CH 26 All Hail the New Queen

Jade decided to change her game plan a little. She sent a text to Pam, Carrie and Lucas.

Jade: When I give the signal, everyone is to storm into the palace and start fighting. Stop anyone from leaving this place, by any means necessary.

Jade puts her phone back into her pocket, turning to face Eric. “Let’s go, Eric.” He nods back to her, following behind her. There was no one guarding the front entrance which was odd to Jade. She walked straight through the doors into the sun room. She stopped when she saw Sookie on her knees next to Sophie Ann, appearing unharmed.

Eric stood beside her, his fangs popping out and hissing angrily. Jade held her hand in front of Eric’s chest, preventing him from making any sudden moves. They looked at each other, and Jade winked at him.

Jade was amused by the look of annoyance on Sookie’s face. She didn’t have any injuries or marks on her that they could see.

Sookie looked relieved to see that the cavalry has arrived. “What took ya’ll so long?” Sookie says. For a moment, Eric looked amused, but quickly wiped the look off his face. Jade nearly laughed, then turned her attention to Sophie Ann.

“I see just about anyone can be easily annoyed by your presence, Soph.” Jade joked. Sophie Ann hisses as her fangs pop out. Jade raised an eyebrow.

“Really? Do you think for a moment I’m going to cower in fear of your teensy, weensy fangs?” Jade laughed, and then stopped. “Alright, let’s get down to business. Give me back the girl and I’ll make your death quick.” Sophie Ann laughed, her laugh echoing off the walls.

Suddenly, all her guards and children surrounded Jade and Eric. What happens next surprises Jade; all the guards were suddenly thrown across the room into the wall. Jade looked at Eric and noticed his eyes radiated a blue color. The light dimmed down from his eyes as he shook his head, not realizing what just happened.

“NOW!” Jade yelled, and her army of vamps came storming into the palace surrounding Sophie Ann. For a moment, she looked shock to see a couple of her sheriffs were among Jade’s army. Jade placed her hands on her hips, cocking her hip to the side. She gave Sophie Ann a smug look.

“Look around you, Sophie. Look who’s on my side fighting against you. Does this tell you anything?” Jade said as she waved her arms around. Sophie Ann looked pissed.

“ANDRE!” she screamed, her voice echoing off the walls. He suddenly appeared in front of his maker and Queen, bowing from his waist. He rose, giving her a blank expression. “Well? What are you standing there for? Defend me!” Andre gave her a sad look.

“I’m sorry, mistress.” That was all he said, then hell broke loose. Sophie Ann shot out of her chair tackling Andre to the ground. Fighting erupted throughout the sun room. Eric was about to vamp over to Sookie, only to be thwarted by Sigbert. He tackled Eric to the ground. They rolled around on the floor trying to gain the upper hand, then finally Eric had Sigbert pinned to the ground his knees crushing against his chest.

Eric punched his fist into Sigbert’s face, cracking his skull open. As he raised his fist to punch him again, his hand glowed a scarlet color, and Sigbert started screaming as his face started to smoke. His face was burnt to a crisp, and his skin was slowly burning away.

Jade watched in fascination.

Does he realize what he’s doing?

She watched as Eric punched his fist into Sigbert’s chest, ripping his heart out, and then holding it up into the air with victory, smiling a fangy grin. Sigbert was nothing more than a pile of goo. Jade will have to talk to him later about his powers. Jade looked around the room with calmness. Carrie was fighting with one of the Weres; they circled around each other, then the wolf pounced. Carrie was faster though, she grabbed it by the neck, grabbed the jaw with her other hand and twisted its head off.

Pam was currently fighting with Wybert. Jade watched with pride as Pam overpowered him and staked him with her wooden heels. Wybert was no more. She was going to be complaining about those shoes until Eric gives her his credit card.

Jade turned her attention back to Sophie Ann who was running towards Eric and Sookie. He quickly threw Sookie over his shoulder and carried her out the room. Sophie Ann followed after Eric at vampire speed. Jade didn’t even bother to run. Sophie Ann had nowhere to go, and Jade could very easily outrun her. So she took her sweet time, walking the halls, and perusing the paintings in the hall. She could sense Sophie Ann all over the place looking for Eric. She followed her scent straight to her chambers, where Sophie was attempting to open a secret passage way. She was now trying to escape.

