Chapter 5

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The pain going through his body was agonizing. He was going to be feeling this pain for a while and he couldn’t stand it, he’d only been feeling it for a few minutes and he was already ready to just give up. His maker may have told him not to die with him at that moment, but he did not say any other time after.

He laid stock still in bed, staring off into space. He simply couldn’t live without Godric. He just couldn’t.

Sookie walked back into the building holding Godric’s shirt tightly in her hand. She stopped and leaned against the wall, closing her eyes, and taking a deep breath. She felt nearly as bad as she did when she found her Gran, on the floor, lying in her own pool of blood after being stabbed multiple times in the chest. Sookie swallowed her sobs. She felt so much pain; from her Gran’s death, from Bill’s betrayal and from Godric. Sookie took a few more breaths and continued on back to her hotel room.

Sookie stopped and paused by her door, and faced Eric’s. She saw Eric’s door cracked opened. She stepped closer to his room and heard him sobbing softly. She peeked through the door and saw it was dark, only lit by the fireplace in the sitting room. Sookie walked through and pushed the door closed. She walked around searching for Eric. When she found him, her heart swelled. Her eyes pooled with tears; he was laying on his side with dried blood tears on his cheeks and chest. He was completely still, staring off into space. Sookie edged closer to him.

“Eric?” Sookie said softly. There was no answer. She walked a little closer; she wanted to reach out and touch him, but stood completely still. Finally, moments passed when Eric realized that Sookie was standing in front of him. He looked up at her with big sad eyes that had drops of blood falling down his cheeks.

“Godric is gone.” He stated above a whisper. Sookie inched closer to him. She couldn’t fathom how Eric feels right now. The bond between a maker and child is stronger than you can imagine. Eric’s exact words last night. She desperately wanted to make him feel better, but didn’t know how.

“Yes. I’m so sorry Eric.” She whispered. She took off her sandals, walking to the other side of the bed and climbing in next to him. Eric automatically moved, and laid his head on her stomach, just under her breast. She ran her hands through his hair; scratching his scalp. He sighed and relaxed instantly.

“Do you want me to stay with you?” Sookie asked softly. He didn’t say anything but nodded his head. It was 30 minutes passed dawn, and blood was seeping out his ears and nose. The bleeds…at least Bill was truthful about some information, Sookie thought bitterly.

“You should rest Eric. You don’t want to bleed out.”

“Will you still be here when I rise at dawn?” Eric asked in a small voice. He sounded akin to a child pleading his mother to stay with him after having a nightmare. She hated seeing him like this. All broken inside and depressed. For the first time she wanted to know what he was thinking. He closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around her waist tightly, and then his body went suddenly stiff. Sookie laid under him, watching his stoic cold face and sighed. The events of last night finally caught up with her, making her feel exhausted. She drifted off to sleep.

Before the bombing at Godric’s nest:

He had never been so pissed off at how he handled this situation. He should have killed his bitch of maker when he struck her with a flat inch TV. Now that he’s failed his mission, he was going to have to face the queen’s wrath; this was something he was not looking forward to.

Suddenly he had a plan. He decided to not call the queen and find another way to get more blood into Sookie’s body. Maybe there was hope for him to achieve his mission. He will not fail at this! He can’t. he could make another deal with another monarch…one that he could trust, become the king of Louisiana, kill Eric and claim Sookie for himself.

Yes, this sounds like plan. Eric will pay, and Sookie will be mine. I will be king, and be the most powerful monarch in the United States, Bill thought with a smile.

As Bill sped out of Godric’s nest, angry and disappointed someone suddenly grabbed him by his arm and pulled him into the shadows.

Tonight is just not his night.

As Sookie woke, her eyes fluttered open. She slowly raised herself from the bed and noticed Eric was gone. I wonder where’s he’s gone off to, Sookie thought. Sookie she walked around the room and saw that he brought her stuff from her and Bill’s room. She felt a surge of anger for thinking about Bill. Never again, not ever, she thought. She promised herself if she ever saw Bill again, it would just be too soon.

