Chapter 8

Warning: Violence.

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“So, Little One, do you know where you would like to dine tonight?” Sookie thought for a second and then nodded.

“I’d like something simple, really. Since I don’t know any of the local restaurants out here, I thought maybe we could head out to one of the chain places, like Apple-bee’s or TGI Fridays?” Eric shrugged.

“It matters not to me, Little One. I’m not the one who will be eating at the establishment. If that’s what you wish let us not delay.” He paused, glancing at her sidelong with merrily twinkling eyes. “I can, after all, hear your digestive juices gurgling.”

Sookie’s eyes once again became round with shock while her cheeks turned red with embarrassment. Damn that super-sensitive vampire hearing! She hung her head in mortification and raised a petite hand to cover her eyes. After a second of hiding her face, she parted her fingers slightly and chanced a peek at Eric. His posture was relaxed, and he was smiling.

“Come.” He reached his large hand toward her, and she took it without a second’s hesitation.

Thirty minutes later, Sookie found herself seated inside the restaurant, across from a very tall, very large, very attractive thousand year old vampire. His smooth skin was especially pale this evening, as he had not yet fed, choosing instead to take her out for a last supper before turning her later that night. After Sookie had given her order to a very vamp-curious waitress, Eric struck up a conversation that surprised her.

“Tell me something about yourself that I don’t already know.” Eric leaned his elbows onto the table, and smiled while watching her attentively.

“Well…” Sookie sighed slightly and began to speak. “I’ve always been telepathic, at least for as long as I can remember. My parents never really knew what to do with me, or how it was that I knew things, and I guess that caused them to be a little afraid of me.” Her mind instinctively shifted away from that old pain, as the Viking arched his eyebrows questioningly at her. Oh, right. He feels my emotions, check.

“I’ve always thought of my ability as something of a curse, really. It’s caused me nothing but problems from Day One.” Eric didn’t respond right away; he seemed to be lost in thought. Finally, he broke his silence.

“Sookie, I’ve always thought of your ability as something of a gift, really,” he stated, echoing her previous words. “Most humans go through their entire lives not knowing what others think about them or what someone’s true intent is. They can pretend that reality is safe and fair, and that their social cohort like them and mean them well. That seems to offer their fragile psyches some protection. You, with your unusual ability, have always known what others truly think. You were not able to take comfort in the ignorance most of your kind take for granted. Your circumstances have forced you to become strong, to adapt, which is something humans notoriously do not do easily. You’ve learned to shield yourself from hurt that would have destroyed a lesser creature. You said your parents were scared of your gift, but it is human nature to fear the unknown. It has been that way for many, many millennia. The people in my village were the same way over a thousand years ago, and humans will continue to fear what they do not understand a thousand years from now. It is their nature, Sookie, more than it is their intent.”

Sookie gaped at the blond man across from her. That had to be the most he’d ever said to her in one sitting. If she didn’t know better, she might have even though the ancient entity sharing the booth was trying to offer her not only praise, but comfort. She shook off the notion, deciding it would only confuse her to try to discern the motivation behind his thoughtful words. Just take it at face value, she told herself, and turned her attention outward again, back to the vampire sheriff, who watched her patiently.

“So…” she began, “Turnabout is fair play, Mr. Northman. Now tell me something that I don’t know about you.” She concluded her request with a smile. Eric stayed quiet as if contemplating whether or not to answer. He parted his lips to begin speaking just as their thin, middle aged waitress arrived at their table. With her, she had brought not only Sookie’s entre, but also a wealth of truly bizarre fantasies about Eric, which involved foreign objects and freakishly altered household furniture as much as the handsome vampire himself.

The server was an extremely loud broadcaster with startlingly clear images, and Sookie hastily fortified her mental shields once a unicorn with a very shiny, very thick horn entered the woman’s fantasy landscape. The scandalized telepath thanked the grinning woman with as straight an expression and as steady a voice as she could muster, and fought the urge to cover her blushing face with the cloth napkin from her lap. Once the blood began to drain from her cheeks, she looked back to Eric, who was studying her intently.

“Is something troubling you, Sookie? You are disturbed and amused at the same time.”

