Chapter 9

Gracie wasn’t sure how she was going to kidnap Antonia without her alerting to Hallow. But she did however figure a way to break the block around her mind. All she had to do was call a powerful witch she’d known for a few years. Octavia Fant…she owed her a couple of favors.

Her phone vibrated in her back pocket. She pulled it out and answered it.

“Gracie Law.”

“This is Octavia Fant.” Gracie looked into her phone incredulously.

“Well, damn. I was just about to call you.” Gracie replied amused. Octavia chuckled into the phone.

“Your child contacted me about some assistance with breaking a spell?” Annie was a good child. She seemed to know what she wanted before she even asked for it.

“Yes, that is correct. I need your help. Do you know a couple of witches by the names of Hallow and Marnie Stonebrook?” For a moment it was silent; Gracie could hear Octavia’s shock in the silence.

“Hallow is a powerful were-witch and very dangerous. There have been rumors of her planning something big. She’s been doing and selling V to fuel her power. Marnie is basically her lackey; she follows her around and follows her orders. There was another witch but I can’t remember her name.”


“Yes, that’s her. She’s known to be a good witch. I don’t understand why she would work for her? If she’s working with Hallow, surely she must be under some kind of spell where Hallow has complete control of her.” Octavia explained.

“Is there a way to break the spell at all?”

“If you can get me Hallow’s spell book…I can make it happen.” Gracie mulled that over and sighed. One obstacle after another…when was this shit going to end? Even if this will be a tough task…Gracie can most certainly pull it off.

“Consider it done.” Gracie replied. “I’ll call you once I have it, Ms. Fant.” Gracie hung up the phone. She was leaning against her car trying to find a way to retrieve the book. Moments passed when her phone suddenly vibrated in her pants pocket. When she looked at her phone, she saw that it was Pam.

“We have a problem.” Pam said in a panicky voice.

“What?” Gracie asked alarmed.

“Eric’s gone.” Gracie blinked her eyes, and looked at her phone incredulously.

“What the hell do you mean gone?! He was in a stasis spell for Christ sake!”

“I mean he’s gone; as in ‘not here’ gone. I heard a noise outside and left for a few minutes to scan the area for any intruders. When there was none, I went back inside only to find he wasn’t lying on the couch anymore, but gone. I don’t know wha-“

“Pam, go back outside and scan the area again. Look for any familiar, unfamiliar scents, or clues as to whatever the hell just happened.” Gracie said interrupting Pam.

“I’m on it.” She said, hanging up. Gracie put her phone back in her pocket. She puffed her cheeks running her hands through her hair in frustration.

What the fuck just happened?

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN THE SPELL WAS ONLY EFFECTIVE TEMPORARILY? You told me I could have him unconscious for an unlimited amount of time! What the fuck, Marnie?” Hallow shouted, pissed off.

“I-I’m sorry mistress. But the spell didn’t specify how long it would take effect.” Marnie said a meek voice. She couldn’t let on to Hallow that she purposely chose that spell. She expected the spell to fail and the viking would go after Hallow. When he was distracted ripping Hallow limb from limb, she would cast another spell, making him completely compliant to Marnie’s orders only.

“Fix this mess, or there will be dire consequences!” she screamed, storming off into another room and slamming the door shut. Marnie huffed rolling her eyes. Stupid bitch.

For quite some time, Marnie was getting sick of serving her bitch of a mistress. She promised her unlimited power; now all she does it take orders from Hallow.

She needed the Viking on her side to take down Hallow; which is why she tried to cut a deal with him, but he was quick to shoot her down and throw her out. Now she had to think of a different game plan.

The King of Louisiana. But yet another wrench has been thrown into her plans. Gracie Law; the rouge vampiress that has been hiding out until now. Marnie knew exactly who sent her here and why. And she was going to do everything she can to prevent it from happening.

She was promised unlimited power. And Marnie was going to get it.

As Sookie pulled in front of her house, she took a deep breath.

How could things go completely wrong only after a couple of days? Sookie thought sadly. What bothered her more was that Bill behind all this…all because he wanted more power and he wanted her back.

Has Bill always been this way? Why was I so blind to this?

She got out of her car and closed it behind her. Then suddenly something zoomed past her. She looked around startled. She lowered her shields and sensed a void. Sookie quickly walked up to her door desperate to get inside her home before she could get drained by the unknown vampire.

She fumbled with her keys, feeling her heart pounding against her chest. Someone grabbed her around her waist, pushing her to the ground. She kicked and screamed hoping someone could hear her, but her resistance was futile.

Sookie closed her eyes tightly, waiting for the pain of the bite, but it never came. Instead she felt the vampire leaning into her neck and sniffing deeply. She peeked one of her eyes open, seeing a flash of blonde hair. She instantly relaxed recognizing the blonde head.

It was Eric.

Like it? Love it? Neutral? Who do you think sent Gracie to Bon Temps? What is Marnie planning? Tell me what you think! And once again I’m sorry for the long wait! Stay tuned…

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