Chapter 6

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“You think she’s gonna make the right one?”

“Yes…I do. I have high hopes that she will. Once she realizes her true purpose, it cannot be avoided.”

“I hope your right. That creepy vampire did a number on her. If I could I hunt him down, I’d kill him myself!” she chuckles.

“I wouldn’t expect any less from you. The creepy one and the red head are going to be a problem. Make sure they don’t interfere with the fairy and the Viking.”

“Yes, your grace.” She bowed to her.

“I think maybe it’s time call the king of Mississippi. He still owes me a favor…one that I intend to cash in. I’ll be back later.” She said walking away.

“Be careful child. Times right now are delicate.”

She disappeared into thin air; leaving the old woman alone.

She searched the whole hotel for Eric, but he was nowhere to be found. She found herself back in the lobby and sat down on an arm chair. She thought about what happened earlier when she heard that voice in her head. She was an angelic telepath warning her that she had to make a sacrifice to save Eric. What kind of sacrifice was she going to have to make? How was she going to save Eric? She became frustrated rubbing her temples; she was getting a headache.

Sookie didn’t know what to do or even where to find Eric. How was she going to do what she was told? She suddenly remembered the morning Godric met the sun; the roof! That was the one and last place she hadn’t looked. He’d probably been up there since he rose at the sunset. She looked at the clock above the hotel entrance and saw that it was near dawn; an hour and a half to be exact. Sookie stopped breathing and paled.

He wouldn’t, he couldn’t be…no! Sookie thought as she jumped out of her chair and sped over to the elevator. While the elevator was making its way up to the roof, Sookie thought about the scene between Eric and Godric. Eric looked so heartbroken and practically desperate to either die with his maker or convince him to continue on living. He was willing to die for him at FOTS church. Tears pooled into Sookie’s eyes.

He can’t do this! He doesn’t deserve to die this way, Sookie thought. She didn’t have a lot of time left. She was absolutely sure he going to meet sun and she was going to do anything to stop him. She had to; he lost his maker, and right now he believes there’s nothing to live for. Well, he’s wrong…he had Sookie. A light bulb went on in her head; she realized what she had to sacrifice and how to save Eric. But would it be enough for him? Would he even want this?

Either way it didn’t matter, she was going to try and save him from making a big mistake. For someone who’s been cold, dead, and unemotional for the last 1000 years, he was much alive and full of life. She knew Eric’s cold hard demeanor was all an act…an act to hold everyone at arm’s length; even Pam and she’s his progeny. Sookie knew there was more to him than being cold and bloodthirsty. She had seen it this morning with Godric and last night at the FOTS.

She’d been utterly foolish and stupid to believe every single word that came out of Bill’s mouth about Eric. It was there in the back of her mind, but she chose to ignore it…all because she loved him. Well, not anymore…nevermore. She wouldn’t make that same mistake again. This time she would be much smarter than this. She had a strong feeling the queen was not going to give up so easily and that she was going to be seeing more of Bill Compton.

He stood on the rooftop counting down the minutes till the moment he met the sun joining his maker. He had never felt so much pain and suffering since his maker died; he couldn’t stand to feel it anymore. His father, his brother, his son, and his friend…the only vampire other than Pam he could trust. He just didn’t know what to do anymore; he didn’t know how he could live without his maker there to console him when he needed it. Now he was all alone with nobody to go to for help. He choked back a sob and felt more bloody tears roll down his cheeks.

Right on cue, Sookie burst through the doors of the roof; looking panicked with tears in her eyes. She took some steps towards Eric who was facing the sky, looking out with a heart-broken, defeated look on his face. She never seen Eric look so helpless and lifeless, her heart broke at the image.

He ignored Sookie and continued looking out into the sky. He sighed, knowing she was here to stop him. “Sookie.” he said in a distant, cold voice.

“Eric…please don’t do this.” She pleaded in a small voice.

“Miss Stackhouse, please return back to your room.” He said not turning around.

“No! I’m not just gonna sit and let you do this! You’re gonna take your Viking ass downstairs with me right now!” she cried. He didn’t bother responding to her. If he wasn’t so depressed and ready to end his life he would have chuckled at her fieriness.

“Dammit to hell, Eric, you can’t do this! You can’t just throw away 1000 years of life!” Sookie cried out, falling to her knees in front of the ancient Viking. For the second time in as many nights, she found herself on the same rooftop overlooking the city of Dallas, in the company of a distraught, suicidal vampire. Eric’s eyes refused to meet hers and his shoulders slumped forward. He got on his knees as he waited for the sun to rise.

