Chapter 4

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“You are dishonoring an honorable man.” Eric stood as well, unable to stop himself from speaking on his maker’s behalf.

“It is okay, Eric. This is how it should be.” Godric said. He was so laid back and detached from it all that it only made Eric even angrier.

The meeting broke up, and Nan escorted Godric down the hall to another room. Eric walked out the room and went wherever alone. Sookie had to admit, she was worried about him. There was a wild look in his eyes, and she knew he was capable of just about anything. She immediately thought that he might attempt to stake Nan Flannigan. Sure it was against vampire rules, but Eric would do just about anything to protect his maker. Sookie was sure of that. If that meant having to take her down, then he would do just that.

Before she met Godric, Sookie had always thought that Eric’s heart, if he even had one, was as cold as a cast iron commode. But she had come to realize that somewhere deep down inside there was a part of his humanity that still had the capacity for love. Sookie had seen for herself just how much he loved Godric and to what lengths he would go to secure the safety of his maker.

She had climbed the stairs to the roof of Hotel Carmilla in time to hear part of Eric’s conversation with Godric, at least the parts spoken in English.

“Two thousand years is enough.”

“I can’t accept this. It’s insanity!” Eric exclaimed vehemently.

“Our existence is insanity. We don’t belong here.” Godric replied calmly.

“But we are here!” Eric yelled back.

“It’s not right. We’re not right,” Godric stated.

“You taught me there is no right or wrong. Only survival… or death,” said Eric angrily.

“I told a lie…as it turns out.” Godric admitted. He had no emotion in his voice and he was completely calm while he’s standing there watching his child passionately convince him to change his mind. Sookie had never seen Eric so…emotional.

“I will keep you alive by force.” Eric threatened, moving menacingly closer to Godric.

“Even if you could, why would you be so cruel?” asked Godric.

Sookie watched with amazement, Eric’s voice changed as he spoke in another language, pleading with Godric. She was further shocked that Eric’s voice had broken as she watched him fall down on his knees and bend his head forward, his forehead touching Godric’s leg.

They spoke to each other as Eric sobbed and pleaded with Godric. Whatever Godric said to him, Eric couldn’t answer.

“Let me go.” Godric finally said in english.

I saw Eric swallow then slowly raise his head, and he surprised me again as he said, “I won’t let you die alone.” Was he really offering to meet the sun with Godric? He loved him that much?

Godric answered, “Yes you will.” Eric had lowered his head again, and I could see his shoulders shaking with grief. Godric’s hand moved to touch Eric’s hair as Eric sobbed. Seeing this high and mighty vampire sheriff brought to his knees and weeping in pain, nearly made my heart break as well. Perhaps my dream about Eric had some truth to it. He is a big faker, Sookie thought. Her heart just went out to him. She felt her chest tighten and her stomach flutter.

As Eric looked back up, Godric’s hand slid to Eric’s neck as he said, “As your maker, I command you.” More bloody tears fell from Eric’s eyes as he stood up and walked away. He stopped where Sookie was standing and looked back at Godric. She grabbed his hand and lightly squeezed it.

“I’ll stay with him…as long as it takes.” She said to Eric softly. He looked down at her and nodded his head. He walked down the stairs and disappeared inside the building. She approached Godric, who was looking up into the sky.

“It won’t take long…not at my age.”

“You know, it wasn’t very smart…the Fellowship of the sun part?” Godric nodded his head.

“I know. I thought it might…fix everything somehow. But I don’t think like a vampire anymore.” There was a moment of silence; Godric turned to Sookie. “Do you believe in god?”

“Yes.” Sookie softly replied instantly. Godric fully faced Sookie now; searching something in her eyes.

“If you’re right…how will he punish me?” Godric asked with wonder.

“God doesn’t punish. God forgives.” Sookie replied, very sure of her answer.

“I don’t deserve it. But I hope for it.”

“We all do.” Sookie replied.

“You will care for him…Eric?” Godric said. Sookie looked away. She was very unsure of her answer. Sookie shook her head.

“I’m not sure…you know how he is.” Godric nodded his head in agreement.

“I can take the blame for that too.”

“Maybe not…Eric’s pretty much himself.” They both smiled at each other. Godric then looked away into the sky.

“Are you very afraid?” Sookie asked. She felt the tears pooling in her eyes and her voice was faltering.

“No…no, I’m full of joy!” Godric replied jovially.

“But the pain…” Sookie shook, holding back her sobs, her tears falling down her warm cheeks.

“I want to burn.”

“I-I’m afraid for you.” Godric was in awe of this human. He was surprised to see her tears for him.

“A human with me at the end…and human tears, two thousand years and I can’t still be surprised. And as I see god.” He turned back into the direction of the sun away from Sookie. As Godric took off his shirt, Sookie took a couple steps back; she was fully crying now and tears continuously falling down her cheeks. Godric let his shirt fall off his shoulders onto the ground and spread his arms out.

“Goodbye Godric.” Sookie said softly as she watched the sun burn Godric. It looked beautiful; he burned a blue and white flame and it was enchanting. By the time he was completely gone, there was blue-ish ashes flying everywhere. Sookie stood there a few more moments, taking a deep breath. She picked up Godric’s shirt and held it close to her chest.

As Eric sat on the side of his bed, he felt an unbearable pain soar through his body. He knew what that meant. More blood tears slid down his face and he sobbed quietly. He felt a little comfort that Sookie stayed behind with Godric; knowing he couldn’t. He lay on his side on the bed, closing his eyes.

The pain going through his body was agonizing. He was going to be feeling this pain for a while and he couldn’t stand it, he’d only been feeling it for a few minutes and he was already ready to just give up. His maker may have told him not to die with him at that moment, but he did not say any other time after.

He laid stock still in bed, staring off into space. He simply couldn’t live without Godric. He just couldn’t.

Like it? Love it? Neutral? I know this chapter may not be very good but its the best I could do. I did not want to kill off Godric…but it had to be done for the idea of the story.

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  1. I always wished Sookie could have convinced Godric not to meet the sun. He would have made an even more fascinating character had they kept him ‘alive,’ and another formidable opponent against all those who would tried to end the vampires. Oh well. Someday when I rewrite the series…

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