. He hisses feeling the hooks cut through his skin. Jade turned away, rolling a cart of tools a few feet away from Longshadow.

“You know why you’re here, Longshadow?” Jade asks calmly. Longshadow hisses in response. She gave him a bored look, not really impressed by his show of bravery. She knew it was false bravery, because she could smell his fear in the air. “Put on a brave face all you want…it won’t make a difference, because I can smell your fear.” She states.

“I fear nothing.” He replies.

“That’s very foolish of you.” She didn’t say anymore, she just pulled out her phone and searched through her contacts. Jade was dialing Hot Rain’s number.

“Hot Rain…This is Jade Valentine, I have something that might interest you.” She said is a cool voice.

“Who the fuck is this? What have you done to my child?” Jade rolls her eyes, glancing back at Longshadow.

“This is the Queen of Louisiana, Hot Rain.”

“Sophie Ann?” he asked confused. Jade scoffs.

“No, I’m sorry. Correction…this is the new Queen of Louisiana, Jade Valentine.” There was silence on the line, then she heard something crash.

“What do you want, Miss Valentine?” he asked calmly. “What has my child done?” Jade smirked, knowing he deliberately left out majesty.

“Well, your child thought it’d be okay to steal from the sheriff of Area 5. And you know that’s a no, no, Hot Rain.” Jade retorted. She heard him hiss.

“How much?” he asked.

“80 thousand…he’s tight lipped at the moment, but that could change very fast…know what I’m saying Hot Rain?” He growls.

“You place a single hand on my child…”

“I will do whatever the fuck I want with him. You’re lucky I’m showing you a courtesy by calling you before I do anything to him. So let me make this simple….you have a choice and only one. You’re gonna pay back every single damn cent your progeny stole,” she paused, metaphorically twisting the knife. “plus an extra 120 thousand.”

“What the fuck for?”

“You’re paying extra for his release…Bail money so to speak.” Jade chuckles. “Oh and by the way, you have till 5 to get here with the money.”

“That’s only two hours! That’s not enough time for me to come up with that kind of money!” he growled.

“Well I guess you better hurry then…toodles!” she answers, hanging up before he could reply. She placed her phone back on the cart. She turned away from Longshadow and closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and saw a flash of the magister in her head.

Now what was that all about?

Could there be a connection between the Magister and Longshadow?

Only one way to find out.

He landed in front of her home with a smile on his face. He could hear she was sleeping in her bedroom. He could use his vampire speed to be in her room in mere seconds, instead he decided to just walk at a leisurely pace…for those few minutes of silence he thought about everything that has happened in the past few months. At the same time, he was listening to Sookie’s steady heartbeat. It comforted him. She very quickly became another person important to him.

He could feel in his gut there was more to come, more to endure, more to face and Queen Sophie Ann was just the beginning of all the craziness. Luckily, he had Jade who could help him through it all. She was the best support system he ever had. Speaking of which, the more he thought about Jade, the more questions he had. She was very open and honest, but at the same time mysterious and secretive. What more could she be hiding?

Eric stopped for a moment, his pondering put on hold as the hairs on his neck stood to attention. He smelled a new scent on the property, and it came from the backyard.


He heard the glass from a window shattering; instinctively he vamped to the back of the house and saw the broken window. He smelled the air again…anger and arousal permeated the air.  Eric’s fangs snapped down, he found himself in Sookie’s room without moving from his spot outside. He stood in the shadows next to the window, watching as the door creaked open slowly. He saw a male sneak into the room, holding a belt in his hand. Eric vamped behind him, grabbing him by the collar of his jacket. He screamed.

“What the fuck?!” he yelled, not knowing he woke Sookie. “Let me go!” He thrashed around in place trying to break free, but could not. Sookie jumped and screamed as she rose up from her bed, feeling startled. She put a hand to her chest to calm her fast beating heart. She looked around the room, her eyes landing on Eric who was holding up Rene Lenier in the air.

“Eric, what is going on? And Rene… what the hell are you doing here?” She asked confused. She hadn’t realized she kept her shields down and heard Rene’s thoughts.

Fangbangin’ bitch whore! They all deserve to die!

Sookie watched the images in his head as he strangled and raped Dawn, Maudette, his sister and many more women who associated with vampires. She could see he came here to kill her as well. She gasped.

