CH 1

This is a short story. It takes place in Season 4, episode 2 after Eric leaves Sookie to ponder his offer. The part with Sookie takes place right before she goes to complain to Beehl!

Enjoy and Review

Oh, plus I don’t own the characters.

These two are totally into each other, but are too stubborn and guarded to let each other in…how to fix this? They need to get to know each other in every way possible in order to trust each other. And I know exactly how to do it.

She snapped her finger, having an aha moment. She smiled to herself as she thought of her plan to bring these two together. She knows for a fact she can get Eric on board, but the Stackhouse girl will be harder to crack.

It’s time to do what I do best.

She watched as Eric Northman exits Sookie Stackhouse’s residence, looking smug and humming to himself. She walked out the treeline and approached Eric, who suddenly turned baring his fangs at her.

“Who are you, and what are you doing here?” he hissed at her. She laughs at him, holding her palms up in a sign or surrender.

“I mean no harm, Viking. Who I am however is not important at the moment. What I’m doing here is to meet you…and talk to you if you can spare my life and a couple of minutes of your time.” She asked calmly. She wasn’t afraid of him, nor was she willing to back down. He only stared for another moment, then relaxed popping his fangs back in.

“What can I do for you, Miss…?”

“It’s not what you can do for me, but what I can do for you.” she smiled. He leered at her, lust filling his eyes. She rolls her in return.

“Your mind is in the gutter 90 percent of the time isn’t it?” He continued to leer, adding a smirk. She sighs. “That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about your little problem with Miss Stackhouse.” She said, pointing to the farmhouse.

“And how exactly can you help me?”

“May I point out to you that maybe you’re trying too hard to gain her affections?” She says, not answering his question, yet. “If you were more subtle, simple and not forceful, maybe perhaps she’d considered your offer? Instead, you force yourself on her like a lion on antelope, pressuring her to make a decision.” She crosses her arms over her chest giving Eric a disapproving look. He remained silent, giving her a look. He did not think about this at all. He stared at the ground, then back up at the mysterious lady who seems to know a lot about them. Eric grew curious.

“Now, let me ask you this…” she pauses, taking a deep breath. “Don’t you think after everything she’s been through she deserves a little R&R? I mean her ex-boyfriend betrayed her in the worst way possible, and she just came back from Fae (an unfamiliar place by the way) where she was almost captured losing a year and a half of her life. She’s back to find out you’ve bought her house leaving her cornered.” Eric only glares at her; knowing she’s right. He really didn’t think this through.

“This was obviously a half-assed plan…one where you didn’t stop to consider her own feelings. How selfish of you Mr. Northman. What made you think after what Bill Compton did to her that she was going to be quick to choose another vampire to protect her? To you and everyone else, she’s been gone for a year, but to her? All the pain and suffering is still fresh in her mind. Right now she’s in a very bad position and emotionally vulnerable…you need to give her time to adjust to all the changes.”

“How do you know all this?” he asked. She simply smiles, not really going to answer that question until later.

“Lets just say you both have a guardian angel looking out for the both of you who wants nothing more than the best for you and for you both to be happy. I can’t tell you who until after everything that is supposed to happen…happens. Let’s take this conversation at Fangtasia.” She says as she touches his arm, popping them straight into his office. Eric looks around surprised and shocked. He looked back at her.

“What are you?” he asked in awe. She shrugs her shoulders.

“Everything about me and who sent me here will be revealed…in due time. All I ask is that after I’m done explaining what I can…that you’ll consider this option I’m about to give you.” They stared at each other, silence filling the room. He finally nodded his head, going to sit behind his desk. He tented his fingers together leaning in his chair with an expectant look on his face.

“Explain.” He says. She gave him a single nod.

“Alright. It’s very clear that you want Sookie Stackhouse, right?” He looked at her with a blank stare then nodded his head.