Jade leaned against the doorjamb, silently watching Sophie fight against an invisible wall. She kept hitting against a magical barrier that prevented her from leaving the palace, and screamed, now banging against it like a child. Jade laughed, startling Sophie Ann. Sophie Ann hisses as her fangs pop out.

“What’s the matter, Sophie? Having a hard time getting through the barrier?” Jade taunted.

“What did you do?!” Sophie Ann screeched.

“How do you like it? It’s my very own creation.” Jade chuckles as she gestures her hands towards the invisible barrier. “All the windows are covered with silvered bars…which are also blessed with a barrier spell that prevents anyone from getting out…on my say so.” Jade explained, perusing as she walks around the room. She was staring at a painting on the wall, with her hands entwined behind her back. While Jade had her back turned, Sophie Ann was vamping towards her getting ready to tackle Jade to the ground, but Jade was faster.

Faster than the speed of sound, Jade appeared next to the four-poster bed as Sophie Ann crashed into the wall. Jade was still, her face completely blank.

“I’ll tell you what, Sophie. I’m going to give you the chance to fight for your Queendom. Choose your choice of sword and fight against me. You win, you get to keep your title as Queen and get Sookie.”

“I am Queen of Louisiana I will not…”

“And before you go off on another rant on how you’re queen and you don’t deserve this kind of treatment, perhaps you should realize the position you’re in.” Jade paused for dramatic effect. “Let’s see, you sent a vampire to my area to kidnap a human…against her will. That’s against vampire law, by the way. I hope you weren’t stupid enough to actually feed from Miss Stackhouse, Sophie…that won’t bode well for you. Miss Stackhouse is bonded to my second in command, Eric Northman.”

Sophie Ann’s eyes widened in horror as Jade revealed this information. Jade stared at Sophie Ann; she could see the gears turning in her head. If Jade could laugh, she’d be cackling like an old bat, but she kept her face blank. Eric had not mentioned bonding to Sookie yet, but Sophie Ann didn’t know that. Either way, the soon to be former queen was cornered.

“You’re lying.” She said, with her hands on her hips. Jade raised an eyebrow.

“Are you sure about that?” Sophie noticed the look on Jade’s face, and stiffened. She wasn’t kidding. How could she be so stupid? Her shoulders slumped in defeat.

“Fine then, I will fight you.” She said and pouted. Jade scoffed and rolled her eyes, walking away.

Eric carried Sookie into a room, and closed the door behind them. He placed her on the California king bed, kneeling at her feet; he looked into her face with a soft look. He felt relief. He searched her body for injuries, finally his hands landing on her cheeks. He pulled her face down, leaning her forehead against his.

“I’m so glad you’re okay.” He whispered. He brushes his lips against Sookie’s, smelling her sweet scent. Eric looked over her body for any injuries or bruises. He stopped at her arm, noticing two small marks on her wrist. Sookie felt him tense as he stared hard at her wrist. He looked murderous.

“Who bit you?” he said through gritted teeth. Sookie gave him a look, and he knew already who bit her. “Sophie Ann.” He growled. Sookie wrapped her arms around his neck giving him a firm squeeze.

“It’s okay, Eric.” She gave him a peck on the cheek. He shook his head.

“No, Sookie. It’s not okay. You are mine! No one is to touch you and to do such is punishable by the true death!” He growled. Sookie sighed, knowing it would be futile to argue with him…especially when said offender was a vampire and had kidnapped her wanting to make her a slave.

“Let’s go and check the progress.” Eric said.

As Jade walked back into the ballroom, the fight was still going on. She stuck her thumb and index finger in her mouth and made a loud whistle. Everyone stopped, looking in the direction where Jade was standing. They gave her an expectant look.

“Everyone clear the floor.” She turned her head as Eric walked into the room holding hands with Sookie. She noticed the look in his eyes, and it confirmed what she already knew.

