Chapter 3

Been a while hasn’t it? Well duh, of course it has! I’m sorry for the long wait of this chapter, but I was having trouble coming up with something. But I did, especially after reading 50 Shades! It gave me tons of ideas! 

Some questions will be answered in future chapters. I ask you all nicely to please be patient. It will come soon!

Enjoy and review.


We both ate in silence. For once, I didn’t feel uncomfortable…probably having something to do with the fact that Jade has just opened a new can of worms for me.

What have I gotten myself into?

Chapter 3

After I left Jade in the restaurant, I called a taxi cab to take home. I stare out the window coldly as the city of New Orleans flashes by my eyes. I was thinking hard about she said. Let’s just say I know more about Freyda than you do. Trust me when I say that. What does she know? The curiosity eats away at me and worries me. I feel like that I’m missing something very important and this Jade Valentine is the key to exposing it.

I dare say that my desperation for a comfortable living life-style blinded me from the reality of the situation with Freyda. I didn’t think it through, I didn’t bother to get to know her and worse of all I married here. Divorcing will be next to impossible since we consummated the marriage…many times over. So what do I do? What do I expect? How do I get out of this?

The taxi pulls in front of Freyda’s mansion, pulling me out of my wandering thoughts. I give some money to the taxi driver, then exit the vehicle approaching the front door with caution. I take my key out of my pocket, pushing it into the key hole unlocking the door. I open and walk through the threshold. I close the door behind me, turning back around and stopped to find Freyda sitting on the couch with her ankles crossed elegantly, her finger entwined together in her lap. She looked absolutely calm, very opposing to how she was earlier in front of the police station. I took a cautious step forward.

“We need to talk.” she says in a cold, yet calm tone. I only stare at her, expecting her to slap divorce papers in my face, but what she said next surprised me.

“It appears that we have been growing apart lately,” she started, “but that’s all my fault. I’ve been working so hard trying to seal this deal with Compton, that I have forgotten about you. We need to rekindle our passion, baby…” she trailed off. Something felt off about this. Her voice sounded strange, and I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. But nonetheless, I looked surprised.

Freyda stood from the couch, seductively making her way towards me. She placed her hands on my chest, giving me a leer that chilled me to the bone. She slid her hands under my jacket to my shoulders pushing my jacket off to the ground. She nuzzled his cheek, licking down to his chin. She bit down on his bottom lip, hard enough to draw a little blood. He grunted, attempting to pull away, but Freyda held on, moaning.

She gripped his t-shirt and tore it straight off. He looked on shocked by her strength. He grew more worried as she stripped him frantically, practically ripping everything off of him. She nibbled against his cheeks down to his neck, then placed a soft kiss on his jugular. He suddenly felt a pinch in his neck.

His vision blurred, his eyelids started feeling heavy and suddenly…he fell into unconsciousness.

Jade stayed behind at the restaurant a little while longer, her thoughts centered around Eric and Freyda. She thought back this afternoon, as she was on her way to do more training with one of her students. It was strange how she was on her way to her father’s gym when she suddenly ran into Freyda outside the police station, arguing with Eric Northman. Before either of them could see her she hid in the alley between the station and the deli. She looked on with curiosity as Freyda bitched on about important clients as Eric replied impassively, not giving a damn. This all would have been funny if she hadn’t known what coming next for Eric.

Poor bastard…he doesn’t even know what’s in store for him when goes back to her little palace.

In public around her clients and business partners, Freyda acts like an elegant, well-polished, wealthy woman. Her actions outside the police station would have stated otherwise. She looked like a spoiled, petty child; but that’s just one of the many facades of Freyda. She always knows to act a certain way in certain environments. Like forcing everyone to see her how she wants them to see her.

Jade shook her head. She had to convince Eric to leave Freyda. There’s no way in hell he’s prepared for the shit storm he’s about to endure. He embarrassed and humiliated her; there’s no way she’s going to let that slide. Screaming at him in public was just the tip of the iceberg.

Depending on what they’re doing now, depends on whether or not he’ll show up on Friday. Jade won’t be surprised if he doesn’t, but she’ll still be disappointed. He’s so clueless, and confused; not knowing what to do with himself. He may not come this Friday, but he will come to Jade once he knows the truth and severity of the situation he’s in.

Jade hopes he finds a way out before it’s too late. He’s got common sense, he’s intelligent…he’ll figure a way out. Will he?

I placed a couple of hundreds on the table, then left the restaurant with a heavy heart, and guilty mind.

He’ll find me when he’s ready.

He didn’t know how long he was unconscious, he kept slipping in and out. The next time he grew consciousness he heard voices in the room. A male one and a female.

“Did you get what I asked for?” A male voice said.

“Yes. Remember the deal we had Compton. I agree to let you play with and you give me what I want.”

“Of course, sweetheart. I have the contract, right here. Just remember what we discussed earlier.”

