Chapter 3

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“Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen. Can I have your attention please?” he said. Everyone went silent and focused on the boy who just walked in. Eric turned his attention to the boy.

“I am a member of the fellowship of the sun…and I have a message from Reverend Steve Newlin.” He said, as he ripped his jacket open to reveal a bomb strapped to his body.

It all happened so quickly; but she saw a big flash and heard people screaming. Suddenly Sookie was on the ground right under Eric. She could smell burning flesh as well soot.

She then let the darkness take over her.


As soon as he saw the boy announce himself a member of the fellowship, he noticed all the vampires standing up and ready to attack if the boy made a sudden move. But everyone wasn’t quick enough. Quicker than you could say get down, the boy opened ripped his jacket open to reveal a bomb strapped to his body.

It all happened so slowly in Eric eyes; but he saw a big flash and suddenly seconds later he heard people screaming in pain. Eric was instantly on the ground right on top of Sookie. He quickly rolled off of her and noticed she had passed out. He could also smell her blood and noticed there was a wooden bullet stuck in abdomen and another in her shoulder. He had to think quickly, because she was losing a lot of blood. He knows for a fact when she wakes up, she’s going to be angry at him for what he’s about to do.

I have no choice. I have to save her. Any kind of reaction is better than seeing her severely injured or dead.

He quickly looked around for his maker, making sure he was OK. When he saw him standing in the middle of the destroyed house, he saw the look on Godric’s face: regret. At the moment since Godric was physically okay, he had to take care of Sookie and then he’ll get back to Godric. He picked her up bridal style, ran out the vamp’s nest at vampire speed and took to the sky. When he landed on the roof of the hotel he quickly went to his hotel room and laid her on the center of the bed. He raised his wrist to his lips and bit. He lowered it to her mouth and let the blood flow down her throat.

Eric opened her jacket and wrapped his lips on the wound on her shoulder, attempting to suck the bullet out. When he tasted her blood he moaned deeply. She tastes magnificent. No wonder Bill was abnormally attached to her. As soon as the bullet entered into his mouth he spit it out. He sucked the bullet out from her abdomen and spit out.

He got a licked the blood off her shoulder, face and abs. he took off her jacket and then placed her under the covers; making sure she was comfortable.  He got into the bed next to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He and Sookie instantly relaxed. He breathed in her scent and shuddered. She smells so good, looks so beautiful…she has to be mine, I’m going to make her mine…SHE IS MINE, Eric thought. He tapped into the blood tie and felt that she was at peace…he even feels a tinge of lust?

He closed his eyes and enjoyed feeling her body against his. After a few moments the strangest thing happened…he could feel her dreaming and suddenly he was lying next to her, naked in the fire lit hotel room on a bed with silk sheets; her back was turned to him and he trailed a single finger down her backside. That’s when he realized what was really happening.

We’re sharing a dream.


Sookie turned her back to Eric, closing her eyes. She felt exhausted from their love-making but completely content and satisfied. She felt a single finger trail down from her neck all the way down to her hip. She arched her neck, moaning. She turned back to Eric facing him.

“Finish your sentence.”

“What was I saying?”

“You were telling me why you’d be a terrible vampire and I was disagreeing.”

“Well…I don’t feel right without a tan.” Eric chuckles; grabbing her hand and brushing his lips against her knuckles. “It’s true and I rather be alive than undead. And ya’ll are always killing.”

“You’ve killed a man.”

“That’s was for self-defense, not for lunch.”

“Well, you’d adapt, like we all do; trade the sun for the moon and stars.” He said, moving his head closer to hers.

“Nuh uh, not me I want em’ all!” Eric chuckles softly; grinning.

“Oh, greedy.” Eric chuckled.

“Yeah…I am.”

“I love it.” Eric replied softly; kissing her knuckles. He scooted closer to her, his face partially hovering over Sookie’s face.

“You have the right temperament for a vampire.”

“What? I’m high-maintenance, blood-thirsty…and old as dirt.” Sookie said with a small smile.

“Uh blood-thirsty, yeah.” Eric teased, nodding his head.

“I am not!” Sookie said. Eric chuckled softly.

“Everybody thinks you’re a darling, don’t they?”

“I am a darling.”

“But you’re ruthless when it comes to the people you love. You’d do anything for them. Your brother, your friends…me.” He said, whispering the last part and trailing his fingers down her backside. They inched their lips closer together, getting ready to kiss…until another familiar voice interrupted them.