Now that she was completely alone, she decided to sit back and think about her dream with Eric and what it truly meant. She remembered herself saying that she couldn’t love or want someone she can’t trust. What about Eric? She’s not very sure she can trust him; only time will tell. But the more she thought about it, the more she realized she could. After all, he was the first one there to save her when Bill couldn’t. After Bill’s true intentions were revealed, he followed her into the bathroom and comforted her when she really needed it. Eric even promised to protect her from the queen and Bill.

If only she knew more about the effects of vampire blood, she could be able to tell the difference between her feelings for Bill and her feelings for Eric. She paused and stiffened. Realizing what she just thought about.

Wait…my feelings for Eric? I have feelings for Eric?! Oh my god…I have feelings for Eric Northman! She wasn’t so much as horrified, but shocked. Had she felt this way the whole time? Or was it just his blood influencing her feelings? She really needed to find a vampire who will be truthful with her about the effects of vampire blood.

“Maybe I can help you with that!” A voice said. Sookie quickly stood up; panicked.

“Who’s there?” Sookie shouted. She looked around and saw no one.

“Right now…no one. But trust me when I say that I mean you no harm.” The voice said gently.

“How exactly am I supposed to trust your word? Too many vampires have already lied to me. Right now I can’t trust anyone!” Sookie exclaimed.

“Well, that’s not true, now isn’t it? You can trust the Viking.” The voice pointed out.

“And how do I know that’s true? What if it’s his…”

“You can’t seriously be that naïve. You know it isn’t his blood, because it is what your heart tells you. And your Gran always tells you to trust your heart. Don’t you ever ask yourself why you don’t fear him? Why so feel so at ease around him? Don’t you ever wonder why he looks at you with so much longing?” Sookie gasps. Whoever this woman is, she was definitely right about everything. She has thought about all these things, but it’s left her confused.

“Ahhh, now you see what I’m talking about. Trust me Sookie; the Viking’s intentions are pure. Especially in regards to you. If he wanted to use you, control you…imprison you, he would have done it when you first met him. You really have nothing to worry about.”

“How do you know all this? Who are you? What are you? Why are you here?” Sookie asked. She wanted to know who this mysterious woman was and how she knew about what was happening.

“One question at a time! I may be a telepathic angel, but I’m no miracle worker. All you need to know is pretty soon you’re gonna have to make a choice.” A telepathic angel? So that’s how she can hear her…they’re reading each other’s minds.

“Choice? What choice?”

“The choice to whether let Eric die or save him…” The voice trailed.

“What?! What’s going on with Eric?”

“You’ll know when time comes.” The voice said, not clarifying.

“What do I need to do to save Eric?! Please tell me!” Sookie pleaded.

“Sacrifice.” It was all the voice said. She felt the presence disappear from her mind. Sookie felt alone in her own thoughts. She felt mighty scared. She didn’t know how to save Eric or even where to start. She didn’t even know where he was right now. She got off the bed and left the room.

She was off to find Eric.

“You did a good job, my child. Now it’s up to her to make the choice.”

“You think she’s gonna make the right one?”

“Yes…I do. I have high hopes that she will. Once she realizes her true purpose, it cannot be avoided.”

“I hope your right. That creepy vampire did a number on her. If I could I hunt him down, I’d kill him myself!” she chuckles.

“I wouldn’t expect any less from you. The creepy one and the red head are going to be a problem. Make sure they don’t interfere with the fairy and the Viking.”

“Yes, your grace.” She bowed to her.

“I think maybe it’s time call the King of Mississippi. He still owes me a favor…one that I intend to cash in. I’ll be back later.” She said walking away.

“Be careful child. Times right now are delicate.”

She disappeared into thin air; leaving the old woman alone.

So…what do ya think? No good? I’ve re-written this chapter a lot. Not exactly what I was intending on writing, but you go with what you feel, right? Hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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