CH 22 You’re No Queen

The second part of this chapter is a bit of a filler, plus some more info on how Jade’s powers and psychic abilities work. Although I’m not entirely sure if a Seer or psychic are different or the same things. If I’m wrong, the please let me know. If something didn’t make sense, then I’ll try to explain the best I can.

Plus, you’ll notice there’s going to be some trust issues between Jade and Eric. You’ll understand why…Let me quit it with this long AN and get on with the story!

I do not own SVM or TB. Remember to review!


“You okay, Eric?” She asked in a quiet voice.

“Yes.” He whispered, with a nod of his head.

“Good.” He glanced at Jade.

“Sookie was abducted.” He said as statement than a question. He knew why she was here. Jade sighs, nodding her head.

“The Game’s just begun.” He said.

“Lets go.” Jade said, walking away. Eric followed behind her. Both of them ran off into the night back to Fangtasia.

Time to plan a takeover.

Sookie woke up in the trunk of a car. The last thing she remembers is Hadley knocking her out, then everything went black. Anger swelled in her. How could her very own family do this to her? Hasn’t she done enough to this family?

First, she runs away and starts doing drugs. Then she comes back home, in tears, begging Gran for money. Whenever she had the chance, she stole Gran’s checkbook and whatever cash she had stashed in the house then disappeared without a word. Leaving Gran heartbroken and disappointed. Jason and Sookie were as mad as an angry pack of wolves. Now Hadley’s back, as a vampire, kidnapping Sookie and taking her to god knows where.

Sookie was so pissed she could spit nails. When Hadley opens this trunk, Sookie was gonna give her a piece of her mind! She thought about making a run for it, but realized that wouldn’t be a good idea. Hadley was now a vampire, so she had speed and strength on her side.

What to do? Where was Hadley taking her? Sookie paused her thinking, having an ah ha moment.

How else did the Queen of Louisiana know about Sookie being a telepath? Why else did she send Bill Compton to procure her? Hadley, of course…leave it to her big mouth cousin to sell Sookie out to gain favor. Unfortunately, Sookie wasn’t surprised. This is exactly the kind of thing Hadley is capable of doing. Sookie sighs internally. She felt sorry for her stupid, yet lost, cousin. She always had to learn things the hard way. She never learned to make the right choice.

At least I know where she’s taking me.

Sookie took a deep breath. She had to do something. She had to find a way out of this. She knew Eric and Jade were going to be looking her.


Sookie instantly regretted not bonding with Eric sooner. How were they going to find her? Did they already know who had taken her? Jade was a psychic; maybe she already knew where Sookie was being taken. It didn’t matter. When they do find her, there was going to be hell to pay. Does it make her a bad christian if she was looking forward to heads rolling? Absolutely. But Sookie didn’t care. The Queen was stupid enough to cross someone as old as Jade Valentine. It’s pretty damn plain she was going to lose.

The car came to a stop and Sookie tensed. It was only silent for a few moments before the trunk flew open and Hadley was standing over her staring coldly. Sookie glared at her beloved cousin…if looks could kill, Hadley would be goo.

“How could you, Hadley?” Sookie hissed angrily. Hadley only shrugs her shoulders.

“The Queen promised me a place in her queendom, that is, if I hand delivered you straight to her.” Hadley replied nonchalantly. She took her cellphone out her back pocket typing a quick message on the screen. She showed it to Sookie:

Play along. We’re being watched by the Queen’s guards. I’m sorry, Sook. I had to. She commanded me to do it. I had no choice. If you knew what was at stake…

Sookie looked up at Hadley, nodding her head in understanding.

Perhaps there’s hope for her.

“What about family, Hadley? Don’t you care about that at all?” Sookie demanded, shouting.

“Sophie Ann is my family now, Sookie. I’m sorry.” She pulled Sookie out the trunk, pushing the door down and closed. She grabbed Sookie’s arm, holding it behind her back grabbing her neck and pushing her forward. She lead Sookie through the doors of the Queen’s palace directing her into the sun-room.

The Queen was sitting on a chaise lounge chair, wearing a white swimsuit with sunglasses. Sookie gulped. The Queen took off her sunglasses turning to see as Hadley approaches her with Sookie.

“Ah marvelous Hadley! You have pleased me. She’s finally here and mine.” The Queen said, clapping her hands excitedly. She leered at Sookie, her gaze looking down and making her way up to her face. Sookie squirmed feeling uncomfortable.