“Stay the fuck outta my head, bitch!” he screamed, dropping his Cajun accent. Eric growled, shutting Rene up turning his attention to Sookie.

“Sookie?” Eric asked, looking concerned. Sookie had a tear in her eye.

“H-he came here to kill me.” She said in a small voice. Eric growled squeezing the human’s neck tighter with the intent to get rid of him. “Wait! Eric! Don’t kill him!” Eric looked back at her incredulously.

“Sookie, this vermin came here with the intent to rape and kill you! Surely you can’t be asking me to spare his pathetic life?!” he asked, disbelief filling his tone.

“NO, Eric! Glamor him to hand himself and any evidence into the police!” she yelled at him. Eric grunted in displeasure. She didn’t want his blood on her hands. She could never use her telepathy to get someone else killed. She picked up her cell phone and called the police. Let them handle him. Eric lowered him at eye level, Rene relaxed, instantly yielding to his influence.

“Do you feel my influence?” Eric asked smoothly.

“Yes.” He replied dreamily.

“Good. You will turn yourself into the police as soon as they get here. You will tell them everything you did and what your intent was coming here. You will hand in all the evidence and anything else that pertains to this investigation. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” He said. Eric threw him against the wall instantly knocking him out. Personally, he preferred to kill the fucker and be done with it. But he’ll wait until they place him in jail, where he’ll slip in and glamor to kill himself.

He eyes fell on Sookie, who was sitting on the bed staring at the wall. He slowly approached her, sat next to her and wrapped his arm around Sookie. He put her head under his chin, smelling her tears kissing her forehead as she sobbed silently.

She sat on a chair with her feet crossed at the ankles, propped against the wall. She glanced at the time on her phone; its 25 minutes before his time is up and Jade wondered if he decided to ditch his progeny. She glanced at Longshadow who stiffened. That’s when she heard someone enter into Fangtasia. It was Hot Rain.

Well, that was quick.

“Glad you could make it in time, Hot Rain. I was beginning to feel like you cut your losses.” She says with a smirk. She turned and saw Hot Rain as he stood across the room holding a suitcase, she assumed was the money.

“He’s my progeny.” He growled, that was all he said. Jade narrowed her eyes at him.

“So…” Jade paused. “Where’d you get the extra money?” Hot Rain’s eyes widened a fraction. “Don’t think about lying because I’ll know…”

There’s no way she could know…

“This is from m-my personal account…” he stammered. Jade arched an eyebrow. She suddenly threw something at Longshadow, whom screamed. He could not see what because she moved too fast for anyone to see. Smoke was coming from his leg, he finally saw what made him scream…it was a silver dart.

“Strike one, Hot Rain. Two more of em’ left. So, I’ll ask again. Who gave you the extra money?” From the get go she felt suspicious of Longshadow’s presence. Why would a vampire be dumb enough to steal from someone who is thousands of years their elder? Better yet, why hasn’t Hot Rain release his child? Why didn’t Longshadow alert Hot Rain he was being held prisoner in the basement of Fangtasia? They owe a debt to someone. Who?

Hot Rain remained silent, not knowing what other lie he could cook up. Jade moved again, and Longshadow yelled louder. She aimed for his cock this time. She got up from her chair and picked up a dagger, the blade of course made of silver. Hot Rain gasped wondering what she was going to do next.

Jade twirled the blade as she paced in front of Longshadow.

Jade gave Hot Rain a blank look. “I like to think of myself as a peaceful, patient woman. But when people or vamps lie to me…well, peace and patience go out the window. Instead, you’d have a vampire losing her patience and getting pissed off.” She gave the fearful vamp a glare. “I would suggest you tell me the truth now or things are going to get even bloodier.” Hot Rain remained silent. Then spoke.

“I’m not telling you shit!” He hissed. Jade chuckled darkly.

“Wrong answer.” She zipped across the room using the dagger to chop his left arm off. He fell to the ground screaming, the sound echoing off the walls. She placed the pad of her foot on his neck, pushing down slightly. “You have one last chance, Hot Rain. Who have you been feeding information to and who gave you the money for it?” His eyes widened in shock, not really believing she already knew what he and his child have been up to.

“How did you…”

“I’ve been onto to your progeny since Pamela hired him and have kept a close eye on him…I know things Hot Rain…Lots of things.”

Longshadow had been gaining info on Jade and reporting it back to Hot Rain ever since Pam hired him as bar manager at Fangtasia. Jade had an idea who it was but needed confirmation.

