Chapter 1

This will start off with Eric’s POV. I don’t own SVM or TB. Enjoy and Review! Lemons, and try not to vomit. LOL

Eric’s POV:

3 Years Later…

It had been 3 years since that night I met Freyda. The first year with her was unforgettable. I had done things to her I never thought I’d do and she had done things to me no woman has ever done to me before. To say I was living the life would be an understatement. When she told me I would have whatever I wanted…she truly meant it. After a while I grew pretty fond of her and decided to extend my contract. Pretty soon we were married and my sex life has never been more fulfilling. But after a while, my so-called fulfilling sex-life came to an end. A year and a half ago she opened her very own hotel. It basically had taken up more of her energy and time, leaving me bored and unsatisfied.

I have never been more bored in my entire life. I thought that after marrying Freyda, my life would regain some excitement and meaning…but I was sorely mistaken. This has not been a fulfilling marriage. She works all day and night, only to come home bone tired and not in the mood for sex. We barely even talk anymore. We say no more than a few words to each other, then go our separate ways into our inner sanctums. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. No sex, no excitement, no communication what so ever. She has pretty much stopped acknowledging my existence. I suspect she has grown tired of me.

She maybe having an affair, but I have no proof. So what can I do?

Every day it’s the same routine. My alarm goes off and I wake up to an empty bed; meaning my beloved wife must have left at 4 in the morning as usual. I get out of bed, take a shower and go downstairs to notice that my wife has not made anything for breakfast…yet again. You would think as rich as she is, she would have a cook. But no, I’m forced yet again, to take care of myself and amuse myself.

I spend the whole day doing nothing. I begged the gods for something interesting to happen…anything! But no, the day dragged on and I started feeling quite horny. Unfortunately, Freyda had gone out of town last minute for the weekend. But what’s the difference? It’s not like our sex life has been active for quite some time. The sun was setting in the sky and I was lying on my bed looking out the balcony watching as it gradually lowered below the horizon.

I was getting tired of this. She can’t expect me to be content with just waiting at home twiddling my thumbs waiting around for her like some dog. I know what I agreed to in the contract, but I also wanted an out just in case I got sick of this. I paced in my bedroom, feeling anger rise up in me. Do I not hold her interest anymore? Do I bore her? Do I not satisfy her like she asks me to?

Then again, how can I satisfy her when I can’t even have one pleasurable moment with her? How can I do the things she asks me to, when she’s always working and too tired to even lift her arms?! Damn it! I need a social life…pronto. I can’t be a stepford boy-toy for her anymore. I need my own life.

I have decided that I was going to go out and have some fun for a change. What Freyda won’t know won’t hurt her. Its not like she cares about me anymore.

Time for me to regain some excitement in my life.

I parked my corvette on side of the street in front of a hotel. Across the street was a bar. I crossed over walking through the entrance. I approach the bar, instantly spotting a beautiful red head sitting alone. I go to sit down on a bar stool, deciding to wait a while to approach her, biding my time. I was going to get a little drunk first…then have some fun. I smiled to myself. I noticed the red head had been glancing at me, looking at me and leering at me. I winked at her, ordering a couple of shots of tequila raising my glass to her and downed them both quickly.

I ordered a few more, and quickly drank them down. I shook my head a little finally starting to feel the buzz of alcohol kick in. I got up from my bar stool and approached the red head with a charming smile on my face.

“Good evening. I’m Eric Northman and you are?” The red head smiled at me, leaning her chin on her fist. Her smile was devilish and her eyes had a mischievous glint. I grinned at her.

“Sophie Ann, I’m very pleased to meet you.” She purred, holding her hand out. I took her hand, kissing the back of it chuckling softly. “Join me.” she added. I sat in the stool next to her.

“Can I buy you a drink?” I asked her. She nods her head, smiling. I raise my hand at the bartender motioning for him to come over. He looks at me expectantly.