“So this is the human you’ve been telling me about. Not what I was expecting, but not entirely disappointed.” Sophie Ann muttered as she looked her up and down. Sookie fought not to roll her eyes. She internally scoffed at the queen’s statement.

Who the hell does this bitch thinks she is? She glared at Hadley and bristled.

“Aww, whats the matter darling?” Sophie Ann asked in a sickly sweet voice. Sookie took a deep breath trying to stay calm. But she couldn’t help but give this queen a piece of her mind.

“Who the hell do you think you are? You can’t just go and kidnap someone from their home! It ain’t right! I have rights! Its against the law to kidnap someone!” Sookie shouted at the queen. Sophie Ann cackled, blood tears pooling in her eyes. Sookie rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“Sweetie, you think I care? The laws of humans don’t apply to me! I’m a vampire queen! I can do whatever I want!” Sookie scoffed.

“You call yourself a queen? Pffft. You’re nothing more than a little girl with a fake tiara playing queen. There’s a difference! A real queen has honor, elegance, and fairness. And you have none of those things.” The queen rises from her lounge chair and vamping in front of Sookie back-handing her. Sookie falls to the ground, rubbing her cheek.

“YOU WILL RESPECT YOUR QUEEN, PET! YOUARE NOTHING MORE THAN A BLOODBAG!” She yells, then pauses a moment taking a deep breath. She goes back over to her lounge chair and sits down. “Your opinions matter not to me…but you will bow down before your queen and beg me to forgive you for your insolence.” Sookie rose from the floor dusting imaginary dirt off her sun dress.

“You’re no queen to me! I will never bow down to you. And I’m not your pet!” Sookie spat.

“HADLEY!” Sophie Ann shouted. Hadley appeared before her, kneeling on one knee.

“Yes, my queen?” she replied timidly. Sookie swallowed her disgust, shaking her head.

How much more pathetic can you get?

“Take my telepath and dress her into something…more appropriate. She looks disgusting wearing that rag!” She rises and bows to the queen. She then turns to Sookie grabbing her roughly pulling her towards the hall of rooms.

Sookie looked around at everything in disgust. This woman has no taste. It just proves that money CANNOT buy class!

They stopped in front of a open door and Hadley forced her into the room; too rough that Sookie stumbled hitting her nose into the edge of the dresser. She felt warm liquid ooze down into her mouth; she wiped her lips and noticed it was her blood.

Before Hadley could talk to Sookie the scent of blood hit her nostrils. Her eyes blackened, her fangs popping out. Hadley was only a couple of days old, so she didn’t have a handle on her urges. She inched towards Sookie who was slowly moving away from her cousin.

“Hadley! Snap out of it! HADLEY!” Sookie screamed. Hadley ran over to Sookie at vampire speed and sunk her fangs into her cousins neck. She moaned in satisfaction. Her blood tasted so sweet and good. Sookie was trying her best to fight Hadley off, but she was too strong. Fear rose in her; her own cousin was about to kill her.

She squeezed her hand in between Hadley’s face and her neck and suddenly a white blinding light blasted Hadley off Sookie across the room into the wall.

Sookie looked over at an unconscious Hadley in shock.

What did I just do?

Jade and Eric walked across the courtyard from the back of the mansion in silence. Eric was seething was so much rage that Jade had to dampen her end of the bond a bit. She had to stop for a moment to shake off the dizziness. His emotions were just as intense as hers. Eric stopped and turned around noticing that Jade was bent over holding her knees. He walked over to her looking concerned.

“Are you okay?” Eric asked softly. Jade nodded her head at him.

“Yeah, I’m alright. Your rage is just…overwhelming me. Geez, Eric…how do you not lose your mind? Feeling the way you do. You feel like you’re just about ready to snap.” Jade took a deep breath feeling Eric dampen his end of the bond.

“Sorry.” Eric said sheepishly.

“No, no. It’s okay. You have every right to feel pissed off. I just didn’t expect you to feel this much anger. But then again, I’d feel just as pissed if someone had taken you.” Jade said softly. Eric gave her a look, pondering something. He looked like he wanted to say something, but thought against it shaking his head.

“What is it, Eric?” Jade asked softly.

“Why didn’t you come?” he asked in a quiet voice. Jade squinted her eyes, looking off in the distance and blew out a puff of air.

“I knew you could take care of yourself…and I was right. Anyways, I was detained…at first. Lucas captured me a minute or two after you had left. He snapped my neck and took me to this abandoned warehouse right down the street. As soon as I woke, Lucas was standing there.” Eric hissed his fangs popping out. He was about to respond, but Jade held up her hand.

