CH 25 Potential Enemies/Possibilities

A couple of hours before sunset, Jade rose from her coffin. Excitement vibrated through her body. For a while now she’d been aching to get rid of Sophie Ann and tonight is finally the night it was going to happen. She had put up with her antics long enough. It was time for someone new take over and make some changes.

She could feel Eric was rising as well. She went upstairs into the bar area and sat down in a booth. His excitement was meshing with hers, Jade chuckled. Under the surface of his excitement, she could feel his fear…for Sookie, no doubt; something else was also bothering him and he didn’t know what. Feeling Eric’s emotions was an intriguing experience; his emotions has layers that seem to go on forever.

A lot like that green dude Shrek.

Jade chuckled at her comparison between a fictional character and Eric. It was spot on, but ridiculous. She sent reassurance through her bond with Eric, telling him that things were going to be okay. He sent his thanks back to her. She was grateful that the Ancient Pythoness gave her the idea to do the blood reconstruction spell. Because not only can she keep track of him, she can also protect him better.

As she waited for Eric, she thought over her plan once more. A moment later, she nods to herself knowing she has covered everything. 20 minutes later she heard Eric coming from the basement heading straight to the bar area to his booth where Jade was sitting.

“Evening.” She said as he sat down across from her.

“Hello.” He said. She gave him a knowing smirk.

“You’re excited about tonight’s battle aren’t you?” Eric gave her a devilish grin.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been involved in battle. We haven’t had this much excitement for years.” He says, letting his mind wander to the last battle they had. He was in France with Pam at the time, while Jade was with the Authority dealing with minor obligations at the Worldwide Summit in England.

“Technically, what happened in the 1980s wasn’t a battle…It was more of a conflict. Might I add, your arrogance and overactive libido was what caused the excitement at that time. And who paid the price for your actions, Eric?” Eric looked away remembering that night.

“Sylvie.” He said flatly. Sylvie was a french, human woman who owned a vineyard with her father. Jade had no idea how they met, since she left Eric in the beginning of the 1900s to become the Sheriff of Area 5 in Louisiana, but from all the letters he wrote to her, he cared for her. That was all she knew. Jade wanted him to come along with her to the United States, but he declined wanting to stay in France with Sylvie. She shrugged her shoulders and they went their separate ways.

1986 was the year the Council had the Worldwide summit. The AP wanted Jade to attend as her assistant to help out by sitting in on all the marriages and trials held between vampires. In the middle of a meeting, Jade was given an anonymous tip about what was going down with her protege, Eric. Jade had left in a hurry to order to bail him out of trouble. Sylvie still paid the price, but was able to keep her life.

“Yeah. I’m not sure if you ever noticed, but I was angry with you, disappointed and insulted. When I accepted the role as Sheriff of Area 5 in the state of Louisiana, I thought you were going to be okay by yourself…apparently I was wrong.” Jade said in a cold tone. “After all my teachings, it hadn’t sunk into your head to be more careful and to stay hidden. You made me look like a fool, Eric. Plus, I was forced to pull you out of France and into Louisiana to keep an eye on you.” Eric looked up at that. He didn’t know that. He had assumed she missed him and wanted him back by her side, not that she was ordered to call him back to her.

“I never told you that the Authority ordered me to call you and bring you into the states. There was no need to, I did, after all missed you, Eric. I was going to call you back to me either way. Then the Magister ordered you open up that god awful video store.” Jade shuddered remembering the state that place was in.


The Magister, Eric and Pam were all piled around the parking lot waiting for Jade to show up.

She deliberately showed up late to piss off the Magister, in which of course worked. He seemed a little too pleased to force Eric to run a business in Shreveport; something Eric didn’t want. Eric and Pam were smirking when she showed up in a black, 1976 Pontiac Trans-Am, playing her rock music loud.

Jade had shown up 30 minutes late. Eric found the whole thing amusing. That night she was dressed head to toe in black; a black corset, black jeans, leather jacket and to top it all off she was wearing Ray Ban Wayfarer II Retro sunglasses. In short, she looked like a rock-star; showing up to her own party fashionably late. Eric saw the look on the Magisters face when she got out of her car.

He looked angry.

She took off her sunglasses, giving the Magister a huge grin. “Sorry about my tardiness, I had other…obligations.” she said smoothly. She was anything, but sorry. She didn’t give a damn about the Magister.