“Of course.” The voice purred. Eric slipped out of consciousness again. This time he woke up, in a dark cold room. Unable to move. Unaware about his fate tonight. It was silent for a moment, then broken when he heard a voice.

“Wake up, sleepyhead.” A voice said.

What the fuck? What happened? Where am I?

Eric shook his head, clearing the grogginess from his vision. He finally opened his eyes, blinking rapidly. Everything looked blurry.

“The grogginess and blurry vision will clear in a moment.” The voice said. There was an echo of a voice, somewhere far away. He heard footsteps, and lots of moving around. He wondered the hell was going on.

Once his vision cleared, he tried to move…but couldn’t. He was cold, stark naked, with his hands above his head, handcuffed. His legs were spread apart, his ankles shackled to the ground. Freyda appeared in front of him, holding two small, rubber black cubes in her hand. They looked like mouth guards.

“Open your mouth, Eric.” She asked in a detached tone. Eric’s eyes widened.

“Freyda…what the fuck is going on?!” he shouted. She rolls her eyes at him.

“I’m punishing you.” She stated. “Humiliating me in public is a no no, and now you’re being reprimanded for your stupidity. Not to mention, you’ve lost me an important client…you’ll be paying for that as well.” Eric looked at her shocked. Punished? He was confused, who in the hell does she think she is?

“You can’t do this to me.” He said. That was all he could say. Freyda laughed coldly, caressing his chest. She looked maniacal.

“Oh my sweet, Eric.” She chuckled, making him cringe. “Haven’t you figured out already I can do whatever I want with you? No one knows you exist, not even your family. I’m filthy fucking rich with the police in my back pocket! Don’t you see, my darling? I. OWN. YOU.” She said, growling the last part out. The bite in her tone made him shiver. He was dreading what was going to come next.

“What are you going to do to me?” He said as he tried to find a way to spring loose, but the handcuffs or shackles wouldn’t budge. She gripped his jaw forcing the guard into his mouth. She laughed again.

“You’re about to see in a moment. You’re going to need to bite on that by the way.” She laughed again. She walked away, going into a room in a corner. He could hear her moving around in the room, wondering what the hell was going to happen next. Suddenly she walked out, carrying what looked like a whip and a belt. Eric’s eyes widened and his back stiffened.

She puts on a pair of black gloves, placing the both the whip and belt on a nearby table. She goes to stand behind him, picks up a bucket of water with ice and throws it on him. He howls, and shudders feeling absolutely colder than he did a moment ago. She throws the bucket to the side, picking up the whips from the table and unraveling it. She backs up further away from Eric, gripping the handle tightly, swinging it back then forward hitting Eric’s back.

He gritted his teeth, feeling the intensity. The coldness and wetness on his skin made it even more painful. He felt like he was getting slashed by a knife. She swung it back, taking a deep breath, swung it forward again, hitting his back. She repeated this over and over; he lost count after the 20th slash. Each time she had swung the whip on him felt more painful than the last one. She kept whipping him till she was tired, but by then his back was numb, he was sweaty, and hanging. He felt weak.

He felt his arms being lowered and he fell to the ground. He was pulled from the floor by his waist, put onto a table and then bent over. Eric eyes widened when he realized that Bill Compton was here. In the room. Watching. Fury filled him. He wanted to wipe that smug look off his face

Freyda handcuffs him to the table and stands back as she lets Bill use the belt to punish him for fucking his wife.

“Has everything been arranged?” Compton asked. Freyda nodded her head. “Good…looks like we’re partners now, Freyda. This is going to be the beginning of a beautiful partnership.” He said, smugly, caressing Freyda’s cheek. He turned away and looked at Eric with satisfaction, enjoying the fact he was laid bare. Naked and completely at his mercy.

The pain, and humiliation he must feels right now. The fucker bought it on himself for fucking my wife!

Bill picked up the belt, folding it, then snapping it. He chuckles to himself. Freyda refills the bucket with water and ice, giving it a few minutes to cool up. She walked back into the room, and throws it on Eric again. Eric grips the table tightly. He swore to himself that he wouldn’t make a sound. No, he won’t give him that satisfaction.

Bill stood to the side of Eric, raising the belt then forcing it down on Eric’s backside hard. Eric’s grip tightened on the table. He closed his eyes, as he feels the pain of getting beaten.

He just wants it to be over already.

So here’s chapter 3. Like it? Love it? I admit I’m not very good at writing stuff like this, so I apologize if it doesn’t sound very good. Hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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  1. OMG! That was a twist I didn’t see coming! It would appear that Freyda & Bill belong together, in business or otherwise. Eric may have to crawl to the curb to get a cab, but I’m sure he’ll make that meeting with Jade for certain now. He’ll also believe whatever she has to say having experienced Freyda’s punishment firsthand. She’s nuts!

  2. Well I certainly wasn’t expecting that! I hope Eric gets away soon and he definitely needs to go see Jade. I also hope he is able to ‘punish’ the two of them before this is all over. Right now though his future is looking pretty bleak. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

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