“Then I’ll make this simple. If you give Sookie her house back, I’ll get you Sookie or should I say I can convince Sookie to become yours.” She replies with confidence. Eric scoffs at her proposal..

“Oh, Sookie would love that. Bargaining her for her house, she’ll definitely be on board with this plan.” he says with sarcasm and a blank face. She smirks back at him, trying not to laugh. If he knew the real reason behind her helping him, he’d bolt, or get pissed.

“Hear me out…the only reason why Sookie doesn’t trust you is because she doesn’t know you well enough…”

“She seems to think she does.” Eric interrupts. She glares at him, and he shrugs his shoulders.

As I was saying, she doesn’t know you enough to trust you and you keep hovering over her shoulder constantly asking her to become yours when you know she is in no position to be with anybody. I have an alternative that will benefit the both of you.” Eric waves his hand motioning her to continue.

“Give Miss Stackhouse the chance to get to know you better…to trust you and I promise she will be yours.” She paused. “You both will have seven days to learn to trust each other. For you to prove that you’re a better…option for Sookie and for her to see that there are others out there she can trust. Use this whole week to show her the real you. You’re a tough cookie, no doubt…but there’s more to you than being a vampire sheriff.”

Eric only stared at her, then looked away. He thought about her proposal. If he had the chance to get Sookie to see reason and trust him, he’d take it. He has deep feelings for Sookie, not exactly love, but close. He wanted her to be his and dammit, he wanted to be hers as well. This strange lady is right, Sookie needs to know the real him in order to trust him fully with her life. The only way that was going to happen was to show her Eric Northman without the politics or jealous exes and fangbangers plaguing his mind.

“How are you going to get Sookie to agree to this arrangement?” he asked. She smiled at him again.

“You let me worry about that. Just give me a few days and I’ll get back to you on her answer. Eric was skeptical, but for some reason he felt she could pull this off.

“By the way, If you haven’t earned her trust in seven days, she keeps her house and you stay out of her life for good.”

“And what happens if I do?” Eric asked.

“Then everyone wins.” she says, grinning, disappearing into thin air leaving Eric shocked and speechless.

She popped in front of Sookie’s home, looking around admiring the renovations that’s been done. She walked across the front yard, smiling as she approached the front door. She raised her hand to knock, but the door flies open, showing a guarded Sookie.

“May I help you?” Sookie was wearing a denim sundress with a mustard yellow cardigan. She looked pretty.

“Are you Sookie Stackhouse?” she says, trying to look as harmless as possible.

“Yes.” Sookie replies with caution.

“You have no need to fear me, Miss Stackhouse. I mean you no harm.” she says with a smile.

“Forgive me if I’m skeptical, but so far every supe is after me. They either want me dead, or to own me as a puppet.” She snapped with annoyance.

“Uh huh, right. That’s on them then. I don’t really want you…in any capacity.” She says bemusedly, looking her up and down.

“Thank god for small favors.”

“I see why Eric wants you so much…But what I don’t get is why he goes out of his way to save your ass from death or slavery only to receive your constant bitching and bullshit in return? Can you answer me that, Miss Stackhouse?” She says, cocking her head to the side, narrowing her eyes with disapproval. Sookie glared at this stranger who was judging her. She was about to snap back a retort when the stranger spoke again.

“Before you start whining again, let me tell you that I never took you for a hypocrite. How exactly can you judge Eric Northman for killing people, when you have killed as well?”

“That was in self-defense!”

“Either way you spin it; self-defense, sport, or whatever…it’s still killing. Yes, you had a good reason and no other choice, but that doesn’t make it not killing. Sookie remained silent, not having anything more to say. She was right, it was killing no matter what the reason was…she had to accept that.

“Killing may be wrong, but if you want to survive in either worlds then you need to make a choice…them or you. I heard everything Eric explained to you a while earlier.” Sookie looked up in anger, ready to snap at her, but the stranger interrupted her again.