“It was the Magister! He paid me to command my child to gain information on you.” He said all while her foot was pressing against his neck. Jade rolled her eyes, feeling the urge to cackle. She knew that asshole hadn’t let go of Jade giving Wally the true death, or…or could there be another reason?

“How long has this been going on?” Hot Rain remained on the floor, but leaned against his right arm.

“Since you volunteered to be the Sheriff of Area 5.” Jade arched an eyebrow.

“Oh?” He nodded his head, panting despite the fact vamps don’t need to breathe. Jade thought that was interesting. She stroked her chin with a single finger, thinking over this info.

“Interesting… This was around the time the Authority attempted to force Eric into becoming the Sheriff of Area 5. I offered myself instead to save his hide.” She went back to her seat and sat down. “What else do you know?” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Nothing… I swear that’s all I know.” Jade took one look at him and could tell he was being truthful. She was interested to know why he’d need info on her; other than wanting to send her to the truth death?  Is someone pulling the Magister’s strings?

Or was there something bigger she was missing? Did he have something planned? Was Hot Rain lying? She didn’t know the answers, but she promised herself she was going to get them.

“One last thing…Why would the Magister need info on me?”

“He wants to find your weakness, find out how he can control you…” Jade scoffs at that.

“I have no weaknesses and can’t be controlled…try again.” Jade had a bad feeling about this whole thing.

“I honestly don’t know why…he was pretty vague on the details. All I know was that he wanted info on you. That’s it, I swear.” Jade took a good look at him, nodding her head.

“Okay…I believe you. But now I have another question… What did you tell him about me?” She lifted her foot off his neck and backed away.

“There wasn’t much to tell. The way my child explains it, you’re a pretty secretive person. He couldn’t find much on you.”  She narrowed her eyes at him, sensing there was something he wasn’t telling her.

“What is it you’re not telling me?” Her voice had gone cold, if he was hesitant to tell her, then he must have told him something pretty important.

“Please…let me go. I’m dead already anyways…”

“Tell me!” She shouted as she clenched her fists. He sighed in defeat, knowing it was all over for him.

“I told him of Northman’s human…”

“Fuck!” She hisses, rubbing her face with frustration. “What about her?”

“That she was a valuable human.”


“That she is a telepath…a sweet smelling human.” Jade gave Hot Rain a menacing stare. Sadly the poor bastard didn’t know he and his child were going to meet their end. She turned away from him and faced Longshadow.

They know too much…they must be eliminated. A voice whispered. Jade looked around wondering where the voice came from. She shook her head and ignored it, turning to look at Hot Rain.

Hot Rain was whimpering from the loss of his arm. The loss of a limb is painful, but no more painful from the point it starts to heal. Which, Jade imagines he’s feeling right now. “What are you going to do to us?”

She didn’t even answer his question. In a movement too fast for him to see she hurled a cleaver across the room chopping his head off clean. Hot Rain was no more. She heard Longshadow roar feeling the pain of his maker meeting the true death.

She faced him, and smiled a menacing smile. He froze with shock when he saw her eyes were a bright red. “Is there anything else you would like to add?” he glared at her, remaining silent. “No?…oh well, your funeral.” she staked him, he was instant goo. Jade sighs, walking up the steps out the basement.

“Now time to find Bill Compton.” she spoke to herself.





10 thoughts on “CH 27 Loose Ends”

  1. I just finished re-reading this story for the second time and loved it just as much as the first time, and am so glad you are back to working on the sequel.

  2. This needs a sequel, and soon! I loved it! I want to know about Eric’s sudden powers, and more about everything! Fabulous story! 🙂

      1. Awesome! Can’t wait to start reading that one! I love your stories! I had no idea you even had a blog or were writing! I really need to poke my head up out of my editor’s hole more often! LOL! I’m reading the first chapter of your latest one right now, so I’ll get started on that right afterward. Thanks so much! 🙂

  3. If you are sent in to spy on someone, why oh why would you then steal from that person? Longshadow certainly wasn’t the smartest of vampires was he! Good riddance to both of them. Now onto trying to figure out the why. So glad Eric was there to keep Sookie from any harm from Rene. At least with him confessing his victims’ families will have some closure. So happy to see an update to this and hope life calms down so you can continue to have time to do what you enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

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