“Godric did not want this, Eric…he wanted you to live. Don’t you dare give up now, Eric Northman.” Sookie took a shaky breath, afraid of how the distraught vampire would react to her next quiet words. “Don’t disgrace Godric’s memory like this, please.” Tears pooled in her eyes, rolling down her cheeks. She couldn’t stand to see him like this. When the killing blow didn’t come after her jab toward Eric’s honor, she knew the situation was both genuine and dire. Was he truly so sealed in the fog of his loss that even she could never hope to reach him?

No, she thought defiantly, I will not give up on Eric…not now, not ever. I’ll find a way to get him to change his mind and bring him back to himself. She had a few arguments that should stop him from meeting the sun, using her offer of sacrifice as a desperate and last resort. Sookie inhaled quickly, grasping at straws in her mind. Was there anything that was important to Eric, aside from himself and now Godric?

Sookie got off her knees and stood in front of Eric. She got back on her knees reaching forward to cup his face in her hands. His eyes met hers and she wanted to cringe and look away. The cerulean eyes that once sparkled with so much mischief were now gloomy and full of despair. She gently brushed her thumbs across the droplets of red that rolled down his cheeks. Nothing was said between the two except what they saw in each other’s eyes. She wouldn’t be doing this if she didn’t care about him and hated him. She most definitely did care about him…even had feelings for him that she tried to deny and hide.

When he finally spoke, his voice was quiet and hollow:

“Why do you care? I thought you despised me. You shouldn’t be here. You should be up in your room anticipating my upcoming final death. This should be making you happy.” Sookie inhaled a deep breath and shook her head.

“No…I never hated you Eric. I used that as an excuse to deny the fact that I feelings for you. Bill had convinced me you were a monster…incapable of love or affection. But seeing you these past couple of days has shown me he’s wrong about you. I should’ve known better to trust his words, and I should’ve gotten to know you better myself. Instead I let someone else’s words cloud my own judgment. My gran taught me better than that.” she said, feeling ashamed. How could she have been stupid to believe every word Bill told her? How couldn’t she have tried to give Eric a chance to make her see the real him?

“Tell me, Miss Stackhouse…why should I not meet the sun? Why should I stay?”

Up until a few days ago, Sookie hadn’t imagined that anything was important to Eric Northman besides Eric Northman. His concern for Godric had been a revelation to her…the cocky, heartless, controlling vampire bastard showed that he did have a heart, and that he had love in him. Maybe not for many, but certainly for Godric; his maker. She was afraid of wasting even a second of the short time left before the sun cleared the horizon.

“What about Pam? She cares deeply for you, I can tell. Would you want to put Pam through the same thing you’re going through now? Things will get better with time, Eric. I know this from firsthand experience. You’re grieving but it’s not the end of the world, even if it feels like it is,” Sookie replied softly, her eyes still holding his bleak gaze.

“I released her long ago. Pam does not need me. She is more than capable of surviving, even thriving, on her own. Compassion for Pam is not a good enough reason to endure this emptiness. Godric is the reason I am here today, otherwise I would have died on that bed over a thousand years ago. He snatched me from the very clutches of death itself. Godric taught me everything I know. He promised he would be my father, my brother, my son, and he was.” He closed his eyes against the pain for a moment before resuming his gaze and continuing.

“As a human, you cannot comprehend the depth of the bond between a maker and child. Despite time, despite distance, a child always has a sense of their maker within them, as real as blood and as constant as the beat of your human heart. But now…there is a…agonizing emptiness where Godric lived in me. What is there for me without him? Answer me that.” He hissed. Sookie had really thought playing the Pam card would prove to be her ace in the hole. Damn it.

She wanted to kiss him, pull him close and wrap her arms around him, and to strangle him simultaneously. She’d been arguing with the stubborn vampire sheriff for at least forty-five very intense minutes now and nothing she said had gotten through to him.

Exhausted, she was nearly ready to stand and just let the idiot go through with his asinine plan when Godric’s voice replayed in her mind. “You’ll care for him? Eric?” She damned her conscience and closed her eyes for a moment before offering the one thing she knew he’d wanted before the madness in Texas changed everything.

“If you walk off this roof with me, I’ll sleep with you. You’ll finally have me in your bed. You’ve made no secret of wanting that.” Eric snorted.