“Everything good with you Sookie?” she gave a single nod, though Jade already knew the queen had indeed fed from her. As soon as they turned their backs, Sophie ran towards Sookie attempting to grab her. Right before she could grab her wrist, Jade grabbed her by the hair and hung her a few feet off the ground. She was kicking and screaming trying hard to free herself from Jade’s grip.

“If I were you, I’d stop fighting. You’re going to end up ripping your own scalp off.” She instantly stopped. “You know I was going to give you the chance to show me you can be mature and try to negotiate a beneficial deal…but you blew it. Everyone here will witness your demise.”

“You said I could have the chance to win my throne back!” She shrilled. Jade snickered.

“Yes, I did and you blew it. Just a few seconds ago you were about to grab Sookie and disappear. I thought you could be mature and smart about this…what was I thinking?” Jade said, not surprised at all.

“You were testing me!” Sophie screamed.

“Yeah I was.” She chuckled. “Someone bring me some silver chains.” Carrie appeared at her side with chains in her hands handing them to Jade. She wrapped them around Sophie’s wrists and ankles. “Carrie, bring me that chair over there.” Jade motioned towards the corridor next to the hallway. She sped across the room grabbing the chair and placing it in the middle of the room. All the vampires surrounded Jade, about to witness Sophie’s punishment.

She placed her in the chair, wrapping the chains around her neck and torso. A sword materialized in her hand, and Sophie’s eyes widened in shock. She struggled against the silver chains, but they only burned further into her flesh making the room smell like burnt, rotting meat. She was instantly regretting her decision to make Jade the sheriff of Area 5 all those years ago.

“Why are you doing this to me?” She whimpered. Jade turned giving Sophie Ann an incredulous look.

“Seriously? Are you really asking me that? So what, the last two months never happened? You never really wanted to kidnap a human and hold her prisoner?” The fact that Sophie Ann was completely oblivious to her bad decisions had agitated Jade. She paced around the sun room, swinging a sword back and forth in her hand. She chuckled, facing Sophie Ann again.

“I gave you a warning…ONLY ONE WARNING; to back off and leave Miss Stackhouse alone. And what did you do? You ignored my warning and continued to pursue what didn’t belong to you. And where are you now? You are tied to a chair in silver chains. All you had to do was back off and I would have left you alone. It’s simple as that.” Jade cackled, and then continued, “But of course having power meant that you could do whatever you wanted and there wouldn’t be any consequences. You thought wrong.” Jade finished pointing the sword at Sophie Ann’s heart. She then turned around facing everyone, looking around the room.

“For those of you who are dumb enough to actually think you can best me, a little warning to you: RUN. Run your ass off, because I’ll find you, catch you…and you WILL end up like Sophie Ann. And I’ll show no mercy.”

“Now, let’s get this over with so we can get to sprucing up Louisiana and turning this state back to her former glory. Eric, you can take the floor. Miss Stackhouse did not belong to me; therefore it is not within my right to end Sophie Ann.” Jade paused for dramatic effect. For a second, Sophie Ann looked relieved.

“I shall hand her over to Eric Northman instead, as it is his right.” She handed the sword over to Eric who had a blank look on his face. She could feel him through the bond though; he felt glee and a small surge of blood lust. Jade nearly shook her head. She stood next to Sookie in a protective stance and watched as Eric tortured the former Queen of Louisiana.

He tore her apart limb by limb; Sophie Ann’s screeches echoed off the high ceilings. Every vampire, except Jade snapped their fangs down, enjoying the scene of blood, gore and limbs flying everywhere. Finally all that was left of Sophie Ann was her torso and head. She had blood tears flowing out her eyes, in tremendous amounts of pain. Sookie covered her eyes and turned away, not enjoying the scene of brutality. Jade wrapped one of her arms around Sookie’s shoulders comforting her. But at the same time she felt annoyed by her innocence.

She really ought to get used to this. She’s going to be around this a lot. Jade thought with slight annoyance.

Finally, Eric swung the sword on Sophie Ann’s neck cutting her head off clean. Silence filled the room, Jade looked around at everyone with a blank face. Soon, all the vampires were kneeling.

“All hail the new Queen of Louisiana.” All say simultaneously.

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