“Bill.” The voice said, as Sookie turned her head away from Eric.

“Bill? Where’s Bill?” She said as Eric nuzzled against her shoulder. Lorena appeared from the shadows.

“What do you care? You already abandoned him.” She said.

“I have not abandoned him. He betrayed me, if anything, he abandoned me!” she said, as Eric gently grabbed her face and pulled her back down to him. Lorena grins moving back into the shadows.

“I used to think you had no sense of humor.” Eric breathed, sliding his hand across her collarbone.

“I used to think you were made of cold hard stone, and empty inside.”

“And now?” He asked softly, caressing her shoulder blade.

“You’re a big faker.” She replied, chuckling. Eric smiled. “You’re deep; you feel…there’s love in you.” Sookie added softly.

“Only for Sookie.” He whispered, crushing his lips against hers, sucking on her bottom lip.

“You don’t want Bill, he means nothing to you.” Lorena said. Sookie pulled away from the kiss.

“No, I don’t want Bill. How can I want someone I can’t trust?” Sookie said, as Eric pushed her on her back; him hovering over her and staring at her intensely.

“This is the beginning.” Eric said, staring at her intently. He crashed his lips against hers and slid his tongue across her bottom lip asking for entry into her mouth. Sookie slightly parted her lips and letting him. Eric placed his hand on the side of Sookie’s face, slid it to the back of her head and gently grabbed her hair; deepening the kiss.

He slid his lips down her neck, all the way to her breast. Sookie moaned loudly.

Sookie suddenly woke up feeling dizzy and disoriented. She gasped. Her mind was foggy. She blinked her eyes and took a deep breath. Her dream was very heated and scary. She had never seen Eric so affectionate, and dare to say, loving. Once the fogginess of her mind cleared, she instantly remembered the events of last night. From Bill’s betrayal to the Fellowship walking in with a bomb strapped to his body. Tears pooled in her eyes as she remembered how much hurt she was about Bill. She closed her eyes willing the tears away.

I will not shed anymore tears for HIM.

She tried to move only to find she couldn’t. She felt big cold hands wrapped around her waist and she tried to move. But the grip was too strong. Suddenly the grip loosened and she turned her head to find Eric blue eyes staring back at her. He smiled.

“How are you feeling?” he whispered.

“Physically, I feel fine. Emotionally, no so much. What happened after I passed out?”  She replied.

“I took you back to the hotel and tended to you. You had a bullet wound in the shoulder and abdomen; I sucked the bullets out and gave you some of my blood to heal.” He said with a stoic face. He was waiting for her to get angry, blow up and lash out. But surprised to find she didn’t. He didn’t even feel her anger in the blood tie.

“I know I should be angry that you gave your blood, but I’m not. I don’t know what to make of that.” Sookie said, sighing. Silence filled the air as Sookie thought about the dream she just had. She didn’t know what to make of it. She had never seen Eric so loving, relaxed and affectionate; except around Godric. Maybe she can trust Eric; maybe she can learn to love Eric as he can learn to love her. Eric opened his mouth to say something, but closed his mouth.

“I must go to my day rest. I will speak to you at sunset. Have a nice day…lover.” he said, whispering the last part. Sookie watched as Eric died for the day. She scooted closer to him, putting her head in the crook of his neck and closed her eyes. She slowly drifted off to sleep.


Nan Flannigan was much taller than she looked on TV. She was also thinner, which was surprising to Sookie. She wondered how old she was. Something told Sookie she wasn’t as old as Eric, let alone Godric, but she wasn’t sure if that really mattered. In the political world of the vampire, she outranked everyone. Her word was basically law, and whatever she decided in this meeting would not be argued easily.

This meeting is not going to be pretty.

From the minute Sookie saw Eric, she knew he was prepared to fight for his maker. No surprise here, Sookie thought. Sookie was nervous and couldn’t relax. Ever since her dream last night, she couldn’t seem to think clearly. Eric seemed to delight in the nervousness his appearance caused her, and he slipped a quick smile before heading into the living room.

Godric was sitting on the sofa, looking calm as can be. As everyone gathered into the living room for the meeting with Nan, Sookie stopped at Godric for just a moment.

“I wanted to say thank you for helping me.” She leaned down to whisper to him, even though every vampire in the room could hear her.

