Chapter 2

I was gonna wait until I was done with a couple of stories to post this, but seeing as how I’ve been lacking with updating my stories lately, I figured I’d give you this early as an apology.

I’ve got no excuse other than real life getting in the way.

Eric woke up to his head hurting. He shook his head fluttering his eyes open attempting to shake off the grogginess. He regretted it instantly, making the nausea he was feeling intensify. His back was killing him. He was lying on a wooden bench in a jail cell. His back feels like he’d been laying on it for days. He rose up, tilting his head left to right hearing it crack. Eric yawned, rubbing the back of his neck, smacking his lips tasting a nasty after-taste; it tasted like ass.

Suddenly a sharp pain hit the back of his head making his dizziness worse. He rubbed his head turning to see it was Freyda; who was glaring angrily at him. He gulped and cringed; knowing he was in deep trouble.

“What the fuck, Eric?!” Freyda shouted in her annoying shrill voice. He rolled his eyes, about to snap a smart ass retort, when she silenced him with another slap to his face.

“Will you quit doing that?!” Eric whined, as he rubbed his face. She slapped him once more, stomping off with a huff. Eric got up from the bench and followed her out the jail cell. When he got outside and the sun hit his eyes, his headache and dizziness intensified. He covered his eyes with the back of his hand trying to get used to the brightness.

“Do you have any idea how much trouble you just caused me? Do you have any idea who’s wife you fucked last night?!” She shouted at him. Eric only stared back at her with a blank face. He tried to feel guilty and looked ashamed but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He didn’t even care if she found out that he fucked another woman last night.

“No, nor do I care who he is!” Eric replied in a calm tone. Freyda rolled her eyes and stomped her foot, huffing.

“You fucked William Compton’s wife last night!” He shrugged his shoulders back at her, not really understanding why this is important to her. “William Compton is one of the most powerful and wealthiest men in the south. He and I were in the process of a merger with my company and his; we were in the process of sealing the deal…that is until you fucked it up by banging his slut of a wife!” She screamed, stomping her foot. I find myself rolling my eyes yet again, at her theatrics.

“Yeah, so? What’s your point?” I gave her a blank look, my voice sounding bored.

“The point is that you have fucked up my deal with Compton! Because of your reckless, petty behavior, I’m gonna miss out on a multi-billion dollar deal with a major company! Thanks so much darling for making me look like a fool in front of a potential business partner!” She screamed. I scoffed at her, trying hard not to laugh at her ridiculousness.

She’s being melodramatic. She huffed, stomping her foot.

I watched as she walked away into the parking lot approaching her car. She got in, slammed her door shut and drove off leaving me alone in front of the police station. I stood there staring at the empty space where Freyda was standing. I rubbedmy face feeling another headache coming on. I was about to walk away before clapping and an amused voice stopped me.

“Wow…That had to be the worst damn display I’ve ever seen.” An amused female voice said off to the side. I turned around to see a woman leaning on her shoulder against the wall of the police station with her legs crossed at her ankles and hands entwined together. She was smiling and shaking her head at me.

I raise an eyebrow at her. “Excuse me?” I asked. She chuckles at me.

“Oh I think you heard me just fine. I was there last night when you got your ass kicked by that pompous prick Bill Compton. Now that was even sadder. How could you let that little pipsqueak hand your ass to you?” she was trying hard not to laugh andfailing miserably. I glared at her.

“Is there something I can help you with?” I snapped at her. She then burst out laughing, hunching over and slapping her knee.

Glad to see she’s enjoying herself. I rolled my eyes and huffed.

“Look at you…you’re pathetic. You’ve lost your manhood completely. You’re letting a woman boss you around like she’s your mother. You even got your ass handed to you by Bill Compton…of all people him! Now we’re never going to hear the end of it.He’ll be at the bar, every single night, bragging about how he kicked some punk’s ass. That is, until someone else comes along and shuts him up!”

“I hate to interrupt your little rant…but I don’t know Bill Compton nor do I care. Please excuse me…” I said, trying to get away from this stranger. But she was quick to block my way, putting her hand on my chest.

“Leaving so soon?” She says, smiling. “Why don’t you come with me to get a burger? You look like you could use some protein and fat. My stomach growled at the mention of getting a burger. I hadn’t eaten in a while and I was starving for some nourishment. I had a feeling that if I said no she wouldn’t have really left me alone. So I nodded my head.

“Excellent. Just follow me. I know this really good place that has some pretty fucking amazing burgers!” She grabbed my hand pulling me up the street.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked as she continued to pull me down the street. She stopped and turned around facing me with a smile on her face.

“My name’s Jade Valentine. And you are?” She asked.

“Eric Northman. What do you want with me?” She cocked her head to the side, her gaze curious.

“Lets get something into your stomach and then we can talk.” She turned away walking into a restaurant, leaving me behind. Istared at the door, wondering what was up with this woman. She poked her head out the door, looking back at me.

“Are you coming or what?” I shook my head following her inside the restaurant. We both approached the hostess who looked up and beamed at Jade. She came from behind the stand, opening her arms to Jade for a hug.

“Ah, if it isn’t my favorite sister in law!” She kissed both her cheeks. Jade laughed hugging her in return.

“Hey, Ana. Hows it going, doll face?” Jade replied cheerfully. I looked at the both of them interact with happiness. I looked around at the decor of the restaurant. It was very classy, calm and elegant. As soon as you walk in, there’s an air of comfortwrapping around you, making you feel welcome. Like a warm blanket wrapping around you after being in the cold for too long.

