Chapter 10

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Pam wasn’t exactly happy to find that the country bumpkin waitress was her new vampire sister. She didn’t like the breather that much, and often causes a lot of trouble for her master. Now, much to her displeasure, she has to spend an eternity with her. Well, if she had to endure the southern gash in a sundress, then she had look like she belonged.

Pam was currently shopping for the finest clothing money could buy. No sister of hers was ever going to buy and wear trash from Wal-Mart. Sookie had horrid taste in fashion. A problem Pam was intent on fixing.

Pam sighs. She supposed if she has to endure an eternity with the little twit, she had to at least try to get along with her. Sookie was, after all amusing to watch as she conversed with everyone. She showed no fear and held her ground. It’s a start, but she needs a lot of work…and a reality check.

Perhaps, she’s not that bad.

Jenna walked around smelling the air; his scent leading to a light-tight hotel. It was a couple hours close to dawn; Bill was probably already retiring for the day. She smiled. She can go and see the King before Bill’s graces him with his presence.


She reached the front gate in which was guarded by two vampires; there was at least five Weres guarding the grounds inside the gate. She closed her eyes, reciting a spell in her mind, cloaking herself. She then opened them back up, and leaped over the gate. Jenna walked across the lawn, slipping past the Weres without a sound or a trace. She approached the front entrance, and knocked on the door loudly.

Suddenly the door opened, and Jenna stepped to the side. A vamp walked all the way out the door, looking around for any intruders. Jenna took the chance and slipped in without the guard knowing. She was in the foyer, looked around sensing for Russell. She decided to go wait into his office and smiled internally.

He’ll be surprised to see me again after a thousand years.

Bill made it Mississippi safely. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough time to check in with the King. So he had to see Russell Edgington the next night. Bill picked a light-tight hotel to spend the day in. He was unpacking in his room trying to determine who had killed his telepath. He couldn’t figure out who killed her, though. It couldn’t have been Eric; yes he wanted her, but he didn’t want her enough to stick around or anything, let alone kill her. All Eric cares about is what he wants. So no, he didn’t kill her. It wasn’t Pam; she found the telepath amusing, but not worth her time. Who killed her?

He was left with a dead end. It didn’t matter anymore at the moment. He’ll do this last mission for the Queen, and then he’s done with her foolishness. The Queen will pay. And he believes he can get some friends to back him against her. Tonight, he’ll rest, then come sun down he will plan. Bill chuckled to himself.

Things will go my way soon.

Russell smiled to himself. He felt refreshed after his fuck session with his beloved Talbot. Now he was walking the halls, just simply thinking. He stopped suddenly. He smelled a delectable smell and followed it all the way to his office. When he reached the doorway, he stopped in his tracks.

His eyes widened as he lay them on Jenna, then he smiled widely. “Long time no see, little butterfly.” Jenna grinned, smiling at his nickname for her. Her smile faded from her face, giving him a serious look.

“You have a problem on your hands, Russ.” Jenna said. Russell cocked his head to the side in curiosity.

“Do tell?” He replied.

“Sophie Ann has sent a vampire to your state to spy on you…to plant a bug.” Jenna watched as all emotion disappeared from her old friend’s eyes, filling with fury.

“And what does Sophie Ann think she can accomplish by sending Mr. Compton?” Jenna gave him a little smile. She wasn’t surprised he knew about Compton already. Russell is not the kind of vampire who lets anything slip past his attention.

“Well, she’s looking for dirt she can use against you…probably to blackmail you for a huge payout. And if that doesn’t work, she’ll likely propose an alliance. You know her lack of finances aren’t exactly a secret. She’s vulnerable right now and the vultures are circling, preparing to move in for the kill.” Jenna paused, conjuring a package out of thin air, placing it on the desk. “Word has it that you’ve wanted Louisiana for yourself, Russ. Is this true?”

“You came all the way to tell me this?” Russell laughed. “Oh come on, little butterfly! You came here for a reason. Why don’t you tell me why?” He replied raising an eyebrow, not answering her question. Jenna laughed.

“Nothing ever gets past you, Russ…I need a favor from you, actually.”

“Ooh, a favor. Please, continue.” he clapped his hands in excitement, walking over to sit on the couch next to Jenna. Jenna chuckled.

“You still owe me when I made you king of Mississippi and introduced you to Talbot, Russell. It’s time to pay up.” Jenna paused, looking away. “Well, it’s a win-win situation… that is, if the rumors about your interest in Louisiana are true.” She leaned against the arm of the couch, crossing her legs and folding her arms over her chest. She waited as Russell stared at her, silence filling the room. He grinned at her, whenever Jenna had a plan, things were on their way to being interesting.