“You are welcome Miss Stackhouse. You did a great service to our kind, and it should not be forgotten.” He looked at Sookie as he said it, but then stared at Nan Flannigan as if he expected her to write that down.

“Let’s get on with it, shall we?” Nan barked and rolled her eyes at Godric, and launched into her well thought out speech.

I sat silently on the couch and Eric sat down next to her. Since Sookie was an invited guest, she was expected not to speak unless spoken to. She couldn’t imagine that Nan would have very many questions for her. The facts that Stan, Isabel and Eric had assumed that Godric had been taken against his will was no longer a issue in the decision making process. The bigger issue now, was that Godric had gone to the Fellowship willingly.

“If you wanted to meet the sun, Sheriff, then you could have done so without doing it in a public forum. What you have done is reckless, irresponsible and a threat to all of us.” Nan reprimanded him as if he were a child.

“The human casualties alone are a nightmare.” She said with disgust.

“They’re humans.” Eric said, speaking out of turn. Nan glared at him.

“That’s right, Sheriff. In case you have forgotten, we can no longer kill humans for sport. Things have changed.” Nan’s snapped angrily as her fangs popped out. Sookie gulped.

“This is my fault.” Isabel spoke up. “I should have known that Hugo was a traitor.” She looked at her knees with tears in her eyes, and Godric put a reassuring hand on hers. She looked over at him, but only began to cry a little harder.

“As your Sheriff, you are Godric’s responsibility. A responsibility that he was willing to give up without a word to anyone, including those he was closest to.” Nan’s gaze landed on Eric.

Sookie looked over at Eric and tried to read the expression on his face, but couldn’t tell if he was angry, upset or just plain sad. Perhaps it was a combination of them all, and maybe a few other things she just couldn’t see. Eric wasn’t looking at Nan. In fact, he wasn’t looking at anything anymore. His eyes were open, but they were empty. Whatever he was thinking, it was major. Of course, Sookie would possibly feel the same way if she were in his shoes. That dig at him from Nan wasn’t helping matters any either. Sookie had the overwhelming urge to cross the room, and sit beside Eric. She wanted to hug him. He looked like he needed it…desperately.

Then Nan went a step too far, and Eric was nothing more than a flash across the room. He stood over Nan with his fangs out, ready to attack her. Sookie dug her nails into the fabric of the couch, keeping her from interfering. In his casual way, it was Godric who called Eric off, which was something Eric wasn’t happy about. His fangs clicked back in where they belonged, but it was only grudgingly that he slithered back to his seat across the room.

“I take full responsibility for this. There is no need to drag others into my mess. I made a decision, and I expect to be held accountable for it. I resign my post.” Godric said in a clear voice, and Eric looked absolutely stunned.

“No!” He argued, but it was already too late.

“We just need you to sign some paperwork and…”

“No! Godric, this is not acceptable.”

“The decision has been made, Sheriff, unless you would like to lose your authorities as well.” Nan said pointedly, her eyes fixed on Eric. Eric was quiet then.

“Isabel has been a good second. It is my recommendation that she takes my place.” Godric looked to Isabel, who was still crying quietly. Little red drops had fallen onto her beautiful off-white skirt. She looked at Godric with amazement.

“That sounds fair.” Nan said, much to everyone’s surprise. “Come along, Godric.” Nan said coldly, standing up to go.

“You are dishonoring an honorable man.” Eric stood as well, unable to stop himself from speaking on his maker’s behalf.

“It is okay, Eric. This is how it should be.” Godric said. He was so laid back and detached from it all that it only made Eric even angrier.

The meeting broke up, and Nan escorted Godric down the hall to another room. Eric walked out the room and went wherever on his own. Sookie had to admit, she was worried about him. There was a wild look in his eyes, and she knew he was capable of just about anything. She immediately thought that he might attempt to stake Nan Flannigan. Sure it was against vampire rules, but Eric would do just about anything to protect his maker. Sookie was sure of that. If that meant having to take her down, then he would do just that.

Like it? Love it? Neutral? I know this chapter may not be very good but its the best I could do.

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  1. Other than Lorena making an appearance, that was a great dream! Now, let’s hope Eric is off to end Nan, for good!

  2. Hi, I’m enjoying this story, but can’t see ch4 or the preview of ch5, they’re just blank. Are they up yet? Thanks.

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