Chapter 9

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“Does it hurt, Billy?” She purred, gripping the other fang with the pliers. She ripped it out like ripping a stakeout his chest. Bill screamed again this time his mouth filled with blood. She threw the pliers back on the table, and picked up a sliver dagger. “After I’m through with you William, you will go to Mississippi on another assignment. Wally will debrief you tomorrow at dawn. But in the meantime, let’s have a little fun, shall we Compton?” The Queen said, grinning maniacally. Bill flinched.

This is going to be a long night.

“I’m ready, Eric. I yield to you. Now make me yours.” With that, his lips descended onto hers. When Eric starts kissing Sookie, it’s even better than he imagined. If he could he’d kiss her all night and forever more. He flips Sookie on her back and covers her body with his own giving her an intense stare. Sookie pants softly letting his stare consume her completely.

“Sookie, your kiss is like nothing I’ve ever felt in my 1000 years. You will be mine.” He lowers his face to her, almost meeting her lips. “I will never let you go!” Eric declares passionately.

At this moment it was only the two of them and no one else. Bill, further away from their minds. this is the moment where he will take her voluptuous body and then take her life, she will awaken as a vampire. His bonded child. His woman. His companion. His lover. His.

No other woman will ever be enough for me again. Now that I have her, she is MINE! Forever.

He could see the look of passion in her eyes and smiled. Eric kisses her again pushing her dress up around her waist. Eric puts his hand on her mound though her panties. Circling her clit slowly, she starts to moan in his mouth. He moans along with her having never heard a sweeter sound before and he will never get tired hearing it. His hand on her clit circles faster, Sookie starts to buck against his hand. He moves down pulling her panties off. She spreads her legs and opens up for him like she has no control over her body. He wraps his lips around her clit giving it a light suck. He moans in ecstasy.

Gods, she tastes so good. I could do this for hours.

Eric starts to lick her folds. Using his fingers rub around her opening.

“Oh my god! I never knew it could feel like this. Eric, don’t stop!” Sookie moaned.

“Not a chance. It is only going to get better.” He put his hand under my rear lifting me up pulling me closer to his mouth. My head starts to move side to side and my body is starting to tense up. “Faster Eric, Faster.” Sookie starts panting. She bucks her hips against his mouth, feeling the coil in her abdomen; knowing she’s about to cum.

“Faster Eric!” She shouts in pleasure. Eric eagerly complies with her wishes. Sookie had never been more thankful that vampires can increase speed and hardness with very little effort. She thrashes around closing her legs around his head panting faster arching her back off the bed. She was in ecstasy. She clenched her eyes shut moaning loud, gripping the bed sheets.

It is a good thing Eric didn’t have to breathe or he would have passed out with his face buried between Sookie’s delectable legs. Eric is licking her so hard and fast that she comes in his mouth. As she is cumming her mouth opens wide forming a silent scream. She saw stars behind her eyes.

Her heavenly cream is the best that Eric has ever tasted. He moans sucking every drop of her cream. Her legs fall back to the bed as Eric continues licking her. When she is cleaned up, he turns his head and bites her thigh.

As he bites her she cums again, this time screaming his name to the ceiling. Her blood floods his mouth. Having tasted her blood he groans, his dick hardening at the taste of her. He cranes his neck back swallowing her blood. He crawls up the bed, hovering over Sookie. He stares at her intensely. He raises his wrist to mouth, biting into it making a crunch sound. He lowers his bleeding wrist to Sookie’s mouth. Once she catches her breath, she latches on and sucks the blood deeply, moaning with her eyes closed.

Soon, she opens her eyes staring back at Eric. She smiles, letting go of his wrist. She runs her hand through his hair, her nails scratching against his scalp. His eyes rolls as he closes his eyes; he purrs in contentment.

She tastes so good…I want more. I need more. I can see her juices are starting to flow out again. I have to be inside of her. Now!