“Remember how you pointed out that regular people who don’t see inside other folks’ heads are kind of protected from what’s there?”

“Angelic Sookie, if the span of my short term memory was less than the ninety seconds which have passed since I spoke those words, I rather doubt I would have survived as long as I have,” the Viking deadpanned.

“Did the waitress harbor evil wicked thoughts about you?”

“Not evil or wicked thoughts, and not about me.” Sookie offered Eric a significant glance, unable to fight the urge to somehow share the unsettling yet strangely hilarious experience. “I wonder though,” she mock-innocently intoned with wide eyes, “Do you even like unicorns?”

“Excuse me?” If Eric’s expressive eyebrows could have risen any higher at Sookie’s intimation, they would have blended seamlessly with his hairline. Sookie struggled valiantly not to choke on her Coke as she watched her bemused companion try to puzzle out exactly what she’d seen in the waitress’s mind. When she was sure the soft drink was on its way to her stomach and not her lungs, she did her best to put her mystified escort at ease.

“Can you imagine now, just a little bit, how this thing of mine can be a curse?”

“You have, indeed, illustrated for me how at times that must certainly be true.” Sookie grinned at the vampire who, apparently, hadn’t seen quite everything in his thousand years. “Pfft, that’s nothing. I didn’t even mention the anatomically correct furniture. Be glad you’re a bloodsucker and not a telepath.” She was unable to hold back a guffaw at Eric’s baffled reaction to that little gem.

“You do realize that your gift would certainly aid you if you ever wished to become a screenwriter for a certain genre of a video entertainment.” The Viking could give as well as he could get.

“Sure, just call me Sookie Smuthouse!” she quipped, and laughed hard enough to feel a stitch in her side. Though her sight was somewhat impeded by her laughter-induced tears, there was not a thing wrong with her hearing, which noted, for the first time, the sound of Eric Northman laughing. It was a rich baritone sound that came rumbling from deep within his chest and vibrated in the air around them.

It made Sookie feel warm with strange delight. It also made her unable to cease her own giggles for quite a few seconds longer. When her mirth had subsided, she looked up at Eric, who watched her with a smile and unabashedly reached out a thumb to whisk away a tear her napkin had missed. He brought his wet thumb to his lips and placed the tip of the digit in his mouth, sucking away the moisture there. His eyes were warm as he regarded her, even as she glanced away while he tasted her tears, which she found rather intimate.

“I must say, this is the most enjoyable last supper I have ever attended, Sookie.”

“Oh, me too. I would say we should do this again sometime, but…” she said as she shrugged her shoulders, still smiling. Eric leaned in to decrease the distance between them.

“We have all the nights in the world to enjoy each other, Little One. Tonight is not the end.” His eyes smoldered across the space of the booth. “This is the beginning.” When a bit of her anatomy twitched in response to that look combined with the same words he had spoken in her dream, Sookie struggled to recreate the sobriety present earlier in the evening.

“You were going to tell me something about yourself that I don’t know. Don’t think I’ve forgotten; you won’t get off that easy, Eric Northman. Spill it.” Blue eyes glanced at her plate.

“Your food is beginning to cool. Eat while there’s still some warmth to it, and I will tell you what you wish to know.” As she moved the fork towards her mouth, Eric began to speak.

“The first time Godric came to me, I was quite literally on my deathbed. Two of my most loyal men had carried me after I fell in battle. They built a funeral pyre and laid me on top, making me as comfortable as they could. They knew I would not survive the night with the wounds I had. I had told them earlier that day to leave me, as I knew my wounds were fatal. They would not. They promised they would give me a hero’s send off to Valhalla. That night, as one of my men was offering me a few words of comfort, Godric appeared. He killed my men and was suddenly upon me, smiling down into my face. He was beautiful even then, fangs out, blood dripping from his mouth. I asked if he was Death, and he replied, I am. Godric looked to be nothing but a small boy who had yet to reach manhood. He told me he had watched me fight and that it was beautiful. He then asked me if I could be his companion in death, walk in the shadows with him. That serene smile never left his face, and I could not find it in myself to fear him in the slightest.”