“The lady’s drinks are on me, and a couple shots of tequila.” The bartender nods his head, walking off to make our drinks. He places two shots of tequila in front of us. I pick up one glass and Sophie Ann picks up the other.

“One…two…three. GO!” I say as we both tossed back the tequila. We repeated the same process for over an hour, until she grabbed my cock in my pants. I groaned. She leaned in close and I could feel her breath on my ear.

“I want you.” She purred. She grabbed the back of my neck, crushing her lips against mine. She practically shoves her tongue down my throat and I grab her hair with one hand massaging her tongue with mine while my other hand was cupping her breast. She pulled back getting off the stool, stumbling backward a bit. We were both drunk as skunks. She pulled me towards the restrooms and I stumbled behind chuckling. She giggled, panting.

Sophie Ann grabbed my face crashing her lips against mine again. We lean against the restroom door, kissing wildly. I grabbed her buttocks raising her up and carrying her over to the sink in the bathroom. I pushed her dress up around her waist and then pulled her panties down. I unzipped my pants, pulling my cock out. She groans as she spread her legs wide open for me.

“Fuck me, Eric!” she says. I oblige her, moaning. I pull her closer to the edge of the sink, quickly thrusting inside her. I make it quick and pound into her hard and fast. I throw my head back moaning and continue to thrust into her. She grabs onto the ledge, meeting me thrust for thrust screaming and moaning. Each time I push into her, I thrust harder each time. I start to feel the tensing of my ball-sack and the throbbing of my cock as I start to climax. I roar my release as Sophie Ann screams throwing head against the mirror. I thrust a few more times, riding out my release.

The restroom door slams open and in comes a guy with an angry look on his face. He was 5 ft 9, with dark brown hair, man bangs and horrid looking side-burns. I damn near laughed at his appearance. He stood there glaring at the both of us, looking as if he’s ready to blow his own head off. He looked constipated.

“What the fuck is going here?” he hissed. Sophie Ann was quickly pulling up her panties, looking panicked. I stuffed my cock back in my pants, zipping up and taking my time.

“Bill, darling…I thought you said you weren’t going to make it tonight?!” She stammered. She looked pale and was trembling violently. He glared straight at me, while still answering Sophie Ann.

“I was able to finish my paperwork early and hurried here as soon as I could. I called you five times, but it seems you were too busy being a slut!” Bill replies angrily. “Who the fuck are you?” he yelled to me. I grinned at him in return.

“Eric Northman…but to you…none of your fucking business!” I slurred. He stomps towards me, getting into my face. It was funny to me how he was trying so hard look intimidating…I cackled in his face.

“What were you doing with my woman?” he hissed in my face. I smirked and chuckled.

“I fucked her…” I slurred, laughing. Sophie Ann tried to step in between us. But Bill pushed her out of the way.

“Get out of the way, Sophie! If Mr. Northman wants a fight…he can fight a real man!” He hissed. I grinned at him.

“Oh, how sweet. A pompous little pipsqueak attempting to protect his whore.” I chuckled. Sophie Ann was in a corner crying softly. I was too drunk to pay attention to what was happening around me and Bill punches me in the face. His fist connected with my nose, then he punched me in the stomach and I could feel warm liquid ooze out of my nostrils. I tried getting up and rushed at Bill tackling him in the bar area into a table; glass was shattering and table was broken.

As I was trying to push Bill off of me, people were gathering around watching the fight. We both fell on it with me ending up under Bill. I tried to take a swing at Bill, missing his face by an inch. As he dodges my attack he punched at my face twice more getting off me.

He grabs the collar of my jacket, raising me in the air punching my face again. I groan emptying the contents of my stomach over Bill, feeling a headache coming on. He drops me to the ground and I roll on my side. He kicked my stomach again and I grabbed it groaning. He kicked me in my ribs, then in my crotch.

Then everything went black. By morning, my face is going to look like shit.

What do ya think? Like it? Love it? Good? Bad? Tell me what you think! Last chapter…for now. I’ll come back to this when I’ve finished two other stories!

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