Sookie grabs the nape of his neck pulling him down to kiss her. He crashes his lips against hers their tongues twisting together. She runs her hands down his back to his ass grabbing it. He growls with approval, pulling back from her and grinning.

“Fuck me, now!” Sookie demands.

“As you wish.” He replies.

“Don’t talk, just do it.” Sookie pleads. Eric laughs, delighted by her passion. Eric grabs her waist raising them up to the bedpost. He unzips her dress and pulls it over her head. Then, he unhooks her bra throwing it to the floor. He rips her panties throwing them across the room. He takes her legs and wraps them around his waist. He stares down at her breasts licking his lips.

She has the most beautiful breast I have ever seen.

He lowers his head to her chest spending a few minutes licking one as his hand twists and play with her nipples. Eric grabs his cock putting the tip in her opening, pulling back out. Sookie gasps. He repeats this a few more times then enters her completely. Sookie moans throwing her head back, arching her back. Eric grits his teeth. Its taking almost all his control not to pound into her and just fuck her in oblivion. She is so tight and is deliciously squeezing his cock. He pulls out a bit then pushes back in. Eric can hear her panting as he starts to pick up speed with his thrusts.

He stops, staying where he’s at until she starts grind into his pelvis. He starts up his thrusts again rubbing her clit at a moderate speed. Taking his free hand, he grabs the back of her neck kissing her until she starts moaning in his mouth. Pulling away he leans back a bit on his back. He grabs her hip with one hand pulling her up and down on his cock with long, hard thrusts.

“Ericccc.” Sookie moans. He pushes himself back up. He moves out of her almost all the way and then slowly moves forward all the way back in. He kept this pace for a least 6 times before she starts to desperately grind harder against Eric’s hips.

“Please, Eric! Faster and harder, Eric. I need you now!” He pushes her on her back raising her leg over shoulder deepening the penetration. Eric starts to thrust in her harder and faster pounding into her. He grunts and moans. It felt good to be inside her, feeling her warm pussy wrapped around his cock. Nothing ever felt better. He need not to breathe, but he was panting.

“Oh my god! Yes! ERIC, yes! Harder!” She screams as tears fall out of her eyes. She couldn’t take it anymore, she needed to come now! Using his vampire speed he thrusts harder into her, the headboard knocking against the wall nearly cracking the wall. Eric could feel she was close to coming. He rubs her clit as he pounds in and out of her. There is nothing better than being then to be inside of her. He could feel his ball sack tightening and back tensing.

He stops for a moment, raising them both into a sitting position. She grabs his neck, her fingernails scratching down his back drawing blood. As they start to cum, Eric bites her neck sucking her life force into his mouth. Sookie moans deeply. This is the moment she’s been waiting for. She is ready. What surprises her is that isn’t even scared. She felt confident thing were gonna change…that things were on their way to being better. She started to feel weaker, her eyes were drooping.

Eric keeps pulling her sweet blood into his mouth moaning at the taste of her. As soon as he feels her heartbeat slowing down, he bites his wrist and puts it to her mouth. The blood fills inside her mouth until she starts to drink. Soon she is grabbing Eric’s wrist and taking strong amounts of his blood. As she sucks, Eric moans and grinding into her pussy. He grinds until he cums again and Sookie stops drinking. She finally loses consciousness.

I can’t believe she is finally mine. 

Eric felt gleeful and happy knowing they were going to spend an eternity together…knowing each other, loving each other. He couldn’t wait for Sookie to awaken. Eric reaches for his phone and leaving a text message with instructions for Pam:

Eric: Pam, I need you down here in Dallas immediately. When you arrive here, I need you to buy women clothes, and a couple cases of true blood. You’ll have a new sister in a few nights.

Pam: What? Who?

Eric: Sookie Stackhouse.

Pam: About time that little blood-bag comes to her senses! Are you going to share her master? Eric could just imagine the look on her face as she asked that. He smirked.

Eric: Sorry, Pam, but Sookie is mine and mine alone. You will not touch her or refer to her as blood-bag! Now do as I say and I’ll see you tomorrow night.