Sookie didn’t utter a word. She listened with rapt attention as he told the story of his own turning a millennium earlier.

“I accepted his proposal and he drained me, as I will you later, though the circumstances tonight will be quite different. The bond between a maker and a child, as you will find, is very strong. Even though Godric and I spent many, many years apart, I remained fiercely loyal to him. If my heart still beat, it would have stopped and shattered up on that rooftop. Godric taught me everything there is to being a vampire. He taught me to hunt and feed, he taught me to bury my human emotions, as they are usually considered a liability in the world that is soon to be yours as well as mine. He taught me pleasure in the ways only a vampire can experience it…as I will teach you. I will be there with you every step of the journey. You will not be alone. I will be your husband, friend and lover. If you ever have need of anything, you have but to ask and I will give it to you. You will be my own, and I will protect you with my life, Sookie.”

Sookie’s eyes tear up when she thought of what Eric had lost when Godric met the sun. Yet, in the face of that loss, he was willing to make such a commitment to her, to become the earth to her moon. When she would be unstable, he would steady her. When she would be lost, he would ground her. Even at great distance, they would always be connected to each other. While he might dwarf her with his presence and his power, he would never try to extinguish her light.

His face was open, without any hint of the thousand years of jadedness he typically displayed, and her heart clenched at the sight of it. This was the core of Eric. He was genuine in his vow to her. She reached across the table and took his large, cool hand in her small warm one.

“I trust you, Eric. I believe that you will be a fair maker, and I really believe you’ll do Godric proud, wherever he may be.” The blond vampire responded with comfortable silence, studying their entwined hands. He ran his thumb gently over the back of her palm, soothing circles into her flesh with the pad of his finger, which caused Sookie’s heart to beat a little more rapidly. Her lungs resorted to shallower, quicker breaths.

Possibly because he had noticed the change in her vital signs, Eric raised his eyes once again to Sookie’s, and held her gaze for long moments with his smoldering one. Excitement shot through her supple body in response to the sustained physical connection and intense eye contact. Holding hands with Bill had never felt like this, she realized, feeling a tide rise in her body that threatened to sweep her away.

Their server returned to ask with a smile in her voice if they needed anything else. Sookie was entirely too caught up in her own response to her soon-to-be-maker to catch any more odd images from the woman’s mind. She wasn’t even aware enough of her presence to be grateful for that.

“We have everything we need,” Eric intoned meaningfully, never shifting his glance from hers. “Leave us.”

The waitress deposited their check on the table and scurried away quick as a mouse. Sookie heard the scuff of her shoes fading into the distance, once again leaving her to bask in her newfound connection with the Viking vampire. Before she allowed herself to submerge completely in the heady atmosphere between them, she had one thing she needed to know.


“Yes, lover?” Twitch went her anatomy. Thump-thump went her heart.

“I do have one request for after you turn me, I mean. All I ask is that you think about it before you say no. Will you do that?” Eric nodded, wearing a slightly dreamy smile, though she knew he was listening intently because his eyes had become more glimmering and amused, and less like a tinder fire primed to become an inferno.

“My Gran’s…well, my house. I don’t want to sell it. It’s been in my family for 150 years and I don’t trust Jason to be responsible for it, and I know he can’t afford the taxes on it. I know I’ll be staying in Shreveport after tonight, but I’m just not ready to give that up for good. Can I please keep my house? I’ll have to get a job to afford it, so maybe I could work at Fangtasia with Pam once I have some control over my urges? I’m a damn good barmaid, if I do say so myself.” Eric smiled indulgently.

“Sookie…as your maker, it is my duty to provide for you until you are able to be on your own. I will pay off what’s left on the house. As for your living arrangements, you’ll be living with me for a very long time. You will share my bed when we rest for the day. I am not asking you if you want to, because you will want to. As a newborn vampire, your control will be almost non-existent and you will need to be with me until I can teach you how to be in command of your new natural urges.” Sookie looked horrified as a thought crossed her mind.

Stupid, stupid! I should have thought of this earlier!