“And how long would that last? How long would it take for you to despise me more than you already do?” he asked while reaching up and pushing her hands off his face. His eyes turned to look at the horizon.

“Dawn will coming soon, Miss Stackhouse. I suggest you head back to your room unless you want to watch another vampire go up in flames.” His voice was once again distant and cold.

Sookie’s body stiffened in shock, fear, and an unexpected twinge of hurt when she realized she hadn’t gotten through to him. He’s determined, just like Godric… Nothing she’d said had affected him or motivated him to stay alive, or as alive as a vampire can be. She was not going to lose this vampire like she had Godric.

At least Godric had given some thought to meeting the sun; he had lived for two millennia and wanted an end to his ennui and his constant inner struggle about the inability of humans and vampires to peacefully and respectfully coexist. He had said that he no longer thought like a vampire, yet he still had no choice but to live like one. Sookie had known what it was like to be different her whole life…what would it be like to be different for a hundred, or five hundred, or two thousand? Eric did not deserve to die this way. Eric was a Viking, damn it, and he was meant to die with honor, in battle, not in surrender on his knees! Where was the glory in this?

She stayed, kneeling in front of him for what seemed like hours as she frantically thought of something, anything that would get him off this roof and into the sunless safety of the hotel.

“Eric…is there anything I can offer you, or do for you, that would stop this insanity? Because really that’s what this is. Insane.”

“What I want I know is not possible. There is nothing you can do or say to sway me from this path.” His tone was firm.

“Tell me what it is that you think is impossible. You might be surprised.” She gritted her teeth. Sookie wanted to growl at him. Even in the depths of despair, he still thought he knew everything, had thought of everything, and damn it if he still wasn’t the most high-handed creature she’d ever met.

Or at least, he still pretends he is, she thought. After those moments right before dawn yesterday, the only thing I know for sure is that there’s far more to Eric than meets the eye. I really haven’t given him enough credit.

Though she was only a telepath and not a psychic, she got the feeling that he wasn’t quite the monster he wanted everyone to believe he was. His blue eyes glanced down towards her neck and then looked back up to her face. He waved his hand in a dismissive manner.

“It is of no concern anymore.”

She knew immediately what he was referring to. It was her last plan of action…what she had to sacrifice; her own life. Being his eternal companion was something that could save him from himself. When she really thought about it, it wasn’t such a bad idea. Her mind flashed to the dream she’d had the night before, the dream of Eric stroking her, kissing her, loving her…and telling her that she had the right temperament for a vampire. Could she trade the sun for the moon and stars?

Her life as a vampire could be like that for an eternity. Eric and her being together, loving together, surviving together. What would be the cons of being a vampire other than watching her friends grow old and die? Is it really that bad to give up food that’ll fatten her up anyway? She won’t be able to get sick or die easily…plus, she’ll be stronger and heal easily.

Was there anything really left for her back in Bon Temps, anyway? Her Gran was gone, Jason was…Jason, and nothing she did would change who he was. Sure, she had her job at Merlotte’s, but really, how long could a telepathic girl works as a barmaid? Waitressing was a dead end job anyway…she could do better than being a waitress.

And then there was Bill…was there really anything with Bill? No, he betrayed her, and lied to her. Their whole relationship was sham built upon lies and secrets. There was no forgiving Bill or ever trusting him again. He’ll always be her first and they had some good memories. But it’s over between them and there’s nothing Bill could do or say to change that.

Before finding out about Bill’s deception, things had seemed strained between her and Bill lately. After Jessica’s making, Bill seemed to close himself off emotionally. He hardly ever smiled anymore and when he did, it didn’t reach his eyes. She had thought maybe things were starting to get better, and then they came to Dallas; his maker showed up and revealed his true intentions towards her.

Was she really considering this? Could she really do it? Watching Eric yesterday with Godric had shown her that there was another side to the vampire that not many, if anyone, got to see. Perhaps Eric had depths not even Bill had.

Yes…she could do this. It wasn’t something she would really have envisioned for herself …but sometimes you made sacrifices for the people you cared about. And she would do this.

Her decision was made.

“You want me as your child.” she whispered softly. Eric looked up at her.

“Bonded child.” He corrected.

“I’ll be your bonded child, if you come with me back to our room.”

Like it? Love it? Hate it? In between? Tell me what you think! Up next: Eric’s decision, and the queen’s wrath.

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