Shall we proceed with this meeting, then?” he said, with barely contained anger. She waved her hands to him, gesturing for him to continue.

Eric chuckled to himself, looking at Jade. Jade grins widely. “I take it you’re remembering the entrance I made that night?” He nodded his head trying not to laugh at her antics. She can be quite crazy sometimes.

“You did make quite an entrance. I dare say Pam was drooling when she saw you.” Jade laughed at that.

“You know the Magister and I have no love for each other. I showed up late and in style as a way to…upstage the Magister. I didn’t give a shit about him or his position. It was my way of saying you’re not important to me.” Jade laughed out loud. Eric shook his head.

Magister explained the situation to Jade and Eric as he showed them around the Video store. Eric looked disgusted with this place, and Pam was no better. Jade however was looking around, ideas forming into her head. She had tuned the Magister out mostly, but only listened whenever it was important.

Finally, eager to get this night over with, the Magister gave the keys to Jade while Eric and Pam stood off to the side bored and displeased. Jade nearly laughed at the looks on their faces. Jade watched as the Magister disappeared and left the building. When he was finally gone, Jade turned around with a grin on her face.

Well, lets get to work then.” Eric and Pam looked at each other, confused.

Get to work?” Jade smiled.

Yes. We need to figure out how we’re going to rip this place apart and redecorate it. We’re also going to come up with a new money making concept.” Eric and Pam perked up at Jade’s idea. “What? You didn’t seriously think I was going to let that asshole make you both look like fools, did you? Hell no! You and Pam get together and come up with a concept…a concept that will make money and bring customers in.”

What about the Magister?” Eric asked. Jade scoffs.

He said you were required to run a business. Not that it had to specifically be a video store. You only need to run a business in order to pay tribute to the Authority monthly, that’s it. Now, are you both in?” Jade had her hands on her hips waiting for their answer.

Oh, I am so fucking in!” Pam replied with glee.

I’m in.” Eric said.

Good. Thought you might be.” Jade grinned.

Eric and Jade were both laughing. “You were my fucking hero! You took a horrible situation and turned it into a potential business opportunity.” Eric said. Jade shrugged her shoulders.

“Well, when life gives you lemons…”

“You make lemonade.” Eric finished.

“Exactly. I know the place looked a little shabby…” Jade trailed off seeing the look of disbelief on Eric’s face. “Oh, who the hell am I kidding? That place was a piece of shit!” Jade and Eric burst out laughing again. Jade looked at her watch sobering up.

“It’s showtime. Carrie and Pam should be rising any moment now. Everyone else should be here in an hour.” Eric nodded his head, getting up and going over to the bar to heat a blood. Carrie and Pam walked into the bar area, as Jade approached them.

“I hope you both rested well, because you’re going to need all the energy you can give for tonight. Here’s the deal.” Jade went on and explained the plan to Eric, Carrie and Pam. They nod their heads in agreement.

“Everyone else should be on their way here by now. Pam and Carrie will inform everyone of the plan. Eric, you and I are going to New Orleans to scout the palace. Lets go.” She said walking away as Eric followed behind her.

Tonight is going to be a good night.

Jade drove down the highway onward to New Orleans. Silence filled the car. Ever since they had arise from their day-rest, she had been monitoring Eric’s emotions through the bond. She nearly smiled feeling his anger and excitement at the upcoming battle with Sophie Ann. He also felt fearful…for Sookie’s life. He was also thinking hard about something as well.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Jade asked.

“I’m worried about Sookie…” Not exactly a lie, but not the truth either.

“Uh huh, right. So…what’s really bothering you? You remember I can feel your emotions right?” Eric sighs.

“I wouldn’t really know how to explain it.”

“Try me…maybe I can help you explain.”

“Some things happened last night while I was fighting against Appius.”

“Such as?”

“I think I may have inherited some of your magic…” He muttered. Jade was feeling him through the bond and could feel both sincerity and certainty. Either way, she couldn’t help but question him.

“Explain everything that happened from after he captured you.”

Eric went on explaining how he was thinking hard to prevent Appius from being able to see him and how suddenly the whole mansion was filled with fog. Then how despite the fact he was right in front of Appius or close by, he could not spot him.

“Let me see if I understand this correctly, It sounds like you turned yourself invisible and summoned fog to cloud his vision.” Jade went silent, thinking. Eric stared at her waiting for a answer. “I must say…this is quite fascinating, yet surprising. There’s no way you should have been able to inherit my magic.”