“Eric, I don’t want to kill anyone. I’m not so naive as to think you’ll let me only drink True Blood, but I don’t know if I could live with myself if I drained someone just because I was hungry.” Eric smirked.

“Sookie that is what I will be there for. I won’t let you kill anyone accidentally. As your maker, I’ll teach you when to stop feeding, and I will always make sure you are well fed, so you do not lose dominion over your body.” His voice had hardened slightly when he spoke his next. “And don’t mistake me for the incompetent named Bill Compton. I am aware that he leaves Jessica unattended most of the time, and I have no doubt that at some point, someone will need to step in to teach Bill’s child the lessons he has left unlearned.

“As a fit maker, I will not be leaving your side for a very long time. A newborn vampire is like a human infant. You will be born with a set of instincts, and will need someone to guide you to understanding and mastery of them. I will need to teach you how to feed, when to feed. I’ll teach you how to choose your meal, how to glamour and how to know when it’s time to head to your resting place. I will teach you how to fight, so that you may defend yourself if you ever need to. I shall teach you to recognize all the urges your new body will be giving you.” He sighed, such a human action, wholly unnecessary for his undead body.

“Sookie, I will not neglect you. I am a fair maker, as Godric was before me.” The rest of her meal was eaten in silence as she thought on Eric’s words. The stillness was pleasant, and continued as Eric paid the bill, and as the two made their way back to the house. Eric led Sookie gently by the hand down the hallway and into the master suite of the house that had once belonged to Godric. Her stomach quivered with butterflies as Eric released her hand and closed the door behind them. She retreated to the adjoining bathroom to tend to her human needs before he had turned back around to face her.

The young woman splashed some cool water on her face after washing her hands, and looked at her reflection in the mirror, memorizing her human visage one last time. Everything was changing her feelings, her beliefs, her basic nature even Eric was changing, opening to her like a deadly but exquisite night bloom. As she thought on the last evening of her human life, she realized that she felt a sense of calm that she hadn’t expected at all. She had expected herself to be crying, frightened about the pain of being drained, frightened about the future, frightened about everything.

Now, she found that while she wasn’t completely unruffled about what was to come, she wasn’t panic-stricken, either. She would be waking next into an entirely new world, but she wouldn’t be alone. She stroked a finger over the back of her hand, where Eric had caressed her. A whole new world, she thought, and smiled just a tiny bit. She unlocked the bathroom door, and re-entered the bedroom. During her absence, the Viking had lit a great number of candles in various sizes around the room, filling the space with a warm glow and a gentle scent.

“It smells like honey,” Sookie thought aloud.

“The candles are made of beeswax. Godric appreciated their scent as well,” a rich voice intoned softly. She was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn’t notice Eric come up behind her, and jumped when his lips nuzzled her neck after placing a soft kiss on the sensitive spot under her ear.

“Are you afraid?” he whispered.

“Mostly no, but just a wee little bit, yes,” the telepath breathed. Eric stroked a soothing hand over her hair and down the length of her back.

“Relax, lover…I won’t bite you…yet. The night is young, and there is no need to rush through this. Being made vampire can be brutal, or it can be an unforgettable sensual experience. I believe the latter suits us far better.” He stood behind her now, and brushed her long golden waves from her neck, making space for his chill lips on her nape.

Sookie leaned back into his firm body as he wrapped him arms around her waist and pulled her earlobe into his mouth, nipping gently. She was unable to stifle the soft moan which escaped her lips. Eric spun her until she was facing him; his hands drifting up to lightly clasp the place where her jaw joined her neck. Their eyes met in the dim light, and her moon gravitated for the first time to his earth, the space between their faces decreasing rapidly. When Sookie was standing on her tiptoes, her full lips only millimeters from meeting Eric’s, his pocket began to vibrate. He cursed under his breath and opened the phone.

“This had better be important,” he snapped into the phone. Sookie stepped away from him, allowing him some margin of privacy while he took the call. “Compton.” Eric stated as his eyes sought Sookie’s. “What can I do for you this evening?”

When Sookie heard who was calling, she was irritated and rolled her eyes. She knew it was better this way. He wouldn’t be able to cause as much of a fuss if he couldn’t find her until after the transformation was complete. If she was going to make this life work for her, she had to stop thinking about Bill and start thinking more about Eric.