“Eric is right, you know. There’s no way in hell anyone is going to leave you alone, simply because you tell them too.” Sookie looks like she’s about to protest. “What? You think you try hard enough to act like a human it’ll just happen one day? That’s naive of you…”

“Now you wait just a second!” She holds up her hand stopping Sookie from continuing.

“Please!” She replies, rolling her eyes. “Don’t give me that…you seriously need to stop doing this to yourself. It’s not helping you at all. You constantly fight against your nature, who you are and your place in the Supernatural world. And your feelings for a certain 1000 year old Viking.” Sookie bristled as she listened to her speak, but she continued on, ignoring her.

“Don’t even…” She said in a firm voice. “Don’t get all angry and rude because you know I’m right! You have feelings for Northman. I get it…if you give him what he wants, he wins and you get your heart broken; you lose.” Sookie’s eyes burn with fire, her back stiffening. “I get it, Miss Stackhouse. Really, I do. But I think you’re seriously misjudging him. You don’t know him as well as you think you do.” Sookie was opening her mouth to bite back a retort when she scoffs at her.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah I don’t know what I’m talking about and blah blah blah! Seriously? Is that all you can do? Pout, moan, and bitch when things don’t go your way? By now, you should have realized that things will never go the way you need them to. You think being a non-telepathic fairy will make your life easier? You think everyone is going to treat you any differently if you become 100 percent human? I don’t think so…To them you’ll always be retarded, crazy Sookie who happens to like fangers.” She says with cruelty.

Tears pooled into Sookie eyes as she listened to her words…and they cut her deeply. Sookie doesn’t like being reminded of what she couldn’t have and how her friends, and family viewed her.

“Don’t you dare cry!” she said firmly. “These people don’t deserve your sadness or tears. Normalcy? Forget about it and move on. If things hadn’t changed for you by now, they’re never going to change…especially if you keep forcing it.”

Sookie looked at her in shock. Her harsh, though compassionate words may have hurt her, but they were true. Sookie just held onto hope, desperately wishing for things to go back to normal before Bill Compton came along. She leaned against the doorjamb sobbing not caring if this stranger can see her cry. The stranger looks at her, feeling her pain. “Miss Stackhouse look at me.” She asked softly as Sookie wiped the tears from her face. She looked up.

“It’s okay, dear. It’s okay to have hope, there’s nothing wrong with that. But after awhile…its time for you to let that hope go and move on. Because deep down you know it isn’t meant to be. If your god wanted you to be a normal young lady, then you would have been…” She finishes. Sookie looks at her and thinks about what she says.

There’s something about this woman that seems familiar, only she could put her finger on it. She had a feeling that everything she was saying was true. She was right, she had to let this go. She only wants to be normal so her friends can be more comfortable around her…so they can stop judging her. So danger can detach itself from her and disappear. But that’s not possible is it? Sookie needed to stop living by everyone else’s expectations and live by her own. All she wants is to be happy.

“What is your name?” Sookie asks. The stranger smiles at her, feeling her acceptance and resolve.

“My name is Nina…and I have a proposition for you…”

So what do you think? Like it? Love it? This is a short story and will be possibly be 10 – 15 chapters long…perhaps shorter. Depends on how much I’ll squeeze in one chapter.

19 thoughts on “CH 1”

  1. very good start… where will they go for these 7 days of…. truce? therapy?
    i have the feeling ‘nina’ = trubie….

  2. I think you should go for it! 🙂 I have often thought that Sookie needed a reality check on her attitude about the Viking. She just had no one to give it to her! 🙂

  3. Liking this story so far seems to be off to a good start looking forward to next chapter hope it’s soon.

  4. This is fascinating! Can’t wait to see Sookie’s reaction to her proposition!
    Looking forward to updates.

  5. It has potential. Your story that is. Like how you have dealt with the inherent misunderstanding in canon. Hoping there is lots & lots more of this. 🙂

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