Chapter 1

This takes place in season 2 episode 8. It’s an AU, OOC and it’s the first time I’ve done a short story. So take it easy on me. Review and Enjoy!

Ever since Sookie agreed to look for a missing vampire in Dallas, Bill had been acting strangely, and more distant. When she was captured by the Fellowship, she had expected Bill to come and save her.

Instead, she discovered that Hugo was a traitor, and was almost raped by Gabe. Just when things were about to get worse, Godric showed up and saved Sookie, easily snapping Gabe’s neck. Moments after meeting Godric Eric showed up, got on his knees in front of Godric and showed his utmost respect for him.

Sookie stood there in shock and impressed. She continued to watch them both with interest. Sookie had never seen him so loyal, caring; and affectionate. Maybe Bill was wrong about him? Maybe he had a heart after all? Maybe he isn’t as cold, hard and unemotional as Bill thinks he is. He could certainly love someone, right?

After Godric convinced Eric he could take care of himself, he ordered Eric to get Sookie out safely and not to shed any blood. Good luck with that, Sookie thought to herself.

So far since the disaster with the Fellowship of the sun she’d seen Eric in a new light. He was willing to meet his final death for Godric and Sookie. But of course Steve Newlin wasn’t letting up. Bill showed up, attempted to save her and failed. Sookie took the opportunity and freed Eric from the silver.

Moments later more vampires showed up with Stan and were ready to kill everyone there. Thank goodness Godric showed up in time to prevent innocent people from dying. After everyone else left, Eric approached Bill and I asking if I was ok. Before I had a chance to answer him, Bill interjected.

“She’s fine…go with your maker.” Bill said angrily. Eric and I glanced at each other. I saw an unknown emotion flicker in his eyes. Longing? Gratitude? Godric and Stan walked away with Eric following behind them.

At the party at Godric’s nest, vampires were lined up in front of him pledging their fealty to him. Finally Bill and I were alone. Sookie took the chance to question why didn’t he come for her when she needed him.

“I was held.” he said simply, not looking her in the eye. Sookie stared at him waiting for him to explain further. She assumed it was Eric, knowing he’ll do anything to have her…but something told her it wasn’t him. Jason approached Bill and took him outside to speak with him privately.

While they were talking outside, Sookie went to sit down in a chair in a corner. She sat there and thought about everything that has happened since she arrived in Dallas.

Sookie looked around at everybody; they were mingling and having a good time. Then she felt someone’s eyes on her. She noticed Eric across the room staring straight at her. He was looking at her with…longing in his eyes? Finally he looked away and walked away at vampire speed. What was that, Sookie thought to herself?

Things went from bad to worse when Bill’s maker, Lorena, showed up. Lorena approached Sookie with an evil smile in her face.

“Hello there, I’m Lorena.” she said.

“Nice to meet you I’m Sookie.” Sookie replied with a smile.

“Hmmm…yes. You’re what all the fuss is about.” Lorena said.

“Excuse me?” Sookie replied back.

“Aren’t you a morsel?” Lorena replied, eyeing Sookie up and down.

“I’m sorry, who are you?” Sookie asked. She felt uneasy around Lorena and felt this was going to turn out bad.

“Well, we have the same acquaintance.” Lorena replied.

“Bill?” Sookie asked back. She had a feeling that Bill and Lorena were a lot more than friends. Where is Bill, Sookie thought?

“That’s right. Funny he’s never mentioned me. I practically made him what he is today.” Lorena replied, looking slightly pissed. Sookie felt angry that Bill had never told her about Lorena being his maker. Right on time Bill walks back in the house. He saw Lorena talking to Sookie. Bill panicked. He walked over to them, hoping he could move Sookie away from her.

He got worried that Lorena might expose the real reason why Bill returned to Bon Temps. He was sent to procure Sookie and take her to the queen. I have to get rid of her, or else I fail my mission, Bill thought.

“Lorena!” Bill shouted, approaching them.

“Oh hello, darling, I was just getting to know your plaything. You always did like to prey on the innocent.” Lorena replied calmly. Sookie looked at Bill and narrowed her eyes, the fact that Lorena was Bill’s lover made Sookie shiver with disgust. She felt appalled at Bill.

“What do you mean?” Sookie asked shakily to Lorena. Lorena ignored her question eye fucking Bill.

“She released me years ago. She no longer has any hold over me.” Bill snapped. Bill knew this was payback for him not loving her back.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that. As his maker, I can make him do anything I want. Did he tell you the real reason he came back to Bon Temps?” Lorena said, smiling coldly at Sookie. Bill looked at Lorena horrified. He knew then, this was over.

So..what do ya think? No good?

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