“No, Bill, I have not seen Sookie this evening. As soon as I rose, I left to deal with a matter pertaining to Godric’s estate, not that it is any of your business where I spend my time.”

Eric smirked at the beautiful young human as he moved to sit at the foot of the king-sized bed and crooked a finger at her. Sookie drifted towards him and as she reached the edge of the bed, Eric wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to straddle his waist. Her knees encircled his hips and his arm remained securely around her. As he spoke into his phone, his thumb brushed over her bottom lip. Sookie had to fight to keep her tongue from snaking out for a taste.

“Compton, I suggest you spend your time searching for your human instead of yelling at your Sheriff. I grow weary of your insolence. I will not be so patient in the future.” He snapped the phone shut, dropped it, and moved his mouth closer to Sookie’s.

“Tell me to stop now, Sookie…once we have begun, I have no intention of stopping until we are both thoroughly sated. As it is, I have waited far too long to claim you.” His lips hovered over hers, and the intensity of his stare increased dramatically, their former smolder now a bone-a-fide five-alarm fire. “Yield to me, Sookie.”

Sookie wound her fingers into his hair as she watched his lips, and then returned her gaze to his heated blue orbs.

“I’m ready, Eric. I yield to you. Now make me yours.” With that, his lips descended onto hers.

Sophie Ann hung up the phone and took it away from Bill’s ear. He was chained to the wall in the basement of the Queen’s palace; getting severely punished for failure in procuring the telepath. Sophie Ann crushed his phone and threw the pieces over her shoulder. She turned away from Compton going to a table with torture instruments made of silver. She chuckled to herself.

“You know, I am absolutely disappointed in you William. I trusted you to get the task done and done well…and what do I get? Failure…you’ve been in my debt for a hundred years, William, living under my roof…spending my money…feeding from my donors and fucking them. You know just as well as all my children that I do not tolerate incompetence. Do you know what I do to those who fail me, William?” She said as put on latex gloves and picked up a pair of pliers. She turned around standing in front of him holding the pliers in her hand; getting ready to pull his fangs out.

Bill remained silent. There was no use in trying to defend himself and talk his way out of this. He was fucked…and all because his bitch of a maker decided to get revenge and force him to reveal the truth about why he truly returned to Bon Temps.

“I punish them and because they deserve to be punished. I am a Queen and I expect things to be perfect. I expect my underlings to please me. Above all, I expect everyone to be obedient and respectful. You were to try and procure the girl by any means necessary…once you had her you were to bring her to me and debt would have been paid in full. Instead you let the Viking and your fucking maker get in the way and FUCK THINGS UP.” She hissed in Compton’s face. She took the pliers and pulled one of his fangs out. Bill screamed in pain, blood oozing out his mouth and sliding down his chin onto the floor. The Queen laughed.

“Does it hurt, Billy?” She purred, gripping the other fang with the pliers. She ripped it out like ripping a stakeout his chest. Bill screamed again this time his mouth filled with blood. She threw the pliers back on the table, and picked up a sliver dagger. “After I’m through with you William, you will go to Mississippi on another assignment. Wally will debrief you tomorrow at dawn. But in the meantime, let’s have a little fun, shall we Compton?” The Queen said, grinning maniacally. Bill flinched.

This is going to be a long night.

So what do you think? Good? Bad? Like it? No? Neutral? Tell me what ya think? Next up: Lemons! Btw, Russell Edgington did not kill Eric’s family, Appius did.

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  1. Glad he is taking time to talk to her about things…..but have they exchanged 3 times already to be bonded? I can’t remember if they’ve already had 2 before this night. Ugh Skanky Anne and Scumbill are both utterly pathetic.

  2. Really like your Eric, so controlled now. I hope Eric goes through with being Sookie’s maker. Adore Vamp Sookie stories. So looking forward to reading more of this one.

  3. I wonder if they will be able to get all of the alone time they need… So what kind of fairies did you plan on having in this story & what kind of reaction do you think they will have?!?

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