“He wasn’t intending on hurting me, Eric. Calm down. He did however tell me something very interesting. I actually figured it out the moment I regained consciousness. Sophie Ann set this up. She wanted Appius to kidnap you and distract me long enough to take Sookie. Unfortunately, they succeeded. We left the warehouse and ran into Andre at Fangtasia. He’s pretty much willing to give up his queen for his freedom.” Jade laughed at the last part.

“She’s his maker.” Eric stated.

“Yeah, she is. But he’s smart enough to know she’s risking a lot more going against my wishes. I warned her to leave the girl alone or there be hell to pay…and she refused to listen. She was arrogant and stupid enough to believe she was going to away with it…plus she bought Appius into the picture, which was an even bigger mistake. He wouldn’t have just stopped at kidnapping you or killing me. I’m sure he would’ve taken the throne from her once he was finished with us.” Jade explained.

“So what is the plan?” Eric asked. Jade clapped her hands, then rubbed them together. She smirked at Eric.

“We go back to Fangtasia, regroup and plan. Then come dawn, we make our to New Orleans and kill the queen.” Jade smiled. Eric smirks and chuckles darkly.

“Will I get to play with the queen before you finish her off?” Eric asked in husky tone. Jade laughed at him. She could feel his blood lust rising already in their bond. She shook her head at him, then grinned.

“Oh don’t worry, everyone will have a whack at the queen before I get to her. I’m sure Pam will be eager to join in on the fun. You know how much she loves to inflict pain. If I didn’t know any better I’d say it was you in a woman’s body.” Jade and Eric both laughed. She then looked over at the abandoned mansion, finally realizing it.

When she finally paid attention, she felt a soft shiver down her spine. “You okay?” Eric asked. Jade looked back at him nodding her head.

“I’m fine. Usually, gentle vibes are a good sign.”

“Gentle vibes?” Eric looked confused.

“Yeah. Shivers down my spine, or my whole body trembling. I call them vibes.” Eric only looked at her. “What? You didn’t think my psychic abilities just stopped at knowing everything and having visions, did you?” Jade chuckled. Eric shrugged his shoulders. “Well, vibes aren’t specific. They don’t give me a scene to decipher. They give me feelings, shivers or trembling. The vibes tell me whether something good or bad is going to happen. It’s up to me to figure out exactly what it is before it even happens.”

“What’s the difference between a Seer and a Psychic?” Eric narrowed his eyes, thinking of the Ancient Pythoness. Jade sighs.

“This is going to be a little complicated to explain. Ahhh, a Seer can only have visions of the future, long before the event t even happens; usually days, weeks months, years, centuries before. But that’s it. They can only see the future. A psychic however can do much more than that; we have visions, we have vibes and whenever we meet a person and approach within a few feet of them we know everything about that person in a matter of seconds. The only thing that’s the same between a Seer and a Psychic is that it can be random and scattered; meaning we can have visions at any time randomly.” Jade explains.

“Sounds simple to me.” Eric replied.

“Not really. I always felt there was more to being a psychic than I ever knew.”


“I haven’t exactly discovered it yet. Every thousand years I transform.”


“I mentioned it before when we were on our way to Merlotte’s to meet Sookie. I transformed sometime 1500 years ago. My powers are growing. It’s rare that I gain a new power. You remember when you first met me that I wasn’t a normal vampire?” He nodded his head. “Well you were pretty close to the truth because I’m not. Being turned into a vampire created another…well I can’t explain it. My sorcery tied itself into my vampire side. You would think it ties into Fae side, since the Fae are magical creatures. But it didn’t.” She says shrugging her shoulders.

“It bothers me that there’s more about you thank I realize. I feel like there’s a lot more to you. Why do you barely talk about your past?” Eric asked. Jade looked at him with a blank face, then looked over at the mansion.

“Let’s go, we have a takeover to plan. We don’t have the time to just stand here and explain everything there is about me.” Jade walked off without giving a response. Eric sighs in annoyance. Standing at the edge of the property in the street, Jade looked back at the house again.

I’ll be back here. This place looks fit for a queen.

She vamped off towards Fangtasia, leaving Eric to his thoughts. He didn’t realize how little he knew about Jade, or her past. Whenever they talked and hit the subject of Jade and her past, she’d changed the subject. He didn’t realize it until now. How much about her was he missing? Better yet, how much was she hiding?

He’ll let it go…for now.

So there it is. Like it? Love it? Okay? In between? Tell me what you think! Next up: The plan to take down the queen.

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