“Fabulous. How are the twins? They said their first word yet?” She asks.

“Naw…that day is coming soon, though. I’m not really in any hurry. I want them stay cute little babies forever. You coming to their birthday party next month?”

“You know Christian and I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” She finally saw me standing behind Jade and only glanced at me. “Who’s this?” she asked.

“This is Eric Northman. He’s a friend of mine. Eric, this is Anastasia, my sister in law.” she gestured to the woman, looking at me. Then turned back to her. “I’m buying him lunch for today. ” I nodded my head at Ana, giving a small polite smile. Ana was a short woman with dark brown hair, big round hazel eyes and full lips. She was a cutie.

“Nice to meet you.” She says, smiling back at him. “Table for two then?” Ana replies.

“Yep. A table by the window next to the lake would be fabulous.” Ana picked up two menus leading us to a table in the back of the room where there was a beautiful view of a lake. There were water lilies floating around, with patches of tall grass sticking out. Geese were swimming around ducking there heads into the water. Jade and I sat down. She gave her menu back to Anaalready knowing what she wanted to order.

“Your usual?” Ana asks.

“Yep. Lafayette burger, with those delicious sweet potato fries and a sweet tea. Get the same here for my friend. Unless you would like something else?” She said looking back at me with raised eyebrows.

“No, I’m good.” I shook my head at her. Jade nodded her head and looked at Ana who was writing our order down.

“Jesus will be back with your drinks, and your food should be ready soon.” she replies walking away. Silence filled the air making me uncomfortable. I hated awkward silences. I turned my head looking out the window at the lake, sighing to myself. Itwas such a beautiful day today.

“You okay, Mr. Northman?” I look back at Jade, who’s narrowing her eyes at me with a curious gaze.

“I’m fine.” I replied in cold, detached tone.

“Bullshit.” Jade instantly replied.

“What’s it to you, anyway? Why did you bring me here? What do you want with me?” I snapped, raising my voice a little. Jade shakes her head and sighs.

“You looked like you could use a friendly face, especially after all that you’ve been through since last night. I watched you when you came into the bar. I observed you. You flirted with Sophie Ann, got drunk and then took her into the bathroom to fuck her brains out. Then you got into a fight with Bill Compton and lost. Needless to say, I really think you need a friend.” Jade explained in a calm tone, while looking straight into my eyes.

“You know nothing about me.” I growled at her. Jade smirked back at me. I could only guess what she was thinking: Typical response.

“No, you’re right. I don’t know you personally. But when I look into your eyes I know that you haven’t had an easy life. I can tell that there’s a weight on your shoulders that holding you down. There’s a lot of anger and resentment inside you; its like a dark core inside of you festering and rotting from the inside out. You need help.” Jade said. I glared at her, I didn’t like the fact that she was right. She gave me a smug smirk. I hated it.

“See, if I were wrong, you wouldn’t be getting upset and glaring at me with a look that could kill. I only want to help you Mr. Northman. You have a very serious problem on your hands…and if you let it escalate, it will only get worse from here. Next thing you know, you either end up in prison or dead.”

“Oh really? And what exactly is my problem? I’m dying to know.” I replied sarcastically. Jade chuckled at me, shaking her head.

“You’ve given up and you’re lost. Needless to say…your man-less. You got no manhood, so to speak.” Eric only raised an eyebrow at her. “You’re also bored out of your mind, or else last night wouldn’t have happened in the first place.”

“Oh?” I said nonchalantly. I was too curious to see what she had to say. So I humored her.

“Yep. Obviously, your beloved wife has gotten bored with you. It’s only a matter of time before she’ll find someone else and kick you to the curb…which may happen sooner than later.” Jade explained, looking straight at me. I cocked my head to the side narrowing my eyes at Jade. Something seemed off to me, about her…but not in a bad way exactly.

She seems too sure of herself. What does she know about Freyda?

“What do you know?” He asked. I had a feeling Jade knew something more about this situation than she was letting on. Jade sighs.

“Let’s just say I know more about Freyda than you do. Trust me when I say that.” She replied softly.

“Do you have a habit of interfering with matters that have nothing to do with you?” I asked her, annoyed.

“Where Freyda’s concerned? Yes, absolutely.” I paused, staring at her. What did she mean by that? “Mr. Northman, believe me when I say you don’t want to go any further down this path than you already are. Get out while you still have the chance…” She trailed off. Suddenly a guy approached our table with two drinks on a tray. He placed one in front of me, the other in front of Jade. “Your food will be ready in a moment.” He said walking away. Jade picked up her drinking, taking a sip. Silence filledthe air again. I sat in my seat staring at my glass of sweet tea. So many things were going through my mind at this moment. I had a bad feeling that what this woman was saying was the truth.

“If you want to know more, Mr. Northman, then meet me back here on Friday at 9 pm. I’ll tell you everything you need to know, and prepare you for as much as I can.” she said. Same guy approached our table with our meal, setting out plates in front of us. I picked up my burger taking one bite. I rolled my eyes and moaned in satisfaction.

This is a delicious burger.

We both ate in silence. For once, I didn’t feel uncomfortable…probably having something to do with the fact that Jade has justopened a new can of worms for me.

What have I gotten myself into?

So there you have it, chapter 2. I wonder if you all can guess where I’m going with this? Anyways, there’s a lot more to Freyda than Eric knows. One reviewer had guessed it correctly; but that’s not all. What do ya think? Good? Bad? In between? Like it? Love it?

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