True Blood Season 1 /Southern Vampire Mysteries

(AU/OOC) Jade Valentine is the psychic vampire Sheriff of Area 5. What will Jade do when the queen sends Bill Compton to procure a telepath? Will she let Sophie Ann get away with it or will she step in and interfere with the Queen’s plans? Meanwhile, Jade notices an attraction between her friend, Eric Northman, and the telepath. She decides to find a way to bring them two together, for she feels that they are a fated couple. Will she succeed?

Chapter 1                 Chapter 7                    Chapter 13                 Chapter 19             Chapter 25

Chapter 2                Chapter 8                    Chapter 14                 Chapter 20            Chapter 26

Chapter 3                Chapter 9                    Chapter 15                 Chapter 21             Chapter 27

Chapter 4                Chapter 10                  Chapter 16                 Chapter 22

Chapter 5                 Chapter 11                  Chapter 17                 Chapter 23

Chapter 6                 Chapter 12                 Chapter 18                 Chapter 24

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  1. So this is TB/SVM with your own added characters? Ok ought to be interesting….. so long as it ends with E and S together. Hate Scumbill. LOL

  2. I was wondering if you could post a little summary about each story? If you could post it on the Story name page, like were this review is being posted, so it could refresh our memory, when we come back to read new chapters of the story. Kind of like the summarys on fanfiction? For example is it all human or have vamps, location, time peroid, the main idea for the story. That would help me remember which story this is. I am following close to 3,000 stories and some have similar names, so I always read the summary on fanfiction, when reading a new chapter. It helps me to remember, all the rules and problems Eric and Sookie face in the world created. With out having to reread the story from the begining. But I love your stories!

    1. Sure thing. I’ve been working on banners for these pages. In about another week or so I should have these pages ready with the banner and summary on the bottom. 🙂 And thank you, glad to hear you love my stories! 🙂

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