“Well, you’ve certainly captured my interest, little butterfly. What did you have in mind?” He asked with a smile. Jenna smiled in return chuckling. Sookie is now a newly turned vampire. The Viking alone will not be enough to protect her, he’ll need reinforcements…and what could be better than a 3000 years old vampire?

Yes, things will definitely get interesting.

Sookie woke up disoriented. It was a weird sensation. She felt like she was hit by a bus. Her eyes fluttered open, trying to get used to her amplified vision. The lighting was intense, everything looked clearer and the colors were vivid. It was all overwhelming. She looked around the room blinking her eyes again and could see every single speck of dust flying in the air. The scents, her nerves, everything surrounding her were intense. Her throat was burning, her head pounding, her stomach pulsating. She was hungry for blood. The emptiness in her stomach felt odd.

Was this what hunger felt like?

“The amplified senses will take some getting used to. Try blinking your eyes a little more to get rid of the grogginess.” A soft male voice said. Sookie immediately identified the voice as Eric’s, and wetness began pooling between her thighs. His voice sounded even sexier to her sensitive hearing. It was very smooth like chocolate or silk; so deep she could feel the vibrations kissing against her skin. It all felt delicious.

Suddenly, she felt a hand caressing her back. Then said hand caressed her stomach, leading all the way up to her neck. He then placed his hand on her hip, gently pulling her to face him. Sookie turned her head and saw that Eric was gazing at her…lovingly. She gasped when she saw how vivid the blue in his eyes looked. They looked even deeper than she has ever seen. His skin looked pearl white, his hair messy, flopping over his forehead.

It was not possible he looked any better than he did before. Is it?

“Good evening, Lover. How do you feel?” Eric asked in a soft voice.

“Everything’s intensified. It’s weird.” Eric smiled at her, his hand rubbing her breast gently. As soon as his hand brushed against her nipple, Sookie’s fangs pop out.

“Beautiful.” He whispered. Eric’s hand reaches out rubbing gently against her fang.

Geez! Is it supposed to feel that good?

Sookie purred as she felt the pad of his thumb stroke her fang. Eric gave her a heated look, enjoying her reaction. He pulled his hand away, and then crushes his own lips against hers in a passionate kiss. He pulled away his fangs pooping out.

He turned away from her reaching for a blood bag sitting on the nightstand and handing it to Sookie. “Drink this. It’ll make that empty feeling in your stomach go away.” She snatches it and drinks it down fast; feeling marginally better.

“The hunger will get better with time, and you’ll get used to the empty feeling in your stomach.” He caressed her face. “There’s something else I need to tell you. I found this the other night.” He held up a letter to her face.

“Who’s it from?” Sookie asked confused.

“It’s from the Queen of Fairies.”

What do you think? Like it? Love it? No? Who is the Queen of fairies? And no, Not Mab.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 10”

  1. OMG I was doing a little looksee around to read the story that made you write the new sequel and I came upon this one. Now I may have read it back in the day however I have a horrible memory lol… ( its kinda great sometimes, old stories are almost like new LOL). So I just finished chapter 10 and like I’m crying now since you have not finished this beauty… Just curious, you think you may come back to give us a chapter 11. I love this story??? I know I’m a greedy bitch LOL but you rock woman! I will still be hanging round reading the one you just wrote but just had a wishful thinking thought on this on.
    Thanks for anything,

  2. I do hope you have something written about this story it is truly great and I can not wait to see what is in the letter??? I hope you are able to finish this ?

    Thank you for the wonderful stories you have given us keep up the good work


  3. I do hope you have something written about this story it is truly great and I can not wait to see what is in the letter??? I hope you are able to finish this ?

    Thank you for the wonderful stories you have given us keep up the good work


  4. Please more it is wonderful can not leave us like this I love your stories and I do realize you have a life as everyone does but you are gifted and I will wait but I hope not to long thank you for sharing

  5. I’m so excited to see more of this. I can’t wait to find out what’s in the letter and to see how Sookie adjusts to vampirism, and if there is any change to her telepathy. Feeding should be interesting.
    I hope you have had a great holiday and the new year brings you lots of love and laughter.

  6. Read this from the start and like where it’s going. Looking forward to seeing what’s in the letter and what is planned with Compton when he meets Russell.

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