“Because the magic you just described runs in my family…my human family. I expected you to be stronger and faster because of my blood, that I know, is possible. But the fog and the invisibility stumps me completely. How is any of this possible?” Something about this was bothering Jade. The only way for Eric to be able to tap into her family’s magic was to be apart of her human bloodline.

Am I missing something here?

“We’ll have to talk about this later…we’re here.” she says as she parks next the curb down the street. She didn’t want to alert the guards of their presence, so she kept her distance.

They silently sat in the car as they watched the compound of Sophie Ann’s palace. Eric looked at Jade, who looked back at him.

“Can you feel anything coming to you?” Eric asked, referring to her ability. Jade closed her eyes, her mind entering into a trance like state. She watched bits and pieces of the scene play out in her mind; like watching a movie with missing parts.

“It’s a little fuzzy, but it’s bits and pieces of the battle, but nothing more. So, not really.” replies Jade. Eric nodded his head in acceptance.

“Can you feel her?” Jade asked in quiet voice. He nodded his head, closing his eyes his nostrils flaring at the various scents that surrounded the property. “Is she okay?” Eric smirked feeling Sookie’s annoyance, but also relieved she’s generally okay.

“She feels annoyed by something…at best.” Eric chuckled. Jade scoffs.

“I’d be annoyed too if I were in Sophie Ann’s presence. Oh wait…I have been in her company. She likes to bore her guests to death with Yahtzee.” Eric snickered making Jade laugh along with him. They sobered up hearing the rest of the vamps arrive in their cars. “You ready to kick some ass?” Jade says, smirking.

Eric smiled a fangy smile at Jade, making her laugh. They got out the car, standing on a hill that over-looked Sophie Ann’s palace. By the time she turned around, vampires were gathering around Jade and Eric. Jade looked around, nodding her head.

Yes, we should have enough to get through the night.

She came forward with her hands interlaced behind her back. “Okay, so here’s the deal…Queen Sophie Ann’s reign ends tonight. Pam and Carrie has informed you the first part of the plan: block all exits. You are to make sure she doesn’t escape and that her progenies don’t stand in my way. The only door that will be unblocked is the front entrance, but I’ll have someone there to stand guard to make sure no one gets out.”

“What about secret passage ways or the windows?” A vampire asked. Jade smirked to herself.

“Leave that to me. Just do what you’re ordered to do and let me worry about the rest. And another thing…No one and I mean no one leaves until all threats have been taken care of. Once I give the word, you all may go back to your areas until I call for you again. Are we clear?” Jade shouted to the group of vampires. Vampires nodded their heads, making Jade nod hers in return.

“Alright. Let’s get to work then. You all know what to do.” Pam, Carrie, Lucas took their groups to their positions to block all potential entrances and exits. Jade went to the trunk of her car, opened it pulling out a box of metal sheets and chains: all made of silver. Eric watched as Jade put on some gloves and then places the box on the ground.

“For the windows.” He said as a statement. Jade looked up and nodded. “How are you going to block the windows without being detected?” All legit questions. Jade smiled as she got up, standing in front of the box. She then walked backwards away from the box. Jade stopped when she was a respectable distance away from the box. Eric watched with fascination.

Jade’s hands started to glow, she lifted them pointing at the box of silver. Soon, Eric saw the silver chains and silver plates floating in the air, a yellow glow surrounding them. She slowly moved to the side, then swung her hands towards the palace. Suddenly, still floating mid-air, all the chains and plates were formed into bars, being thrown at the palace windows. They were being magically attached to the windows effectively blocking a way out.

Eric’s mouth hung open as he watched every single window being covered with silver bars. Jade grinned, nearly laughing at the look on his face. She took out her phone to text everyone for their reports.

Carrie: We’re good on the west side.

Pam: South has been blocked.

Lucas: There are no Weres guarding the grounds, but the south doors are blocked as well.

Jade squinted at her phone. No Weres? Jade suddenly had a bad feeling. If the Weres are not on the grounds, then they must be inside…waiting for Jade to strike, which means Sophie Ann knew they were coming. Jade wondered what she was up to.

Doesnt matter, she’s not going to survive this night either way.

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  1. Interesting power Jade has. Can’t wait to explore where Eric’s magic came from, of course that will be after Sophie Ann is taken care of. Hope they aren’t walking into a trap!

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