Pam: Yes, Master.

Eric hoped wherever Bill was, he stayed where he was at. He couldn’t have Bill barging in here bitching and making demands he has no business making. Sookie is his now and NO ONE will take her from him. Anyone who goes against his wishes will meet the true death! No one fucks with his girls. NO ONE. Sookie was always always meant to be mine. Looking out the window, he notices the sun reaching the horizon.

Eric lays back down and spoons her body. He places one hand on her breast, covering them up and placing his other hand around his waist. In three days she will awaken as a vampire. Eric remembered in older times, vampires would have had to have been taken to ground and buried. In modern times with light tight rooms, she will not have to awaken covered in dirt.

Eric kisses her head. “I will see you in three nights, lover.”

He closes his eyes becoming dead to the world.

As Bill waits for the sun to take him over, he feels his blood tie with Sookie break. He screams in agony believing Sookie had been killed. He roars to the ceiling hearing it echo against the walls.

She was mine! Whoever has killed her will pay! I will seek vengeance! He heard the basement door open and saw Wally standing in the doorway smirking at him.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the queen’s favorite little bitch! Tell me Bill, how does it feel to be nothing more than a useless fuck?” he cackled. “I knew you wouldn’t be up to procuring the little blood-bag. Ha! If she would’ve sent me…well I would have done a better job than you!” he chuckled darkly.

“Is there a reason you’re here?” Bill asked pettily. He glared at the bane of existence. Bill hated Wally almost as much as he hated Eric Northman. Wally despises Bill with passion. Wally used to be able to do what he wants, but that was before Hadley and Bill came along. Now he couldn’t fuck, feed and discard as much as he wanted. He had the fangbanging whores rid of before even the queen realized what has happened. Now that Bill is here, he’d been caught red-handed a handful of times. All times he reported to the queen and Wally was severely punished.

Wally sneered at Bill. “The queen sent me down here to debrief you about your mission to Mississippi. When you are released from the punishment you are to take a trip to Mississippi. You will check into Area 3 and report to the King, Russell Edgington. Sigebert will give you a package to deliver to him. If you fail to deliver this package, you will meet the true death. Are we clear, Compton?” Wally sneered.

“Yes.” Bill gritted through his teeth.

“Don’t fuck this up!” Wally replied turning around closing the door behind him. Bill suddenly came up with a plan. He could use this trip to his advantage. He can use his file on Sophie Ann as a bargaining chip to be free from Sophie Ann’s grip. Plus, withSophie Ann out the way, he can become the King of Louisiana. Russel Edgington has been after Louisiana for over a decade. It will be perfect. Bill knew all of Sophie Ann’s dirty secrets. Yes, this will be perfect. The sun was beginning to rise.

Bill sagged against the wall. He was tired.

Jenna watched her mother staring out the window at the night sky. The sun was just beginning to rise. She wanted to talk to her mother, convince her to fight against her illness, but thought against it. Instead she turned away holding back her tearspopping to Godric’s house. By now, Eric was with Sookie in his day rest. She took her mother’s letter to the viking and placed it under the front door. She took a few moments, looking around then watching the sun rise in the sky.

Let’s hope things will go well. She thought as she popped to Mississippi.

So much to do, yet, so little time.

So what do you think? Good? Bad? Like it? No? Neutral? Tell me what ya think? Next up: Bill goes to Mississippi. Jenna goes to Mississippi. What do you think the package is?

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  1. Still kinda wish Godric would have stayed alive. Yummy Eric/Sookie time!!! Scumbill really needs put down and soon. hmm Maybe Sookie can punch Hadley in her big mouth for running it. Always though Hadley got off too easy for betraying her family.

  2. I just found this story and I really like it! I can’t wait to see what Sookie is like as a vampire and I can’t wait to see what the queen and Bill does when they find out. I hope you update soon!

  3. Looking forward to more chapters this is a really good story can’t wait to see where it goes. write soon .

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