Chapter 2

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 Bill looked horrified. He knew what she was about to do and he then despised her for it. She always has been to spite him because he didn’t love her back. It was pathetic, but telling her that out loud would have angered her.

“Lorena…please don’t do this…I beg of you.” Bill pleaded frantically. Lorena cackled sinisterly. Bill looked down in sadness. It was all over.

“Bill, as your maker I command you to tell Sookie the truth about why you returned to Bon Temps.” Lorena said. Bill looked at Sookie, pained. He felt the pull of the makers command.

I have no choice, I have failed, I’ve lost her.

“Sookie…I was sent by the queen of Louisiana to…procure you…” Bill said quietly, even though every vampire in the room could still hear him.  Sookie stood in front of Bill.

“Bill is this true? You mean everything between us isn’t real? Tell me this is not true!” she said raising her voice.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. Yes, it is true.” Bill said, not looking at her. He peaked up and saw the hurt and anger on her face. She suddenly slapped him. She felt the warm tears roll down her cheeks.

Lorena stood by the side and smiled cruelly. “Did you really think a vampire would ever really love you? You’re just a human; a bloodbag! You’ll never be equal with us. Go on and cry little girl. William and I love each other!” Lorena said. Bill was angry, humiliated and wished she just left him alone. He turned to Lorena in anger.

“Are you happy now, Lorena?! Are you happy now that I fucking despise you even more? You have gone mad now get out!” he yelled at Lorena. Lorena looked at Bill and grinned. She ran out of Godric’s house at vampire speed, leaving Bill and Sookie standing there.

Everyone stood around silently watching the telepath and vampire Bill. Bill stepped closer to Sookie attempting to touch her cheek. But she moved away from him as if he were poison.


“Please…leave me alone. Just go! I never want to see you again! You manipulated me into falling in love with you!” Sookie screamed, interrupting Bill.

“Sookie, you must understand, I was under orders of the Queen to procure you!” Bill said.

“Did you ever really love me? Was anything we had was real?” she asked Bill; incredulous. She could feel the sting of more tears that were threatening to fall from her eyes. She didn’t like crying in front of a big crowd.

Bill looked down, unable to answer her question. Sookie looked at him with disgust and anger. She couldn’t believe she gave herself to someone who didn’t really love her. She felt betrayed, hurt and wanting to desperately forget all about Bill Compton.

Suddenly, Godric and Eric appeared. He stood in front of Sookie and Bill, looking at Bill with no emotion on his face. Eric, however, looked as if he wanted to brutally rip Bill to 50 pieces and deliver him to 50 states.

“I think you’ve over stayed your welcome. Leave…and never return.” Godric said coolly. Bill looked at Sookie; she was looking away from him, not wanting to look at him. He walked away, not saying a word or looking back at Sookie.

“Show’s over. Everyone get back to partying.” Godric said walking away to his office. Eric stayed behind and looked at Sookie with concern. She looked like she was on the verge of a meltdown.

Eric lightly put his hand on her shoulder, startling her. He looked truly concerned for her.

“Are you OK?” Eric asked. Sookie just looked at Eric and shook her head with tears in her eyes and ran away. She ran into a bedroom and sobbed hard. Someone knocked quietly on the door.

“Sookie?” Eric’s voice said behind the door.

“Go away!” Sookie shouted.

“Sookie, unlock the door. Please.” Eric said softly. Sookie sobbed and unlocked the door. Eric walked in and closed the door behind him. He simply wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her tightly. He held her while she sobbed quietly. He gently rubbed her back and cursed Bill Compton. Bill Compton will pay! I’ll be damned before I let the queen take Sookie away, Eric thought intensely.

“Eric, do you mind if I stay with you? I can’t be near Bill right now.” Sookie sniffled. Eric looked at her and caressed her cheek. With the way she was looking at him, he couldn’t deny her anything. He hated crying women.

“Of course you can. I will make sure Bill or the queen will not get anywhere near you. I swear this to you.” Eric said firmly. He used his thumb to wipe the tears off her face and licked them off his thumb. Sookie gasped.

“Take me back to the hotel, Eric.” She said meekly.

“As you wish.” He said, as he gently held her bridal style in his arms and walked out the bathroom. She laid her head against his shoulder and sighed. He carried out the bedroom into the living room where everyone else was waiting.

Eric stood there with Sookie in his arms and looked at her longingly…again. How could such a small woman, make him completely putty in her hands? How can she make him feel this way? Eric doesn’t know why, but he feels strongly…that she’s worth all the trouble.

Sookie snapped her head up form Eric’s shoulder and looked towards the front door. She noticed a young man wearing a large coat had walked in looking completely confident.

A member of the Fellowship of the sun walked into the nest of vampires with a bomb strapped to his torso. He stood in front of all vampires looking around in disgust and hate. He took a deep breath and started to speak.

“Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen. Can I have your attention please?” he said. Everyone went silent and focused on the boy who just walked in. Eric turned his attention to the boy.

“I am a member of the fellowship of the sun…and I have a message from Reverend Steve Newlin.” He said, as he ripped his jacket open to reveal a bomb strapped to his body.

It all happened so quickly; but she saw a big flash and heard people screaming. Suddenly Sookie was on the ground right under Eric. She could smell burning flesh as well soot.

She then let the darkness take over her.

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